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2006 Toyota RAV4



  • quickdtooquickdtoo Posts: 266
    Yes, they use 3M tape that's already attached, all you have to do is remove the backing.


    While I'm at it, here's the deflector I got from my dealer.

  • jimd4jimd4 Posts: 877
    Well other net RAV4 sites have found that the converter box is part of the $132 extra harness from Toyota. This runs from under the dash to the rear of the truck. The converter box isolates the trailer from the vehicle electrical system as I understand the discussion. See RAV4World.
  • jimd4jimd4 Posts: 877
    Anyone lookng for a V6 Sport in Flint Mica, Sunrise Toyota on Long Island, NY has one of tonight. Pretty well loaded but no curtain side bags.
  • wizzobutterwizzobutter Posts: 72
    The moulding looks very nice. Looks like it will protect from dings at just the right height.

    About the hood deflector, will that help prevent rock chips on the hood? My 7 year old black Camry had about 30 chips in the hood before I traded it in 2 weeks ago. The chips were spread out all over the hood.
  • quickdtooquickdtoo Posts: 266
    I hope so, the new water based paints are notorious for chipping, the only other choice would be to cover the hood with 3M film!
  • avrguy73avrguy73 Posts: 26
    I think the only thing preventing chipping would be a full front cover. I've got chipping right away on the bumper.

    I also think that the placement of the gas tank door release lever is bad.

    Someone mentioned before that the interiro plastic is cheap. i think it looks ok, it is just very thin and bends easily.

    Indeed, the touchy auto down/up window switch drives me crazy too. i think they should use a stronger spring in the switch.

    I am getting 20.5 Mpg in city out of the 4 cylinder. I am happy, this is a 30 mile gain over my old Jeep Liberty for the same 5 gallon of gas!

    a HID headlamp would look good on this car.
  • lirlir Posts: 81
    "I am getting 20.5 Mpg in city out of the 4 cylinder."

    Is that a 4x4? I averaged 24.5, but I have the 2 wheel drive/4 cylinder. Guess I was used to my Accord, now it seems as though I see the gas gauge needle drop as I drive from point A to point B.
  • avrguy73avrguy73 Posts: 26
    Yes, it is a 4WD but that should be only 1 mpg under. The car is still new though...
  • mwinter66mwinter66 Posts: 5
    I have a Sport, V6, 4WD and my first tank averaged 22.5 mpg. It's a mix of highway, rural, and some stop and go traffic. Not bad. Much better than my 99 Silverado I just traded in.
  • andrelaplumeandrelaplume Posts: 934
    To be that molding really makes the car look sportier and better. Plus it will protect it. Did the color match exactly? As I understand it I'll have to get some sort of UPS number and have it sent from Canada right? Is it a genuine Toyota part? How much was your hood protector? Did you instal lthat too? Was it hard?

    T H A N K S !!!!!
  • quickdtooquickdtoo Posts: 266
    The color matches perfect, they don't have any markings on them or on the shipping box, just part number labels with Toyota Canada on them. They're marked special order on the invoice, so I don't know who the supplier is, but they are offered as an accessory on the web site in the accessories configurator which is pretty kool, you can choose the vehicle model and color and see what each accessory looks like.

    You need to open a UPS Occasional account to allow the Toyota dealer to charge shipping to. You'll need to register at UPS to do that, everything is explained on their web site

    The hood protector was normally $100, but I got a new car discount at my dealer, $65 plus tax. Easy to install, just follow the pretty good instructions.
  • andrelaplumeandrelaplume Posts: 934
    My wife wants her Disney Plate back on the front of her 06 RAV. My dealer said there was no license plate bracket kit; just to buy a frame and use self tapping screws....does this sound right? Anyone try it secure?

    THANKS quickdtoo for the moulding info. I must contact them. Perhaps they can get the chip guard for the hood too!
  • jbolltjbollt Posts: 734
    Thats the way it is on both my 03 and 05 Highlanders, and my daughter's 03 Camry. I hate to spoil the clean front end look with a plate if my state doesn't require a front plate.

    For what it's worth, if you have to put one on, it IS secure.
  • doctyphoondoctyphoon Posts: 25
    Has anyone found a color & model combination that they really consider a headturner, one that would draw you eyes in a crowded parking lot, for example? The closest I have seen was a Sport in black, with the larger silver wheels seeming to stand out nicely. The other one I have seen that is worth mentioning is the Blizzard Pearl Ltd., it had a refined look that caught my eye.
  • jimd4jimd4 Posts: 877
    None of the RAV4 colors are anything to write home about.
  • sayers1sayers1 Posts: 42
    NY requires a front plate. I hated to do it, but tapped into the front grill. It is very secure. I put 4 screws in so it isn't going anywhere. If you only put the top 2, it could potentially flap around. There are 2 dimples for the top 2, but measuring up the plate I had to adjust down a tad, so the bottom holes would like up with the grill on the bottom 2.
  • raydahsraydahs Posts: 449
    The only headturner in my book would be "School Bus Yellow" kind of like the X-TERRA or the Isuzu Vehicross.
    Here's a pic of what it might look like.... :surprise:

    Sorry, couldn't resist :shades:
  • 2sachse2sachse Posts: 5
    We finally got this vehicle. 2x4, V6 limited, third row, tow pack, air bags, mud flaps, day time run lights, and a ridiculous dealer fluff package 'Extra Mileage Package B' (carpet mats, superfulous edge trim and pin stripes I made them remove, first aid kit, 100k mile tire warranty, other misc dealer profit). I HATE that, but Gulf States adds it to everything. Paid $26,000. I've never had such a hard time finding a vehicle, but it worked out in the end. Seems one RAV4 equipped this way per color per ships to Gulf States region and most are presold. Well, we bought a barcelona red one at the end of April when the original presale fell through.

