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BMW 7-Series 2007+



  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,604
    Edmunds True Market Value pricing thinks it's worth $59,000 private party, $61K dealer and $65K certified CPO car.

    So looks like you have room here to negotiate. I'd certainly opt for the extended warranty if you plan to keep the car for any length of time.

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  • I'm thinking about buying a 2006 used 750i Luxury--not sure what the "Luxury" entails within the car. My concern is that it's at a BMW dealer but it's NOT certified. The dealership is closed right now so I can't contact them to find out why it's not certified. They have other cars there that are certified. I looked the car up on Carfax and it's had one owner in GA which that is where I'm planning on purchasing the car. My question is why would a 750i not qualify for a CPO? Also, it has 43K miles on it, but it was bought in August 2005. So that's less than 15K per year. Does anyone know the true value of a non certified BMW? I know that a non CPO is cheaper than CPO, but how much cheaper should it be? How many miles will this car last? 100K? 150K? Of course this car will be maintenanced at a BMW dealership at every service intervals. Can I get an extended warranty on a non CPO car? What is the average cost to have the car serviced? According to Carfax, in February 2008 the front and rear brakes pads and rotors were replaced? Should I expect other wear items needing to be replaced soon? One thing that caught my eye on the Carfax report was at the last dealer service date it just says "Vehicle serviced; seatbelts checked." Would this might have meant the car was in some type of an accident? I live in the southeast. In fact, I used to work at BMW manufacturing in SC. We make the Z4, X5, and now the X3 in 2010. Any other suggestions before I decide to purchase this car would be of great help and greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance for your assistance!
  • hmm. I am also like you considering getting a used 2006 750i

    if you check ebay motors

    you will see there are a big bunch of them .. and some are priced in the low 30s..
    thats cheap, there were 75-80K and now 35K. they lost 40K in 3 years depreciation. wow !

    I would say most of them are coming off 3 year leases. and have been sold to auctions.

    while talking to a dealer, he suggested that best would be to get a car which has not run out of warranty and then buy 4 year 85 K or 100 K additional warranty.

    I ran some quotes of and for a 49K 2006 car it came like 3000$.. not bad. as that will cover most of the big ticket item repairs

    so , how would this deal be. we pick up a 750i for say 35K and add the warranty. and have peace of mind for next 4 years?

    also what I want to know if some one can give me a approximate figure of the servicing required for a 2006 for the next 4 years. ONLY for routine maintenance.
    taking it from 50K to 90K.
    BRAKES 300-400 bucks a year ?. 2000 for 4 years.
    60K servicing.-a dealer told me it cost 1600$
    what else. say tires. 600-800 each 3 years?
    90 K servicing. ? 2000 more
    add another 1000 unforeseen ?

    hence will it be . 7000 ballpark ?

    any comments.

    thanks in advance.
    Dallas TX
  • I'm driving 200 miles to look at a BMW 750i tomorrow. It's at a BMW dealership and has been fully inspected by them. It has 43K miles on it, and they are asking $35K. I'm going to get the extended warranty for $4,900 with a $0 deductible. This covers everything except for wear items. The contract is good for 4 years/100K miles. But I'm also going to buy a maintenance warranty for $1,800 which covers all wear items except for the tires and all service maintenance items. I know for brakes and rotors cost around $1,100. I'm not sure that if you buy a BMW from a private seller if you would be able to purchase the service (maintenance) warranty. You may want to check into it.
  • I too am looking at used 750's and am amazed at the relatively low prices. I would beware though of any other warranty other than a BMW CPO. However, the CPO has its limitations. It is only good for 6 years or 100,000 miles after date when it went into service.

    Wouldn't the money-saving plan with the most BMW official warranty coverage be to buy an 06 750i , not the more expensive 750iL, with a entered into service date of say January, 06 and the CPO coverage? You'd get 3.5 more years of BMW warranty coverage.

    On the other hand, I can't help but think that the economy isn't going to get any better and used 7 Series prices will take a hit this fall when a re-styled 7 Series makes its debut and the current 7 Series will no longer be the current style.

