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2006 Toyota RAV4



  • petlpetl Posts: 610
    Can you tell me where I can view this information on locked doors being safer than unlocked ones in an accident. I find it a little hard to believe. The door is either closed (latched) properly or not. To my knowledge the only way a car door will open is if you pull on the handle. If the door is locked it won't. If the accident is severe enough, I don't think it would matter whether they are locked or not.

    If there is a vehicle out there where the door latch system is weak, I would love to know which one it is. There was something a couple years ago about the Odyssey's rear hatch opening during impact (with the possibility of the rear seat passengers being thrown). Maybe this is what you are referring to. I believe that problem was rectified quickly.
  • quickdtooquickdtoo Posts: 266
    New keys from the dealer are close to $200, the engine controller (computer) in the last vehicle I owned, a 2002 Chevy, was $450.
  • avrguy73avrguy73 Posts: 26
    Well locking a door? I have known it for years, they taught us this way, but maybe I am outdated on this. I thought that locking the door, the mechanism itself also secures the latch in place, so it will not open on impact no matter what. When you close the doors it is only half way secured, but when you lock it, it locks in further down.

    To my knowledge the RAV4 has a "black box" or data recorder, which records how you drive. So if you slam into somebody at 50 MPH in a 35 MPH zone, you better not say that you drove the speed limit. And I am not happy about this, especially when I am not getting any deductibles for it. Big brother ffect I guess.

    Also the computer should automatically unlock the doors after the impact, shut off the gas pump and such. I repeat, after and not during the impact.

    Anyway, I like my doors locked automatically and I would still love to see having as an option with the keyless entry.

    I know what you mean about locking the doors for security and I have this for you guys: safety tips.pdf#search='locked%- - - 20car%20doors%20in%20accident?'
  • saqsalmsaqsalm Posts: 17
    Same thing happened on my 2006 4x4 V6 Rav4. Slip Indicator came on when I pressed the brakes harder than normal while waiting for the green light. Does anyone know why this happens?

    I've found the drive a little firm. I checked the tire pressure, and its at 36 psi. Manual says it should be 32 psi. I wonder why Toyota puts 36 psi in those tires.. I know from prior comments on this forum that some have had to reduce the psi to 32. Would most appreciate comments.
    thank you
  • wizzobutterwizzobutter Posts: 72
    Thanks. I will definitely buy one, after seeing how easily scratched my bumper is. Thanks for the info.
  • avrguy73avrguy73 Posts: 26
    Talking about tire pressure. I have two gauges, both brand names, one is analog, one is digital. However the measurements differ, it is about 3 psi between the two. Now that is enough to be misleading.
  • jimd4jimd4 Posts: 877
    I think if you look in the book this is normal. The up or down hill holder thing comes on I think if you press the brake for 2 sec while stopped. I saw this on a test drive but the sales woman new nothing
  • martin16martin16 Posts: 11
    This might have been asked/answered already, but has anyone replace the fabric tire cover of their Sport model with the hard plastic one that comes with the Limited?

    What did it cost?

    Does it fit the 18" wheel of the Sport OK?


  • quickdtooquickdtoo Posts: 266
    Someone priced it on another forum, $800!!
  • andrelaplumeandrelaplume Posts: 934
    I just want the door locks to automatically lock when either I start the car or put it in gear. Its been that way on all cars I have owned recently including my 02 Camry.

    As far as it being safer, people forget to lock their doors or periodically have both kids and adults in the back seat. It nicer not to have to engage the child proof saftely locks and then not need to let adults out the back seat. I always worry that there will be an accident and the kids will be unable to get out the rear doors, perhaps even trapped. Also, I know I'd feel better if my wife is at the mall with the kids and as soon as she starts the car it locks so no one outside the car can get in. I mean they have the double click safety feature on the keyless fob to open all or just the drivers door, why not an auto lock feature. It just seems likely Toyota took some features away, likely to cut down costs. Much the same as they eliminated door locks from all doors and hatch except on the drivers door. Just like they eliminated the glove box light too. I mean we are paying a premiumn for a Toyota, whats a few more bucks!
  • jimd4jimd4 Posts: 877
    They pump the tires up for shipping!
  • typesixtypesix Posts: 320
    Just about every new vehicle can record data for a certain time limit.
  • Have dealt with this extensively over the past two weeks. It appears that the "Tow-prep package" includes a larger radiator w/ trans cooler, larger alternator and battery, and pre-wired for towing, and 30 amp fuze in the fuze box under the hood. Everything is there except the hitch and wiring harness for the tow plug. Seems the "pre-wired" means that there is an extra connection under the dash near the wiring connector box that allows you to connect the $189 dealer provided wiring harness to it and run the harness to the back of the vehicle and connect to the converter box then out the rear to your towing plug connector (4-pin system). The 7-pin plug is not an option. If your car is not pre-wired for towing, there is an extra jump wire to go to the under the dash fuze box and an extra 15 Amp fuze for the wiring in the kit. Everything needs to be installed and is estimated at 1.5 to 2.0 hours since a lot of the interior panels and rear area panels need to be removed to route the wiring harness. The only difference I have found in the purchase of a generic towing harness ($45) other then the price difference is that with the generic system you will be splicing in the wiring to existing wiring with small splice connectors instead of a plug for the connector box under the dash that comes with the dealer kit. Even got the printed installation diagrams and instructions from the dealer manual so I can do my own installation. Only problem is do I want to pay a $140 difference in price of the dealer provided kit vs. a generic kit just so I do not have to splice in wiring. Both kits come with wiring, converter boxes, and 4-pin plugs.
  • quickdtooquickdtoo Posts: 266
    The tow prep pkg also has bigger electric fans to include 50amp breakers installed in the Fan 1 and Fan2 positions in the passenger side fuse box instead of 30amp fuses.

