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Ford Mustang (2005 & newer) Problems and Solutions



  • Sorry for the delay, I've been out of town.
    The response for ongoing problems with Ford is like a chain of command thing. If the local "district" office doesn't do it, go to the next level. Everyone you've talked to so far reports to someone, and you keep climbing the ladder you will eventually get to someone who won't blow smoke.
    You said in your original post that when you put the top up there is metal exposed around the windows? Take a picture, e-mail it to Bill Ford Jr, and ask him if he would like it passed around the 'net. Of course, that's over the top, but you get my drift.
    You're dealership's comment about 4 other convertibles with the same problems is the oldest one in the book. "Oh yeah, they all do that, you're the only one complaining, so YOU must have the problem!" They're feeding you a lie, sorry to say
    But it gets worse;
    As far as car wash water pressure getting in the car, B**l S**T !! If a car wash can force water into a car (convertible or not) what will driving down a rain soaked road at 60 or 70 do? I've washed my '05 convertible numerous times and never seen a drop go inside!
    Tell your dealer's service manager I said he's a liar, and would be glad to say it to his face.
    OK,OK, so I'm a little angry. I get pissed when a good product is maligned by the very dealers who are supposed to support and market the product. There's a Group on Edmunds titled "What will it take for consumers to buy American Brands?" What do you suppose the question posed here and the response by this dealer do to the prospective buyer trying to decide between a Mustang and [enter brand and make here]?
  • tko211tko211 Posts: 4

    I drove my V6 pony back to the dealership today... I forced the service manager to ride shotgun and made him put another employee in the back seat. I demanded that I drive them for however long it was going to take for them to hear the noise. It didn't take more than 2 minutes before the manager agreed that it was not normal!

    Here is the great news! It was a brake brace / bracket that was installed at a funny angle. As a result it would rub a little against the drive line. It took them all of 2 minutes to make the repair! The noise is now TOTALLY gone!

    The noise is noticable during accelleration (the nose of the car comes up and the [non-permissible content removed] part of the car goes down just enough to put pressure on the frame and grind during accelleration. It goes away once the car levels out.

    Then the noise is more constant and much louder if 3 or 4 people add weight to the frame. due to the constant pressure on the frame.

    If ths sounds familar to you, make your dealership check the Brake brace / bracket for any grinding of the drive line. (at first my dealership also suspected heat shields, but this turned nout not to be the case... for me anyway)

    Now I am back to full enjoyment of my Mustang! That sound sucked all the enjoyment from my early ownership days! Now it's back to me and the open road!
  • i fell in love when i first saw the new stang and it clouded my decision to buy one. well it has turned out to be the worst decision of my car buying life. got it new in jan. 05 and since have had in in the shop for 331/2 days. 1st they replaced the trans. then the ring and pinion gears started to howl so they were going to add dampners to the rear axels but it already had them. so they changed the gears and it took away some of the noise but not all. it caused a new noise and sudder in the car and they had to change a flange on the pinion shaft. it stopped some of the sudder but not all. also had to change the gas tank. after 9 months it wouldnt fill all the way. durning this time that where trying to find a rt. side door glass that didnt have a flaw in it. they ordered 3 and all had flaws. they were going to take one from another car on the lot but they all had flaws. they had to go directly to the vender in mexico. also they spent a lot of time on trying to get the paint right and still have over spray on some areas. the new trans. makes a clunking noise when loading and unloading when they say is normal. in fact they are now telling me that all my problems are within ford specs. even when the trans. sticks in neutral when going slow. they tell me to either stop the car or double clutch it. i havent had to double clutch a car since the 1950s. the cd player is intermittent and it now has a new squeak in the steering. i have already gone through arbitration with the BBB Auto line and lost there so have hired a lawyer and am trying for the lemon law. the bbb is paid by ford and only went by what their fse said. didnt listen to me and didnt offer to have a qualified impartial expert to check out my car like i thought they were supposed to. it seems to me that it is a conflict of interest for the bbb to be arbitrating for a company that is paying then to do so. sorry for the long story but its been almost a year now and its hard to tell what i have been going through in a few lines. like i said i fell in love with the car but the love affair is over and i will ne ver buy another for product again. p.s. consumer reports has rated the 05 six cyclinder mustang as the least reliable car for 2005, and they say that the 06 is going to be just as bad. i almost forgot the heater doesnt work very well either. on all floor in the heat mode you get very little air on the floor and still some comes out the defroster. i think it is a desigh flaw but they say it is working ok. the bbb told me you cant sue a manufacture for a design flaw. i wonder what those people who bought pintos with firestone 500 tires would say about that. thanks for letting me vent. eskyfin
  • Yes, I did have this problem when I went to get gas but only at one station so far and they were old pumps so I just struck it up to that.
    As far as other problems with the 2005 Mustang, that is the reason I looked for this site to see if anyone else has had problems like Ive had.
    My car hasnt even hit 12,000 yet and Ive already had the front end repaired and it in as we speak having the motor mounts replaced. I love Mustangs (this is my 5th) but Im ready to lemon it. The service department isnt any help either being they are as slow as molasses which adds to my stress. Hopefully this is the last I see of problems because I really do love my car. :cry: Anyone else have These problems? :confuse:
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 10,143
    First, sorry about your problems. 2nd paragraphs and punctuation are our friends. Please use them.

