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Ford Mustang (2005 & newer) Problems and Solutions



  • alex197alex197 Posts: 15
    Yes, it starts off slowly then gets worse, ive put over a thousand miles since i heard the noise again and it not getting louder but its bad enough. The TSB i had done worked for 5 days then the noise came back. but i dont know if that clutch package was the revised clutch package. Im waiting for an appointment know to get the revised clutch package. i'll let you guys know how it goes. however, i kinda need a number of how many people has this problem because im building a case with ford's problem and solution team.
  • :lemon: I'm asking for a repurchase on mines. With 5K miles on it, it's had the gas tank spout, tank assembly and filler neck tube assembly replaced three times, canister vent solenoid replaced, and missing the heat shield. I've experienced being nearly rear-ended because loss of power while going uphill on the freeway. My car is currently sitting in the shop awaiting the replacement parts. Engine light coming on, third event of trouble with filling in gas, anti-theft warning light staying on while driving. I thought I was getting my money's worth with this Stang....guess I ended up with a lemon. I give up, I need a dependable car, not one with just looks and a lot of problems.
  • 300x320300x320 Posts: 1
    My wife and I have a 2006 GT Premium with the same rear end issue. Moaning sound coming from the rear end when turning. I believe the problem is caused by the clutches dragging. It does not make the noise when turning if you are on the throttle. It only happens when rolling or close to coasting. The clutches lock up fine when you get on it. I am planning to take it to the dealer soon. Also, it really started getting load when summer time hit. We live in AZ, and when it's cool, the noise is not as bad. The car is a year old and has 5K miles on it. Other than the rear end, we love it.
  • gpuffgpuff Posts: 2
    I have 06 GT 5 speed convert that has developled the moan in the diff. started at 4250 miles and has gotten much worse at 4700. Dealer is installing clutch kit tomorrow. Don't know if it is the upgraded kit. Not pleased about this at all becuse not many people know how to set up a Diff correctly. Also the trans has been out once...... BUT I STILL LOVE THIS CAR and I will work with Ford until they get it rignt.
  • I purchased a lemon '05 Mustang V6 and currently have a lawsuit against Ford Motor Company, Beau Townsend Ford in Vandalia Ohio and my financial institution in which the loan is through. First off, the dealership charged me for one vehicle and gave me another. I paid $7k more for a car I didn't even get. Secondly the car is JUNK. It's sad to see this american icon be unionized into a pile of crap. I've had the gas tank replaced, the fuel sending units twice, the radio replaced and the best of all,,,, it stalls! It does this so sporadically that it is hard to prove but thankfully (as crazy as this sounds) my new mustang's check engine light came on after the last stall. Let me just tell you this by dealing with Ford for over 1 1/2 years in this nightmare..... FORD DOES NOT CARE ABOUT ITS CUSTOMERS OR THEIR SAFETY OR THEIR CHILDRENS SAFETY!!! My attorney has told me horror stories of Ford and I am living in one myself. After meeting with Ford's attorneys, they simply want to know 1 thing... HOW MUCH WILL IT COST US TO SEND YOU AWAY? Not, wow, let us refund your money and you can still have confidence in our product to buy another ford product... if you experience any problems with your mustang.... SUE THE CRAP OUT OF THEM BECAUSE THEY KNOW ABOUT THESE PROBLEMS YET STILL SELL THEM TO THE UNKNOWING PEOPLE WHO TRUST IN THEIR PRODUCT. And they wonder why people are switching to foreign cars... my 2 cents
  • CONTACT AN ATTORNEY.... My junk stalls and Ford refused to acknowledge a problem with my 05 stang. MAKE THEM PAY. How dare they defraud American consumers!!!
  • gzgtpgzgtp Posts: 83
    sorry to hear about these problems. Seems like the v6 has more serious problems than the v8s. I have an '06 GT and couldn't be happier (knock on wood).

    Keep pushing (and suing) until you get some justice.
  • lmmlmm Posts: 70
    i have an 06 V6 and dont have problems.

    unfortunately, the 2005 first year model had problems.

    That's why i never buy first year new models.

    I hope you get your situation resolved.
  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630
    "First off, the dealership charged me for one vehicle and gave me another. I paid $7k more for a car I didn't even get."

    Ummmm, WHAT?

    First, how does a dealership overcharge you by $7k?

    Second, how did you let that get by you?

    Third, I don't suppose this had any impact on your desire to have your money refunded?
  • We have been dealing with this problem since October. As of this Tuesday Ford stated they would buy back the car. I am waiting to hear what this means. I have contacted Sales Mangager, Service Manager, and Customer Service Rep and waiting for an answer. I have also emailed Ford. Does any one know how this works?
  • dave362dave362 Posts: 4
    I got the same "we don't care" feeling from Ford
    in this reply about my front end clunking and
    drivetrain vibration.

