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Ford F-Series Real World MPG Numbers



  • hey all i was wondering how much MPG the 2000-2002 F250 diesel with extended cab cause i cant find anything on it thanks
  • danuarydanuary Posts: 2
    Bought an 08 F250 PSD yesterday... Lariat, crew cab, 4x4. I love it so far, it's just a fantastic truck.

    In the 100 or so miles I've driven so far, I've gotten about 13 mpg. Given some of the horror stories I've seen elsewhere I'm reasonably content with this -- granted, I've been driving fairly sedately while I get used to the size of this thing, but it's been a mix of city running errands and highway at 70mph.

    I'm hoping that it only gets better from here as the truck breaks in, but I do intend to get a chip (programmer) with an 'economy' settings -- any recommendations?
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    If you mod this engine with some part produced by some fly by night company that spend probably about 2 weeks engineering the part, you wil BE OUT OF WARRANTY if the part causes damage to the engine.

    Fords Official Position on this engine is NOT TO MOD IT. You should have signed a form at the dealer when you took delivery outlining your understand of this and other items regarding this engine.

  • danuarydanuary Posts: 2
    Based on what I saw and signed, I don't think that's correct.

    The form that I signed said that chipping or reprogramming the chip in place does NOT inherently void the warranty and that warranty services would be denied only in the case that whatever I was claiming service on failed -because- of the modification. Seems to be an entirely reasonable policy to me.

    I've already done a substantial amount of research on the subject and feel as a (reasonably) intelligent guy that I can determine the difference between the folks putting significant engineering expertise into building programmers, and the folks that don't. I was merely asking what others use, if they use similar products, and what works for them.
  • rburkerburke Posts: 2
    08 SD SB books states 30 gallon tank. Drove truck to empty could not put more than 25 gallons in tank. computer said 16 miles to empty the fuel gauge was pegged in the red. Anyone experiencing the same and if so what can be done.
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    Do you mean Empty as you drove the truck utill it stalled?My experience is that indicated empty or 0 miles to empty leaves a 15% reserve.

  • rburkerburke Posts: 2
    No not stalled. I had an 05 sb 26 gallon tank it would alert @ 50 miles to empty just as this one does. But when you ran it to say 20 miles to empty you would put 24 gallons in the tank. This one at 16 miles to empty holds only 25 and that is cramming it in. However as you state that is 17% reserve but what good is the alert at 50 miles and then 125 miles of reserve. Of all the cars with this fuel computer this is the only one that was not fairly close to being out when you ran it down to 15 miles to empty. thnks
  • I have an 06 f 250 crewcab fx4 with the 5.4 gas motor and im getting 10 mpg in town and 15 mpg on the highway. and thats driving like a grand ma. any help with increase??
  • cost of chip $1200
    cost of fuel to beat BMW from 0-100mph - $4
    cost of new PSD because ford voided your warranty after you beat BMW - $19,000
    cost of look on your face :-O - PRICELESS

    Ford has put in flash electronic recording systems and even if you remove your chip the black box will record all engine conditions and Ford will know what have you done. These engines are pushing over 20psi - in some cases as high as 35psi through the turbos. They will void your warranty in a second.

    Enjoy your truck as a stock vehicle. Also, these engines need 10-20K miles for break in. MPG will go to 16-18 based on driving habbits.
  • I bought my 08 F250 4x4 regular cab,long bed,6.4 deisel,6speed manual on 8/22/07. I have put 2506.1 miles on it.I have averaged 13.1mpg so far. Best tank full 14.46mpg and worst 12.02mpg towing nothing. 1 highway trip of 1243 miles "normal driving" 70 to 85 mph. I am a little disappointed with the MPGs but it sure is a nice ride
  • Just took delivery of my 08 F350 DRW Crew Cab LB. I am anxious to see what type of fuel mileage I will get after reading some of these posts. Only 372 miles on the odometer. I will update in a month or so.
  • My '93 F250 with 5.8L gas motor w/E4OD gets 10/16mpg city/hwy. No towing and mostly granny driving. Not impressive.
  • I now have 5,333 miles on my '08 F250 . I have recorded a best of 15.9 mpg highway@75mph (no load) and 10.1mpg highway with a load of about 6200lb. A deisel engine is built to work hard and run hard. My experience with deisels has been the harder you run them the better they run and less trouble they give. I say forget the mpg and drive it like you stole it!!!
  • I just joined this forum and hope someone can shed some light on Ford F150 fuel economy. I've seen some replies here that sound like they come straight from Ford. I like the one that states the break in period being 18,000-20,000 miles. Hope it's true. I just bought a used F150 super crew with 19,000 miles. I've put the last thousand on myself and as it has been said I drove it like a grandma. At best I'm seeing about 12.5 MPG in town. I am still in denial that this is normal and I should just live with it. I've heard everything from the weight, height, differential ratios and tire sizes being responsible but let's face it guys this is 2007. I've had carbureted cars that didn't have even one computer that got better than this. Hopefully someone can step up and scientifically explain what gives and what if anything can be done to make this otherwise great truck return reasonable fuel economy figures. I don't expect miracles just something around 15 city 19 highway. Thanks for listening and hope to hear some promising suggestions. Dan
  • rodougrodoug Posts: 5
    Am considering buying an 05, 06, or 07 F350 crew, long bed, 3.73 rear end with either 4x4 or 4x2. Live in Dallas and drive 70%/30% mix of city/highway. Tow a 8-11K LB gooseneck on weekends country driving. Does anyone have any personal experience on what kind of mileage I can expect? Thanks!
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    City Fuel Econ in an F-150. 5.4L 3V. Realistically?