    While I sold my Mustang (for no other reason than I made money on it), let me see if I can tackle some of these issues.

    --Where's the overspray? If it's under the hood or trunk, then that will be normal. If it's on the exterior body somewhere, then maybe it had previous body damage??????

    --The tranny getting stuck in neutral doesn't make much sense. Are you saying that you can't put in the clutch and put it into a gear? Does it grind when you try to put it into gear? Why do you have it in neutral when you're rolling? You should only do that when it's stopped.

    --Door glass is flawed? How?

    --Why did the arbitration party deny your claim?

    --Consumer reports already has ratings out for '06 cars? They're just hitting the market. They have no data on them. How can they know what the ratings would be?
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  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,926
    You're not likely to get any response to those questions. He/She had me going up to the point when he/she mentioned CR reliability reports. The cars are far too new on the market to have established a reliability track record.

    Nay, that was probably another hit-n-run flame post. :mad:
  • gaskidgaskid Posts: 5
    J.D. Powers rates the 2005 Mustang a 4 on their 5 point scale for their Power Circle Rating. Note there is no 2006 data yet.

    Overall Quality – 4
    Mechanical Quality – 3
    Body & Interior Quality – 5
    Feature & Accessory Quality – 4
    Overall Appeal – 5
    Performance – 5
  • I was scanning through old messages trying to find some info on a few issues I have with my 05 and was not able to find anything but maybe you guys can help.
    What I am noticing is that when I set my vent setting for the air flow to floor mode I still get a good amount of air flow coming out of the windshield defrost vents above the dash. This is not a big thing but it bugs me that it does this and it should not be doing this.

    Second is when the vent setting is on floor/defrost or defrost mode with the A/C set to OFF I still seem to hear the compressor engaging for a good 10 sec. or so and then disengaging. What I hear is a click sound and I can hear the engine sound lower as well as see my tach drop just a tad until I hear the click again and it goes back to "normal". It will do this over and over again with a short pause between "cycles". Of course I can only hear this when sitting at a light, or just not moving but seems like it is not supposed to be doing this. Any advice or help would be much appreciated

