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Ford Mustang (2005 & newer) Problems and Solutions



  • trantitranti Posts: 51
    Hi! Mustangk. The price $15000 for the car is OK. My second thought is a brand new 06 V6, base Mustang with AT is less than $17000. Why buy used? 05 Mustangs have many problems. I agree that problems can be fixed; But, the big problem is some dealers, not all dealers, are not willing to fix the problems. They just want us to go away. They consider we bother them. You can read my post at" Read before Buying a Mustang".
  • mustangkmustangk Posts: 11
    thank you for your reply. i found out today that the dealer (not Ford) wants $16000 (not 15000)for that 05 (has some extras: anti-theft alarm, etc.) BUT i think you are correct that maybe a new base V6 06 would be better for me. i will read your post. i am not sure i can afford a base 06...does "AT" stand for "automatic"?...also is it necessary to have anti-lock brakes & traction control as an option? i am really grieving badly from my mother's death & i am just afraid to buy something used (that 05 we are talking about...11400 miles). i know anything can be wrong w/06 but maybe the kinks are fixed w/gas tanks, sensors, etc. which i have been reading are horrendous...ALSO, TODAY someone said "ford" means something like f(for)o(only) r(repairs) d (daily) UGH!!! any idea what a base 06 should cost in Miami? thank you.. i really appreciate your help..i have not been feeling well about this whole mustang thing...i am really NOT a toyota person but people say they are dependable and last for a lifetime???? i rather have the mustang....
  • mustangkmustangk Posts: 11
    i forgot to ask you if the "17000" for the base 06 includes tax, that dumb destination charge (approx. $720 here) someone looked it up in one of those internet places and they told me $18341 was what the going price is around here...seems HIGH for a basic v6 (06) with air & automatic... help me if you can...i want to find your post...thankyou very much, k.
  • mustangkmustangk Posts: 11
    TRANTI, please give me your post number to read "read before buying a mustang"...i cannot find it...thank you, k.
  • trantitranti Posts: 51
    Hi! Mustangk. In California, you can buy a Mustang V6, Coupe, base with AT automatic transmission for around 17,000. This price including destination charge, but before tax. I bought my 2005 Mustang V6, AT , premium, Traction Control 6 months ago for 18,400 before tax . My post" Read this prior to purchasing a Mustang" ( Sorry! Not Read this before Buying..) was moved to this title, Ford Mustang 2005+ problems and solutions # 1348.
  • mustangkmustangk Posts: 11
    hi! i read your story & am SO HAPPY you found another dealer & your car problems were solved...i don't know if i could go thru all that...i hope everything is still fine w/your car...WOW, i wonder why the price is cheaper in CA than here, Miami...i think i am going to pass on that 05 on hold for me (they would lower the price) and try for an 06 -new...I just don't know if this whole mustang chic is a "lemon" or if its a great car...i never had problems when i rented them but it's NOT the same as owning...also i am still scared about getting "stuck" w/problems with a there any certain month i should look for (when it was made? in 06?) when looking for a new 06 coupe??? they are running over $18000 here which is alot of $$ for the way, what color is your car? i hope you still love it as you endured too too much...try & let me know if certain months were better than others in an 06, ok? how would i know, anyway? thanks alot, k.
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,926
    You seem super worried about the Mustang's reliability. I seriously suggest you go and read the regular 2005+ Mustang board to see that the number of people that LOVE their 05+ Mustangs (myself included) far outweighs the number of folks with real problems and folks that are just complaining for complaining's sake. It will ease your mind.
  • lmmlmm Posts: 70
    I have an Oct 2005 build date for m 06 V6. And Im quite satisfied with mine. I didnt have any of the problems like many 05 buyers had.

    Look for a late 05 or 06 build date. You can see the date on the sticker which is on the drivers side door well.

