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Poor headlights 2014 Sierra

jhynes70jhynes70 Member Posts: 1
edited June 2016 in GMC
I have a 2014 GMC sierra 4x4 double cab. The truck is an awesome drive...EXCEPT when it comes to night driving..might as well walk with a $2 flashlight! Headlights are absolutely terrible! I had the upgraded headlight bulbs installed at dealer.....no difference. If on low beam, things are fine for about 20-30ft, on high beam....it is best compared to a spot light or laser....you can see something far away, but nothing in between, and if it is really dark..such as rainy weather or overcast...forget it,,,you are white knuckled for the whole drive from being so nervous. Where I live, moose are a big problem and with these lights, the only way you would see a moose is when its on top of your truck!!!!....heaven forbid a person walked out!. I have seem numerous comments and pictures online about people getting their trucks retrofitted with new and improved lights from 2016 models...this proves GM is aware of the problem and a total recall to replace these headlights before someone is killed!!


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