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Ford Mustang (2005 & newer) Problems and Solutions



  • That can be a tricky question, or better yet, answer. Let me explain. I use to say 100% no, however, I have come to learn that not only does it depend on the good graces of your dealership, but also just what exactly your problem is if you are having one, that you want to be covered under the warranty.

    For example, putting on say, an Axle-back exhaust, well that doesn't do anything to your engine, so if all of a sudden, later on, your engine starts having problems, it will still be covered. Say something went wrong with your exhaust though, well, that would NOT be covered, because you altered it.

    Same with a cool air intake, if you do not use a Ford filter, and something goes wrong with your engine, say they tell you they found pieces of dirt inside, well that wouldn't be covered, because they will say that you didn't use a Ford filter, and now its the fault of say K&N or whoever you used. Get it?

    The computer retune is iffy, because it effects more on the car, but again, it depends on the problem.

    If you are considering a custome tune, make sure you get a cold air intake first, thats the main reason the GT's are tuned, because the engine is so sensitive to any changes in the air flow. If you do, you will def. see a difference in the horsepower, it usally adds 20-25HP, with the CAI and tune.

    And trust me, run it on 92 or if you can 93 octane, and it will definitly run better. Full synthetic oil is always a plus too.

    Hope that helps.
  • sigt1sigt1 Posts: 66
    hahaa =P

    i actually used V-Power on a couple occassions and seemed like the car was running better? probably a mental thing because I can't pinpoint what I mean by "better!"
  • One benefits of a higher octane no mater if there is mileage gain or not in that it burns hotter, cleaner and helps prevent carbon build up especially in fuel injectors. All fuel injector cleaner is is a little bit of octane booster. Just a few thoughts…
  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630
    "One benefits of a higher octane no mater if there is mileage gain or not in that it burns hotter, cleaner and helps prevent carbon build up..."


    I was under the impression that the octane rating of the fuel has ZIPPO to do with how 'clean' it burns. That is determined by the various additives the refiners add to their fuel. In the past, the refiners typically added more of these additives to their 'premium' blends but for the most part that is no longer the case. All grades typically receive the same additives.

    The higher octane rating simply means the fuel is less susceptible to detonation (pre-ignition). I believe (though don't know for certain) that this is due to a lower vapor-point for the higher octane rating.

    This lower vapor-point also means the higher octane fuel actually burns COOLER rather than hotter. The only reason that an engine will make more power running a higher octane fuel is if the compression ratio is high and/or the timing is advanced to the point where the use of a lower octane would lead to detonation.

    In other words, the additional power is made by the compression/timing, not the fuel. Running the higher octane is insurance against detonation and to keep the ECU from retarding the ignition (and thereby lowering power).
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 57,357
    I've been told by engine builders that the higher octane brand-name fuels use a better combination of additives and that's why you are likely to have fewer engine deposits with high test gas.

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  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630
    From what I understand, the cleaner fuels are not NECESSARILY the high octane blends, but the fuels which have obtained "Top Tier" status. - r=1

    In part, these standards read "The deposit control performance of unleaded gasoline conforming to section 1 of this document shall be met at the retail level in all grades of gasoline sold by a fuel company in all marketing areas of a selected nation."

    The secret to 'cleaner burning' fuel is NOT the octane rating, but whether or not the fuel meets the Top Tier Standards.
  • I bought an 06 gt on 11/30/05. It has the following problems, some are supposed to be solved in the 05 but mine are not. I waited on the 06's to avoid most of the problems that i read about on this forum. Waiting didn't work.

    I have an excellent service department at my dealer and they have helped alot and are continuing to clear up these issues.

    Upper front strut mount bump noise. will be repaired under wearranty or i will replace the struts and mounts with aftermarket tokico dsp-12 adjustable.

    Out of balance drive shaft. replaced under warranty now is
    75% better but still vibrates slightly.

    The dash squeaks in two places and something bumps around inside behind the speedo when it's very cold.

    The cooling fan hits the shroud when very cold for a short while until you turn it off and check under thehood then crank it up again and it's gone.