  • eskyfin is right ivy had my new mustang for 3 weeks the car cost 30,000 dollars and has been my worst new car experience ever it goes back to the dealer next tues. with a list the car was a gift from my wife for my 50th birthday the front end sounds like it is falling out on turns ,it intermittantly stalls while driving at 40+ mph, horrible clutch knock between 1=2 2=3 shift,shaker 500 cd player flips out and does what ever it wants including shuting off on its own HAVE YOU DRIVEN A FORD LATELY ELL YES I HAVE !!!! im going to see what nissan will give me for it toward a 350z ALTHOUGHT THE BODY DESIGN IS BEAUTIFUL AND IT IS A SHARP LOOKING CONVERTIBLE THE THRILL IS GONE AND I NO LONGER TRUST THIS CAR TO TAKE MY FAMILY OUT FOR A DRIVE ">
  • yannickyannick Posts: 17
    Why is it that people who rant never use paragraphs?
  • First time Ford owner, 51 years old. Have owned a lot of cars. Didn't do any research before buying. I've had a rag top for the last 25 yrs. My '05 was goin in for it's first oil change on 1/5. As I drove down a two lane highway the top dislodged and blew straight up in the air. I was doin roughly 60 - 65 mph. Lost my sunglasses, hat, and five bills that were sitting on the passenger seat. Had to cancel the checks, $140. Found my glasses and hat. Couldn't get the top back on closed, so I pushed it as far down as I could and babied the car to the dealer. Service guy and his boss walked around and shook their heads. Then I got what I expected to hear. "In all my years...." I stopped them dead in mid sentence and told them my history with convertables and that there was no posible way the top was not secured right. First of all I had driven approx. 15 miles before it blew. I'm sure I would have seen or heard something that would have tipped me off it wasn't seated right. When I purchased the vehicle, it was sitting in the dealership with the top down. It's the Mineral Grey, it didn't have any decals on it, which I liked, all the emblems were off, except the trunk badge, the front grills were replaced with Billet Grills, and the wheels were chromed. I bought it without a test drive, having drove one a few days before at a different dealership. When I was having the car offically delivered to me a few hours later, I noticed the rear window was unfinished. I brought it to their attention. Their scratched around the window, I laughed. They said it would be taken care of, I told them, That can't be fixed, it needs a new top. I was right. It also needed to be detailed. There was some kind of overspray on the hood and drivers side, little dots of something. The top was replaced, they didn't get all the dots off. The inside of the car was never cleaned right and I have to admit, it never had a real new car feel to me, but, I have to admit, I'm a little anal when it comes to cars. I usually wash it everyday if needed. Before the top blew off I was thinking I had to tell them about the clicking noise in the front right, A/C? and it sounded like the Cat Convertor was going bad. Well, here's what I initially heard. No rental, Ford doesn't give a rental unless you purchase an extended warranty. Huh? I trade about every 2 yrs. Why would I want an extended warranty? If my Vette had to be kept over night, they tried to get me another Vette, or something better. Then the old driver error thing. Eventually on 1/6 they saw it my way, after five or six calls to different people, I got a rental at 6 p.m., they will replace the top and frame, which is made special from the vin # of each model, so they will have to locate the blueprints of my car. The cat is bad and they will look for the clicking noise. I believe the dealership was only doing what it could do, finally paying for the rental themselves since Ford refused to treat a customer right. My family bought seven cars at this dealership this past year, they own 11 dealerships around the valley. I deal with one saleman for all our cars. So did I get some extra treatment? Yes, I would think, and rightfully so. I feel sorry for the customer with "no juice" when he or she faces a huge problem like this. I bought this car because I needed a back seat for the first time in many years. I wanted a car that looked good, which it does, and was a ragtop, which it is. I bought the V6 because fuel was $3 a gal. when I was looking, and don't need the 400 hp anymore. I am not impressed with Ford at all. I believe there is a problem with these tops, I will probably trade this car soon after getting it back, since my confidence level is now low. The Firestone Tire fiasco started with one blowout, one rollover, again involving a Ford product. I don't post ever, anywhere. I believe '05 Mustang owners should be aware of this issue. Sorry for the length of the post.
  • m1miatam1miata Posts: 4,556
    This is data from Edmund's, which has the JD Powers
    historic data. Note that Mechanical Quality is better in '04
    and Feature and Accessory Quality is also better than '05
    Overall the scores are higher, unless you weigh in mechanical as most crucial element. 2004 would be my bet for the best year of the Stang for reliability.

