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Ford Mustang (2005 & newer) Problems and Solutions



  • I, too, had owned a `99 GT and as of November 19th I am the proud new owner of an `05 GT. There is absolutely NO comparison in my opinion. The `05 is by far the superior vehicle from the ground up, A - Z, front to back, etc.
  • lol read my post albeeno,
    i compared my previous mach1 and cobra to the new gt ,i didnt own an old gt
  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630
    I think that he was replying to tayl0rd......

    BTW - why would one compare a stock '05 GT to a '99 Cobra (w/ $15k worth of mods) and a Mach I (with $1500 worth of suspension mods) and then complain about a perceived handling issue on the stock '05?

    "with normal sports cars you have weight transfer from front to rear with your initial acceleration, and with that weight transfer you create a downdraft... that holds your car down... so you dont loose control... well... the 05 gt has uplift...."


    I'm also curious to know how weight transfer on initial acceleration causes downdraft? (This sounds like an aerodynamic phenomenon).

    Uplift due to weight transfer??? Are you complaining that the rear-end squats too much and the nose comes up when accelerating from a standstill? Or are you trying to describe front-end lift due to high speed (130mph) aero problems? Honestly, I can't picture what you are trying to describe. :confuse:
  • Read your manual!!!!! "Baby" it for 500 miles, anyway
  • Hi I was wondering witch one is louder and better, a H-pipe or an X-pipe? please respond please and let me know someone thank you ;) .
  • Finally got my GT after waiting almost 6 mos. Took it out for the second time, and it leaves me stranded: 130.6 miles on it! Starts but dies after 1-2 seconds. Dealer (not where I bought) runs diagnostics and sez processor is bad. New one has to come from vendor. Anyone know who the vendor is? Johnson Controls? Ford's been great, dealers have been great, but when I find out who made brain ...
  • Does it sound like a thud in the dash? If so, there are a bunch of people I have read that have this, as well as I do too. It has been narrowed down to a plug or something behind the dash that moves when you hit a bump. I didn't have the noise in the summer, but once it started getting cold it got worse. I keep forgetting to take off glove box door to research it further.
  • Neither. What makes it louder is removing cats or putting on high-flow cats. The x will be smoother sounding like NASCAR cars and have a slightly better power curve. The h is more like the old muscle car sound. I personally like the h with long tube headers and no cats. Unfortunately I live in an emissions county so I need cats. I went with shorty headaers and the factory h pipe with Bassani mufflers. It is loud when I get on it, but not as loud as high flow cats or no cats.
  • Does anyone know of Raised White Letter tires that will fit the 2005 GT's stock wheels? I'm dying to put a set on my car. If not, anyone have any suggestions?
  • Zorbas (message 824),

    Thanks for the heads-up. Next time I drive my GT Premium to the mall at 130 mph, I'll be sure to put some bricks in the trunk. ;)
  • Looking for guidance, help and/or similar problems w/ Mustange conv top. Bought my "dream car" June this summer. From mid july to september my baby was in the shop 2 out of the 3 mths I owned it. The top malfunctioned & was told manufacturers defect. They would have to redesign framework which they did. It now comes down and goes up perfectly but the vinyl they replaced on it does not fit the framework as perfectly as it did when I purchased my car. They can adjust it & make it look good I'm told but as soon as the top goes down & back up the vinyl is crooked and lots of metal & rubber are showing around windows. It does not leak unless water sprayed at it from the side in carwash. Straightline rain does not leak. I just want my car to look as nice as it did when I bought it. What do I do or what has others done who may be experiencing same problem. Help, please!
  • Sorry to hear about your convertible problem. IF the dealership can't do better than that, try the Zone office for resolution. Maybe they can refer you to a dealership that can actually repair the problem. Finally, if you've had the car in three or so times and that's the "best they can do", it might be time to invoke the Lemon Law. Then you can get a new one without the defect. If memory serves me, this is only the second convertible problem I've seen on this site, and the only one like you describe. I definitely haven't had that problem.
    Finally, the top shouldn't leak under ANY circumstances, so there is obviously something drastically wrong here
    Good luck
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,926
    I agree with your response, rorr. It doesn't make any sense. There is no car that I know of in the world that makes "down draft" on initial acceleration except for Top Fuel dragsters and such. Every car whether it's a sports car or family hauler, FWD or RWD transfers weight to the rear on initial acceleration. That's just simple physics.

