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Acura RL Maintenance and Repair



  • klisterklister Posts: 8
    I don't know who designed it, but I like it. I like being not having to take the key out of my pocket to open and start the car. I like being able to just touch a dimple on the door handle to lock the car. I don't mind the ignition switch on the steering column so that I can start the car with the emergency key if the battery in the remote goes dead. I know that some early models had problems with the door handles not working properly, but mine have always worked (17 months now). Also, I have never left the ignition in the accessory position and drained the battery as some people have. The 06 now even has a warning if you leave it in that position.
  • nebraskaguynebraskaguy Posts: 341
    I don't know who designed it, but I like it. I like being not having to take the key out of my pocket to open and start the car.

    I agree. It's one of my favorite things about my RL. It's especially great in the winter when I was always forgetting which of my many pockets I'd put my keys in that time.
  • acctprofacctprof Posts: 41
    I leased a 2006 RL April 21st. So far, I love this car. The only problem I have had is that twice when I put my briefcase with key fob in the back seat, the car didn't recognize me. The other 95 times there was no problem. The key fob is large enough that I don't like carrying it in my pocket, so I just leave it in my briefcase when I go to work.

    Has anyone had a similar experience? Does the key fob have to be in the front of the car?


  • cstilescstiles Posts: 465
    Klister and Nebraskaguy---now be serious, if you could choose between the keyless knob/stalk and a push button start, which would you prefer? There is no question in my mind that the push button start (which just about every other keyless setup offers), is superior. I scratch my head on why the S2000 has a push button start, yet the RL has the keyless stalk. And both from the same maker. Someone educate me on why the stalk trumps the button.
  • klisterklister Posts: 8
    The major advantage to me is being able to keep the key in my pocket, not whether I have to turn a knob or push a button. If turning a knob gives me an easy way to still be able to start the if the remote battery goes dead, then it doesn't bother me. Button pushing is also easy but then there has to be another way to start the car if the remote battery fails.

    I am comparing with not having a keyless ignition or having one like the BMW where you have to insert the remote and then push a button which doesn't seem to be much of an advantage.
  • chiefmacchiefmac Posts: 10
    Hope you're still around to receive this. The new transmission was installed. The noise is not as noticable at lower speeds now. It does not become annoying until about 72 through 80. The technician did not know what else to try. He took me out in an '06 and I heard the sound around 40mph. Maybe it is just something the tranny produces. I'm trying to live with it for now. Four years warranty may give it time to get worse or become easier to identify. I really love this car so it is disappointing.
  • nebraskaguynebraskaguy Posts: 341
    Klister and Nebraskaguy---now be serious, if you could choose between the keyless knob/stalk and a push button start, which would you prefer?

    Frankly, I don't care which it is. All I care is that I don't have to pull my keys out every time to open and start my RL.
  • johnhaydjohnhayd Posts: 11
    FWIW, I think the acura system is easier and more intuitive to explain to parking attendants than a push button system.

    I agree with others that with either system, (with most cars), one doesn't have to get the keys out to open/close/start the car.

    To each his own: choice is an advantage in the american car marketplace!
  • wallmwallm Posts: 8
    I was planning on buying an RL but after reading about all the experiences that owners have with their dealers and cars, I think I will pass on it. I compared this to the 'Problems' board on Lexus and it seems like the dealerships are a lot more helpful. The key reason I buy Japanese cars is because my work doesn't allow for frequent trips to the dealer. If there was a problem, I would not be able to easily make multiple trips to an Acura dealer just to be told "thats how the car is supposed to work". This message is targeted more to Acura -- you are losing business even with people who want to buy your car. :lemon:
  • cavteccavtec Posts: 7
    smart guy! the car isn't the wonder it is claimed to be.

    Perhaps, that is why Acura is offering a $3000 dealer incentive to move the RL. It gets a junk rating in my book. :lemon: :lemon: :lemon:
  • Big mistake. If you take the time to scan backwards from today, you'll see that this forum has really quieted down the past 6+ months. There were a few, early software issues (all easily resolved by my dealer), but the basic car is solid as a rock. My very early '05 is rattle free, trouble free, and an exceptional road car. Highway mileage at 75-85 consistently is in the 26-27 mpg range.

    The NAV system is the best in the business. As is the sound system. Dollar for dollar the RL is more car for less money than A6s, E-Class, or 5 Series.

