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Hyundai Accent



  • jrtny04jrtny04 Posts: 17
    so with hyundais cool looking accent se costing just under 15k, does anyone know what the cost will be for the elantra?
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,909
    Hyundai announced the price of the '07 Elantra would "start under $14,000." My own take on that, considering the source (marketeers), is that it means the no-options GLS will be about $13,995 plus destination, which would add another $550-600 or so. Then add options like the A/C + stereo package, or the Premium package (the one I'd want at minimum) that includes the A/C and stereo plus power accessories and nicer interior features. I figure that kind of Elantra will be somewhere around $16k MSRP including destination. All just conjecture of course, based on option prices on other Hyundais. That would slot the Elantra in pretty well between the Accent GLS (est. $12,500 starting price for the '07s once they drop ABS from the standards list) and the '07 Sonata GLS (about $17,700 starting price incl. destintation).
  • jrtny04jrtny04 Posts: 17
    well considering there is no difference in purchase price of a hyundai and a toyota/honda why the big difference in resale value?
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,909
    IMO it's due to the strong brand equity Honda and Toyota have compared to Hyundai, and HonYota's reputation for long-term reliability.

    And there is a difference in purchase price between HonYotas and comparable Hyundais. For example, there is a couple thousand dollars difference bewteen the Accent and Fit or Yaris now, including rebates but not including dealer discounts. Discounts are hard to come by on Fits, but not on Accents. So the purchase price difference is probably more than $2000. On costlier models like the Sonata the difference can easily be over $5000.
  • jrtny04jrtny04 Posts: 17
    huh, what rebates, i dont see rebates for the accent, and there is no couple of thousand dollar diference on the different vehicle makes
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,909
    Here's an example: Accent SE MT, MSRP $14,495 including destination. Fit Sport MT, $15,720 including destination (so it's actually more like $1225 difference). There's a $1000 rebate on the '06 Accent now. We may have to wait a few weeks for rebates on the brand-new '07s to appear.
  • jrtny04jrtny04 Posts: 17
    well it seems hyundais msrp is not getting people to rush the local dealership to purchase a new accent, does hyundai thing they will be enticing consumers with a sub par mpg rating.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,909
    I'd call it more like "par", i.e. middle of the pack. Just not an eagle. Not as good as Fit or Versa, but as good or better than the rest in the class. And not that far off the Fit/Versa.
  • kingsalmonkingsalmon Posts: 97

    Do you really have to resort to attacking people, like backy, who I think is relatively objective and reasonable? If you think Hyundai sucks that bad, why do you waste your time on this board? I've owned VW and it is the most pathetic german engineering I've ever encountered. It leaked engine and transmission oil and the gas gauge indicated more gas than was in the tank. The car stalled in the freeway more times than I can even remember. Just because it's engineered in deutchland doesn't make it the greatest car.

    My Elantra, however has been nothing but reliable. Never had to take it to the shop. Got into two accidents and paint didn't chip. No rust stains. Great gas mileage in gentle driving. It is an exceptional practical car that happens to be smooth and fun to drive. Nothing broke off yet and everything feels solid. Even the door handles feel like it's made of good quality metal unlike my previous civic (plastic). Hyundai's of today and of ten years ago are drastically different. So why don't you go check them out before you start ridicueling backy.

    BTW. I checked out the low trim Accent Hatch and it was gorgeous. It was black on black GL or G-something (I believe) and it was already sold on the day that it arrived. Unfortunately, there were tons of Accent sedans but it was the only Accent hatch and it sold on the first day. Beautiful car. I'd take that over the Yaris or Fit any day. Perhaps no the sedan, but the hatches are nice indeed.
  • I just got back from my local dealership (Everett WA) and they had 3 Accent GS hatchbacks. All automatics, all $13,415. One dark blue, one black and one silver.

    Last week they had one dark blue manual for $10,990 that I was really tempted to snap up but I just got new back brakes and 60,000 mile service on my '02 Accent. If it weren't for the maintenance I just got and the fact that I want to see and drive an SE, I would've bought it.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,041
    The title of this discussion isn't "Hyundai Fan Club," and you don't need the secret decoder ring to participate. All points of view are welcome - if it turns into off-topic rants or it's apparant that a member just bashing for laughs, then it's a different story. But negative opinions are fine. Let's stay away from ANY personal comments, and remember, a host is just an e-mail away (from insanity?).