    Not trying to sound like a Jerk here but according to, under the new EPA test the 5.4L 3V F-150 should get 12 in the city and 16 on the HWY.

    I think the days of using a P'kup for a daily driver but not as part of your job are fast falling behind.

    One thing that you can try is getting an K&N Air Filter.

  • First let me say that I do not show much credance to any gas saving devices. I'm a ASE certified tech but I have found some things that increase gas mileage on my 99 F150. The things that I have found to improove mpg are those that are intended to increase power. The increase in mpg is just an extra. A K&N filter gave about a 1mpg increase. Mixing Acetone with the fuel has shot the mpg way up. Better mpg is noticed with 89 octane instead of cheep 87 octane. Now my F150 has a shell and is loaded with a lot of equipment, and I am now getting 14.8 mpg. Adding 1 0nce of acetone for every 10 gallons of gas and using the 89 octane is when I noticed the improovment in mpg the most. Your mpg should be hire unless you carrying a lot of weight like me. I go through a tank of gas more often than most because I work out of my truck. When I'm driving with a lead foot, I still get 13.6 mpg.
  • Hello, Just Joined, and I need some help.

    What I have now: 1997 Ford F250 SD 4X4, 460 V8 (rebuilt 30K ago), Auto (rebuilt 20K ago), rearend gears Unknown, shortbox, extended Cab, 35" Tires, 6" lift, Airbags. 8-9.5 MPG, empty, loaded, or pulling Horse Trailer with 2 Horses, and loaded with Camping Gear. Paid for.

    What I want to do: More Mileage (Hauling Horses to Montana with current Rig is $600 round Trip) Add Camper (can't with Short Box and Pull Horse Trailer, unless I go with small SB Camper), go up to 3-4 Horse Trailer (will add 5000lbs to tow weight). Long box also better for hauling Hay.

    What I think I need, but am not sure. 99-05, F350 DRW(?) 4X4 crewcab, not a huge payment. Not sure on Manual or Auto, Gas or Diesel.

    I love my current Truck, if it had a long box for the Camper, I would eat the Gas Mileage, but we really need to move to a Camper, and my younger Horse, needs to start going with us. Please give some suggestions on what to look for used and why or why I should just stay with what I have.
  • The 10-20K miles for break in, is this for the 2008? I've been told that the V10's gas motors get about 12mpg as my 2008 diesel is getting and with Diesel fuel being an average of .60cents more a gallon ($3.50 gallon in the St. Louis area) we will never be able to say that the Diesel motor & transmission has paid for itself. And what in the world is up with the Diesel prices, is it because of the Iraq War where a lot of diesel is needed to support our military troops?

    If this is the SO REASON and the prices will drop back down to being .60cents below gas prices when its over, I have NO problem paying an extra $100 a month in fuel cost over the V10 gas motor if it means supporting our troops to ensure there safety and to protect our shores. (So I will just have to eat at home more often)

  • bowkillbowkill Posts: 2
    I purchased my 08 f250 srw 3.73 gears after trading in my 04 6.0L. My dealership told me that the break in period was 10 tanks of fuel! I am at 10k right now, and am only getting 200 - 250 miles per tank full. The cold weather definately brings down the mpg, hoping it gets better this summer.
  • cetanecetane Posts: 1
    Just joined to give my answer to your question. Purchased a 2006 F-350 PSD 6.0 DRW last month. The last fill equated to 21.05 MPG. That was with a refuel on the same pump, same side, facing same direction, with the hold open nozzle clip in the same position. That trip was all highway between 45 and 55 MPH. The truck is a 6 speed manual. I avoided spooling up the turbo as much as possible and coasted when able. No load or tow on that run. The truck has 33,000 miles. This was the extreme to see if I could match other similar claims. However, the worst I managed to get thus far [without a load] was 16.5 which still satisfies me even at $3.50 per gallon.
  • wittsendwittsend Posts: 6
    I have the F-350 version and the stock 29 gallon tank was not enough when pulling distance. I add another 25 gallon w/ tool box and run it thru a gravity valve incorporated into the main tank inlet so I would not have to add pump wiring gauge etc..... When main tank gauge moves you know bed tank is empty.

