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Ford Mustang (2005 & newer) Problems and Solutions



  • lmmlmm Posts: 70
    what reviews are those. I own a V6 2006 Im giving real info.

    read or if you want more real world information. not a test drive review. stangnet does not even close close to the activity as these other 2 forums.

    there are no new problems being reported

    do you even have a 2006 s197 mustang or are you just giving hearsay advice. 2006 has not had the same amount of issues as 2005. As is to be expected from a 1st year model vs 2nd yr model.
  • Ok. There should be a simple solution to this one. I did my best to clean the inside rear window of my '06 Mustang and lo and behold there is still a film that shows when the sun hits the window. The window is at such an angle that even with my small hands I have can't quite get it clean. Anyone have a suggestion?
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,926
    A soft, dry, cotton towel of appropriate size and some patience. It takes a while for the chemicals in the materials inside the cabin to stop evaporating and leaving the residue on your windows; especially if you leave your windows shut all the time.

    Just stick with it and you'll eventually notice that the film doesn't form as often anymore.
  • lmmlmm Posts: 70
    i just did mine for the first time last week.

    it is really hard to get back there.

    like another poster said have some patience or find a youngster to go back there and do it.
  • lavrishevolavrishevo Posts: 312
    You just need to use a 100% cotton cloth and wipe the left over residue of the cleaner off the real window. Really the best way for windows, computer/plasma screens and so on.

  • bobcathbobcath Posts: 13
    I've had good results with just using windex and crumpled up newspaper. Don't know why it works, but it does.
  • wallyswallys Posts: 1
    It seems to me that there are alot of minor complaints with this car. I've had one for over a year now and it has been a wonderful car. I've own over 50 cars since I was 16. But, none of them got people to stop and stare like this one. It may very well be the best convertible for the money. This isn't the type of car you drive every day, and the cars many of you are comparing it too are. It's a muscle car. It is supposed to be loud and sum what unrefined. All I can say, If you don't like it SELL IT! I'm keeping mine. Go drive that boring toyota.
  • riverronriverron Posts: 26
    YEA WALLYS, WHAT YOU SAID..... I love mine also
  • topoffgttopoffgt Posts: 14
    This may be old news for many of you 05-06 Mustang owners....

    I just figured out what the magnetic strap on the side of the seats is for. The metal end looks like a snap, but it's actually a magnet. It's there to hold the seatbelt so the buckle is easier to access over your shoulder. If you put the seatbelt in this strap, it makes the buckle hang about six inches lower and easier to grab.

    I have an 06 GT convertible, but I assume this strap is on the coupes also.

    I hope this helps out some of you that have had problems reaching to buckle up!
  • pony_piratepony_pirate Posts: 317
    No, it's not in the coupe.
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,926
  • pony_piratepony_pirate Posts: 317
    Whadayaknow? You're right! Have had the car since August and never even noticed. Seems, tho, if you put the belt in the strap, it interferes with getting into the back seat, thus is mainly for when no rides in back. :shades:
  • Wow! Thanks for this tidbit. I felt like a contortionist trying to reach me belt--I'm short and move my seat all the way up.
  • topoffgttopoffgt Posts: 14
    Glad I could help! The salesman at the dealership had no clue what the strap was for. I'm 6'4" and it still helps me reach the seatbelt easier.
  • marksermarkser Posts: 16
    Hey all....I have had my 06 Vista Blue 5sp GT for a bit over 2 months and 3500 awesome miles! I have had a couple of occasions where the computer resets on it own and shows that I am out of gas when I know that I have 50 to 100 miles to go on the tank of gas. Typically, what will happen is the tank will be somewhere between half and 1/3 tank. If I accelerate hard from a stop, especially turning out of my neighborhood, the trip computer chimes and shows that I have 0 miles left to empty and the Gas guage reads all the way down to the red. This is all when I know for a fact that just a minute prior, it had said that I had maybe a half a tank of gas. Has anyone else had this happen?
  • cobragtcobragt Posts: 95
    That is not a big issue. There is a TSB out for that. Its just one of your fuel sensors going screwy. Take it to dealer, they will replace it.
  • stpstarnstpstarn Posts: 9
    Thank you, I didn't know that either and I have had mine for over a year. I thought it was mainly for looks.
    Cathy :blush: :)
  • I recently noticed that when turning the key before startup all instrument panel lights come on except for the O/D light. According to the manual, if the O/D light does not come on or blinks before startup, have the vehicle serviced immediately. So I did. I took the Mustang to the dealership from which I purchased, and the service tech said they never encountered this problem before and that it must be a misprint. Allegedly one of the mechanics went and checked one of the new Mustangs on the lot and said the O/D light didn't come on before startup on that car either. Problem is, since leaving the dealership I've encountered something very strange. On two different occasions yesterday -- once while driving to work and once while coming home -- my Mustang took itself out of overdrive. I just happened to look at the dashboard and noticed the O/D light was on, but I didn't press the button. Before I call the service center back, I would like to gain some ammunition. Are there any other Mustang V6 owners whose O/D light does NOT come on after turning the key before startup? And has anyone else ever encountered their vehicle taking itself out of overdrive? Your input is appreciated!
  • zodacowboyzodacowboy Posts: 8
    i just bought an 05 coupe V6. I'm enjoying a whole lote. i'm worried about maintenance b/c i'm not too familiar with cars. i'm bought with 15,000+ miles on it and i'm wondering when i should worry about tune ups and oil changes. I have the coupe do i need to hand wash it or i can take it through car wash? :shades:
  • zodacowboyzodacowboy Posts: 8
    I noticed my O/D going off also, but don't know what is wrong. along with this the passenger airbag light turns on randomly. and my seatbelt alarm goes off even when my seatbelt is buckled. what are some solutions?
  • pony_piratepony_pirate Posts: 317
    The car comes with a service manual which details what should be done when. If you don't know what the previous owner did for servicing, then I would assume the worst, that no service was done, and would take it in and have everything done. At 15k, that can't be very much. If the car didn't come with the usual manuals, I'm sure you can order them from a dealer.