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  • craig10xcraig10x Posts: 8
    Hi: My first posting on the forums...Here's the dad is interested in buying the 2006 Hyundai GLS 4 Door Sedan...Last week, he went into his local dealership in Deerfield Beach, Fla and was very suprised to see absolutely no vehicles of this model in stock, whatsoever...All he had in stock was 1 2007 2 door Accent.

    He told my dad that because the vehicle was overpriced by Hyundai, as is selling poorly, they will not be stocking it until the 2007 4 door models come out, which, according to him, will be priced lower....

    Huh??? Is the car salesman in his dealership completely wacky or is this true??? :confuse:
  • The sales guy was probably right:

    CARLINE MAY/2006 MAY/2005
    ACCENT 3,342 4,555

    Down 26%+ from last year even with a new model. Those truely are awful numbers. It is surprising given that the circa 2006 Accents were awful little tin crashboxes. Then again, compared with the 52% decline that the Santa Fe has experienced, I guess it's not so bad. The only Hyundai model whose sales arn't in the toliet is the heavily discounted Sonata. One has to wonder where Hyundai would be if they hadn't discounted their Sonata $2.5K+ off MSRP.

    Won't be too long before Hyundai rebates the hell out of the Accent like it does with the rest of the line to move what few of them Hyundai made off the floor. If you really want one (not sure why, but oh well), i'm sure the salesguy would be more than happy to get the heap off the lot.
  • [quote]The only Hyundai model whose sales arn't in the toliet is the heavily discounted Sonata.[/quote]

    The Azera has almost double the sales year to date as the XG did last year and is selling for substantially more, so it is not only the Sonata that is doing quite well.

    But this discussion is about the Accent specifically not about Hyundai as a whole. I think once the Accent hatch gets released in larger numbers, the Accent's sales numbers will turn around a bit.
  • "The Azera has almost double the sales year to date as the XG did last year and is selling for substantially more"

    The Azera is a completely different car from the XG. For any car to beat the 6451 YEARLY sales (a mere 3% of total 2005 annual sales) of the XG350, would not be the biggest accomplishment. Without going more offtopic than I allready have (sorry mods!), the XG was rubbish and Hyundai knew it. The car was an embarassment for Hyundai. No wonder it gave $5K+ rebates just to move them.
  • shado4shado4 Posts: 287
    I think once the Accent hatch gets released in larger numbers, the Accent's sales numbers will turn around a bit.

    I agree. I'm waiting for the SE to come in. Today my local dealer had a Charcoal Gray GS hatch on the lot. The 3-door body style looks extremely nice!
  • craig10xcraig10x Posts: 8
    Appreciate the feedback...but kind of surprised at all the negative comments about the 2006 Hyundai GLS sedan...I knew people who owned the older Accents who absolutely love them (and some commute 100 miles to work each way)...and i figured that the newly designed version was even a marked improvement on the old one...

    All the reviews i have read on the web seem to agree...or have i only been getting comments from the Hyundai bashers?
    I am really surprised the car isn't selling well...Anyone who has the car and likes it care to comment? Would like to know what the owners of the 2006 GLS think of it...thanks :)
  • I think it's rather obvious why it isn't selling well.

    1. Hyundai's reputation (or lack there of). Many people assocoiate Hyundai with small, cheap, simple, and poorly put together cars. The Accent (being cheap and simple) are what people think of when they think Hyundai. The Azera and Sonata, and to some extent the Elantra can escape this mentality b/c they are larger, and more expensive cars.

    2. Accent's reputation. Piss poor. Claim all the annecdotes you want of how "my friend's friend had one and loved it," but it was almost universally lambasted as a poor quality car with zero resale value.

    3. The 2006 and 2007 Accent is no longer the very cheap alternative to Japanese and American counterparts costsing thousands more. A decently equipped AUTO Accent (with such luxury options suchs as A/C and PW/PL) now costs around $15K MSRP. Sure there are some rebates, but this price is not the baragin it used to be.