    You put too much weight into what you're reading here. I couldn't be happier and the RL owners I encounter on the road concur.
  • cstilescstiles Posts: 465
    Cavtec and Wallm---first of all, you are sitting in the "RL - Problems & Solutions" board. So, you are going to read nothing but "problems" here. Secondly, the fact that 20-odd people on an Edmunds board happened to say that their car or dealer is junk, it's statistically so meaningless it's laughable.

    Equally, when 20-odd people come to the "My Dream Car" board and wax poetic about how their (fill in the blank) is the best car on the planet, that also has zero statistical significance. Do use Edmunds as one source, but if you reach the conclusion that the RL is a lemon based on these comments alone, you may want to revisit your hypothesis.

    The RL is far from perfect. (What car is?) But it is an overall reliable and well-designed car. Other external sources of information confirm that. If you haven't driven or tested one out, definitely do that. Then if you decide the car ain't for you, then all power to you.

    Remember that most satisfied RL owners are not coming to Edmunds to toot their horns. They probably have a life.
  • jtsjts Posts: 15
    I own an '05 RL purchased last November and now have over 20,000 kms. on it. I have driven it in all weather conditions (I live in Western Canada). Last winter I drove back and forth thru the mountains twice with only the all season tires and around the west coast in heavy rain. Previously I have owned 4 E Class(one was a 4matic) and an '05 subaru Outback Turbo. The RL has been fantastic and the SH-AWD is as good as it gets. While some of the interior pieces aren't as nice as the E Class, as far as I'm concerned I'm way happier. The car has only really had one warranty item, a door armrest with a small bump in it,(I'm picky!!) which was handled without problem. Sevice at the 2 dealers I use has been terrific and everytime it's in for service I receive a call from Acura Canada within 3 days to ask if I was happy with the service. I won't bore anyone with my problematic and unsatisfactory experience with MB but I am thrilled with every aspect of the RL, no it's not perfect but it's close enough for my uses. It's the workhouse in our family as we also have a Boxter S for fun. I won't be changing to another brand anytime soon.
  • llwysellwyse Posts: 56
    I'll weigh in on this discussion, too. As indicated in the last three posts, I also couldn't be happier with my RL. Purchased on January '05 and have 15,000 miles. (I rotate daily driving with a MINI Cooper S.) I have the 18" wheels and summer performance tires for this time of year. Awesome! The car has been trouble free, continues to be tight as a drum and an absolute joy to drive (or should I say "experience"?). I, too, have no intentions of getting rid of the car any time soon. I get a little brake caliper "rattle" between scheduled service, but that's really my only complaint. I think there are a few things that could be done to improve it, specifically rain sensing wipers and cooled front seats. Now that the prices have come down from when I purchased, I do think it is exceptional value, all things considered.
  • jjacurajjacura Posts: 808
    "Remember that most satisfied RL owners are not coming to Edmunds to toot their horns. They probably have a life."

    Hello [cstiles] must be talking about the many posters that were in here almost 2 years ago now that went forward and bought this great car. Me included. I don't feel any strong need to go to this forum or the other RL Forum any more to regularly defend it because the satisfied owners have said it all over and over again.
    It has been a dream car me.
  • nebraskaguynebraskaguy Posts: 341
    I don't feel any strong need to go to this forum or the other RL Forum any more to regularly defend it because the satisfied owners have said it all over and over again.

    I agree. I used to come to these forums several times daily to read and sometimes respond to other posters. These days, I often don't sign in for days and rarely post any more. My RL is the best car I've ever owned, bar none and it's wonderful to drive. My only regret - I don't get to drive it much anymore since I now walk to work.
  • bobrlbobrl Posts: 6
    The temperature gauge on my 06 never gets to the mid-point (dead center) as it does on any other car I own. It stops about a 1/4" below mid-point. This is not a serious problem, but I wonder if this is the norm for this car. Anybody else experience this? Everything else is perfect.
  • Anyone have any knowledge of how effective the actvie noise cancellation is? Any way to evaluate it on/off. I'm intrigued by it, and am considering an RL - but I'd like to know if its a gimmick -seems like Honda only offers this system on vehicle that can run on one bank of cylinders (variable cylidner management). So does it do anything in the RL?

    I wonder if a salesman would let me pull the fuse for the stereo to determine the difference...??
    Thanks for any feedback
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,926
    The noise cancellation can be turned off through the system setup menu. From my experience with it in the RL, it's not effective at all.
  • Actually, it can't be turned off. I forget the name of the feature you're talking about, but it isn't the ANC.

