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Ford Mustang (2005 & newer) Problems and Solutions



  • cmnottcmnott Posts: 200
    Expensive, but you will not regret it. The X-Ice is an evolution of the Michelin Arctic Alpin, which I have had on two cars now. Not only are they fantastic, but quiet. I have these tires for winter (If it ever comes at this pace...I am in Ottawa and enjoying the weather!) on the polished 17" rims because I have a +1 setup for summer. I am looking forward to driving this car in the winter.

    I had a 99 Mustang GT for three winters, with TC and Goodyear M+S tires and considering the Ottawa type winters we have, deep snow, the car was very good. And fun!
  • nogtyetnogtyet Posts: 11
    vnovabri get the GT yet? I ordered 06 GT Prem coupe w/ manual trans about July 1. NOT EVEN A VIN YET. "Issues w/ the manual trans." Any info out there on this? Who's the vendor? What's the problem? Thanks!
  • The computer in my 2005 V6 5spd speeds up my idle when I coast with the transmission in neutral.... for example, when I am approaching a traffic light. It seems to try to match the engine speed to the car's speed. Depending on speed it may raise the idle to over 2000 RPM. It only does this with the clutch engaged and the transmission in neutral. If I depress the clutch pedal, the idle drops to normal (700 RPM). (My other Mustang, a 2002 V6 5 spd, does NOT do any of this.) The dealer insists that all is normal, although he can't explain why the car should do this. From my point of view, all it does is add engine noise and waste gas.

    Is this normal behavior? Does anyone know why Ford programmed the car to do this?
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,926
    You sure you don't have your foot touching the throttle? These electronic throttles are really sensitive. They react to the slightest touch.
  • Hi, anyone having problems with their gas tanks on the 2005 Mustang no GT. I am on my second gas tank. The tank acts as if it is full then spews gas back out all over the ground. At best I got 4. 00 in the other day. Besides that my detailing stripes came off, my hub cap fell off, my emergency cable came loose dragging the ground and I've already replaced a tail light. This car is 10 months old. I understand if a third tank goes bad, I can invoke the Lemon Law, but to who ? The Dealer or Ford. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I am VERY upset. Right now the car looks good and that is about it. Thank you. Jenny PS My dealer alone has replaced 3 tanks including mine
  • I'm very sure I'm not touching the throtle. The car does this on its own, and in a very controlled manner related to it's speed. The dealer says it may be some carryover from the automatic transmission cars, where the computer is trying to match the engine speed to the car's speed when the overrunning clutch in the torque converter is operating (but of course I don't have an automatic transmission).
  • I have a 06 GT that is great so far but i was having some steering issues its had too explain but the steering is tight but on a straight road iam constantly correcting it kinda always wanderind its like theres too much play in the steering ,you used too be able to adjust the steering box i couldnt even see the steering box in this questions are are any of you having this problem and how do you fix it other than this this car is great
  • Day after Day, Month after Month just love this Mustange GT Vert. Biggest issue is getting it away from the wife. Teaches @ a middle school(grades 5-8)...Ultimate statement from her student...."Wow that car is cool!".."if I had that car, I'd get all the girls!"