    The car crazy guys around here would tell you never to take it to a car wash, but I do. Just make sure it's brushless. :shades:
  • thunderbirdthunderbird Posts: 26
    I know there has been much said about the fueling problems and I had that when I bought my 2005 V6 Mustang. After the redesigned tank was installed, the problems vanished until now, a year later. Now I can only fill up at certain stations with I suppose certain types of nozzels. The dealer told me that with the new style tank replaced, there is nothing they can do and Ford is saying about the same. Anybody having this repeat problem and have an answer?
  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630
    "After the redesigned tank was installed, the problems vanished until now, a year later."

    Well, to answer that question, one would have to determine what is in the gas tank (and refueling system) which could CHANGE over time?

    Is it possible that something is happening with the tank venting system (or vapor recovery system) which is causing the pump nozzle to think the tank is full when it isn't?
  • ryetallicaryetallica Posts: 3
    I noticed that with my '05 V6 that the O/D off light never comes on when I start the car. Doesn't even flash or blink. My booklet says the same thing, that if a light doesn't come on, have your vehicle serviced right away. I asked my dealer and they said thats not a problem at all.

    I also noticed a few times that while driving, the O/D off light would come on. I couldn't figure out why. Finally it hit me when I researched where the botton is located. I was accidentally hitting the button when putting the car in park or sometimes, in drive.

    Hope this helps!
  • gringomexgringomex Posts: 6
    I just went out and checked my o6 V6. The o/d light does not come on before the engine is started. If fact, it never comes on unless I hit the o/d off botton on the shift lever.
  • It makes me so mad... I think it is the heat. When it is really hot, I can't put gas in my car. The problems I have had are: 1.shaker 500 replaced and is once again spitting discs out
    2. gas tank replaced once, hoses replaced, had it 5 times for the problem
    3. air bag started coming out
    4. trim around door coming off (getting fixed Friday)
    5. trunk piece coming down
    6.brake problem fixed
    7.gas cap broke

    I think that is it. It just makes me so mad. I love my stang, but gosh, I am so tired of the problems. The fuel problem makes me the maddest though. Summer is coming and I am scared to take it on a road trip.

    I am sending the paper work into the conflict resolution and see what can happen. I just think they should replace it another mustang. Has anyone had any luck with that? :lemon:
  • gtgtcobragtgtcobra Posts: 268
    The problems that you are having are all the reasons why I wouldn't touch a 05 or a 06 Mustang with a 10 foot pole.
    I'm very glad that I own the 01 & 02 older body style. The 05 & 06 Mustangs are very problematic with issues that Ford cannot get right.
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,926
    Does anybody have the TSB number for that rattling bracket behind the passenger airbag? I might be taking it in again this weekend and I'm tired of hearing, "We couldn't hear anything."
  • eskyfineskyfin Posts: 3
    i have been reading all ur problems and would just like to let u hear about mine. i got my 05 stang in jan.05 and it has been down hill since. first they replaced the trans. and the new one isn't much better and then i heard a howl from the rear end and after much fooling around they replaced the ring and pinion gears. that caused a shudder when slowing down and they can't, or won't fix that problem. they had to replace the gas tank, the right door window 4 times before they found one with out a flaw in it.the heater is having the same problem as some of u have stated. the field service engineer says that it is working the way it was designed. he has really become a spin doctor for ford on all the problems with the mustangs. i went through arbitration and that was a joke. ford is paying the BBB to handle the arbitration and also pays the arbitrator. so did not get anything but an offer of an extended warr. which didn't make sense because they will not fix the problems with the car. so now i have had to hire a lawyer and am going to court to fight ford using the lemon law. my lawyer told me today that ford has hired the biggest law firm in oregon to fight me. i almost forgot i had to have the radio replaced a couple of months ago and the dealer ship some how scratched my dash and the paint on the rocker panel. today they now say that u cant just replace that one part, u have to replace the whole dash. so they are going to hire a company that does air brushing and plastic repair. ford knows all about these problems and others but are trying to stall on finding a fix. and consumer reports has said that the 05 and 06 mustangs with a v6 are the worst cars for reliability for those two years. i still love the looks of my mustang but the love affair is over and this is the last ford i will ever buy. good luck to you all and i hope u dont have anymore problems. i guess if i lose in court i will try to find a lawyer who will try for a class action suit.
  • lmmlmm Posts: 70
    sorry to hear about all your problems.

    I have an 06 V6 and havent had any problems.

    It's a shame first year models have so many growing pains.

    Have you considered asking them to swap you for an 06. Maybe you should you just sell and take the loss, it has to be cheaper than a lawyer.
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