    Finally, for anyone contemplating a 7 Series who lives in New England, we should factor in a complete set of winter tires and wheels. A package from the TireRack could easily hit $1500!
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,604
    If you buy a 7 Series, you have to accept a very high level of depreciation. It just comes with the beast, no matter what the year/model, good economy or bad.

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  • Yes, I also thought of that. ie try to buy a late 2006 model.

    but you see. the 81 cars or so you see on EBAY. ie. nationwide. the exodus of 750 2006 models which have come up. they are mostly. lease returns. and I have browsed thru most of them. they all are put into service july-Aug.2005 time frame. Hence if we want a jan -apr 2006 model. it will have to be from a private party or a lease breaker..

    Also, the CPO warranty. ? I dont thinK see it on any lease returns. Why would a leaser be even offered CPO. hmm. I think it is some thing they can add only if the seller agency is a BMW dealer?
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
    A large local newspaper would like to speak with consumers who currently own or had owned a BMW 7 Series since the 2002 model came out. The reporter wants to discuss topics such as the Bangle butt and the iDrive. If you are interested in speaking to the reporter, please respond to with your daytime contact information no later than September 15.


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  • Good research. It makes sense that most leased cars would go into service very early-on in the model year to minimize the depreciation.

    I wonder what it costs the BMW dealer to CPO a 7 Series? Maybe $1500 in paperwork with BMWNA plus whatever parts and labor is required? But since all BMWs come with free maintenacne you would expect that all the cars coming off lease would be up to snuff maintenance wise.

    I think you can snag a fairly good low mileage 2006 750i or 750iL for 41K. Thats got to be a better deal than a new 5 Series for 50K.
  • hmm.
    i did not think about it from that perspective.. ie. that the cars have been dealer maintained.. some times they say that leased cars are not taken care of properly, but this wont be the case for BMW..

    and yes, I agree a new 5 series. cost like 50s.
    why settle for that, if u can get a 7 series. for 35K.. look on EBAY, I see 92 2006 750 cars listed... some of them in the 32 to 37K range..

    one car dealer told me. make sure u buy a car which has less than 49999 miles. becuase u can still get addl warranty on it. easily. dont let the orig warranty lapse and then add another 4 year 100K warranty or some thing like that for 3-4K. additional.

    one more suggestion. : how about getting a low mileage 2005 745i and getting the addl warranty for 4 yrs. 100K... but I dont see too many 745i on sale...

    the 750is will be rolling. even more of them.. as they keep getting off lease...
  • I am in the same situation as you, im purchaing a 750Li 2006.
    Looks like you can pick one up CPO at a dealership for around 40k excluding TTL w/ 35k miles average.
    To add to this, you get 1.9% APR w/ 2 months free payments!

    BUT the problem is I can get the same car private party or 3rd party dealership for 35k!
    NO CPO no ext warranty, no maintainence pkg.

    What to do?

    Anybody recommend 3rd party warranty companies? Do they honor their word?

    Can I still purchase the maintainence plan 100k 6 years if I purchase from a 3rd party? (This is different then the CPO warranty). This covers oil changes, brakes, etc. ??

    Does anybody have costs for me? What shoud I expect for maintainence plan? What is the cost for warranty plans?
  • I need to know if it is advisable to buy extended warranty on my 2006 750m LI. It has only 30000 miles and I do not drive that much. So can you let me know if I should consider buying the warranty or just take a chance. This is my first BMW. So I do not know if these cars are reliable. I would appreciate if you can let me know.
  • I am curious as to whether BMW fixed these problems. I am having the exact same issues with a 2008. Local dealer saying all is normal. Everyone in family who drives the car thinks it drives like an overweight minivan. That hurts.
  • Was this resolved and if so, how?
  • Buy the warranty, as the owner of a 2001 e39 540, I have many less gizmos then the new bimmers and stuff still breaks, I didn't get the warranty but got luckly as nothing big happened for 3 years as I worked from home and only put on 5000 miles per year. If and when I buy again, I will get CPO for sure.

