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Acura RL Maintenance and Repair



  • Well, at least there's a Honda dealership. They should be adequate for most problems.
  • I continue to get these "AFS Error" messages on my 05 RL. I have mentioned it everytime I take it in for service and so far,Acura does not have an explaination or a fix. It's mostly an annoyance as shutting off and restarting the engine has always cleared the error indication. Lately, I've been applying more pressure on Acura by making them pull the error codes and run diagnostics everytime it happens. Am I the only one still getting these? I haven't seen any posts since last June.
    P.S. - I'd stop pressuring Acura on this issue in exchange for a "AUTO mode headlight chime" fix!!! ;)
  • Thanks for the phone number. I live in the SF Bay Area and often find the traffic flow information is not accurate. The XMNavTraffic folks will be hearing from me.
  • I had this same issue and I can tell you that its nothing.

    Above the center stack there is a light that will light up stating that the passenger airbag is off. This light only lights up when its off. That will also prompt a message on your LCD screen. These are actually service messages for your dealer, once that message appears because the passenger seat airbag turns off, that message stays on until you delete it. It will even pop up on the screen when the airbag is actually activated. My dealer told my the true way to check to see if the airbag was activated or not was to check that light on the center stack.

    All those messages are just maintenence minders and they won't go away until you or the dealer delete them. Hope this helps.
  • Just got a new RL. So far so good, but I have noticed that in the overhead console the green light on the "Door" switch will stay on even after all other interior lights have turned off. If I lock the car, the green light turns off. Normally, I wouldn't worry too much about this, but since RLs have had some battery problems, I don't want to take a chance that this is one of the slow leaks that could leave me with a dead battery. Anybody know if this is normal?
  • I would not buy it, my car 05, with 1500 miles, been at the dealer for apporx 3 wks now...never ever agian I will buy an Acura product.
    I should have stayed with my LS 400....oh well.
    Car has got too many problems at this time. :mad:
  • Hello all,

    I recently purchased a '98 RL. It seems to me that the trans is not locking up to high gear. At 70mph the TAC is at 2500 rpm. That seems high. Also the fuel mileage is very
    poor on the highway. Can someone give me something to compare with before I put myself at the mercy of the dealer to have it looked at?

    Thanks in advance.
  • My 2005 Rl was rear ended by someone on a cellphone. $7,000 later my navi syste (radio display) is not as bright as it was especially at daylight. Can someone help? I have tried checking the book.
    thanks for your time
    p.s. love my acura's - 3rd one - if fact, my aunt has my 91 legend
  • I've owned my 2005 RL for 10 months. No problems UNTIL -- I took it in for ~30K checkup. (B2 diag code) I asked them to take care of the 3 TSBs.

    - After they installed the 3 TSBs, on my way home -- I get the “AFS caution”. (Active Front lighting System). This is quite annoying because the “AFS caution” continually flashes/distracts! The only way to get rid of it is to shut off the engine. Not going to happen on a Parkway! Sure, it goes away once you restart the engine. In less then 1 week it has come on 3 times.

    - 10 months no problems – Install the 3 TSBs – AFS caution starts acting up? Coincidence? Acura – If you are reading – Please look into this!

    - They also needed to replace an XM unit. The Nav traffic quit showing up. (At this point it was NOT an Acura issue.) I needed to "refresh" the unit on the XM web site. I did this 3 times. The XM radio stations worked fine – Just not the NavTraffic. I called XMRadio (1-800-XMRADIO). They needed to let their systems know that my new unit should get the XMTraffic information. Problem solved!
  • dano4dano4 Posts: 35
    I've had my RL since December, 2004. Green light is normal and will not run down battery. You should be very happy with the RL. Despite some occasional quirks, I'm very pleased with mine!
  • dano4dano4 Posts: 35
    Have had the same problem twice. The error message goes away when I stop and restart the engine. It has not been frequent enough to drive 90 miles to the dealer.
  • dano4dano4 Posts: 35
    I have an RL with 17000 miles purchased in December '04. I also live 90 miles from a dealer. Despite a few initial issues, it has been a great car and I plan to keep it. It is the best handling car I've owned, fun to drive and a techological marvel. On the downside, the trunk space could be better and I would like more rear seat leg room (I'm 6'3").

    My last car was an LS 430 and each has some advantages over the other.
  • I would not buy it, my car 05, with 1500 miles, been at the dealer for apporx 3 wks now...never ever agian I will buy an Acura product.