    The OEM wiring harness is available for less than $115.
  • avrguy73avrguy73 Posts: 26
    I doubt that my previous truck, the 2002 Jeep Liberty had this data recording feature.
  • jimd4jimd4 Posts: 877
    Thanks for a very handy input on the harness.
  • avrguy73avrguy73 Posts: 26
    I talked earlier about automatic door locking absence on the Rav4. I found this product:

    what do you think?
  • tbjorkmtbjorkm Posts: 3
    How much was the dealers manual with the printed installation diagrams and instructions ?

    My 2006 sport w/towpkg has a female connector right next to the 12v accessory outlet in the left rear compartment.
    I'm wondering what that is for.
  • I checked the link but it appears this device is for the Previs only?
  • thecatthecat Posts: 535
    I've been keeping a spreadsheet on mileage since I purchased the car. After 6 tanks I'm averaging 24.9 mpg. I would say my driving as mixed .. maybe 50 / 50 although I don't drive in the "city" very often so I would call it highway / local. I'm quite pleased with the results.

    - hutch
  • jimd4jimd4 Posts: 877
    So when your driving on the "highway" what speed do you run at?
  • mwinter66mwinter66 Posts: 5
    I'm confused? My V6 Sport has a hard plastic cover for the spare tire except for the back edge that is vinyl with elastic to hold it onto the tire. Is this what you are referring to? If so, that's how mine was equipped.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Sounds like you hung up your racing shoes. ;)

  • thecatthecat Posts: 535
    I run along at 65-70 when it's possible. The Balto. beltway doesn't always permit getting above 60 but I-95 is another story.

    A.J. - racing shoes? I only drive other peoples cars like that. :blush: You must have caught me on a bad day .. or three.

    - hutch
  • jimd4jimd4 Posts: 877
    I have been keeping up with this forum for about 6 months and I would say most owners here are very satisfied with RAV4. But when I look at some other RAV4 2006 forums I seem some problems that make me wonder:

    V6 throttle too sensitive when starting off
    Steering motor overheating
    window rattles
    sunshade rattles
    Intermittant steering at speed
    Low torgue/power in reverse on steep grades
    I4 start up acceleration not consistant
    Noise/clunks on sharp turns etc.

    Any of the owners here seeing these things?
  • quickdtooquickdtoo Posts: 266
    V6 throttle too sensitive when starting off

    The throttle on my V6 is touchy, but not to the point that you can't get used to it, kinda like the gated shifter, just need time to get accustomed to it.

    Steering motor overheating
    Window rattles

    Not an issue....yet!

    Intermittent steering at speed

    Some may mistake torque steer as a steering problem with the V6 at full throttle operation, not a problem for me once I was aware of it.

    Low torque/power in reverse on steep grades

    Not an issue, I had to turn around on a single track road while offroad once, backed up a steep bank, not a problem.

    Noise/clunks on sharp turns etc.

    Experienced this once just after I took delivery, haven't since.
  • typesixtypesix Posts: 320
    Correct, should have stated many new cars have the data recording feature, primarily GM and some Fords. Other makes ?
  • jimd4jimd4 Posts: 877
    Ok thanks. I had seen the V6 torque steer at low speed at a Sport test drive and thought is was bad for a 2006 design but not something that was a show stopper. You get used to it I am sure. The steering is very quick and light on the Sport so you have to "drive it" more closely than some other modern cars, Audi for example.
  • I am considering to buy a 2006 RAV4. My local Toyota dealer quoted me a price of $23,732 for the following config:

    V6 4WD Base Model
    Factory Installed Accessories: FE CD DR AW GY TO
    Port Installed Accessories: C4
    Classic Silver Metallic

    Is that a good deal? Any suggestions?

    What is an option "C4" anyway?
  • sayers1sayers1 Posts: 42
    C4 may be floor mats
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