    You know you love the car. Go for it.
  • krez31krez31 Posts: 1
    Hummm, this is weird. I just got my '06 Mustang V6 Coupe in May. I love the car but I too am having a fueling problem. Although it is pretty much the opposite of what you all are talking about. The auto shut off doesn't work. Twice now I've filled at different stations one was a mobile and one was a Hess and and the gas has overflowed the tank without shutting off. I have been really careful with it since then. I guess it isn't as bad as the problem you all are having but it is just annoying to buy a brand new car and not have things work properly.
  • riverronriverron Posts: 26
    I would think that the nozzle not shutting off, would be a GAS NOZZLE problem, NOT a gas tank problem. I realize it happened twice but I don't think that is a Mustang problem. Did you have the nozzle set on the slowest fill position?, if so some nozzles will not work on the slowest setting.
  • I bought a new 2005 V6 auto mustang in Dec. 05. Since then this is how the car has performed for current or propective buyers. When new, it had a rear brake noise, clunking sound from front end and fueling problem. All corrected under warranty from dealer. For the next year, no problems. One year later, the fueling problem reappeared. At first, Ford said there was nothing they could do, but a very good service manager at Mccoy Mills Ford in Fullerton California went the extra mile for me and installed a 06 fuel tank for my 05 car even though ford said it was not necessary. Anyway, it worked; no more fueling problems. So, at this time, the car runs good, no problems and I intend to keep it.
  • otterwayotterway Posts: 10
    I have problems. I have imported an '05 GT into the UK. When this was done an SVA (Single Vehicle Approval) conversion was done to add turn signals to each side of the car, plus make the rear light cluster indicate with an amber light. (we have to do this in the UK even though it ruins the look of the car!)
    I have had the car for 14 months and suddenly it had decided it want to keep the right side turn signal ON permanently.
    I have done a little research and found that there is a chance the "smart junction box" has failed due to the effects of the SVA conversion. Does anyone know about he "Smart box"? Can it be reset somehow? I have found a guy in the UK who says its costs £490 GBP to replace the box!!!!! plus £999 GBP to sort out the lights again properly.
    Any info on this would go down very well.
  • Does anyone know a reliable way to remove the caution sticker from the visor?
  • pambopambo Posts: 1
    I just got back from the dealership with the same problem on my new 06 GT. I just turned 8000 miles. He said it was an internal clutch problem that seems to be common. He drove my new car and of course it didn't want to make the really loud groan and moan that it does when colder so he put it up on the rack and examined it. He pulled off the web some common problems with the new 05-06 GT's and he said this problem occured most often when making slow 90 degree turns. He ordered the parts and said it would take about 3 hours to fix. My husband who is very mechanically inclined also thought it could a differential problem. The dealership said it was not.
    Have this checked while still under warranty!
  • In defense of your hubby... the internal clutches referred to by the dealer control the left/right power split between the two differential side gears. They are inside the differential case at the rear of the car. I suppose, strictly speaking, they are not part of the differential. However, fixing them requires removing and disassembling the differential. I think 9 out of 10 mechanics would consider these clutches as an essential part of a limited-slip differential.
  • joelbjrjoelbjr Posts: 5
    Has anyone had issues with the convertible top? Mine is almost impossible to close or release on the right hand side. I have had this car since last July ( 6k miles) and other than a loud click when the A/C compressor engages (fixed but back again) have had no problems
    2005 V6
    5 speed
  • FWIW I have the same problem (rear end gear noises on slow full turns). Going to get it checked this week (or get them to order the parts). I am sad.
  • I'm having an issue with my convertible top. The inside head liner is pulling away from under the first bow at the front of the top on the drivers side. I took the car to the dealer today. They called this afternoon and said that this issue had been resolved. I picked up the car this evening at 7:00 PM and the head liner was still pulled away from the first bow. I think the liner will in time, pull away from the entire bow and leave the front porion of the liner just hanging all the way across. I'll call the dealer in the morning and see what they have to say about their fix.
  • wahea1wahea1 Posts: 1
    The problem with my ford may be generic.Many times my drive gear will only engage after several attempts.It seems to occur especially when the car is sitting on an incline,although it does when sitting on a level surface.

    I suspect that my gear box maybe in trouble.Thats my novice analysis.Can anyone confirm what the problem may be?

