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Buick Lucerne



  • I do have the '93,'94,&'95 Full Line dealer handouts.
    In that time frame they all say ths same thing:

    The Park Avenue got auto level as standard equipment in all suspension variations.

    The LeSabre would not have auto level in any trim style unless
    the "Grand Touring" suspension was ordered as an option.
    I think Buick wanted to deliver it's softer Buick
    ride to it's known customer base, unless a person wanted to specify otherwise and then
    the firmer struts were paired with auto level.

    As to the '95 loaner you used ,maybe it's rear struts were changed with after-market types.
    And again no pump run=blown/missing fuse.

    Doesn't it make sense that the Park Ave.,had auto level as standard equipment in all styles as this premium car did cost those customers (me) over $ 5,000 more, than a base LeSabre?

    Before the Host says something, I can only tell you what I own and read in the books.
  • sls002sls002 Posts: 2,788
    I have a 94 brouchre which shows that the Park Avenue had auto level control standard. The 1995 Edmunds price guide also shows auto level control as standard equipment. The LeSabre only offers auto level control with the grand turing suspension. My 1998 Edmunds price shows that the auto level control was an option on the LeSabre independent of either the Grand Turing Package or trailer towing package. However, the 1SA trim was an exception.
  • The Buick Lucerne was recently included in the top 10 List
    of THE safest cars being sold today.(Forbes.Com)

    Forbes describes THE safest vehicles like this:

    "Which cars are the most likely,according to crash tests and available facts and figures,to keep their occupants from injury or death in an accident?"'

    Forum Comments?
  • 62vetteefp62vetteefp Posts: 6,048
    It is a big Buick!
  • Yes it is, and I think you smiled when you typed your comment!

    I never minded "giving up" a few MPG.and paying more(As compared to smaller cars)
    in return for years of a real comfortable ride with saftey included as a bonus.
    I'll take Lucerne's 28MPGs. and enjoy the trip.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,092
    A new discussion has been created to discuss Lucerne safety and crash ratings. A few recent posts have been moved there.

    Buick Lucerne: Safety & Crash Ratings

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  • dvpriemdvpriem Posts: 11
    I noticed on the Buick web site that the LaCross can be had with telescoping steering. But I could not find it on the Lucerne. Does anyone know if it is availalbe on the Lucerne? :confuse:
  • 62vetteefp62vetteefp Posts: 6,048
    Lucerne does not have telescoping wheel available.
  • Web site you see pics of a wood trimmed steering wheel and a NAV system, yet youwould be hard pressed to find a Lucern at any trim level with these options.

    Also, in the same packadge that Buick offers the wood trimed wheel, they should ofer a wood trimmed console shifter.

    Anyone have a lucerne with any of these options?
  • 62vetteefp62vetteefp Posts: 6,048
    Nav was an interim introduction. Also, as with all vehicles that have this option, few order it. Just too expensive for most folks. I would have thought though that a Lucerne with MSRP's over $35K would have a few out there. The market for Nav in an under $30k car is just not there yet.

    i do not see the wood steering wheel available yet on the website.
  • b88lazerb88lazer Posts: 21
    The wood-trimmed steering wheel and walnut shifter knob are dealer-installed accessories.
  • Most readers of this column are probably pro- GM Buick,
    and enjoy their Buicks for many valid reasons.

    Would anyone like to post their opinion about Lucerne on this other new Forum listing?(Large Sedans Under $30,000.)

    In appears on each large sedan forum and not one positive thing has been said of Lucerne, just negative.

    As of this writing the Ford 500 has been mentioned nearly 50% of the time by the creator of the column with Azera and Avalon on the 500's coat tails.

    I will be posting soon.

    Your comments would help balance the bias too.

    What do other readers think of that column so far?
  • This sould br from the factory! The dealer puts in this accessories that cost 50 bucks, and charge 800 for them! Finish the job GM! You got a great car here!

    Oh yea, any chance on replacing the 3.8 and adding more performance to that V8, don't really want a V6 avalon to outgun this car, IMO.
  • GM seems to re-act rather than anticipate demand,rather than "create ahead of time". I hope they read your comments and others found here.

    I drove Avalon and Azera before deciding on Lucerne.

    Ride: I want a non-jarring smooth ride. I felt "tar-strips" and every pebble on the road and more body motion than I wanted. The Lucerne CX version was far superior,in that respect.(The 3.8 engine is ok for me.)CXL,CXS,available with more ride control.

    Engine: Avalon definitely noisy at idle,major hesitation when downshifting(over 50MPH) and approached red line RPMS doing so while engine unpleasantly screamed!

    Lucerne's V-8/Transmission combo may not be fastest by .8 of a second or whatever the spec. is but the Northstar Engine is smooth quiet and really immediately resposvive to the drivers wishes. Like power under control and enough of it for all but a few.

    I think I prefer a delay in the latest of high tech until it's works right. I'm sure faster V-6's are wating for us.

    Look at what GM is putting in that new Cadillac series with 0-60 times at frightnigly low numbers! High tech is at GM.