    The ring and pionion whine on decel and will be replaced by factory warranty. It was barely noticeable until it was driven for a while with a bad drive shaft.

    Other issues that i just don't like are the 18" goodrich g force kdws tires generate more road noise than any set of tires i have ever had. I will replace with goodyear F1 ds g3.

    The front end has no idea where center is. It tracks anywhere the road takes it.

    However there are alot of things that are right with it. It's solid vista blue and looks graet and excellemt power.

    I had the worse case of buyers remorse that i have ever had on a purchase. But as i get things fixed on it, I like it better. Just my $.03
  • Honestly, rorr, you sound like the kind of patient all doctors dread, full of complaints founded in fantasy, nothing for which a cure exists. Listen, bro, I have a tiny creak that comes out of my dashboard, the driver's side speaker rattles at certain frequencies, and the release button on the back of the front passenger seat slips off. You know what? I don't care. The car drives like a dream and takes off like a rocket. I'll get that trivial crap looked at at my first oil change. :shades:
  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630
    What in the heck are you talking about?

    I was talking about the differences between premium and regular fuel. I made ZERO complaints (that would be zip, zilch, nada) about the Mustang.

    My only complaint (if I were in a position to offer one) would be that Ford doesn't offer the car in Dark Highland Green. THEN it would be perfect.....
  • I was installing a billet e - brake handle cover yesterday and had to pull the brake handle up to screw the screws in from the bottom of the handle . The brake handle came up further than it usually does. Now after I release the handle and pull it back up to engage the brake there is no clicking sound when the handle is being pulled up. The brake seems to engage and the car will not move, but the handle does need to be pulled up a little further to lock into place. Is this a problem ?
  • rorr, oops, my mistake. I was responding to the post immediately preceding mine, from "mustanky." :surprise:
  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630
    s'okay.....I figured as much....I've done the same thing myself :blush:
  • m1miatam1miata Posts: 4,556
    Just buy some Chevron gas, now and then, or add the Techron additive yourself. I use cheap gas most of the time. Just try to use Chevron once a month. Their price, at one station, is pretty good anyway. Don't know if most companies put less additives in for cleaning in the lower octane, or not. The government only sets a minimum, and there is no way of telling how much is put in what tank. I use Costco most of the time now.

  • The other day here in Atlanta it was raining a little, but not cold enough for any snow or ice and I was coming back home from work. There is an onramp that does the good old circle around and puts you right onto the freeway. Well anyway it's fun to kind of take the turn with a little speed or just power out of it. Knowing it was wet I took it easy on the corners but figured hey why not power out of the corner. This was a mistake... Before I knew it I was going down the onramp sideways thinking this is strange I better turn the wheel the other direction. Well of course I overcorrected and was continuing down the onramp still sideways but facing the other direction. A few more corrections and I was facing the right direction again but man what an experience. I guess it takes experiences like this here and there to appreciate and control the amount of power under your right foot. Not I can testify one thing for sure, traction control does not prevent you from going down an onramp sideways if there be a need. :)
  • i used to pull those kind of stunts when I was 17, no longer. grow up. :(
  • Pony listen, your input is appriciated but everyone is entitled to post on here. Relax a little with the insults on people.

    Powering out of a turn, or when entering a highway isn't what I would consider a stunt. Hell, I do it everyday so that it makes it easier to merge.
    True, you have to be careful in the rain, because TCS doesn't stop you from loosing it.

    A stunt? Ha, now that would be when a few guys wanted me to pull some 360s in the parking lot of 6 Flags.

    May not be 17, but it sure is fun to play sometimes.
  • Sorry, cobra, I just don't approve of your not only speeding, but losing control of your car on a public road. I don't consider going sideways safe driving. It isn't considerate of the safety of others. What you do on your own property is your business, but I get mad when I others endanger my and others' safety with their reckless shenanigans.
  • You are right, and I couldn't agree with you more. But I'm sure that you also have powered out of a turn, or when entering a highway, so as to get in front of the traffic that you are merging into? Yes, no... maybe? :blush: lol.

