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Acura RL Maintenance and Repair



  • aaaedgarpoeaaaedgarpoe Posts: 107
    Does it have an activated-charcoal filter and/or a smog sensor that automatically recirculated in-cabin air if the outside air is very poor (like in more and more luxruy cars -- even the Lexus IS)?
  • mnfunkmnfunk Posts: 1
    I have a 2006 RL & had the iPod connection installed at the dealer. My iPod is a 40G, about 18 months old. I've installed the software, etc. but the only thing that seems to work is the random play on Disc 6. It sounds great, but I'm hoping for more. Any thoughts?
  • bobrlbobrl Posts: 6
    You can make any CD a text CD. Just burn a copy on your computer.
  • llwysellwyse Posts: 56
    I love my '05 RL. 13,000 miles and no real problems. Was pleased with the headlights until I began reading posts here. Someone said they adjusted them up a bit. I found where to do that, but can't figure out what type of tool or how to actually make the adjustment. Help?

    I complained to the dealer about the driver's side windshield wiper not clearing the water from the passenger side wiper. Sometimes it's a problem even when stopped, but almost always a problem over 40 mph. He put on new blades, but the problem still exists. Anyone else having this problem? Find a fix?

    I just installed the 18" Acura wheels. Awesome look! My RL is Lakeshore Silver and the "black chrome" look of the wheels really compliments the car. Worth the money? Not sure, but I love the look. :)
  • temj12temj12 Posts: 450
    Thank you for the info on how to get into the system. I had tried last night, but I could not get past the ODI thing. Really interesting site.
  • ilasilas Posts: 18
    Just curious, did the dealer install your wheels and tires. If so, what price did you pay. Also, does it make the steering more precise in your mind. I have been thinking about adding the wheels to my 06 RL ever since I bought it back in November.
  • drgreg67drgreg67 Posts: 1
    im a new rl owner and while driving home after a 1 hour trip, the car literally 'died' one second after the 'charging system' failure alarm came on.
    i had the car towed to the local dealer who 'could not find any problem' but also cant get the car started. the car doesn't 'turn over' but all interior lighting/electrical works. the car has 2500 miles on it and up to now, has not had any problem.
    any suggestions???
  • ilasilas Posts: 18
    The 06 RL has a loud warning beep and message in the driver control center (on the instrument panel) when you open the door and the ignition switch is still in the accessory position. The O5 apparently did not have such a safeguard. It will be almost impossible for someone not to turn the car off properly with this beeping noise and reminder.
  • nebraskaguynebraskaguy Posts: 341
    The 06 RL has a loud warning beep and message in the driver control center (on the instrument panel) when you open the door and the ignition switch is still in the accessory position. The O5 apparently did not have such a safeguard. It will be almost impossible for someone not to turn the car off properly with this beeping noise and reminder.

    Actually, the 05 RL has this safeguard, as well. The problem is that on very rare (at least for me) occasions, you can turn it past Accessory, but still not have it completely turned off. When this happens, the alarm doesn't beep when you open the door. The only clues this has happened are that the steering wheel doesn't retract, and you can't lock the door.
  • jtsjts Posts: 15
    Yes, I had the dealer adjust the headlights up a bit. I told them to ignore the manufacturers specs if necessary. They moved them up just a bit but were careful not to set them too high that they might annoy oncoming traffic or the car in front. I have driven many highway and city miles at night including secluded country roads and they are noticably better with no headlight flashing from other cars. The sharp cutoff of xenons is definitely something you have to get used to though.
  • llwysellwyse Posts: 56
    Just curious, did the dealer install your wheels and tires. If so, what price did you pay. Also, does it make the steering more precise in your mind. I have been thinking about adding the wheels to my 06 RL ever since I bought it back in November.

    Yes, they were installed by the dealer. They were on a showroom car. Tires are Michelin Pilot Sports. Total was about $2900 out the door for wheels and tires. A good deal, IMO! Steering is more precise, but the trade-off is that it is also more sensitive to road variations so takes a little more attention. Not a bad thing, really. Overall handling is better. Ride is more firm -- a function of lower profile and harder sidewall.

    I got them mostly for looks, and also wanted to have summer and winter tires. I will probably try something other than the Michelins when the summer tires are worn.
  • llwysellwyse Posts: 56
    Yes, I had the dealer adjust the headlights up a bit.

    It's nice to know your dealer was willing to ignore the specs. I'll try that, too. Someone also mentioned adjusting them himself. I found where, but haven't figured out how or what tool to use. Help?
  • anyone know of a website that you can download this manual.
    lost mine.
  • josheeljosheel Posts: 73
    Before I plunk the money down. Can anyone confirm (without a doubt) that these tire are really quieter than the oem's. Thanks
  • Here’s my latest adventure getting my Acura RL serviced at the dealership.