    J.D. Power Overall 4
    J.D. Power Mechanical Quality 5
    J.D. Power Body & Interior Quality 2
    J.D. Power Feature and Accessory Quality 5
    J.D. Power Performance 3
    J.D. Power Creature Comforts 2
    J.D. Power Style 4

    Not say that the car in 2005 is not improved in performance, and all that good stuff, but if I am looking at the basics of will the car have problems, or be easier to live with down the road, stats seem to favor the old model.
    I fully understand all the new selling points, but I am still not 100% sold on new vs. previous. Seems to me like I still like some of the old styling too. Both have their points, I guess. I do like the '68 and '69 as classics. -Loren
  • Hey I took my mustang gt into the dealer finally to get fixed during new years to get the front popping clunking noise it made going into driveways , and the green lights that didn't light up on the radio during night time , the first problem was the clunking noise they said it was 30 steering/suspension repairs 198 w94 performed inspection and found front sway bar links loose tightened sway bar and links retest all ok at this time ,second was the lights on the buttons not lighting up at night time they said 100 electrical repairs 104 w94 found wiring connection at radio connection not secure resucued wiring and lights on radio work , that was the problems but i think they forgot to resucured them when they put in my new radio the second time its all ok but i know that was the problem, I appreciate all of your concerns and answers to what we all thought it was so hopefully we keep helping each other out on our new mustangs :D thanks again have a happy new year all of you .
  • It seems the V6 Mustang has significantly more problems than the GTs. Consumer Reports shows the 2005 V6 ranked poor overall. The problem areas are listed as brakes, paint/trim/rust, body integrity, and body hardware. The GT on the other hand is one of their recommended Sporty Cars. In fact, it has the same overall good reliability as their editor's choice, Nissan's 350Z.
  • m1miatam1miata Posts: 4,556
    It seems the V6 Mustang has significantly more problems than the GTs. Consumer Reports shows the 2005 V6 ranked poor overall. The problem areas are listed as brakes, paint/trim/rust, body integrity, and body hardware. The GT on the other hand is one of their recommended Sporty Cars. In fact, it has the same overall good reliability as their editor's choice, Nissan's 350Z.
    ~~ end quote ~~
    Hummmmmm, more strange statistics from Consumer Reports customers. I could see the engine as a big difference, but not the rest of the car. Maybe it is the tale of two different owners - the GT owners being more fanatics??? I only know of one owner, and he has had no problems with his GT. My guess is that there is likely people having problems with any new car, be it the V6 or V8 Mustang, or a Chrysler 300, or a.... As for the Nissan 350Z, the first year or so, they had terrible problems with the tire wear. That strange high doors, and closed in feeling ain't for me. On the outside, it looks good. Wouldn't own one. Rather have a Stang, new or past model, a 2007 Camaro or Challenger. The 300ZX, back in 1995 was cool though.

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    "Why is it that people who rant never use paragraphs?"

    Uncanny, isn't it?

    Why is it so hard to break up a long rambling post into 2-3 separate paragraphs? Makes them much easier to read.....
  • You bring up an interesting and cogent point. The person who buys a GT is probably very different from someone who buys a V6. I'm generalizing, but I imagine someone who purchases a GT values performance over cost and ride comfort. I was willing to wait for over 2 months to get what a Mustang meant to me. I only drove the V6 before I ordered. While it's acceleration and handling were okay, it feels like a different automobile from my GT. It's great Ford has come out with the GT500 and the Pony Package so now there are options to satisfy lots of tastes.

    Speaking from my personal experience, I've only had my driver seat lever break and twice problems with fueling.
  • Hi All,

    I have an '05 automatic, purchased in Feb. 2005 (built in Dec. 2004). I have the same shudder issue, but its most prominent after long runs at high speeds (i.e., driving from Virginia to Pennsylvania on the interstate). After stopping the car after long runs and then hitting the gas nothing happens . . . until the car shudders and then off I go. I've had it to the dealer twice and since they can't "replicate" what I'm talking about they don't know what to do. Has anyone figured out what the issue is? Many thanks!

