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Ford Escape Mazda Tribute Owners Meet the Members

Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
edited June 2014 in Mazda
Introduce yourself and get to know other Escape/Tribute owners here!

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  • snowmansnowman Posts: 540

    I am hoping to know every Escape/Trib owner here. I've got 05 Escape XLT AWD and 05 Trib S AWD.

    Very satisfied with both of them. Wife drives the Escape she loves it. In fact when I was driving 00 Taursu, she didn't even let me drive it and told me to buy another one. So here I am...
  • dc_driverdc_driver Posts: 712
    Own an 05 Tribute S AWD with side curtain airbags, auto-dimming mirror, and Package 3 (leather, sunroof, heated seats, 6 disc changer, etc).. I love this car! My Tribute is Silver.


    Snowman, were you a previous Escape/Tribute owner prior to the 05 models? I test drove everything in the small (although I do not consider the Tribute small) and mid size SUV category (to include Subaru, Honda, Hyundai, Toyota) and I kept coming back to the Tribute..


    Anyway, hope some more members post here!
  • mphxazmphxaz Posts: 27
    Hi snowman & dc

    Picked up our 05 Tribute S FWD in December for my wife. Side curtain airbags, auto dimming mirror, Package 2 (Leather, 6 disc cd, no sun roof) in Arizona white. So far she loves it and I find it a blast to drive also (when I get the chance!).


    Been eyeing the Tribute for several years, but didn't care for the auto on the column. With the 05 design change to a floor mounted shifter and the excellent end of year incentives, we felt it was the right time to go for it. Looking forward to many years of zoom-zoom!
  • snowmansnowman Posts: 540
    No, this is my first Trib. The reason I bought my Trib is my wife's Escape, LOL.

    I did a long research on Escape/Trib before buying.

    Read all forums. And I am satisfied with my decision so far.

    I looked at Vue, CRV, Equinox and test drove them.

    Vue has major reliability issues.

    I find CRV over priced. Also latest engine fire issue (I change my own oil), along with pulling problems and I4 engine made me walk away.

    Equinox has extremely cheap plastic interiors and made in China engine.

    Escape/Trib has what I wanted to have in a compact SUV.
  • escapenutescapenut Posts: 117
    Own a 2001 Escape XLT V6 FWD. 63K reasonably trouble-free miles with regular maintenance and oil-changes. Running complete synthetic Mobil 1

    oil and tranny-fluid. Power steering flushed once, brake system flushed twice, coolant system flushed twice, tranny flushed three times to date.

    Serpentine belt changed at 60K. Water-pump belt not changed yet as it seems to rotate slower with

    not much wear on it still. Original OEM front brakes changed at 28K (at dealer $495), then went to aftermarket ceramic-enhanced pads and new rotors at ~55K, cheaper than OEM and don;t dust-up front wheels like OEM pads. From what I've seen of the '04-'05 OEM pads they're not much better with the wheel dust that my '01 was. Have added a K&N air filter, but after hearing about problems with K&N type-oil gumming-up airflow meters, am thinking about switching back to regular-type OEM filter. Have been religious about changing even my synthetic oil every 3K miles.


    Changed out the original Conti's at 30K to a store brand at Discount Tire called Pathfinders. I believe that they are made by Cooper. Started out much quieter, but 18 mos. and 33K miles later they are almost as loud on the road. Guess I will suck it up and buy Michelin's or another brand next time. But I'm convinced that any SUV tire is louder than a touring-tire regardless.


    No stalls or breakdowns on road yet, but have had the PCM reflash recall. I'm expecting to get a letter from Ford about the just recently announced recall on the hatch-back for Escapes and Tribs.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    I was beginning to wonder if anyone was going to show up here. :-) Welcome and hope you enjoy the place!

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  • I bought an '05 Tribute in mid-December (auto, 4 cyl., FWD, no frills). Great SUV! After just over 1 month and 2200 miles, I think this truck is awesome! So far, haven't noticed any squeaks, rattles, NVH, or anything like that. I've already had to drive it several times on snow and very slick ice, and I'm amazed how well it handles.


    Other cars went sliding into ditches, but I had no problems (I'm sure brand new tires helped!). It holds a lot of stuff with seats down, too (moved a large buffet and a chest of drawers in one trip, with the hatch down).


