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Honda CR-V vs. Madza CX-5

coachclasscoachclass Member Posts: 2
edited June 2016 in Honda
My wife and I have narrowed down our new SUV choice down to the Honda CR-V and the Mazda CX-5. We've test drove both, although I'm not really convinced I know enough or am discerning enough to really gain much insight from test driving cars.

The reason we're getting a new car is because our Honda Fit is getting too tight when fitting two babies, stroller, and the dog. So cargo size is a priority, but so is getting good gas mileage and cost. Neither of us really care that much about horse power or leather or heated seats. But we recently came to the conclusion (after reading responses here) that keyless entry and keyless ignition would be very nice to have. So that's one luxury feature we've been sold on.

What might sway you guys on picking one over the other? Here's the main feature difference between the two that we think really matter based on our driving experience. But maybe we're overlooking the usefulness of other features? For example, what use is a moonroof? We've never had one, and it always seem a luxury item that we wouldn't pay for otherwise.

Also, we've asked for the front wheel drive versions of these cars, even though they both come in AWD versions and the dealer saids AWD versions are more popular. We live in the Twin Cities, Minnesota, so snow is an occasional issue. Both neither of us has ever had AWD cars, and given the higher height of these SUV's, didn't think we'd pay $1000 more just for AWD. But maybe there are other aspects of AWD vs. FWD that we don't understand? I figure slightly better gas milage for FWD and lower cost is a good reason to pick FWD?

Honda CR-V EX, FWD: $24,800
moonroof (nice to have?)

Mazda CX-V, FWD: $26,300
Blind spot sensor and rear cross traffic sensor



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    steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    We tested both (2015 models iirc, maybe 2014s) and I preferred the CX-5. Sportier. My wife wasn't wild about either. :)

    The BLIS (blind spot) would be a great feature for me since I'm in my 60s.

    For your region, your FWD purchase price may be a bit less but you'll get "hammered" when you trade it in. I've done both in snow country and FWD is fine with good tires. but occasionally you'll appreciate the AWD if you "have" to drive in the mess.

    The Honda should retain its value a little bit better. And moonroofs are fun too.

    I've been seeing a lot of great prices on CR-Vs - $1,500 to $2,500 below invoice on all trims. The Midwest dealers haven't been as aggressive as other regions but they are getting there.

    For either rig, this is a good time to buy - dealers will be trying to make their month-end quotas and some dealers will be doing sales for the 4th.

    Maybe you can talk the dealers into an overnight test drive. I got a Fit that way one weekend.
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    kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 243,131
    I agree with @stever . If you are in Minnesota, getting an AWD CUV will be cheaper in the long run, because the FWD one will be sale-proof. Plus, it may prove to be useful, at times.

    If you don't find a use for higher trim levels, then by all means, pass on them. Those will not pay off at resale, so don't pay for something you don't need/want.

    It seems that interior room is a big consideration. Get in the dealerships and try them on for size.

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    typesixtypesix Member Posts: 321
    The CRV will have more back seat and cargo room, and more comfortable ride. CX-5 is considered best handling of the compact SUVs(non-luxury models), but has stiffer ride and is noisier. Both have issues with rear visibility. CRV has CVT transmission, some people dislike/hate them. CX5 has slight edge in real MPG according to Consumer Reports. If you are happy with FWD and plan to keep the new car till it dies, then OK, otherwise AWD for easier resell.
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    nelson1nelson1 Member Posts: 41
    Just ran across your comment. In my opinion, the CRV is the choice for you. You will spend a lot less time in the repair shop vs. the Mazda. I have a 2014, 30k miles, only been in the shop for oil changes. Most reliable, dependable car, gets 35 hwy mpg. Must better resale price than Mazda. Mine is a 2whl drive down here in south TX. I would definetely get the 4whl drive where you live. Mine has the moon roof, per my wife's desire, but, personally, I consider it useless, and my wife has used it for a short time twice.
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    amickeyamickey Member Posts: 25
    Both are great choices with the Honda offering a more comfortable ride & unique space configurations vs. the Mazda's better performance & top of the class infotainment system & safety wares.

    Your butt & heart will tell you which way to go after a test drive.

    & don't worry about Mazda's reliability: top of class also. My last one went 10 years + 150K miles in Northeast weather without a problem & I sold it for $5K.
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