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Pontiac Sunfire



  • When I start my 1996 Sunfire convertible when it's cold (2.4L, manual transmission, 152000 miles), my Check Oil light stays on. If I turn the car off and back on, or if the car is warm, the light does not stay on. I had a sensor (Sorry, can't be more specific) replaced without any effect. Any ideas on a fix? BTW, there's oil and an OEM filter.

    Thanks for looking into this.
  • The rear turn signals in my 01 sunfire are getting some sort of build up in them and causing the bulbs not to work. I tried cleaning them out and replacing the bulbs but it keeps coming back. This time around it even killed the bulb. In the middle picture the bulb on the right seems to be corroded. Basically I need to know how to clean these and prevent it from happening again. I can't keep buying new bulbs every month. I'd appreciate any advice you can give me. Thanks!
    Images are too big to post in msg but click the links to see examples
    corroded bulb
    old bulb
  • I own a 2000 pontiac sunfire 2.2L. The check gauge light comes on after I fill up and the gas gauge takes a very long time to go from low to full. I have also noticed a decrease in my fuel mileage recently as well and just a general rough idle. I am thinking maybe fuel pump is potentially going out or perhaps i just need to replace the gas cap. Or could it be a cooling or compressor sensor going out?? Any help or feedback would be great. thanks
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