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About to purchase a 2002 RL, Need Advice!

type_94type_94 Member Posts: 2
edited June 2016 in Acura
Hello everyone, this is my first post on the forums. I have recently taken interest in a 2002 Acura RL. (236,000kms)

I will be viewing the car tomorrow and required some advice from Acura owners. I am from Calgary, Canada and the number of second hand RLs here for sale is very limited.

I had my mechanic look at this car today. He says it needs new rotors and the transmission oil is leaking (two drops or so).

The SRS light is on and the current owner told him it had been an accident or fender bender on right passenger side wheel, not sure yet how severe this was.

I really like the car, when I drove it i felt it needed new rotors which is a component part so im not too worried about it.

The transmission bothers me though, the gear shifts during my drive were very smooth and not jerky.

My mechanic says it needs about 2000 dollars (1000 for trans work, 450 rotors, 400 timing belt & Belt buckle) CAD work to fix the car completely if he buys the parts.

I would really appreciate some feedback from the forums since I really like the car but the transmission, SRS light (on dash) bothers me.

I desperately need a response as I have yet to make an offer, I just have a feeling that this car might be an issue for me.

Also, I wont be driving this car more than 100-200kms a week. Maybe on occasion once a year I might take it to Banff but thats about it.

Other than this I have also been looking at a 2001 Toyota Avalon which is priced at 2800 CAD with 264,000kms



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