    4. Competitors have taken notice. Only a few years ago, there were few manufacturers producting sub $16K cars. The Accent (and sister Rio) were pretty much it (aside from the crap Echo). Now we have the Scion xA/xB, Nissan Versa, Honda Fit, VW Rabbit, Chevy Aveo, Cobalt, Suzuki Reno, Dodge Caliber, and Toyota Yaris. More competition from more respectible brands (well, of that list, only Nissan, VW, Honda, and Toyota) hurts sales of the Accent significantly.

    Hyundai only appears to sell cars when they can discount them atleast $4-5K below comparable competitor models. When they don't (ala Accent), they don't sell all to well (ala Accent).

    So, the solution? The only way the Accent will sell reasonably well is for Hyundai to significantly reduce the MSRP price. $10K base, $12K full equipped AUTO. That's it...the only way. If not, expect to see declines larger than 26% YTD.
  • joe97joe97 Posts: 2,248
    The other poster is looking for advice on the new Accent sedan.

    While I am surprised by the slow selling pace of the Accent, it has much to do with the onslaught of Hyundai new vehicle lineup more than anything. Not only the supply isn't there (the demand is, however), according to various dealers I've talked to, Hyundai corporate has decided to allocate most of the advertising bucks on cars such as the Sonata and Azera, which is where the most profit is made on cars (it is widely known profit on small cars is marginal at best, across the board in the industry).

    Anyway, to answer your question, craig, I had the opportunity to test drive a 06 Accent GLS earlier this year and came away very satisfied. The fit and finish, much improved vs. previous generations. Both the interior and exterior, very pleased for the eyes - overall I like a lot about how the new Accent was designed, especially the interior. Further, a few months after my test drive, I took custody of my friend's 06 Accent for about a month, while she was out on trips. After extensive experience in the Accent, I was even more pleased. The ride is defn. more than adequate, and the mileage, surprising better than my expectation.

    On that note, I also test drove just about every other car in the class (except for the Versa). I concluded and found every car in this class to be very competitive. Of course, every car had its merits, but also drawbacks, including the Accent.

    The 07 Accents are shipping to local dealers as we speak, and this time, two new trims, both three doors. I am looking foward to test drive the three door, specifically, the SE trim - 16" wheels, sport-tuned, accessories to personalize, and 70% firmer suspension, to name a few - defn. a sporty hatch for sure.
  • "The 07 Accents are shipping to local dealers as we speak, and this time, two new trims, both three doors. I am looking foward to test drive the three door, specifically, the SE trim - 16" wheels, sport-tuned, accessories to personalize, and 70% firmer suspension, to name a few - defn. a sporty hatch for sure."

    But at $15.5K+ for the AUTO, will people purchase it over its competitors? The cost gap is essentially nill at that point. What reason will people have to buy it over the Honda Fit sport, Nissan Versa, VW Rabbit other than to save $500-800 bucks or so? Hyundai needs an advantage to move these things. For years, that "advantage" was significant cost savings ($3K+). What is it now? Performance (no)? Resale value (no)? Interior quality (no)? Build quality (no)? brand reputation (no)? features (maybe)? looks (maybe)?
  • craig10xcraig10x Posts: 8
    Thanks joe97 for the report on your experience with driving the car...Well, i can tell that the other posters that answered were mostly biased against guess they have an "ax to grind" (lol)... I'm glad to hear your experience with it was a positive one...My dad's old Buick Century is falling apart and he is ready for a cute, small, good on gas mileage (his Buick get about 14 mpg...i am sure the Hyundai will do way better) fun to drive car just for basic "getting around" and i felt the Accent will fill the bill.

    Yes, i got the impression from that dealer's story that they were just trying to push the more expensive (and higher profit margin) Hyundai's and that's why he said what he did....A new Hyundai dealership just opened not too far from him, so i am going to suggest he go there as they will probably be more anxious for the business...

    By the way Joe, did the Accent you drove have the automatic (my father will get that)...was the acceleration ok with it? I think it's very cute and much nicer in style then the previous Accent...