    I had a Mazda6 before this, which I loved, but the driving position was terrible for me so I traded up to my first SUV. I think I made a good decision, just hope I can get a lot of miles out of it. I researched a lot of SUV's and found that the Trib could be had with a lot of nice standard features (alloy wheels, longer standard warranty, etc.). What was odd to me is that the Trib handles better on the road than the Escape and had more standard features, but cost less. I don't understand the logic there, but I definitely took advantage of it. Love my tribute!
  • nanas2nanas2 Posts: 4
    Bought my wife an 05 S 4WD, we have only driven it once so far and love it. Got her the car for upstate NY-I am going on recruiting duty and wanted something warrantied and reliable for her. Now I wanna go get me one.... Look forward to hearing about y'all.
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 12,032
    actually, my wife is the owner. have a loaded '04 escape limited 4wd black/black. like the stereo, leather is nicer than my explorer, gas mileage is in the epa range. startup traction in snow is a-ok. best part for me is i don't have to give up my explorer on snowy days. my wife only drove her previous highline euro car a few times in the snow, then we just switched vehicles. about to hit 10k miles in 10 months. i think the escape is kind of pricey, only one cosmetic trim problem. tires have been noisy depending on rotation. i also find the gas pedal a bit jumpy compared to my explorer, but get used to it after driving it a bit. i wish it had the keypad entry and autolocking doors.
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  • I have a 2004 Escape with a leaky transmission. It has been to the shop twice. They say it was a problem with a gromet on the dipstick. It was replaced and it still leaks. Anyone else experiencing the same problem?
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    Sorry you're having troubles. Please post over in Problems & Solutions topic. You will get a much quicker response from other owners there.

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  • normkolnormkol Posts: 135
    I own a 2002 Tribute ES, V-6 4WD. I'm very happy with it. Had to have the steering rack changed, the sticky gas pedal will have to be dealt with for the second time, but otherwise the car has been reliable.


    I have 40k miles, the tires have probably another 10k left, and I'm still on the original brakes.


    Now my wife wants an 05, so we are checking it out.
  • Hi,

    I have been reading the forums and posting in some. I am now within 2 weeks of purchaseing my new mid SUV. I have decided on the Escape or Tribute. Both have incentives that are attractive right now. In your opinion which vehicle would you get if you had the choice and why? I have yet to drive a Tribute, but will. I have been in both though. Looking to get only FWD Leather and upgraded stereo system. Looking forward to being a member. Help a brother out in deciding. Both dealers have pointed out differences with the Ford dealer stateing resale as their main advantage.


  • snowmansnowman Posts: 540
    Congratulations, I am one of the forum members that I have both 05 Trib and Escape. Both AWD and V6 models and with side airbags.

    Here is what I see:

    If you live in north east, I highly recommend getting AWD. I pulled out my trib 2 feet of snow covered driveway with no sweat.Regardless which one you pick, get V6.


    Even though they are almost same vehicles, there are some minor differences.

    Escape has little soft brake pedal, trib has very firm one. Escape gas pedal is very sensitive, Trib requires some push. But both of them are very powerful vehicles.

    Escape CD player doesn't play home made CDs, Trib's does.

    Transmission: Shifting characteristics and maintenance are the same. Engine and everything else is the same. And, as you know Mazda comes with longer warranty.

    I like Escape more because it has rugged look.
  • >Escape CD player doesn't play home made CDs


    That's not true, for 6 disk changer at least.
  • I found the ride to be a little 'cushier' in the Ford. The Trib on the other hand, was a little tighter on the bumps, but felt more nimble in turns. Mazda supposedly put an extra 6 months tweaking their steering/suspension to feel more like a Miata. Evidently they got it right, since the Trib outslalomed the Accord in Edmunds' road test by 3.1 mph (in 2001).


    Of course, this all pertains to the 01-04 models, because I haven't kept up with what changes they made in 05.


    I chose the Trib for its sportier handling and better warranty. I ended up not getting the factory premium sound. The standard CD player is not bad, but I couldn't bring myself to spend $500.00 for an in-dash changer when I could pick up an aftermarket unit that is light years ahead of it and costs about the same. I'll post a "hello, my name is ____" message shortly, where you can see what kind of stereo stuff I found for the Trib.