  • My 05 mustang is a manual and it recently has done this thing where it acts like its not all the way in gear and my RPMs go really high. It starts to smell horrible like a burning. This has happened 3 times and the 3rd time it started smoking out of my vents. The AAA guy said my clutch isn't burned out, so i don't know what is wrong with my car. Has anyone else had this problem, or know what is wrong?
  • I have the same problem when the vent is turned for floor blows more air to the windshield. But right now thats the least of my worry...

    In Dec. I drove my new mustang GT convertible (5 speed manual)to a Christmas dinner 3 hours from my home. Loving the car all the way there, and proud to show it off, esp. to my dad who is a diehard American made only car fanatic...(foreign cars to him are off-brand)

    He drove the car just 1/2 mile down road and the first words out of his mouth to me were "you better get that transmission checked" I was in denial and didn't listen.

    Until today...the transmission is making a pretty obvious whining sound in 4th gear, and a knocking noise at times. It's a very noisy transmission. The Ford dealership kept the car for a day to test drive it and told me that it was making several noises and probably needed a transmission. They referred me back to the dealer I purchased the car from (brand new) and I have an appointment for them to check the car out on Monday Jan 16th.

    Needless to say, I'm sick over it. I'm hoping for a completely new transmission, since it is a new car with only 4500 miles on it. I've treated the car like a baby and keep it garaged. It's my second car and I don't even drive it to work everyday.

    I was so excited for the new mustang and love the looks of the car. I think its the best thing Ford has done since the 65 model. I just hope these problems are just a small handful and that Ford is responsible enough to make them right. I paid 32,000.00 for the 05 GT convertible and I want my money's worth!!!
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,926
    Hmm... Sounds like dear ol' Dad did a neutral drop down the road. ;) Did you check for rubber flakes in the rear wheel well? :surprise: :blush:
  • thanks for the laugh i really needed one after buying a 05 v6 they say beauty is skin deep this is true car is beautiful but very poor mechanically thats probly why you see them on e bay at greatly reduced prices with low miles!
  • :sick: I started feeling sick when I began reading this forum, I guess I was hoping I just bought the only Mustang with problems. I traded in a very nice Sebring Limited Convertible for my Mustang, I new what I was getting into buying a Ford, but I figured it was new and of course there would be a warranty to fix anything bad that might happen. So I bought a V6, Black with the exterior package, I am a mother of 4 so I didn't need the extra horses. My first problem was the paint, I could not wash my car without it looking worse, after sending it back three times, its still not perfect and has some water marks that wont come off, but I hide them well with top of the line wax.
    Second problem was the CD changer, it was draining the battery, it kept switching over even when the car was off, no problems changing that out, but it also went in for the convertible top, it would go up and down at an angle, so they put a new frame on it, of course that was backordered and it went back three times before they could get it right.
    Third, or should I say fourth, that popping noise in the steering, mine had that, I forget what it was, but those were replaced and again backordered.
    Fifth, and currently, the gas problem, I thought I was going crazy trying to put gas in this thing!! Well the tank is ordered and is set to come in on Thursday, I am sure it will be much later though.
    Don't get me wrong, I love this car!! I baby it to death, I have had it almost a year now and have only 4500 miles on it and have added some accessories, including a under carriage light kit, but this is sooo wrong!! and so unfair!! I expected problems beings I was buying a new design but geez, when does it end??
    I could gripe more about the quality of the interior but you get my point. I do plan on writing Ford Motor Company, but I am sure they will just laugh at me, but it will make me feel better.
    Thanks for listening!
  • I also have the problem and refuelling a Sherman tank on empty would be quicker!

    Problem is I bought the car in Mass. and had it shipped to the UK so Ford won't honor any warranty (I've taken out an expensive UK-based warranty)

    Appears a new tank might be required so it will be interesting to see how I do this. Have contacted the selling dealer in Stoneham but don't hold out much hope. This is an obvious design defect which really should n't have happened and has detracted from what has so far been a great car (V8 GT Manual)

    Oh, it also clonks at the front when driving slowly, for example in car parks or when backing off the drive.