    Subject: Ford Motor Company
    Dear Dave,

    Thank you for contacting the Ford Motor Company Customer Relationship Center regarding the concerns you have experienced with your 2005 Ford Mustang.

    In an effort to assist you with this matter, we have contacted Westfield Ford. According to your dealership's assessment your vehicle is operating within Ford specifications. Your dealership has factory trained technicians, comprehensive service information and specialized equipment to resolve your vehicle concerns. We concur with the dealerships assessment. If you require further explanation or the conditions change, please speak with the Service Manager, Steve Berry.

    In addition, Ford is concerned with the satisfaction of all Ford and Lincoln-Mercury customers. Your feedback on the Mustang is highly valued by all divisions within Ford Motor Company and serves to provide us with insight into areas where we may need improvement.

    We have documented your comments which will be forwarded to the appropriate department for review and consideration. Thank you for your feedback and we hope that your future experiences with Ford products will be more positive.

    If you have any other inquiries or concerns, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to address them for you.

    Customer Relationship Center
    Ford Motor Company
  • Almost a year now, since I bought my loaded GT Premium w/ manual. Still get the same kick as the first time. No problems.

    Pony's are sprouting up everywhere, but GT's remain relatively rare, esp. w/ manual (why would anyone get an auto trans, unless female?). See a lot of 18" wheels, round spokes, (I have the 17" solid aluminum wheels), and too many add-on chrome wheels, as if the ignorant couldn't leave well enough alone.

    I honestly believe this is most car money can buy, so ... uh ... stop your belly-aching. If you can't stand the heat, don't go into the kitchen. If you can't handle 300 HP w/ a manual, get a Honda. :shades:
  • I have had some problems (steering and front suspension noises) with my '04 MUSTANG GT PREMIUM,only has 13,000 miles on it now, they fixed steering noise after 3 visits to dealer with an up-dated part(s),you would think by '04 they would have had "the bugs out"of the past model MUSTANG, NOT!! THE ONLY REASON I bought (and keep) a FORD is because nobody else makes the MUSTANG! I love MUSTANGS, so I put up with the "little" problems...sorry to hear of folks who have had (serious) problems with theirs..
  • Dude,

    Good Luck, I have the same issues with my 2006. Plus many others. The car has been in the shop for over 50 days since I bought it last October. I tried the lemon law stuff, but it just went to arbitration and all I got was a little better warranty. For a car that I was so excited when I bought it, I hate it with a passion. I pray everyday that I go down the road that something catastrphic happens to it. I have been to 3 different dealerships, local area managers, district service managers and heaven only knows how many FORD CUSTOMER I DONT CARE PEOPLE.

    Such a pretty car and such a freaking LEMON!
  • My 2005 Mustang V6 coupe (automatic) has been having transmission problems since the day I bought it last May. It intermittently will not engage into drive, and sometimes slips out of gear while I am driving, acting as if in neutral. (the car will rev up, but goes no where) It is an intermittent problem, so the mechanics at dealerships have not been able to have the car act this way for them. I currently have a "flight simulator" in my car to record computer codes from the car when it does this. I'm running out of warranty miles, so I'm getting worried, What have you figured out with your Stang?
  • alex197alex197 Posts: 15
    Well, you should have the car back by now. Did they replace the clutch pack? If the noise comes back can you let me know? Mine went in yesterday to a large volume dealership that had a rearend specialist. That specialist says that he hasnt had any returned vehicles after rerpair but we'll see. By the way my dealership in town that was working on my car in the past will not touch my car, can a dealership do that?
  • alex197alex197 Posts: 15
    how many miles do you have on your car? Im just wondering. And when was your car made? mine is an 06 but the sticker inside the driver side door said it was made in nov of 05. Im just trying to compare vehicles made at a certain time and relate them to all the problems
  • gpuffgpuff Posts: 2
    I have "Sally" back. The noise is gone. I have no Diff wine. I can tell you more at the end of Sept. when she goes on a 1200 mile trip. FYI- I talked to a very knowledgeable person about the problem and was told that there are many different clutch packs that can be installed to match the type of driving being done. Bottom line the pack installed was too tight for making a lot of turns (not good). I don't think a dealer can refuse to work on a Ford product that is under warenty. I would write Ford about the issue. However, if it were me I would not go back to the dealer.
  • gzgtpgzgtp Posts: 83
    My '06 was built in January '06. Have just over 5k miles. Still running like a charm (as it should be).
  • Sounds like an intermittent fault in the P-R-N-D-L switch, I have heard of this happening on earlier model electronically controlled ford (and other) automatic transmissions, even seen where a shop will disassemble the entire transmission, only to find no (internal) failures.(it's the switch that senses what gear you put the transmission in,park, reverse,neutral,drive, etc. sometimes referred to as a "range switch")....good luck.
  • ls2005ls2005 Posts: 2
    I have a 2005 ford mustang Gt fully loaded, I have had so many problems with the rear end. The rear end has been rebuilt two times,Also the clutch packings have been replaced twice. Still having problems with the rear end. Ford told me if they keep messing around with the rear end they could make it worse it makes a humming sound. Now I am having problems with the front end it sounds like it's going to fall off the car when you turn the wheel it scrapes and grinds. Let's not talk about the rattles. It has 12,500 miles on it this all started at 8,000 (DON'T BUY) :mad:
  • ls2005ls2005 Posts: 2
    I have the same problems with mine but worse the rear end has been rebuilt twice same with the clutch pack good luck :sick:
  • I have one of the first 2005 V6 convertibles, LOVE IT.