    Question, noticed that when rains and car sitting, that when open door, the :shades: sill plate has puddles of water on it....does anyone else with a Convertible have this happen? Have you talked to dealer and is it normal? Don't ever recall seeing water puddles on sill plate in any other car?
  • I have the 05 convertible - not a GT though. I do not notice the sill plates holding water. You should have it looked at. I do have the problem with the gas tank not filling. I've also had it in for the radiator to be replaced - kept spilling over and the ABS/traction control system to be replaced. Love the car though - it's worth the headaches (so far anyway).
  • jc_05gtjc_05gt Posts: 13
    I have an 05 GT non-vert and have noticed the water puddle also. My driveway is on a slant/hill and have assumed it is because of this. Do you also park on a hill?
  • I have the exact same problem re: fast idle. The car does not slow down when I remove my foot from the accelerator. When I put the car in neutral the tach bonces between 900 and 2500 RPM's. I have an appointment at the dealership on Tuesday the 25th. Also, my battery went dead after 5 days of non-use and barely started the car.
  • Any one having issues with the volume on the Shaker 1000 - after a night of steady rain, the volume has been drastically decreased to almost nothing even at almost full volume setting. I am also hearing a thump from the trunk subwoofer as if someone is trying to kick their way out. This happened even after engine and radio were shut off. I'm not sure if I have a short or there may be a moisture issue.
  • I love this car, but in the short test drive that I had, it seems to have a huge blind spot, especially to the left. Was it just me, or is this a known issue on the 2005/2006 mustang? The mirrors are large, maybe Ill have to get used to them. Any comments on this from owners? Thanks.
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,926
    You'll have to do a bunch of seat adjustments to find the sweet spot. I've had my GT for almost a year now and I still find that I have to adjust the seat every time I drive it. But I don't drive it very much. Only 5100 miles of smiles so far. :)
  • lateralglateralg Posts: 929
    Blind spot can be eliminated by properly adjusting outside mirror. If it's now adjusred the way most people do, you can probably see the quarter panel in the mirror. Also, you can probably see most of what you also see in the inside mirror. If you see the same thing in both, you don't need one of them.

    Adjust it so you can just see the quarter panel when your head is leaned against the door glass.

    Another method that works is to adjust both outside mirrors while in a large parking lot.
  • dogonedogone Posts: 8
    I'm about to install a JLT CAI on my 2005 GT. Anyone done this? I've done some limited work on my old pontiac, so I thought I'd give it a shot. I hear it's easy. Anyone have suggestion/warnings before I get in there and screw up a perfectly good car?
  • I have been having the same problem with my manual V6. When the car coasts or is in neutral, it would rev high up to and over 2000 RPM, and then after slowly die off to a normal idle. I find this very annoying and a waste of gas like other posters said. And, I don't care what they tell you at the dealership. This should not happen as I have never encountered it on any other car I have driven. They think everything is normal. Anyone have an explaination for this behavior and/or solution? Also, the clutch is quite noisy. Of all the manual cars I have driven this is the only one that makes such loud noises. For example, when I depress the clutch you hear a loud click - like noise and then again as I release it. These are the only two things that bother me with this car. Other than that everything else is ok.
  • Hi everyone. I have an '05 GT Convertible that I love. The engine has been making an intermittent clicking noise caused by the A/C compressor turning on and off. Ford service states that this is a normal characteristic of the car. Can anyone confirm if this is the case? This is my first Ford and the noise is annoying, especially with the top down (but the V8 drowns it out at speed). Any response would be greatly appeciated.
  • I have been to the dealer twice re. driveline noise in my V6 5spd. I agree with you... the driveline noise in this car is VERY bad. Mine pops, clunks, whines, and rattles at various speeds in various gears. At the first visit they agreed, and replaced the transmission. That fixed nothing, so they now say its normal and that I must just live with it. I can't believe Ford fielded such a bad design. It must be part of the "retro" thing, because it reminds me of the junk we used to get from Detroit in the early seventies. It is a major step back from the previous generation of Mustang; my 2002 V6 5spd (which I still have) is much nicer to drive, and a constant reminder of how much Ford messed up this design.
  • I've heard the compressor kick in and out also. I agree it's a small irritant, but I'm not worried about it. I drive an E-350 for work and that one's a little louder if you can believe it.
    BTW, Air conditioning with the top down?? :shades:
  • Back when I lived in the frozen north, I bought a set of wide rims and 60-series tires for my '82 Celica for summer use and mounted "real" snow tires (not the all-seasons everyone else used) on the original stock rims. I never had traction problems stopping or starting. I guess the question is, since the stock rims for the GT are fairly wide, and snow tires grip better when used with a more narrow profile, wouldn't it be better to get some skinnier rims (and tires) for the snows and leave the big meats on the stock rims for "in season" driving? Seems to me that you would get better traction AND save a few bucks.
  • No, I park it on flat driveway. I haven't noticed the water when I wash the vehicle. My guess is it's something to do with the way it's designed to shed water. I'll be brining into dealer later this week, I'll update findings.
  • My dealer told me that I could get the 'securilock' key (with embedded trasmitter) with my Mustang if I want it, no charge I guess. I have 2 questions - 1) how expensive are duplicate keys to have made, 2) Does this security system actually work? Thanks.
  • I am trying to decide on an extended warrantee for my new mustang. Im leaning against it mainly because I hate extended warrantee's. Is there any data on the reiablitiy of the new mustangs yet? Should I consider an extended warrantee? I havent even asked for the price yet, but Im sure it will cost $$$$$
  • As far as I know, the keys work as a security device. You can't start the car without a properly programmed key.

