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T100 Cat Converter

griffith_dgriffith_d Member Posts: 23
edited March 2014 in Toyota
I have a 1998 Toyota T100, 3.4l, 2wd, sensor after cat....I cannot find one anywhere...any help???


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    help1help1 Member Posts: 1
    i own a 94' t-100 dx it has a v6 and is two will drive.my problem is ever since i ran it very low to empty of gas i started with the problem it would miss stumble bog down no power and you had to give gradual throttle to make it go some wat anyways i took it in and they changed fuel filter along with basic tune ups stuff. two days later the check engine light came on and the same problem started i did a code check and it came up 71 so i changed the egr vacummme modulater than even changed throttle speed sensor than i even dropped the gas tank and check filter .all good no deprie in tank either.one thing that is to notice thatwhen i first start truck up in morning it runs perfect but it will only last for 7-15 min than stumbling etc would start it never stalls out but you have to gun the throttle at a stand still otherwiseit would stall out any help on this would be greatly accepted please forgive my spelling
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    driftracerdriftracer Member Posts: 2,448
    You've probably already solved the problem, but I've always used universal cats made by Dynomax or Walker - you can get one that matches the type and style (but the not appearance, usually much lighter and less bulky) of your stock unit - you can even get higher performace high-flow cats.

    Check out www.jegs.com or www.summitracing.com.
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