    1) I have found BIO diesel cause this valve to stick.
    2) If you want to use this tank in winter paint it black or Line-X it to obsorb heat from the sun, or add heater.

    The problem is some states don't allow this set up so check first (or who's to know?). The reason the manufactures quit putting bigger or duel tanks in is because people were falling a sleep at the wheel from not stopping on long drives. Hence not liable for law suits of this type.

    I stayed with a small tank to allow more use of the bed. found best deal at TSC.
  • 22k222k2 Posts: 1
    2005 f-350 5.4L fuel mileage 8.5 MPG towing and 10.5 MPG. Any tips on increasing mileage?
  • gregg_vwgregg_vw Posts: 2,437
  • stevedebistevedebi LAPosts: 4,098
    "I've had carbureted cars that didn't have even one computer that got better than this."

    Cars that could tow the same amount of weight? Cars that weighed in excess of 5000 lbs? Cars had had the drag coefficient of a brick? Cars that had the same large engine?

    Full size pickups have all of the issues; each one causes a decrease in MPG.

    Having said that, you might check out the driving tips from the various hybrid forums. The "battery" related stuff (like EV - "electric mode") won't help, but there are other tips that can help.

    Research has shown that leaving the tail gate on a pickup is the most aerodynamically efficient.

    Try and keep moving. By this I mean don't tailgate, and try and slow gradually when approaching a red light - it may turn green before you get there. Remember (in town) the biggest issue is that you have to get that 5000+ lbs up to speed - and that takes energy. MPG directly relates to the speed being traveled and the RPMs of the engine, so try and find the "sweet spot" of your engine for in town use where the RPMs are lowest for the highest speed achieved.

    On the highway, reduce to the lowest safe speed that you can stand, preferably 60-65 MPH. The higher you go, the worse the MPG.

    My last pickup was a 1996 F150, but it had the 4.2 and a manual transmission. It returned 17 MPG city / 23 MPG highway. But at the time I wasn't driving for MPG, except in the city where I used the OD at normal speeds where possible.
  • laci73laci73 Posts: 2
    04 f150 4x4 supercab. smaller V8, got it 2 month ago, 170 000kms on it. Rear end is 3.73.Tires 265/70 r 17 BFG AT.Driving to work and for fun( fishing, exploring country) I'm averaging 13-14 litres per 100 km's.combine driving city-hwy -gravel roads. I did 1000 kms trip in the mountains last weekend, at one tank. 135 litres tank and still some gas left.
    the key is keep rpm less than 2000, even in the city. Have no upgrades, stock vehicle.
    just my rear end is bit of whining, when under a load or accelerating. I changed gear oil for full synthetic 75W-90, but did not help at all.
  • titaneesetitaneese Posts: 43
    I owned a 1998 ford f-150 extended cab 5.4 liter and drove it for 10 years. I thoroughly checked the mileage over time and without the A/C it would get 13.5 mpg in the city absolutely babying that thing. I did not do enough highway driving to comment on that. My new truck is a Toyota Tacoma 16.68 mpg city. My two complaints with the ford, poor mpg and my service experience was b/s. I realised after the way Ford treated me that they did not care at all that I was loyal to their brand. they were more interested in how much they could take advantage of me and get all they could as far as service $$$$$$$$$$. Sorry ford but I have a 67 mustang, a 66 ford truck & now a Lexus and a Toyota truck in my garage. I am done with your b/s.
  • I own a 2007 King Ranch F350 Dually with every option short of a sun roof. I am getting around 17-19 on the highway unloaded, 12-13 pulling my tractor appx 9000 lbs, and about 12-14 in the city. I don't drive like grandma but I don't race bmw's either though I think this thing could probably take a few of them.

    Have been looking into adding cold air intake and possibly big exhaust for added MPG. Don't need anymore power as this thing will pull a tree outta the ground. Have talked to Banks and it's a pricey $1300 upgrade. Was wondering if anyone has any experience with this? I don't want to go missing with it too much cause of the warranty on the powertrain is 100K which I think is pretty good. Any Pro's and Con's. I don't trust talking to these equipment reps cause they mostly want to sell you this stuff and could care less about your warranty.

    I'm trying to get a call in to talk to a few Ford Diesel guys. Would appreciate any opinions or experiences with Banks or any other reputable diesel performance houses.
  • 96ford96ford Posts: 1
    What Gear Ratio do you have? What is your RPM at 70 MPH? I am considering buying a F350 4WD with a 4.3 ratio. I'm afraid of bad mileage and have found that it will cost $2500 to change the ratio to a more reasonable 3.73
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