    Let them get the bugs out at Caddy and then offer it at Buick later.
  • 62vetteefp62vetteefp Posts: 6,048
    3.8 will be gone very soon in the Lucerne.
  • b88lazerb88lazer Posts: 21
    You seem to have a back channel to a lot of GM insider information. What's the real-world schedule with regard to the Lucerne 3.8 phase-out?
  • 62vetteefp62vetteefp Posts: 6,048
    I get the info from web and other places. The 3.8L plant I believe is going to close in 2007-8.
  • bc101abc101a Posts: 1
    The steering on my CX has a jerky feel at low speeds especially when close to center. It is most noticeable when going back to center slowly from a minor turn. The dealer tells me this is normal for the car and there are no adjustments. The car has around 1,200 miles, the tires are balanced and properly inflated. This is not torque steer, it is the same in neutral with no acceleration. If it is normal, fine I'll get used to it. Otherwise no problems, great car. Has anyone else noticed this?
  • 62vetteefp62vetteefp Posts: 6,048
    Did this happen from day 1 or did you just notice it? Ask for a drive in a Lucerne with miles on it and see if it is there. Never heard of it but you may be sensing some pump pressure variation???
  • evandroevandro Posts: 1,108
    I've always noticed this on my Intrigue and I wonder if it's how Magnasteer, an electric motor that provides variable input effort in addition to the power-steering, works...
  • CX only comes with the standard variety power rack&pinion
    but on CXS Magnetic Variable Steering is standard, and on CXL,optional. (I think with the V-8 only)

    I am awaiting my CX and would not want the condition bc101a describes in my new car.

    Liked 62veeps's sugestion try another(or 2) on the lot.
  • daboiddaboid Posts: 1
    I bought a new CLX Lucerne V6 three months ago to replace my old '97 Lesabre which was a great car. I like the quietness and smoothness of the '06 and find the 3800 engine very quick for normal driving. However, compared to the '97 Lesabre the one thing I really dislike in the Lucerne is the excessively WIDE turning radius. This is something i didn't notice on the test drive. When you live with the car awhile and have to park it, it is a very agravating trait. I also find that at interstate speeds it is not as stable as the old Lesabre in the way it steers at speeds above 65 MPH. Otherwise I like the car. I guess no car is perfect.
  • rake2rake2 Posts: 120
    I've had my CXS for 8 months now and have over 10,000 miles on it. It's still a nice ride. The steering is wide, and it's my understanding that they had to increase the turning radius to enable the 18" tires to fit and work on the CXS. Maybe someone can confirm whether I am correct. As for the interstate, mine is extremely stable - don't know if the magnetic ride control is part of the reason it seems that way to me or not. Overall, I'm still very happy with the car's performance and ride.

    I have noticed a rare clicking from the speakers (it's happened maybe 10 times) that almost sounds like an older speedometer cable sticking. Wierdest thing is that if I hit the turn signal, it stops immediately, otherwise it will go away on its own in about 20 seconds. Also, at about 8,000 miles it felt like the brakes were cutting into the rotors. I took it to the dealer (my brother is the service manager), and the brakes were fine with only a very small inconsistency in the rotor. I'm curious to see if this recurs.
  • trucker50trucker50 Posts: 148
    Does anyone else think it's odd the way Buick ran the exhaust pipe on the V-6? It looks alright where it comes out the back but hangs down and makes a strange turn as it comes under the fuel tank(I assume)....look at it the next time one passes you going up the road. Looks like the exhaust was just tacked on as an afterthought :confuse:
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America I70 & I75 Posts: 21,231
    Has the alignment been carefull checked and set to center of the specs by a knowledgeable alignment tech?

    2015 Cruze 2LT, 2014 Malibu 2LT, 2008 Cobalt 2LT

  • Re clicking sound in the speakers,it sounds almost like a
    "static discharge" within the radio's electronics.

    The next time it happens,try to turn on other items like the brakes, tail lights or cigar lighter. Seems that as you draw power from another path it "fixes" the radio for now. Try to describe problem in great detail (as you have done) to the service manager but ask if he can e-mail the radio electronics division,(Delco) at Buick that they may be able to come up with a fix.

    Does your car have the Harmon-Kardon Radio Option?
    My new Lucerne,soon to be delivered will have this option.

    Too bad,no matter the kind of car,it takes some time to get out those darned "bugs".
  • One review of this car stated the steering felt "Vague".(V-6 only)Perhaps they did overdo the amount of power assist.

    My old 94 Park Ave. had some sort of auto-valve that changed power assist over about 15 Mph. and it felt just right at both low and high speeds. In trying to improve things Buick should not forget what was already proven to be a perfect balance.

    I hope that you can get this back to Buick so it can be
    reviewed and this calibration may be changed in future models.

    Dont let it go,Let Buick Know!
  • trucker50trucker50 Posts: 148
    Yeah all newly designed cars seem to have problems, just check out the 2007 Camry woes forum :(

    I guess your getting an '07 buickfan? I'm still trying to decide if I should pull the trigger on an '06 or not....a '07 Harley is in my near future so I don't know.
    They're changing the motor and tranny in those this year I hope they have the bugs worked out....ah what am I thinking not Harley :)
  • rake2rake2 Posts: 120
    It does have the Harmon Kardon system, which, by the way, sounds absolutely fantastic. My brother is the service manager, so I've tried to explain it to him, and he is in the process of checking any service bulletins to see if something shows through them.
  • Would you please post if you get info that is suggested, even the TSB# ?
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