    I have a friend who has a 2003 330i, a car you would think that would have zero problems, but he passed on the warranty and ended up spending $3k out of pocket this year, and he only drives 8K miles per year and the car has only 40k miles.
  • I leased a 2007 bmw 7 series in aug of 07 and thank god it goes back next aug,,This car has been a nightmare,,Instead of building cars that you can surf the internet in,,Bmw needs to build cars with quality and reliability like for instance electronics that actually work and continue to work and the mecanics of the car with out problems,,,My 7 series is babied and always gets high quality fuel and gets maintence when needed,,Problems Iam having is faulty suspension that makes this 93.000.00 dollar automobile ride like a beat up old chevy and electronics that sometimes work and dont work,,My dealer says they have to see the problem before they can fix it and than they say the car is operating normally and bmw usa themselves dont want to know nothing from nothing,,,I should of leased the lexus,,,
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,604
    I am so discouraged that BMW cannot square away this *great* automobile. The theory that complexity leads by definition to unreliability seems to have been disproven by Lexus, the latter also replete with many forms of gadgetry (even parking itself).

    I just can't understand it--this 7 series has been around a long time. Seems like the X5 has similar headaches.

    Maybe they need to start with a completely clean sheet of paper on this model.

    Or maybe the dealer network is just not up to the task? But if that's the case, do Lexus dealers pay more for talent?

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  • wabendswabends Posts: 102
    Hi all,
    I am negotiating the price of a 2007 750Li Individual with 24K miles. It has all orions except for AC in the seat. Asking price is $59K. Any suggestions about ball park to aim for?

  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,604
    A private party sale? His price is way high. I'm not sure you can even negotiate at that asking price. I think around $48K--$50K for a beautiful low mileage example from a private party is more than fair, perhaps even generous, and perhaps one could justify a few thousand more for a CPO car with extended warranty from a dealer.

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  • It is too high a price for that model. I bought mine with the same milage for 42000$ and every option in it works like a charm. The price is so high that you may not have any room to negotiate. So good luck, If interested I can give you the name of the dealer I bought it from and he is in Dallas. I have recommended some of my friends and they are very happy with the deals. He is private seller who finds these high end cars and checks them out before he buys.
  • wabendswabends Posts: 102
    Thanks for your response. Can I get it for $50K even with Individual Composition? I understand that option was $11K new. Also, this is from a dealership so the price includes CPO which will end in April 2013. Any thoughts about what to shoot for?
  • wabendswabends Posts: 102
    The specs are as follows:

    Convenience package
    Comfort access
    Cold weather package
    Luxury seating package
    Night vision
    Individual composition
    Rear entertainment package
    Premium sound package

    Did you all of these for $42K?
  • I think 45000 will be tops. If you can get this for this price it will be good deal.
    Good luck
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,604
    I'm thinkin' $47.5, something like that.

    These are hard times and that car is not easy to sell.

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  • wabendswabends Posts: 102
    Car was delivered from dealership yesterday to our home yesterday. Looks great, especially the Jet Black exterior over Platinum interior with piano black trim and rear entertainment package, night vision etc. Think it has every available option except for seat massage.

    The "BMW Individual" door sill is especially exclusive and I also got the CPO with extended maintenance because replacing a brake pad and/or the 20" performance tires will cost more than what I paid for 5 years coverage.

    Thanks for your input.
  • hey you mentioned
    " I also got the CPO with extended maintenance because replacing a brake pad and/or the 20" performance tires will cost more than what I paid for 5 years coverage. "

    I can understand the brake job covered.. how can tires be covered.. thats impossible.
    tires are normal wear and tear..?
  • wabendswabends Posts: 102
    With the 20" performance tire (run flat), the rim costs about $1000 each and that is fully covered under the maintenance package.

    It is just a sound investment for my peace of mind.
  • wabendswabends Posts: 102
    By the way, the maintenance package is different from the CPO.
  • With the 20" performance tire (run flat), the rim costs about $1000 each and that is fully covered under the maintenance package.

    ok so if I understand this correctly, u r saying that if u have a flat and u keep driving and the rim gets damaged then they will cover the replacement which can cost 1000

    hmm, I dont have too much experience with run flats. but does this occur frequently .. i doubt ? first of all getting the flat. and second. keep driving the car. till it is damaged
  • getting 2008 750i with Sport, luxury seating package, 7500 miles for $ 54,900.

    Is this a good price? Is there any room to negotiate?

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