    I asked the dealer to provide a Type 2 service, and a warranty adjustment to a sticking front seat belt. My car is 18-months old, but has only 8,500-miles. The oil and filter are changed every 3-months, five times so far at an average 1,700-mile interval. There has been a previous comprehensive inspection.

    The dealer performed $80 of unsolicited services additional to Acura’s published maintenance requirements. Coincidentally, most cost $15 plus labor and taxes. They termed the first three chemical services.

    • Motor oil additive, $15.
    • Gasoline additive, $15.
    • Door and window gasket silicone spray, $15.
    • Brake rotor polishing disk, $15. (The maintenance service calls for inspecting the brakes.)
    • Seat belt retractor lubricant, $15. (Warranty)
    • The ubiquitous environmental charge no one can satisfactorily itemize.

    Saying, "I thought you would appreciate the extra care and attention we gave your car," the manager reduced the bill about $50, but appeared to be offended.

    On arrival home I found a fresh foot-long scratch on the painted lower front bumper panel. It looks like a hydraulic floor jack may have been wheeled into it.

    I doubt I’ll return to the dealer unless I have a warranty claim, and can watch what they do.
  • drgkjedrgkje Posts: 21
    recently purchased a low mileage (<5k) 04 RL. Have 3 queations:

    1. Road noise seems excessive, seems more than a TL I test drove (on the same roads) and a 6-yr-old Lexus RX300. Is this what is expected from this car?

    2. with the compression ratio at 9.6, why is primium fuel required (knocking should not be a problem) it only to get more power? Any problem in using regular (I am OK with less power)?

    3. Getting around 16.8 MPG (in Northern NJ) in 70% city driving, is this normal?

    I searcehd the forum but did not find any specific info for 04..any comments or info will be apprciated.
  • Consumer Reports&#146; review of the near identical 2002 Acura RL reported, "The cabin stays quiet, although it's not as well isolated from the road as the other cars' cabins." The others were a Cadillac Deville, Oldsmobile Aurora and Lincoln Continental. My 2004 RL&#146;s highway road noise is a bit louder than some others, but not objectionable.

    A 9.6:1 compression ratio doesn&#146;t seem to warrant premium grade gasoline. I detected no ill effects after inadvertently refueling with regular, however I&#146;m reluctant to switch permanently. Most sources indicate increased gasoline consumption will negate savings.

    MSN Autos report 2004 RL fuel mileage at 18 city/24 highway. Four of 30 owners reporting complained about higher than expected gasoline consumption. I get 2 or 3 mpg better fuel mileage than you&#146;re reporting under similar driving conditions, but I&#146;m very light on the throttle.

    link title
  • drgkjedrgkje Posts: 21
  • satiresatire Posts: 71
    You'll need a long shaft, flat head screwdriver. If you shine a light down into the adjustment hole you'll see a white, plastic cap. This covers the adjustment screw. I just pushed mine off since it would be a difficult job to remove it and put it back on. Once the cap is gone, turn the screwdriver in the direction you want. It takes several turns before you'll see any difference. I've adjusted mine two or three times and don't remember how many times I turned the screwdriver. Experiment until you're happy with the results. As I said earlier, this helps a lot but the lights still leave a lot to be desired.

    Good luck.
  • llwysellwyse Posts: 56
    Thanks so much, satire. It was the cap that was throwing me off. I couldn't tell for sure what it was and therefore didn't know what to do with it. Now I do. Thanks.
  • acuraphileacuraphile Posts: 131
    The Service Manager at my dealership expressed no reluctance to raise my headlights. I do agree, though, that despite being better, they don't fulfill their task well. I had previously called Acura Customer Relations and warned that they would be held responsible should the poor lighting system be implicated in deaths or injuries. The lighting is the only thing that detracts from the RL. I have 10,000 miles on the odo and have not yet had a malfunction, nor has a defect appeared. I love how the car handles and I find the interior luxurious and tasteful.The electronics and sound system are incomparable - easy to use and easy to listen to. I couldn't have made a better choice.
  • You're fortunate your Service Manager is helpful. His counterpart at my dealership said the headlights are on specification and refused to adjust the aim. Frankly, I doubt they even checked.
  • acuraphileacuraphile Posts: 131
    My advice would be to take the Service Manager aside, and in tones without anger, impress upon him in human terms how frightened your family is at night, and that your night time obligations aren't being met out of abject fear. Mention in detail the handful of occasions that caused you great alarm as a result of non-visibility and near accidents. Tell him that your wife is fearful about driving with you at night. Tell him that you can't conduct your life in this nanner and that you're frightening your children with sudden unecpected movements prompted by the sudden appearance of a strange opposing vehicle, that was virtually not revealed until the last critical moment when you made an avoidance maneuver that caused my wife to climb over the back seat and comfort the children. This is purely intolerable. Your job is not to anger the SM, it's to impress hm in human terms. Bring yout wife in once. Have her express her dismay. These are your lives,. No time to be sqeamish. Be strong - don't fold!!
    Good Luck!!

