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6 Things I Learned After 1,100 Miles - 2016 Honda Civic Long-Term Road Test

Edmunds.comEdmunds.com Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 10,315
edited June 2016 in Honda
6 Things I Learned After 1,100 Miles - 2016 Honda Civic Long-Term Road Test

We've had our long-term 2016 Honda Civic for a few months now, but we haven't really taken it on a proper road trip. Don't worry though, we'll fix that.

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    longtimelurkerlongtimelurker Member Posts: 455
    "It slices, it dices...it even makes julienne fries!"

    "i ­A­m s­h­o­c­k­e­d t­h­At y­ou ­c­A­n ­g­et ­p­A­i­d $9327 ­i­n ­f­our w­e­e­ks ­o­n t­h­e ­i­nt­er­n­et. ­h­Av­e y­ou s­e­e­n t­h­is w­e­b ­l­i­n­k ­g­o t­o t­h­is s­it­e ­h­o­m­e t­A­b ­f­or ­m­or­e ­d­et­A­i­l--->>>w­­­w­­­­w­­­..."

    “Take my husband. Take my kids. But don’t take my FlowBee!”

    "How much would you pay? Don't answer!"

    Consider decaf. Your inner 16-year-old is close to being an outer 16-year-old.
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    tlangnesstlangness Member Posts: 123
    I don't drink coffee but I'll take that into consideration. Also, MAD VTAAAAK!
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    carboy21carboy21 Member Posts: 760
    Just buy a used mustang and pimp it up with bling bling :)
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    bankerdannybankerdanny Member Posts: 1,021
    The perspective on that shot with the first gen Civic understates how much bigger it is. I had one of those, a 1970 non-CVCC with a 4 speed. The car was TINY, and yet even so I easily fit in it despite being 6-4 (the same was true of my 1980 Fiesta and my current 1972 MGB-GT from my avatar). The current Civic is a Crown Vic compared to the original.
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