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Saturn Aura



  • Check the saturn web site for deals and rebates
    this link should take you to the page requesting your zip code.

    I have a cad Sedan De Ville and just bought an Aura XR.
    I am relegating the Cady to short trips to the store and home depot runs, like a truck...

    The XR is the most comfortable, fun to drive car I have had in over 25 years.
    Go to the new owner report form for more info.
  • bob919344bob919344 Posts: 29
    Thats the problem.......its not that CLEAR.

    you are not sure if rebates are good for leasing or only cash deals or financing....

    Did you BUY or LEASE your AURA ???? so you do like it ?

    you get the XR ??

    what state you from ? thanks for reply !!! and help
  • Many car companies give factory rebates to both, buyers and leasors, You will have to go to a dealer to find out. You will have to ask for it, don't count on them offering it up.
    Read my other reports such as
    phaetondriver, "Saturn Aura" #1250, 7 Apr 2007 12:26 pm
    and phaetondriver, "Saturn Aura New Owner Reports" #11, 17 Mar 2007 6:54 pm

    There are also reports from other new owners. I have been reading this, Aura forum and the Chevrolet Malibu/Impala forums. I think the owners here seem the most satisfied. I see some complaints on the chevy forum.
    Now I wish I could get a job selling them :shades:
  • bob919344bob919344 Posts: 29
    THATS the PROBLEM...

    i cant get a straight answer from them....I tried 2 dealers and get them same , im not really sure what the rebate $ is....

    I HATE SHOPPING for CARS !!! Did you get a discount on yours ???

  • I got my car used (rental)
    I bought it not leased, I wouldn't lease a car.
    Saturn doesn't generally discount their cars, but they do offer rebates. Right now it is about 1750 on the west coast.
    I think, when you compare the price of the Aura XR with other cars in the same class, it is a fair bargain, if you can get $1750 off, IMHO, it's a great buy.
    So Check the Saturn web site for the rebate in your area.
    Go drive an XR.
    Find a color and interior combo you like.
    Then your decision will have been made :)
  • 62vetteefp62vetteefp Posts: 6,048
    HP is not from EMC changes. it comes from DI.
  • I thought so :(
    How about the 275 H-P Outlooks EMC? Might that work in the Aura?
    I think the car has plenty of power, except for an old hot rodder like me. Always looking for a little extra. As I have always said, "There is no such thing as too much horsepower" :shades:
  • 62vetteefp62vetteefp Posts: 6,048
    Not sure how they get all the HP but I believe I have read that some of it comes from the larger intake manifold that is used with the extra room from the higher hood of the SUV look. Not sure though.
  • bob919344bob919344 Posts: 29
    HAS ANYONE who had a 2007 Saturn AURA XR driven the car in SNOW and ICE with the 18" all season tires on the car ??

    Wondering HOW the car handles in the SNOW ????

    i am planning on leasing a new XR by the month end and was
    wondering how they handle in the SNOW and ICE ?

    thanks for any Help !!!! NJ here :confuse:
  • vanman1vanman1 Posts: 1,397
    Any new on changes for 2008 yet? Just wondering.
  • This week I'm renting an Aura for business, and as a harsh critic of past GM efforts, I am impressed by the Aura.

    My main criticism of GM cars have been lack of style, cheap interiors and uninspired driving. The Aura has proven to me that GM finally gets it.

    I own an Accord and would seriously look at the Aura as a replacement.

    Bravo GM!
  • 14871487 Posts: 2,407
    very minor changes for 2008, nothing notable at all.
  • bob919344bob919344 Posts: 29

    Wondering how the car drives and handles on SNOW ???? I am getting out of a 2004 Caddy which is very good in snow due to its FWD and Weight....I know the AURA had FWD but wondering if ANYONE has the car and has driven it in the SNOW and how it performs ???????????????????????


    NEW JERSEY ....
  • 14871487 Posts: 2,407
    The car is heavy and has all season tires as opposed to performance tires. I would assume it does as well as your caddy in the snow. Most FWD cars are going to be decent in the snow if they have all season or snow tires.
  • bob919344bob919344 Posts: 29
    Thanks..............figured that

    Do you own one of these ??? I am picking mine up this Friday. A 2007 Aura XR Loaded with every option....Cant wait and sure hope the GAS mileage isnt bad.. My Caddy actually is great especially on Highways, and I only used reg gas in it too, even with big V8 engine

    Wont miss the $670 mo lease pmt compared to $325 on the Aura though !!!!!!! BIG BIG diff....
  • I don't drive in the snow since I moved from Denver to Palm Springs area. I had a truck and a jeep and when winter hit I put studded snow tires on all four wheels on both. Problems solved.
    As for driving in the cold white slippery stuff, the traction control should be a big help, unless you get stuck and can't move.
  • Well Bob, What do you think now that you have had your new Aura XR for 5 days?
  • bob919344bob919344 Posts: 29
    I have not taken delivery yet.... This Friday

    Hope I am not sorry... 1 st time i am NOT in a Caddy
    and its a big difference. But hope i will be happy with it.

    Actually cant wait to get it Friday ...

    i will keep you posted....just remind me after the weekend of me driving it
  • Sorry I thought you picked it up last Friday.
    I have a Caddy too, it's a few years old, and is now relegated to short trips to the grocery store and Lowes. It is now my truck.
    I have zero regrets at this time, I have had my XR for a month now. Well one regret, I don't drive it as much as I want to. I have to make excuses to take it out of the garage and go some place. Going is so much fun again.

