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Mercedes-Benz M-Class (2006+)



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    Gasp! I don't believe it!

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    So now the pressure is on us!! We have to get some posts back up here.

    So how about those Cal Bears losing to Arizona? Oops, wrong forum.

    Thanks, Tidester. Smart move on your part. If someone doesn't like this forum they don't have to visit it. For those of us who appreciate the conversational flow and the valuable tidbits re certain models, the general forums are the only place where that can happen.

    Good thing I had my email tracker still on, or I never would have known this was reopened. I just hope we haven't permanently lost too many people.

  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    Good thing I had my email tracker still on, or I never would have known this was reopened. I just hope we haven't permanently lost too many people.

    Bingo! Glad I didn't change mine either. Yeah I have a feeling a lot of folks have left so it may take a while for it to get around that certain threads have been re-opened.

  • palmharborpalmharbor Posts: 26
    My ML500 is now 23 months old with 20,500 miles. After a rocky start with the transmission, I now find it quite good, and don't think that there is any other SUV in its size that I would prefer. I did try out a diesel the other day, and was quite impressed with the performance.

    I replaced the tires this past week although I probably could have gotten another couple of thousand miles on the original continentals. I put on a set of Michelins new luxury crossover tires, V rated, for $1007 at Costco. What was disappointing at Costco was the wheel balancing. When they balanced the new tires, they naturally removed the factory weights, but didn't remove the old adhesive, which leaves an ugly black strip on the silver wheels. Costco won't remove it, as they claim they don't know how to do it without possibly damaging the finish, which I think is BS. The tire technician suggested using acetone or paint remover, but said on his own car he uses his fingernails. I tried that, but it didn't work. Costco has a good price on the tires, but I would take them to the MB dealer for mounting after this experience. Does anyone know a safe way to remove the adhesive?
  • sb55sb55 On an Island in VermontPosts: 320
    "Does anyone know a safe way to remove the adhesive?"

    Try WD-40...spray it on and let sit for a minute, then wipe off.

    2007 Miata PRHT, 2014 BMW 535d X-drive, 2017 Chevy Silverado LTZ Ext. cab with 6.2 V-8

  • Have the same vehicle with the same transmission problem. I would LOVE to receive a copy of the service sheet showing what was done to correct it. (888) 664-1999. Thanks.
  • I have a 2000 ML320 with about 82K miles. It's been a good vehicle, but starting to have more and more problems. I have been offered a great deal on a 2007 ML350, but am curious about reliability. Obviously that has been a major issue in the past.
  • I'm new to Mercedes, new to the board and have a question for those with a bit more experience.

    My 2006 ML has the birdseye maple finish with an all leather steering wheel. I want to upgrade to a wooden wheel but only see the option with burl walnut. When looking at the options on the '08 I see it is available with the birdseye but when it gives a description it mentions the burl. My question is, has anyone ever seen a maple wood and leather wheel out there or know if one is available?

    I would appreciate any feedback you can give, Thanks
  • The ML was redesigned in 2006 to a completely different vehicle. It is unibody now and drives much like a car instaed of a truck. I own an 06 350 and Love it. If you look at the reviews on the 2006-08s you'll see how the reliability issues have drastically improved as well. I suggest you test drive the 07 and you'll see the difference from your older model. Now is the perfect time to deal. I bought mine in December last year and got a great deal. Good luck.
  • chintchint Posts: 30
    I recently traded my R for a new ML320 CDI . I find it little difficult getting in and out of ML without side steps or running boards as ML has little higher ground clearence than the R.

    The cost for the delaer installed option when purchasing was 510 ( Free installation) Unfortunately the dealer had the part on order and I did'nt want to wait

    But now when I enquired my local dealer about the running boards he says the price is 940 + installation

    Any recomendations on where to get the running board ( the new aluminium ones with black spots)
  • lawing1lawing1 Posts: 3
    Am considering buying a 2008 ML350.

    Have the 2006 ML350 7-speed transmission problems (jerkiness, surging and lunging) of the vehicle when driving slow or stopping been resolved by MB?