    I never thought I'd use 4WD in sunny Florida - until hurricane Ivan hit us (Pensacola-Panama City) and flooded our roads. 4WD is one of those features you never miss.... until you need it in the worst possible way. BTW - All you 4WD folks should check your rear diff if you enter high water; water can get into the diff through the vent quite easily, causing all kinds of nasty stuff!


    Well, both the Ford and Mazda are fine vehicles, but one thing you should keep in mind is that Mazda offers a 4yr/50,000mi, as opposed to Ford's 3yr/36,000mi drivetrain warranty.


    Resale is nice, if you are intending to sell within a few years. I usually keep my vehicles 7-8 years and put a ton of miles on them (100k+). No car will have a decent resale after that.


    Good luck in your choice, and remember - I'll be jealous of your 4-wheel disc brakes! =)
  • Hello from Florida!


    I bought my '04 Tribute last July. I guess it was the LX version, as 04 did away with the DX/LX/EX badges. It's the 3.0L 4WD version, White with Mineral Brown cladding, tan cloth interior, tow package, step plate. No sunroof, no side airbags (unfortunately), no premium sound. For a stocker, though, the CD player is not all that bad.


    I've had a couple of things go haywire on me, so far. The first thing that happened was a leak in the thermostat housing. The dealer found it to be a bad O-ring, but replaced the entire housing anyway, which I thought was nice. I just recently took the car in for an oil change, and they supposedly found leaking rear shocks, which were replaced. They cracked one of my interior panels in the process, but replaced that, too. And, of course, there's the accelerator cable recall. After being fitted with a new cable that moves easier, the gas is a little touchy, but my cruise control no longer surges. Go figure. Other than that, it's been very reliable. I've got 9,000 miles on it, and it's still going strong. Surprising, since it's been through 4 tropical storms and a cat-5 hurricane.


    As far as add-ons:

    Front + Rear mud flaps

    Kenwood DDX-7015 touchscreen/DVD player

    Kenwood KNA-DV4100 GPS navigation unit

    MB Quart RCE-268 6x8 component speakers (2 sets)


    I decided not to shell out the money for the premium sound. I used that cash to pick up the stereo stuff off ebay for about the same price. If you're looking for a fantastic stereo replacement, look at the Kenwood - it handles mp3 and wma formats, and accepts DVD R/RW data discs. That lets me keep around 180 albums on one disc, eliminating the need for a changer.


    Well, hello again to all my sibling Trib owners. It's nice to meet you!
  • snowmansnowman Posts: 540
    This is my experience, none of my copy CDs are playing in my Escape but they play in my Trib. And my escape has 6 disk changer.
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,124
    I own an 01 V6 XLT 4WD Escape in black. Now have almost 50,000 trouble free miles. Use this vehicle to tow my two watercraft, visit ski areas in the Cascade range (MT Hood, MT ST Helens, MT Adams, ect..), and fishing spots too! The wife and I took this vehicle everywhere. Sooo... I sold the Accord and bought here an 04 Tribute ES V6 4WD and she won't let this one go! She claims to love to drive this vehicle. I feel Ford/Mazda hit a good homerun with these small utes..
  • Hi everyone, I bought a used 02 Tribute ES and got the certified used car warranty from Mazda for another 3 years. It has around 50k on it and so far it runs solid. I did notice it is a little noisy on the highway compared to the Caravan I replaced it with. It was fully loaded and it great shape so I am very pleased with the purchase so far.
  • pdc2pdc2 Posts: 15
    I have a 02 XLT AWD escape, with just under 40,000km (? about 25000 miles)almost entirely city driving in Calgary, Alberta. There had been one engine stall and a sticky gas pedal in the first year, the 6-CD stereo wouldn't eject CDs, had no other trouble I can remember.

    Just bought 3 more years warranty. dealer is calling me to do cooling system flush and for a brake calipers check, but assured me that normally brake rotors can be turned once and that I don't need to flush the transmission for another 10000km.

    The 6-CD stereo in my excape would take home-made CDS, but the Hyundai tucson and the Kia Sportage would take MP3 as well (the USA models have more features and priced lower than in Canada, you don't know how lucky you are).