    I think what Zorbas is complaining about is front end lift at superlegal speeds. I haven't experienced any lift problems with mine, but I haven't run it up to 130MPH either, yet. And I've lowered my suspension.

    Handling-wise, it's been printed in a few publications and official Ford press releases that the '05 Mustang handles BETTER than the outgoing Cobra. Why someone would compare a stock car's handling to one with $15K in suspension mods is beyond me. How do you spend $15K in suspension pieces on a Mustang, anyway?? :confuse: The supply of Mustang suspension parts is so plentiful that you can get a killer setup for under $3K, including installation.

    I think Zorbas got ahold of some very erroneous information regarding vehicle dynamics and acceleration. No offense, Zorbas.
  • Thank you for the response. I'm assuming the zone office is the same as district office. Someone from district looked at it, agreed there is a problem but he said the problem now is only cosmetic and that Ford will do nothing for appearance therefore it does not qualify for the lemon law. He was only concerned also about rain leaking in. He said if he leaks in carwash that is normal. He did offer me an extended warranty at no charge to me for my time and frustration. All I want is for my car to look like it did when I purchased it. The dealership has not been doing the service work themselves, they have a contract w/a local convertible company. I did call 800 # for Ford service problems and they refered me back to the dealership from which I purchased the car. At the time my top malfunctioned there were 4 others from the same dealership that did the same thing. 2 were on the lot and 3 had been purchased including mine. I've been told the other 2 purchasers have not complained therefore they will do nothing about mine.
  • I had the same problem. I took it to my dealer and was told that there was service bulletin on it. I forgot what they replaced, but mine does not make that noise anymore.
  • Have a Mustang GT Convert on order (sadly since August) but am considering having the dealer install one of the Ford Racing performance packs for the Mustang when it arrives. Anyone have experience (positive or negative) with this upgrade?

  • It's Ford TSB 05-9-11

    Strut bearing replacements on Mustang built before 4/8/2005, some older builds need additional.

    You should be able to find that TSB (Technical Service Bulletin) with a web search.

    Quick easy fix, they may have to order the parts.
  • Guys-

    I am new here, I just came upon this forum and I think I could use some help...
    I own a 2006 V6 pony package Mustang (it is a manual). I love this car! But it has one strange problem.

    When I have more than one or two people in the car it will make a strange noise... almost like a higher pitched grinding noise. It sounds like it comes from the just below the shifter. Passengers in the back also claim to hear a similar sound coming from the back of the car. It is an intermident sound that happens most frequently when there is over 100lbs. of wehight in the back of the car. I swear it had something to do with the suspension but what could it be?

    has anyone encountered this? I am just hoping to have more information when I take her back in to the dealership. This noise is so embarrassing when I have people in the car and they think it is all new and Bad A** till it makes this silly noise like it is grinding on something? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,926
    Is this an automatic or manual? It sounds like the driveline is being "stressed" when you have a bunch of people in it. It's not necessarily a problem, per se. It's just that the car is so new and the driveline hasn't had a chance to get "seated" all the way before you started piling in your friends. I imagine if you keep hauling around a bunch of folks that the noise will eventually go away has everything wears into place. Problem is, when you don't have a bunch of extra ballast in the car, you might start hearing a bunch of clunking noises as the driveline will be too loose.
  • My V6 pony is a manual. I read through the older posts and noticed other people had mentioed something about warped drive lines... could it be that mine is warped slightly enough that it goes unnoticed with only the driver in the car and only makes itself know with more weight?

    I had kinda hoped that use of the car would eventually "break in" but it has been 6000 miles now? However... those 6000 miles have mostly been with just me and my wife? Who knows. This noise is just so weird that I doubt this is the way it should perform normally. Had I heard this on the test drive, I would have broke my heart and made me re-consider the purchase. I just love this car so much it kills me to even think ill of it.
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,926
    Just take it back to the dealer and have them check it out. I'm sure it's nothing serious.
  • I was all set to buy a silver GT convertible at 2000.00
    off sticker when i began reading of all the problems the
    this car has been having-fuel nozzle,dashboard rattles,
    etc.I decided to drive a Solara convertible and was amazed
    at the quality of this car,esp. the interior.I am not crazy about the style but i am seriously considering this
    car along with the Mustang.The prices are similar and the
    Mustang is faster.The Solaro has more std eqpt.Any help i could get on making the right choice would be appreciated.
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,926
    Wow! If you're even comparing the Mustang GT to a Solara, just get the Solara because performance is definitely not what you're looking for, but it seems fit and finish is. :sick: And the fit and finish is great on this Mustang. A few of the materials used leaves something to be desired, but it's not bad at all. And the Mustang GT isn't about dash stroking, it's about tire smoking.