  • s550iwishs550iwish Posts: 28
    I currently own the 2007 ML350. When i drive it, i dont feel any problems at all. Every once in a while the car doesnt shift automatically to the next gear. It takes a couple seconds. But never felt any jerking or lunging.

    lawing, you should not get the 2008 ML just yet. if possible, wait until may or until the 2009 ML Class is released. It looks sooooo much nicer. look it up or go to this link below for some pics of it.
    The 2009 ML will receive a facelift as well as minor changes to the rear as you will see in these pictures. celift
  • April 15th, '08 QUESTION: IS THERE ANY HISTORY OF LAWSUITS AGAINST MB FOR POORLY MADE CARS? The latest update: dealer wants $4000 to DIAGNOSE problem noise, which seems to be in the transmission. That will make $10,000 in 12 months! Connnecticut car, purchased new. We've seen it all...thousands for brake rebuild, a rim and tire replaced ($1500) from turnpike hazard (non-warranty repair, which, dealer says, was changed in subsequent MB warranties because of OUR CAR! (Damaged rim has been on display at the dealership the last 2 years, to show buyers how great the warranty is on the new Benz!) There is much more, of course. An expensive car that promises plenty and doesn't deliver, and offers no dealer/MB support. So: anyone familiar with either lawsuit or a helpful ear at Benz? Any suggestions, aside from quiuckly getting a Lexus?
  • Is it possible to get an update from this fellow? Time has passed, and he may have perspectives which would be useful for me. Our cars were both purchased new, and he was already -then- having transmission problems. We also spent a fortune repairing power steering.
  • dmaxwellhdmaxwellh Posts: 11
    Any idea when the '09 model will become available? Thanks.
  • mbzfan06mbzfan06 Posts: 15
    Some of the early 2006 ML's had tranny problems, but it seems they have fixed that problem... my 2006 ML350 tranny has been fine from day 1.

    I had a power steering and suspension part replacement that was covered by a recall notice, but they were never problems.

    Why was your power steering problems not covered by warranty?
  • inge2inge2 Posts: 1
    I have a 2006 ML 350 and a couple of months ago I started to have the same problem with the transmission. The car is at the dealer at the moment and they will let me know an estimate tomorrow. Is this a normal wear&tear problem? My warranty is over.
  • cneffcneff Posts: 65
    your warranty should not be over, 4 years 50k miles - whichever comes first. Have you done 50k miles already?
  • Trying to decide between R class with 9K miles or ML350 with 22K wants 30,900 for both..I can't afford this you think I could get either for 22K???? Also which car is better...seem to both be bad on gas?
    I need help..I always leased but trying to be more frugal..what should I offer? I can provide more details if needed..thanks
  • Hey there, New to the forum. Looks like everyone is super helpful- so thanks for that upfront. I'm curious to see if anyone has any thoughts on the above models that I'm considering. I'm in the market for an SUV/Crossover- and have already ruled out the Lexus RX, Porche Cayenne, Range Rover and the BMW X5 due to personal taste. It's down to the above- and would love any insight/opinions from people who have gone down a similar comparison road. :) Thanks!
  • jaws4jaws4 Posts: 11
    Hey, found the following on a MB owner group website. Looks like a pretty knowledgable reply regarding the 06 ML transmission problems. Hope this helps....

    An 06 ML came with a 14 06 valve body which allows the 2-1 downshift before the vehicle reaches a standstill. This down shift is very un comfortable in traffic. When the dealer checks for newer software the computer states there is no newer software available. The solution is to replace the valve body with a 13 06 or a 21 06 which accepts the new software and takes care of the shift quality. The dealer has to submit the part numbers and software levels to MB to recieve authorization to replace the valve body under warranty. Please be patient and ask for a shop foreman to be involved as many techs are not aware of these details. Hope this helps.
  • chelentanochelentano Posts: 634
    How does the bluetooth work on 06-08 M-Class? Is it part of some package? I just visited local MB dealer and salesman says that I have to purchase $500 adapter though that 2007 M350 comes with COMMAND navigation.

    I imagine that adapter required only if I need to transfer my phone book, but if I just want to pair car bluetooth with my iPhone I would not need an adapter. It seems salesperson does not get it right?
  • I suspect you need the "blue tooth" module, it fits in the center console under your arm rest.

    You can see a photo of what it looks like here

    it is 1/2 way down the page and silver with a blue end.

    I bought mine at the dealer when I bought my car and got a nice discount across the counter from parts.

    Its called "MHI Bluetooth Interface Module"; You can also find after market ones, but I never tried them. This thing works pretty good, and it does download your address book, previous calls etc, .

    There were not many options for me to go aftermarket when I bought mine, but
    try this.

    try google for that module and you might be surprised, I see them on Ebay, and here ($250)

  • yes, thank you. I actually got one on eBay for $120 - original "MHI Bluetooth Interface Module"
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    The first thing to check would be the transmission fluid level.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • subdensubden Posts: 40
    Just coming out of my 3 year lease in this car with P3 and sport package. Really nice vehicle with virtually no problems. Super solid and stable driving.
    One question..anybody else notice windshield/wiper icing issues in cold, snowy weather? Seems I have to run defrost on high almost all the time to keep from icing up.
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