  • I took my Mustang convertible back to the dealer for a second time today. The dealer called in an interior specialist to look at the head liner where it is pulling away from under the first support bow. Their conclusion is that the head liner is too short on the left side and will continue to pull away from the bow each time the top is put down. Eventually the entire head liner will pull away from under the support bow. The dealer suggested replacing the head liner with a new one. The problem is the dealer said that this repair will be very difficult and time consuming and they did not want to make the repair and suggested taking the car to a larger service department that has a body shop.
    I took a good look at the way the head liner is attached to the inside of the roof and believe replacing the liner properly will be difficult. The liner is attached to the first bow with a plastic lip and is then sewn to the roof in 3 or 4 places. I do not belive the head liner can be replaced without making a big mess of the car. The dealer said the rear seats will need to be removed to get into the convertible top well. Tearing apart a 2 week old car is just not a option in my opinion. I'm taking the car to another dealer on Thursday morning to get their opinion on a fix. I'm going to suggest they replace the entire top with a new one.
    On a lesser note, the finish on one of the silver air vents is starting to peel off.
    After owing this car for 2 1/2 weeks and driving it less than 100 miles, I'd have to say this car is nothing but junk.
  • Has anyone had any problems with their gauges and milage reading wrong? I have the 06 mustang v6, and twice now they both have fliped out on me, i put 20 bucks in gas tonight, then ran some errands and went to work. the car sat for 8 hours, then when i started it, it said 112 miles to empty, before i even pulled out of the parking lot, it beeped and only 12 miles to empty! and never reset it self, i stoped, turned off the car, let set for a few mins. Re-installed the gas cap, and it still read only 12 miles left. it did this a month ago as well, at first i thought my gas was ripped off, i bought a locking gas cap and now it is doing it again. I checked ford site, there are no recalls on this, and i am calling my dealer to have it checked out, but wanted to see if any problems were reported on here first. Thanx for any info!
  • bobcathbobcath Posts: 13
    Recently have had to have the gearshift replaced (under warranty) because lever wouldn't click into park.

    Also getting a low growling noise in rear when making slow turns.

    '05 GT convertible w/ 6000 miles.
  • casing1casing1 Posts: 7
    I have a 05 and the same thing happened it's the sensors in the fuel tank or whatever. I had them replaced with the ones that should be in there and it's doing fine. Ford know's about it. It happens with the 05 and 06 models. Not all of them but some. Take it in and just have them replace it. I'm surprised they haven't had a recall yet.
  • husker5husker5 Posts: 15
    Yes, this is a known problem and there is a TSB on it. It has something to do with sulfer in gas. Mine did this once and the dealer has agreed to replace the 2 fuel sensors and sending units in the gas tank. I haven't scheduled this yet.
  • On my way to work today, it jumped from 10 miles left to 68 miles, i know for a fact i have over a half a tank. got an appointment Thursday at 8:30 am. they said i will be in a rental, said 2 hrs just to take apart to see. But i will give detail as soon as i hear what the problem is and the length one may be looking at to fix. as for cost, i'm still under warrenty but i'll get a guestimate to for those that may not have a warrenty. Thanx for the Info! ;)
  • Although my problem is different, the entire frame was bent on my convertible top and would come up at an angle, they did replace it and yes they had to take out the back seats and you can still tell they had to do this on one side and it took several trips to get the top on just right, buttons would pop looses straps would hang out when the windows closed, that sort of thing, but so far so good, (knock on wood) I haven't had any more trouble out of it. Good Luck to you!
  • Got mine back from the dealer today, they had the car for 2 days, upon my arrival, they said they could not find anyhting wrong with it! I had told them what you guys told me about the sensors on this, and how it had fixed yall's...i was told to come back next week when i go to get gas to take one of the mechanics with lame is this?..i guess as i read from someone in here..dont tell them what you think is wrong with the car! Now i feel like one of those wifes that tells the grumpy hubby that something is wrong, and the hubby sais he cant find anything...lmao...this sux, so i guess we'll see. :confuse:
  • alex197alex197 Posts: 15
    Well, did the new clutch package fix this problem? In my case, they tried to blame the ring and pinion gear so they replaced it, ford engineering told them to replace the clutches. Well they did both and the noise went away but they introduced a new noise because they didnt get the backlash set properly. Soo, ford told the dealership to put in a new rear end and they did. After 500 miles on the new rear end, the same noise came back when turning at low speeds. Now, im working with fords problem and solution team to get it fixed. Ford came up with a new internal clutch package and im waiting to get it installed. I just wondering how many of you guys out there have the same problem?
  • alex197alex197 Posts: 15
    Did the same problem come back?
  • bobcathbobcath Posts: 13
    Just started having the same problem, but don't know if it's that big a deal? Does it get worse?
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