    The gas tank issue was on the early production '05s. There have been a small few with the '06 that claim to have the gas fill issue, but I wonder... A dashboard rattle is not a "problem." There has been only one "problem" with the new Mustang. The gas fill issue, it's more an "inconvenience" than a problem. And of course you're going to read about problems with the car in the "Problems & Solutions" board. That's what it's for. You need to go over to the regular board and read all the comments from the other 97% of us who are ecstatic about our Mustangs. :shades:
  • My oil pressure gauge didn't work when I bought my 2006 Mustang. The dealership checked the sending unit, the gauge, one of the wire connections that ford told them to check, and they thought one of the wires was missing from the factory. But after three days they said that they had to reprogram the computer. Two weeks later my oil pressure gauge is at the high mark, had to take back to the dealership again. Anyone else having the same problem? :confuse:
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,926
    Hmm... Sounds like they simply reversed the wires and now instead of reading low/not reading, it's reading high. It's either a bad sending unit or a bad voltage regulator for the guage. Did it work properly at all during those two weeks in the middle? Are you getting any oil pressure warnings in your message center?

    Take it to another dealer.
  • I think it worked, it was in the middle some days and some days it was a little bit higher then the middle. The system check says the oil pressure is ok, there is no knocking from the motor, and oil level is ok. No warning from the message center.
  • 1mack1mack Posts: 3
    I own a 2005 V6 stang with the 5 speed manual tranny too. I have experienced this noise since I purchased the car new in september. I have taken it to the dealership and the proclaimed that the exaust heat shield was the problem. So they replaced it and with no luck it still makes the same noise. I to also notice that the noise is more pronounced with someone else in car with me. Will go back the dealership soon to try to pinpoint the noise.

  • 1mack1mack Posts: 3
    I also have an 05 V6 that make the same noise-sounds like the suspension is loose.
  • I have a similar problem with my '05 GT to one discussed by a number of people - complete electrical failure for no apparent reason, now for the second time in 2 months. I took delivery at the end of Mar 05 and it has a build date of Feb 23. I drive it as a second vehicle on an occasional basis (1 - 2 times a week - it's now at 2000 miles)and it's parked outdoors. First time it happened at the end of Oct (at 1700 miles), the car had not been driven for 5 days, I went to open the door with the keyfob, no reaction, tried to start, and only got a clicking sound from the dash. Although it's not completely dead, all accessories are dead - not even enough juice for the clock. After it was successfully jump-started on the first attempt by a Ford emergency service-contracted driver, I drove immediately to the dealer. They followed their prescribed system checks and found no computer error codes, battery drain test showed .009 amps, and the battery tested good. No cause was found, and I was sent home with the distinct "vibe" that I must have done something wrong. They told me to have it towed in if it happens again so they can check it out before trying to jump-start it. Now it's happened again, this time after sitting for 4 days. Same syptoms. I'm having it towed in tomorrow. There are a couple of interesting common things about when it happened: Both times were just after we had a day of severe wind and rain, and both times, the driver's window was down about half an inch, as if the auto-adjust feature had been doing something on its own....I have also had the same problem others have noted with the driver's window, where it intermittently drops to the bottom of the door with a clunck when I push the window button auto-down. I will certainly have them deal with the window issue, in case it's related to the electrical failure. I have had no other problems, electrical or otherwise, with the car. I absolutely love driving my GT and just find it a bit dismaying to have an otherwise great experience damaged by the feeling that I can't trust my car not to break down on me - like out in the rain or on a long vacation trip....Has there been any indication of a solid fix to this problem by anyone??
  • After submitting my post on electrical failure this morning, I checked my car. I had the failure on Saturday, and now, on Monday, there is absolutely no juice at all - the little that it had, causing the clicking sound from the dash when I attempted to start it on Saturday, is now gone.....I'm still having it towed to the dealer tomorrow, so at least they'll have a completely dead car to check out.
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