    First tank of gas got 21 MPG 100% city and lots of jackrabbiting. That gas pedal takes some getting used to. HUGE change from my 2002 Suburban. Obviously.

    Still need to deal with the fact that the 'tow package' doesn't actually include anything you need to actually tow - like the hitch or wiring harness. That's irritating. The tow package on my Suburban included the alternator, wiring, transmission cooler, AND the hitch and wiring, so I assumed that was the way with Toyota too. Wrong. I just installed a tow hitch (Hidden Hitch) brand ($135 w/ $15 shipping) Took 30 minutes tops to install with 4 bolts and 20 minutes of that was spent rounding up my tools. Still need to deal with the wiring harness.

    Anyone know if you can get a wiring harness with a 7 plug? That's what's on the pop-up camper I tow. Everything I've seen available from Toyota is a flat 4.
  • battinabattina Posts: 19
    I think fint mica is outstanding, its beautiful from a distance and is intricate up close!
  • silverphxsilverphx Posts: 41
    Do you mind me asking where you purchased your hitch from? That seems like a pretty good deal. Was it really that easy to install? You did not have to cut through the bumper did you? Does it look nice? What brand was it? I want to install the same thing on my V6 RAV4 Limited. Thanks.
  • silverphxsilverphx Posts: 41
    As promised, I'm back to report my MPG. I have not been following these posts real close, so I don't know the latest on the MPG, but here's my info on our 2 1/2 month old V6 Limited 4x2. (This has been all stop and go city driving)

    First Tank: 20.1 MPG (However, I now know this was NOT a full tank of gas from the dealer--so I don't put any credit on this tank)

    Second Tank: 21.4 MPG
    Third Tank: 22.7 MPG
    Fourth Tank: 23.1 MPG
    Fifth Tank: 22.1 MPG
    Sixth Tank: 23.0 MPG
    Sevnth Tank: 22.3 MPG

    Its been averaging about 22.5 over the last couple of months. Not too bad for a powerful V6 in the city. We're happy. (And to think, I was trying to talk my wife into a minivan because I thought the gas mileage would be better!)

    Just a couple of small little quirks I wish were different. The overhead dome lights in the car are a little too bright. I wish the park shifter had an actual red indicator down by the "P, R, D, 4, 3, 2". At night especially, its a little difficult to tell which gear you are in when you shift because the letter/number does not light-up by the shifter. Instead, you have to look in the dash to tell. I also do not like the fact that side bumpers are not a factory install---these should be standard---at least on the Limited Editions. Finally, I don't like the fact that a rear compartement overhead dome light does not exist. It would be nice, at night, to have an overhead dome light when I open the back door to unload things. It's a little dark back there--that little light on the door lights up the ground, but the interior very well.

    Overall though, we are very happy thus far. Its a very fun car to drive.

    By the way, I love the steering wheel mounted audio-controls.
  • markiz7markiz7 Posts: 19
    Recently I pressed brake little harder than normally while standing and waiting for green light and "Slip Indicator" light came on on my 2006 RAV4 4x4 Limited.
    I tried to reproduce it and it happened again. Is it supposed to be like that. Would other RAV4 owners confirm it?

  • johan1johan1 Posts: 21
    That seems pretty weird. I'll give a try to see if that happens with mine. But, I did see Slip light on twice when I started from a green light making a turn and acceleration at the same time. And the acceleration was not that harsh either.
  • andrelaplumeandrelaplume Posts: 934
    Nice pics! I see you put on a front license plate. Did you just use self tapping screws? What did you do for the bottom 2 screws...seems like it was not meant to have bottom ones?
  • andrelaplumeandrelaplume Posts: 934
    We just took delivery of our 06 RAV. Is it safe to wax it? What should I use? I have Nu Finish and just got something called Meguiars NXT Spray Wax?
  • quickdtooquickdtoo Posts: 266
    Thanks!! The front plate holder was put on by the dealer, they're required here, just two screws in the top, none in the bottom.
  • jimd4jimd4 Posts: 877
    Read the manual. I think that is the up or down hill holder coming on. I had that on a test drive. I think if you press the brake hard for 2 sec while stopped it puts on the brakes or something.
  • lgslgs Posts: 27
    I'm looking at base models of the 4 cylinder 06Rav4 and 06CR-V. With the Rav4 having the most recent redesign,

    I'm leaning towards it, but the older CR-V design has a 5sp Automatic, and standard side airbags, and these are major features that I'm suprised the Rav4 doesn't have.

    Am I missing something here? What makes the new 4cyl Rav4 better than the old CRV? Pricing on the CRV seems better as well.
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