    The keys are expensive if you buy them from Ford.... probably about $60-70 to buy the blank, get it cut, and have them program it. You can buy the blanks on e-bay for less than $20, and get them cut at wal-mart or home depot for about a buck. The instructions for programming the car to accept the new key are in the owner's manual, and it's easy, despite what the dealer may tell you. (He wants your $60-70.) On e-bay they are called "transponder keys".

    For the do-it-yourself programming you need TWO keys that the car already knows. (This prevents a guy at the parking lot from copying one of your keys when you aren't looking.) What this means is that it is smart to have a spare, because if you only have two and lose one, you are then at the mercy of Ford for a duplicate.

    You can also get a plain key (without the computer chip) from home depot, etc. It will open the door but won't start the car. It is really useful tied somewhere under the front bumper for when you lock your keys in the car.
  • I have had my new 06 Mustang for a week now.
    Within the first few days I started to notice that while diving with the A/C on there is a noticeable sound (like a burst of air) that occurs every 5 to 15 seconds like clockwork.
    This noise is loud enough to hear inside the car with the windows up and the radio playing at a low level. When standing outside the car the noise can be heard well over the sound of the engine.

    I took it in for service and I was told that the sound was normal, and was just the A/C cycling. I was also told by the serviceman that this is a noisy part on a lot of Fords and it is just more noticeable in the Mustang because of the engine layout.

    So my questions are:

    1) Does the serviceman’s explanation make sense?
    2) Should the engagement of the A/C make that much noise?
    3) Should the A/C cycle every 5 to 15 seconds? I live in Arizona where the daily temp still exceeds 90 degress?
    4) Does anyone else with a 05 or 06 mustang hear the same noise every 5 to 15 seconds while driving with the A/C on?
    5) If something needs to be fixed what is the best way to approach the service center who believes it is not a problem?

    I thank anyone that can help in advance.
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,926
    1) yes
    2) not really, but that's just the way it's designed and constructed. no malfunction.
    3) heck yeah
    4) yes
    5) talk to the manager/general manager
  • I cannot help you much but to say that I don't get this with my '06 Mustang, nor on any other Ford product either someone I know or I have owned. I live in Houston, TX, so I've had plenty of hot, hot days (even in September, when I got the car) and haven't encountered this.

    I do not know if it indicates a problem or not (cause I've never had it happen to me or someone I know), but it doesn't sound like it's a "feature" I'd want or tolerate. The temperature level shouldn't make a difference to the A/C. I could see it making a difference to the engine but not the A/C itself.

    I'd either try to find another person in the service center to take a look at it or take it to another service center (this may be difficult if you're in the boonies).
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 10,072
    There's not a lot of "sound deadener" in the Mustang GT. The more you use, the more weight is involved.

    In 90 degree and above temps, it wouldn't be unusual for the compressor to cycle on and off as you describe. You'll notice it more because of the lack of sound deadener as mentioned above.

    If you really think there's a problem, then by all means, go to another Ford dealership and have it looked at.
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  • Anyone see the new Performance Packages offered from Ford Racing Parts? From what I read on other sites, the springs in the handling pack are Steeda springs. Out of all of them offered, the handling pack is the most tempting.
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