    The difference may be that you and I, or someone else is just a little more experienced then our poor fellow who spun out. That's all.
  • I'm no saint, cobra. Far from it. I'm an aggessive driver. I power out of turns and unleash the horses when there's need or an opportunity. I pass the sluggards whenever I can, if it's legal. I love that power. :shades:
  • "i used to pull those kind of stunts"

    What are you talking about? You think I was trying to slip and slide down an onramp? You think I want to put a $29,000.00 car into a guard rail with only 800 miles on it? Well anyway, I was just sharing an experience and by no means was it fun or a stunt, more like a wake up call.
  • Good, I should hope so. It's probably not for me to judge in that I have no idea of what kind of driver you are, other than for the image of you skidding sideways down some highway ramp.

    What riles me, tho, are those guys I constantly see everyday weaving in and out of traffic at 100 mph, with kids and families in cars right beside them on the road.

    Frankly, when I first started driving my GT, I found it kinda scary, especially after having driven mostly Hondas for 20+ years. I would constantly look down at the speedometer to find that I was doing, say, 40 in 25 mph zones, without even blinking. Even now, about 1500 miles later, I still keep the radio down so I can hear the engine. I find it's all too easy for my attention to wander and the car to get away from me, to find myself flying down the highway at 90 mph without even knowing it. :shades:
  • Yeah I know what you mean about not being aware of how fast you are going unless you look at your speedometer. Especially from a dead stop at a light, I engage the clutch in first gear; barely on the gas then you zooming up on the rear end of the Honda in front of you. I do love the car though, my first real V8. I did own an 80 Olds Cutlass with the 4.3 V8 but that thing was slow as no tomorrow. My old 4 banger Saturn was faster then that Olds.
  • It's real nice having that kind of problem, huh? That is, too much power. :shades:
  • I have a question for you all. It's not the issue many have experienced with not being able to fill the fuel tank without the pump shutting off; the one I am experiencing is fuel overflow when the tank is full. For instance when you are filling the tank and you set the switch to hold the pump on so as not the have to sit there and hold it, well when the tank is full and the pump shuts off I get a nice little burst of gas come out of the tank and run down the side of the car and onto the ground. It has done this at different pumps and different stations. This I can't stand knowing also what gas will do to your clear coat. Anyone else experiencing this?
  • Happened to me once at a Walmart gas pump. Think that some pumps are really fast and toward the end I just slow down the fuel flow. No problem after that.
  • That happened to me once or twice, its not your car, its the gas station. I even asked on of the guys, and he said it was his fault.

    The gas won't do anything to your clear coat. Obviously you don't want it to just sit there for a month, but in reality it could, because it has no effect on the paint or clear coat.
  • I bought my GT Dec 9,2004 in Paris, Tex. From the get go I noticed the fuel shut off problems, then the poping coming from the right front tire area. The dealership has pretty well blown me off on both problems. The local dealership fixed the poping problems by replacing the strut bushings. At least that what they told me and the problem seems to be fixed. They have however said that FORD is still working on the problem. The most anowing problem is I have a water leak that comes in from the right fender and gets the right kickpanel wet and drains down th the carpet. They have worked on it 5 times now and even pulled the fender off once and still couldn't stop it. This last time they said it was an electrical gromet that wasn't sealing. We'll see of this does it this time. I was told by the Paris, Tx delership,the slow gas filling problem was something I had to live with. But with all I have read here it seems the gas tank will be brought to their attention.
  • Well, I am happy to report that I got it all fixed ! They fixed the front end cranking noise - gave me a new Shaker stereo (on my word that it skipped and they didnt test it) - my emerg brake was freezing up and they found water in the cable - so I got a new one - I got a new door handle - they adjusted the window where it skips down when you open the door - They replaced the gas tank -- They did a great job (Princeton, NJ Conover Ford) - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !! I also had a remote start and alarm put in while they had the car :-) :shades: :) :P ;)
  • Ah yes, you just answered my question about the E-Brake sticking.
    So its water in the line? Mine does it too, and I was told not to use the E-Brake when its cold out, to just park it in gear.
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