    I've seen similar comments here and elsewhere about every LPS, except Lexus. Nearly every make of car will have its lemons and disgruntled owners. I'm on my third Acura and while they haven't been trouble free (nothing serious, though), I love Acuras and I love my 2005 RL.
  • Thanks Pappy! You are correct---once the message was deleted (simply press delete) it was gone, and indeed the center light is the one to look at. The dealer warned me that if ANYTHING is on the passenger seat---some papers, cd holder, etc.---then it is possible for the airbag to be switched off--the sensor is sensitive.
  • I believe the 2006 RL's owner's manual states that the title and listing of tracks on a CD or DVD-A should be listed on the Audio Screen as it is being played (noting that the CD or DVD-A must contain CD text), and so far not one CD or DVD-A of mine has done this. I find it hard to believe that none of them contain CD text, especially the newer ones, and the DVD-A's, but frankly I'm pretty ignorant about CD text and whether only a few CDs have it or not. Any wisdom here?
  • I've had this problem before and after installing TSBs in March 2005. They were 05-005 Front Door Speakers; 05-006 XM/AcuraLink and 05-007 Power Control Module Update.
    Last week they installed 2 new TSBs: 05-022 (another) XM/AcuraLink Update and 05-027 (another) PCM Update.
    My dealer is hoping the lastest 2 TSBs will fix the AFS Errors... So far, no problems, but only time will tell. Both times they notified XM of the new radio ID, so service was not interrupted.
    Which TSBs were applied to your RL when your AFS problems started?
  • mdchachimdchachi Posts: 275
    Actually most new CDs don't contain CD Text even now. Look at the logo on the CD and for the word "text" (depicted here: Sometimes it may contain CD text without this logo, however.
  • thanks for the will be in for the 5th time this coming week
    4 of my friend have the car
    no feedback on seat however:

    all have rattle in the same place in the dash
    all have had XM reception problems (SF)except me (first RL did)
    all have seat belt sign in "off" position when someone is sitting on passengers front seat
  • I have a 2005 RL with 20K. The AFS problem started in Nov 2004. Would have it looked at at every oil change/service visit. Finally, this month the dealership found a bad "steering angle sensor" malfunction and the part is on the way.

    My gripe: The last time the AFS warning cilityame on I was pulling to a stop - FLASH - FLASH DING! and I bumped a Ford F250. Put a $832 dent in the front bumper. The dealership would not give me any relief but did suggest calling Acura Client services. The guy that called me said they had no responsibilty(True. It was my fault). But he was very arrogant, uncaring and hostile.. What a piece of work. So much for ACURA customer service.
  • bartalk3bartalk3 Posts: 692
    According to this week's Automotive News, Acura realizes that the RL is way overpriced, which explains its lagging sales. So in the fall they are going to introduce an RL with fewer features, and a price tag $7,000-$10,000 lower.
  • So what you are saying is that the TL and RL will be around the same price, I don't believe Acura is going to introduce any new RL with fewer features.
  • bhelsdonbhelsdon Posts: 134
    I have an 04 TL with Nav. I was wondering if these buttons are supposed to light:
    1. Main cruise button on steering wheel.
    2. Select/reset button on trip computer.
    3. Both back buttons on the steering wheel for the voice commands.
    I would really appreciate it if someone could tell me if these buttons light up.
  • After "hoping" the latest TSBs would fix my AFS Errors, my dealer replaced the "AFS Control Unit"... If that doesn't fix it, their plan is to replace the "steering angle sensor" next. I get the impression that Acura doesn't have a clue as to what is causing the errors or how to even diagnose the problem, so they are starting to replace parts in hopes that the problem will go away.
  • Same,

    My 2005 RL's headlights are HORRIBLE on unlighted roads. I can't see anything 50 in front of the car. There is a black curtain and total darkness. Hills are really bad. Wow is this unsafe. the dealer says this is normal.

    This is a crash waiting to happen. Beware.
  • bartalk3bartalk3 Posts: 692
    Even using your high beams on dark roads, you can't see?
  • Hi beams work fine, but oncoming traffic, following other cars and curves limit their use. Really hard to see unless there are street lights.The light goes out about 50 feet and just stops.
  • fmkofmko Posts: 21
    Read the 40,000 long term test of the Acura RL, Car&Driver took it off it's 10 best list because of all the problems they had with the car, 8 unscheduled dealer visits to fix a host of problems, they were not happy with this car. These problems are going to affect the resale value of the car, especially if Consumer Reports rates the dependability very bad also. Saw a new one with 3,000 miles at the Cadillac dealership, stayed away from it. Read the April issue of Car&Driver, maybe they discuss a fix for their car that applies to yours as well.
  • I hope my problem is fixed. The Dealership, Ed Voyles Acura went beyond my expectations to address the arrogence problem I had with the "corporate" person that called me.

    I highly recommend them
  • jts220jts220 Posts: 2
    I recently purchased a buyback for AC compressor. Honda issues a certificate for the buyback reason. You should be able to verify through Acura. Also checked carfax, which will indicate service problems. I took mine to a differant dealer and it received a clean bill of health. So far very good expirience
  • ilasilas Posts: 18
    Nowhere in the article did they say the RL was removed from the list BECUASE of the problems they had. They said it was because it came up short with the M... (anyone who wants to can see the last sentence of the first paragraph in the scanned article available at Further, they were quite positive with the way the car drove, etc, and said the engine and transmission had been flawless and smooth. Two service visits were because the dealer was incompetent in fixing the problem with the sunroof the first time.

    Acura has a history of quality and dependability. Many other makers, including cadillac that you refer to, do not. Maybe CD got a rare problem car for this automaker.
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