    I'll check in with you next week
  • phaetondriverphaetondriver Posts: 175
    Well Bob? How was the first weekend?
    You might want to post your reply/report on the Saturn Aura New Owners Report forum at

    I hoe your first impression is as good as mine was.
  • bob919344bob919344 Posts: 29
    SO FAR :

    Car is AWSOME !!!!!!!! Fantastic Car so far..

    After working for BMW for over 15 yrs in mgmt.. This is a very surprising Vehicle ...Tight handeling with the 18" wheels and car rides great..I got it with every option avail. Only few things I will miss are the Heated St wheel in the winter and Air Cooled seats in Summer, other than that i love it.. Gas mileage so far is Fair !! not much more than i was getting with my Caddy. However, $355 less a month in lease pmts !!! Well worth the same gas mileage

    Car gets a 9+ so far..... Very european Ride

    Tight handeling and really great looks
  • jpolwortjpolwort Posts: 27
    I have the opportunity to obtain a Saturn salesperson driven Aura demo, which I've been told, has 6K miles on it. This puppy is loaded (conv. pkg, pref. pkg, enh. conv. pkg, 17" twin spoke alloys, sunroof, and leather). MSRP is $24,195.00. Color is Midnight Blue (which I've seen, and is quite nice). The salesperson indicated there would most likely be a discount - but she "guessed" only $500-800 off. To me, that's not much of a discount being it's a demo. I'd like some serious replies if you think this is worth persuing. I'm going to find out what the in-service date was. Does anyone think this is "typical" mileage for an '07? Also, searching for a (new) Berry Red, as that is my 1st color choice. I test drove an XE on 5/11. The drive was short, and I couldn't really do much, but I did like it overall. Should I stay or should I go?
  • 62vetteefp62vetteefp Posts: 6,048
    $500 off for 1/2 years worth of miles? Sounds way too low to me. It's a used car!
  • user777user777 Posts: 3,341
    i'd say pass. 2-3K? maybe.
  • bob919344bob919344 Posts: 29
    THATS NO DEAL FOR YOU but it is for them !!!!!

    I just leased a New Aura XR LOADED With every option List was $27,319 and after shopping and busting them i was able to get $1000 off + all the rebates on a brand NEW one with 3 miles on it... I only paid about $25,500 for a loaded XR not a XE that has no liles on it and NO one drove it... Thats NOT a deal for YOU !!!

    That car should have a $2000 min + rebate deal easy
  • phaetondriverphaetondriver Posts: 175
    I would have to tell them they need to come down at least 5K or more. I bought an XR with 5000 miles on it and got $5K of MSRP (over $27K) without a hassle. I also got full trade-in value for my Dodge truck ($10K) as a trade in.
    So 7K miles on an XE, should have a price close to $19K. IMHO
  • m1miatam1miata Posts: 4,556
    A used XE should be under $19K, at the very highest price. I would not pay more than $18K. Go try out the XR and feel the difference. A loaded XE is not worth it. No way. Look at a base XR and do the math, then shoot for $1,000 or is it $1,500 off the base XR, whatever the current discount is in your state. Edmund's site here has the discounts listed, so check out the latest. They do change every month. Once an XE goes much past the base model, you are best to go up a grade and take advantage of the wheel, transmission and engine difference, to name a few points, of the XR. For $24K, you are talking XR territory. If they don't have the base XR or will not give you a good trade-in allowance, the option is to walk.
  • bob919344bob919344 Posts: 29
    I just got a NEW 2007 XR Loaded with Every option they have

    turned in a 2004 Caddy Deville and to be honest , as of now, I LOVE the Aura XR !!!!!!!!!! especially the alomst $400 lower lease payment !!

    The car is fantastic.....lots of power in the XR , nice 18" wheels and it handles Great !!!! IT has a very european ride and handels like a european car...very tight and not all over the road...Actually at 75 mph....the car had a better and smoother ride than my Caddy !!

    but.....Go for the XR, its a awsome car !!!! So far

    ( hope it stays that way )
  • 14871487 Posts: 2,407
    the XE and XR are barely different. I dont know why you continue to argue the XE is totally inferior to the XR and unacceptable at its current price. The ONLY differences between the models are wheel size, 2 gears and 28hp. There are no suspension or interior quality differences between the two models. The XE is not a bad value, nor is it far worse than the XR. Most Auras I see are the XE model.
  • kmausskmauss Posts: 74
    Hello! I have a seven year old Dodge Intrepid that is starting to show its age badly, and I've been casually looking here and there at different things. I haven't made an exhaustive search of what's out there that's in the same price range, but I've looked at the Buick LaCrosse, the Camry, the Accord, and the Impala. All of them had their good points and bad points, but I haven't had a "THAT'S THE ONE' moment until tonight. :D :D Oh my gosh!!!!!!!! :D :D I fell in LOVE with that car. It was ALL I could do to keep from hopping up in down in front of the salesman and handing him a check. But using every last bit of self control I had, I smiled, thanked him, said "I really like it" and left. ( Which, if you knew me and my impulsive nature, you would all be very proud.)

    So has anyone had any bad experiences? Know any reason I shouldn't watch for a really great financing deal and get one? Anybody want to play devil's advocate here? I said I'd never get a first year car, but wow. :D Somebody tell me why I shouldn't.......

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