    A while back, someone actually took a meter and tested with the microphone open and blocked and there was a substantial difference. The ANC worked well (> 5db?) but it is only designed to block lower frequencies, rumbles, etc. so is often mis-understood.
  • What the heck, I'll chime in, too, because I get tired of reading how buggy and unreliable the RL is. I've had mine for 18k miles and 18 months now and it has only been to the shop for oil changes and other routine maintenance. Yes, they've done the software updates but all cars get those these days.

    This has been by far the best new car I've owned in terms of quality and reliability.
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,926
    It's called Audio Pilot. When I was testing out an '05 RL, there was an option in the Audio/Setup menu to turn Audio Pilot off. The way it was explained (and advertised in manufacturer print material), the Audio Pilot is the noise cancellation system.
  • acuraphileacuraphile Posts: 131

    I, too, rarely look in at this forum, in which the RL - and its dealers - have come in for harsh criticism. My experience exactly mirrors that of jjacura: this is the finest car that I have ever owned. Additionally, my dealer has been scrupulous in his attention. This leaves me puzzled. Are these strong, negative postings simply reflecting the infinitesmal things that must go wrong simply because they're the product of human endeavor, and must therefore be discounted as representing Acura's body of work?

    Based upon past and present Acura ownership,my enthusiasm is undiminished - every drive around the block is a pleasure!!

  • jjacurajjacura Posts: 808
    Wish I could post a smiley Emotorcon in the Title.:) It is a pleasure to see your post George!
    I have turned 19,000 miles and all is amazing with the RL. In 5 weeks I will be making the drive from Wisconsin to Arizona :shades: and back for a month and so the miles will pile up. Looking forward to smooth power driving through Colorado where if I decide to tackle the Rockies the SH-AWD will prove to be a real asset. (Last time I drove over them was in April of '66 in a Volkswagen bug :lemon: during a snowstorm at Loveland Pass with an 18 wheeler coming at us using 3/4 of the road. :surprise: ) I do know that the roads have been improved substantially since then and in August don't anticipate any problems. :D

    Question regarding tires. I plan to keep the OE Michelins on for at least another winter but was considering going to the Pilot Ultra Performance All-Seasons in the future. Does anyone have them now and if so how do you like them?
  • jtsjts Posts: 15
    Gee, I'm glad I spoke up the other day about how happy I am with my RL. It's nice to know I'm not alone. Thanks to all for the backup on this one.
  • shs111shs111 Posts: 39
    I just wanted to check in with my fellow Acura RL owners. While I have really loved this car for the year I've owned it, I am a bit annoyed with some of the minor issues including the most recent, the AFS Warning Light. I brought it in to the dealer (Boston Acura) to have them check it out about a month ago, they said that they couldn't find a problem. In the past week the problem has gone from bad to worse . . . what was formerly an intermittent problem that was typically addressed by turning the car off is now an ongoing problem. For those of you who have had this problem: what did your dealer eventually uncover, and how was it resolved?

    I think that Acura should require its dealers and their service departments to subscribe to and read this forum. So often they shrug their shoulders and say "We've never seen that problem before" . . . when in fact it's been discussed several times here on the forum.

    Thanks all.
  • johnhaydjohnhayd Posts: 11
    I too was worried about all the 'issues' is the 2005 RL. Like others, I noticed the complaints on the board decreased with time. I'm a VERY happy owner of a 2006 RL with tech package and backup camera. NO problems so far. when I've brought the car in for routine service, the service department (pleasanton, CA)has been exceptionally nice: nicer than even the excellent BMW dealer across the street that I used before I bought the acura.

    I also enjoy the adaptive cruise control and use it much more than I originally expected: it really reduces stress on drives with medium traffic.

    re: temperature gauge: mine never gets up to the midpoint either, even in 90+ degree weather with the A/C on in heavy traffic.
  • jtsjts Posts: 15
    If the Michelins that you are thinking of purchasing are the Pilot Sport AS, I have them on my wife's MB C Coupe and they have been excellent so far. I have a number of friends that are on their second set, many with AWD cars. I will probably put them on my RL when the time comes. They are likely to be similar to the original tires in snow but better on dry and certainly better in the rain.
  • bucketsbuckets Posts: 6
    does anyone know where in cabin air filter is located? i had a vw passat which air filter was in engine compartment at cowl. i know some vehicles have it near glove box. thanks
  • jjacurajjacura Posts: 808
    JTS Yes thanks....good to hear about those tires...One more thing ... I understand they are even quieter and give you a slightly more comfortable ride as well.
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