  • crxsi420crxsi420 Posts: 2
    The chargin system failure alarm is right. You have an issue with the charging system. The battery can hold enough power to run electrical 12volts. Since electrical doesn't pull a lot of power, the battery can keep them running with out problems. Now when you start the car your battery will loose volts, and anything less than 10volts won't start your car. I'd have the battery tested (any parts store will do it for free) and that should fix the issue.
  • crxsi420crxsi420 Posts: 2
    Here is the thorn that has been in my spine for weeks now.

    My 1995 Acura RL gauges went out on me a few weeks back. Nothing works on them, no lights, gas, tach, speed, temp, trip meter. The only thing that does it the blinker indicator arrows. I have checked ever single fuse known in the car with my volt meter, all of them are good. I've checked every dimmer and light relay/switch i could with my volt meter, all seems normal. Now everything else in the car works with no problems, all electrical works as well. Could this be the VSS (vehicle Speed Sensor)??? Or the actual gauge cluster itself? Can the VSS shut down everything on that cluster?

  • Thank you for your thoughtful reply. I had a similar conversation with our Service Manager, saying we were surprised on two or three occasions when objects suddenly appeared in the headlights and put it down to the very abrupt low beam cut-off. The result was disappointing.

    We like our RL, but have given up on the Acura brand. The road service department left us stranded, and the dealer's penchant for selling profit-boosting unnecessary services has resulted in squabbles. Though Acura products feel better, we have set aside the purchase of an MDX in favor of a Lexus RX 330.
  • i got my gun metal aluminum 18 inch rims and michelin pilot tires from curry acura for about 2500 including shipping to hawaii. they came with the tire pressure sensors. i paid 70 dollars to have a local rim shop change the tires but you probably could do this yourself. stick with the aspec acura rims, otherwise your warranty may be invalidated if you use other non-acura aftermarket rims (so i was told by my local acura dealership).

    here's the link: give them a call and speak to joe.

    i'm sure you'll love them as much as i do. they really add to the aesthetics of the rl.
  • drgkjedrgkje Posts: 21

    I looked in the service manual but it only covers 96-04. However, the basic schematic is the same over the years so the following from the '96 pages may be worth a try.

    Most of the warning lights, gauges, and gauge-illumination are powered by a relay; for 96, it is the 3rd relay from the battery on the radiator side. The relay coil and contacts are powered by 2 separate fuses...assuming you have checked all three.

    The same relay also powers the outside heated power mirrors. So...
    * are the power mirrors/heaters working?

    There are a few lights that are not powered from the same relay: turn signal indicators, high-beam indicator, charging system indicator, low oil indicator..

    I understand the turn signal indicators are working....are other lights above working? High-beam should be easy to check, the charging and oil lights should come on when you turn the switch to on.

    If these lights are working, I would suspect the wiring feed or connection from the relay to the cluster. If these lights are not working, you will probably have to take the cluster out to check for damage.

    So far I have not seen any link between VSA and gauge

    I'll study the manual further and see if there are any links to other systems (other than the power mirrors)
  • When my wife and I both enter the car (each with a keypod) it seems fairly random which keypod is picked up as primary for the drivers settings. Is there someway to get it to recognize the person coming through the driver door vs the passenger (timing maybe :) )? Or is there someway to reset it to 1 vs 2 if it picks up the wrong person (not just the seat)? Thanks,

  • Moving to the north shore of Long Island, NY. I thought I would start using the dealer near by. I called Rallye Acura, Roslyn, NY -- for an appointment for routine service. Simple enough? Nope!

    I thought it kind of strange when the first question was "Did you buy it here?"

    They asked for my name/number and said they would call me back. (Again, a little strange!) No call ... I called back the next day! They said they would call - "When they had an opening!" Huh??? I haven't heard from them in a week! Talk about being "Blown off!"

    So ... While searching for a 'better' dealership online -- I found that Rallye won the "Precision Team Dealer of Distinction" for 4 of the past 6 years. Huh??

    1) They only service the cars they sell ... Wow, they must sell a lot of cars!
    2) They must really suck up to the customers they already have.
    3) They have Acura SNOWED big time!

    Later, I asked about the dealership from someone that lived here her whole life. I was told to never buy there! They are a bunch of "stuck up snobs"! She was judged the minute she walked in the door by her 'relaxed attire' -- The salesman assumed she wasn't able to afford the car. Quote: "Are you sure you can afford this car?" What the ...!!!

    They have lost at least 2 sales/future sales via this arrogance!

    Go ahead -- Give them a call. I'll bet you get the same response. (Mind you - they didn't even bother to check the schedule!!)
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