    Car is very well received in the UK where Ford Dealers don't even sell this car even on special order. (They'd rather you paid $30,000 for their sporty Ford Focus)
  • mako1amako1a VirginiaPosts: 1,855
    Break in is a thing of the past. New engines are "run-in" at the factory, however I agree with the slow seating of brakes as they just work better and longer that way. Now on the test drive, the thing to do is "drive it like you stole it". Especially past the service department so they'll know when to expect you back. You did order locking rear didn't you? Longest pair of burn out marks on the dealers lot gets you a big discount.

    2013 Mustang GT, 2001 GMC Yukon Denali

  • I have a windveil blue 2005 V6 premium Mustang bought 2/16/2005 built in Nov 2004. I live in NJ and havent modified anything except added a spoiler. I havent fixed any of the problems yet. I have 8,000 miles on the car. It is automatic.

    Here is everything that is wrong with my car:

    1 - Makes front end clunck when turning.
    2 - gas tank problem
    3 - radio resets itself when car sits for 48 hours without running and it is below freezing. Also, the volume gets stuck on HIGH and wont turn off or down (I almost went deaf)
    4 - driver's side handle sticks out and wont go flush
    5 - had one broken windshield (just a little pebble hit it) and a front tire blow out on the NJ parkway within one week of each other ($350 for the windshield from safelite auto glass and the tire is the same as a dodge caravan so it was cheap - 65$ installed.
    6 - Air vent - foot/floor position doesnt work - it blows air out of the defrost instead and makes my windows fog up.
    7 - When it's cold out - I cant put the emergency break on - it freezes and the car burns rubber when I drive.
    8 - when its cold out the windows - you know how it goes down an inch and up an inch when you open and close the doors - well, they freeze in position and then when you close the door, the rubber freezes and the door/window isnt flush and doesnt close properly.
    9 - there is water that stays in the foot well inside the door and only on the driver's side.
    10 - if its humid out, the car make a sound when idling - it kindo of revvs or rumbles and sounds horrible at stoplights.

    I just cant bring myself to bring it in for service - I cant part with my car for one minute. I love it - and the problems are a pain in the [non-permissible content removed] - but so is parking it zimbabwe when shopping and walking for a mile to shop just so I dont get a door ding. I love my car and dont want any one, any valet, my husband, or especially a mechanic to touch it ! Does anyone else feel the same and have all of the same problems?? :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: :)
  • same thing happens to me. and they dont have a fix yet. :lemon:
  • tko211tko211 Posts: 4
    I own a 2006 V6 pony package Mustang with 5000 miles so far (you can tell I like to drive this car). I have been fortunate enough to only have one problem so far and it turned out to be very minor.

    I had a brake brace that was installed incorrectly, it would rub a little on the drive line as pressure would be put on the frame. 2 minutes with the service department and a socket wrench has fixed the problem.

    My CD changer does skip just a tiny bit. My understanding is that you have to be gentle with these units.

    So far I have been very pleased with my purchase and so for it seems that the 06 cars have far fewer problems than the 05's. But going from my Honda Accord which ran for 200,000 miles with no problems, I took no gamble and opted for the extended warranty
    If it has any major trouble outside of the 65,000 well we will just wait and see...
  • Speaking of Honda, I had more than a few problems with my last one, a fully-loaded EX coupe: power window malfunction (door still rattles), squeaking noise the dealer couldn't fix, heater control breaking (required 2 visits to replace a simple cable -- and it broke again!), wind noise through the drivers door, and a 1/2 inch step-off between the body and driver's door. The car has less than 65k miles, but has had a new generator (and battery), not to mention the timing belt change mandatory for all Honda's, a huge expense. Even though the car is always garaged, the paint is fading. I can tell a clutch job ain't far away, too.
  • cobragtcobragt Posts: 95

    I have the exact same problem. Have you heard any news!!!??? I've been looking all over for someone else with this problem. Please contact. Me.
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