    This reminds me to chase Ford to return the 6 CDs stuck in the old stereo, they were all 1950 oldies and very precious.
  • I have 6 disk changer as well, stock 2005 job #2
    It plays all home-made CDs.
    Try some friend's CDs or different brand.
  • I had a problem in my Bose stereo in my Altima. It would not play Memorex CD's but played TDK's with no problem. Have had no issue playing TDK's in my Tribute.
  • I have a tribute with 66k on it. 4cyl, manual.
    Im getting these squeaks while acclerating but doesnt seem to be a normall belt issue. I can put under a load, downshift and hammer it with no noise at all. But when Im crusing at any speed and touch gas, i get the squeak. Like little mice under the hood. The belt looks fine but I have another to put on anyway.
    Couldnt get tensioner to budge- not like other trucks I have worked on. any help on the above would be greatly appreciated!!!

    thank you,
  • snowmansnowman Posts: 540
    You might want to visit problems forum... but this could be pulley itself...
  • snowmansnowman Posts: 540
    This could be the case, as soon as I finish this batch I'll try different brand...Thanks
  • Hello to everyone. I finally decided to join in on the forum. I bought my 02 LX a few months ago. I have taken it in for all of the most recent recalls and have had the transmission flushed, including an additive added to help eliminate some O.D. slipping. Other than that, it's been a very good vehicle. It has gotten me through the most recent snow storms here in Central PA, which is the main reason I chose it in the first place.

    I welcome any suggestions on where I can find a louvered cover for my fog lites (had to replace one recently).
  • Hi there,

    I'm in the process of shopping around for a new vehicle...finally had enough of my 2000 Jeep TJ.

    So far, I test drove the 2005 Mazda Tribute GX-V6, at roughly $29000CAD, and the 2005 Ford Escape XLS at $30200CAD.

    I really liked the take-off and road handling on the Mazda, and the Ford had a good road handling. Both seem to have the same Fuel economy. As for cosmetics, I preferred the layout of the console in the Mazda.

    So far, from what I've read, Mazda has a better warranty, and it somewhat a little less expensive, which I still have to negotiate price with the dealer. as for servicing, I have no idea what to expect from the local Mazda dealer, and the local Ford dealer has a new owner for the past 3 years or so, and from what people say, they aren't impressed with the service...this came from the ex-service manager from the Ford that's a selling point for me.

    My father, good heart, but insists I check out another Ford dealership, and has been a Ford man since I can remember. He called a dealer in a small village about 1 hour away (in the middle of nowhere), and was told that I can get an XLT for $32000, and my father says that I'd be able to get an XLS for $25000....that's fine and dandy, but if they are the same, I think I'd prefer the Madza V6 with the above mentioned pros towards Mazda, and the fact that if I have problems with the Ford, and I'd bring it to the local dealer, what kind of service can I expect if i don't buy it from them.

    So all this to say that I'm a little torn, and am wondering if I'm missing some things to look for as a comparison...1 thing I forgot to ask each dealership was on "loaners" if I need servicing, seeing that it's imperative that I need a vehicle for work.

    So far, the Mazda seems like the logical choice, but still have to see what each dealer will give me on my trade-in.

    If anyone has any ideas what else I can look for, please let me know. thanks
  • rachabotrachabot Posts: 1
    Glad this forum is here. My wife and I both have Escapes. Hers is an 04 XLT FWD V6, with Leather, full A-Clad gloss paint (Satin Silver / Dark Silver) and premium wheels. She also has the MACH stereo (AWESOME!)<- That was my input. So far this one has had 15,000 trouble free miles and in April will be a year old. Mine is an 02 XLT 4WD V6. Mine is not leather :(, no MACH stereo :( :(. White on tan. Mine is driven heavily. I have had mine for 10 months and put 23,000 miles on it. I change the oil every five weeks. It has a new set of tires and had the brakes / rotors replaced. Beware of this and have your rotors checked. They wear quickly (on Escapes, don't know about Tribs). I have performed all of the recommeded maintenance and so far this has been a great machine. I hope it lasts. It has 62,000 on it now. For buyers, good gas mileage, great performance (V6) and fun to drive. As far as the CD issue, ours play any home made CD. 6-CD in-dash systems. Thanks.
  • >

    I agree with this observation. I drove Miata's for 13 years (a 1992 and a 2001) and just a few weeks ago traded in the 01 for an 05 V6 Tribute. While not the same ride (particularly since I installed upgraded anti-sway bars in the 01), it's close and at times I'll push the Tribute harder than I intended to, since I'm so used to driving the Miata. The Trib sticks to the road and goes where I aim it, which is the best way to drive!
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