    No problems, runs like a dream.

    The only problem I have had is those nose marks on the windows when I park it in public ;-)
  • I have a 2005 V6 Premium convertilbe with a build date of 06/09/05. The car is a total piece of junk. Both rear wheel bearings and seals were replaced because of rear end noise. I have a poping sound from the front suspension that the dealer says does not exist and is just my imagination. The original headliner was pulling away from under the first support bow. One dealer said they would not replace it because the process would be too time consuming and they do not have anyone to do the work. I took the car back to another dealer and they said the headliner was cut too short on the driver side. They ordered a new headliner and had me take the car to an interior trim shop to replace the headliner. The headliner was replaced last Wednesday and I've opened and closed the roof 3 times since the install and the new headliner is pulling away from the support bow in exactly the same place as the old one. I was told today that the way the headliner attaches to the bow is a poor design and the liner will continue to pull away. The new fix the dealer suggested is to use clear epoxy and glue the liner to the support bow. Both the front and rear rotors have been resurfaced and the rear calipers unlocked. The silver finish on one of the dash vents was coming off and the passanger side sunvisor would pop out of the retention clip when you hit a bump in the road. All this with less than 700 miles on the clock.
    I just submitted my "Lemon Law" paperwork today. Please do not purchease a Ford Mustang unless you enjoy problems.
  • lmmlmm Posts: 70
    definitely frustating Im sure.

    but, i read plenty of other hard core mustang forums and I havent heard of your headliner problem.

    Also, buying first year production models can be very unsatisfying until the mfg line works out the kinks.

    I have an 06 and havent had any problems.

    I hope you get resolution.
  • spcardspcard Posts: 5
    Ive only had my mustang gt for only ...well not even two weeks now and its already back at the dealer. During cold starts and even at a stop light...the engine would start to idle rough and a couple of times it felt like it was going to shut off. I work grave yard and got off at 6:30 in the morning. I started the car and it idled even more rough then it did before. The engine light came on. Well that was it. I drove from work and straight to the dealer, about a half hour away. I was told it was a bad PCM. I took it in on monday and still haven't gotten it back yet. so far its taken two days to get the part. Until I had this problem..the car drove better then I even thought it would. Its very comfortable for a sports car and I loved driving it. I was getting lots of compliments on it everyday I drove it. It really sucks that Im without it now. I miss my car. Ive also had alittle problem with the stereo (shaker500), alittle noise it makes when I turn left and a loud noise when I turn the a/c on. Im happy with my car..just wish I didnt have these problems. I mean it only has like..700 miles on it. its not ever broken in yet. Im just afraid im gonna have problems with it from now on. Especially reading all the problems other people have written about it on here. Any encouraging words out there? :sick:
  • 18" wheels, round spokes, look foolish. Chrome is pimp. (Stylish is flat, square, snow-flake spokes, as thin as possible.)

    Racing stripes are even worse, make the car look like a skunk.

    A hood scoop is nothing but Liberace.
  • Yea, but hood scoops look cool from the drivers seat on an otherwise plain looking long hood.It would be nice if FORD would put the same type (functional) hood vents in like the '67 & '68's had as an option though.I had a '72 MACH 1 with the RAM AIR scoops on it and they were cool, but mine were fakes because it was a 351-CLEVELAND 2-V, and didn't have the RAM AIR, option but it still flew (with 3.73 gears) and I loved it.
  • Bad knees and heavy rush hour traffic will cause lots of folks who would otherwise buy a stick, get the automatic.
  • Limited slip clutch pack noise problems go back at least to 2002 I believe, and not only on Mustangs, it includes the SUV's with limited slip differentials, there is a TSB on it, not sure what causes it though, is the friction material on the clutches swelling, or are they warping with use causing loss of clearance between them? They don't usually do it when new.Something is obviously going on with them..
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