    Also, one of the basher's mentioned about it's high price...well, it's true it did go up from the previous model, but i priced it on Cars Direct and with adding in an automatic and the package with the A/C, he should be able to get it (out the door ) for no more then $13,000 tops (and i mean with delivery and sales tax included)..
    Those are the only options he needs...everything else he wants is already standard, including the neat AM/FM/CD/MP3 player with 6 speakers and the 6 air bags too! Seems like a good deal to me! (there is a $1,000 manuf. rebate on this model). If he can get about $500 for his ol' Buick on the trade in, he might even get it for around $12,500...

    Anyone else who either owns or has driving experience with the 2006 Accent GLS 4 door...your comments will also be appreciated..... :)
  • In February I rode along as my wife test drove an '06 Accent sedan. While she ultimately went with a Scion xA (perferred the styling) she had no negative comments about the car.

    I own an '02 Accent with 70,000+ miles on it and have had no mechanical problems with it. I have had a few minor problems with the interior (my lumbar support lever fell off) but nothing that would deter me from at least checking out and possibly buying an '07 hatchback once they become more plentiful. As for gas mileage, while I can't speak for the '06, I can tell you how mine is in the '02. When I first got thte car, I consistently got between 35-38 MPG. After about 50,000 miles, that number dropped to about 32-35 MPG. At 70,000 I got my 60,000 mile service and now my mileage is back up to 35-38 MPG.
  • joe97joe97 Posts: 2,248
    I apologize in advance here to the host but here is my rant:

    Germancarfan, I am really tired of your "everything made by Hyundai is a POS" posts. Yes, Hyundai was terrible when they first entered to US, but they have improved vastly over the past ten years or so, and nowadays, they are one of the top automakers in many areas and rising ever so fast. This is not my opinion, but rather confirmed by the industry. I'd agree Hyundai has a way to go to catch the leaders, but they are defn. almost there - on par, and even better at some areas.

    What I don't understand is that you claim you own an Elantra, yet you continued to bash everything about the car, and Hyundai in general, for that matter. I am surprised you still have your Elantra and haven't switched to the VW Golf yet. It was uncalled for, in the Elantra thread and other threads around here you advertised the new Golf like they were VW threads; and you continued to do so on more than one occasion, even after everyone asked you to stop the first time.

    Anyway, back on topic, why would someone consider the Accent? Well I would think the fact the base model (GS) comes with six airbags, cabin air filtration, rear window defroster and spolier, and other neat features - all standard; the SE features STANDARD ABS, six airbags, A/C, power windows, power door locks, remote keyless entry, heated power-adjustable exterior mirrors and many others. Many of these features are either optional or not available in the class. Also, 37mpg hwy (auto) isn't too shabby, and sport-oriented + personalize accessories takes up to another level.
  • joe97joe97 Posts: 2,248
    The Accent I test drove was in fact a GLS auto. The acceleration was adequate, yet suprisingly smooth for the four-speed. Of course, my expectation wasn't to see how fast the car would do from 0-60, but more so on the ride. The CVVT engine is quite, adding to the quiteness of the cabin during regular driving.

    Craig, good luck on your search. Keep us updated :)
  • craig10xcraig10x Posts: 8
    thanks joe and meaty (lol)...i promise that i will keep you guys updated...He will probably go to that new dealer next week. And to GermanCarFan...all i can say is, regarding Volkswagen, the ORIGINAL VW BEETLE was and is probably one of my all time favorite cars..but the Golf? (formally Rabbit) and the new Beetle...all i can say is: "feh"...personally, i'd rather have the Accent!

    And Joe & Meaty: I used to work for the NYPD (civilian, not uniform...retired now) and there was a Police Officer and a Detective in my Precinct that both had 2001 Hyundai Accents, and the both drove in to Manhattan from Suffolk County (that's WAY OUT on Long Island...they lived about 75 to 80 miles out) every day to work and they both LOVED their ACCENTS, had very few problems with them and nothing but good things to say about them... And i have to tell you cops are pretty down to earth and honest about things and if they thought the cars were POS (as our german car fan poster thinks) believe me, they would have told me!

    I'll report back as soon i have some news...and meanwhile, anyone else with good experiences to report about the car, would love your feedback... :D
  • I wasn't aware that owning a particular car precluded me from voicing my opinion about that manufacturer (I own a 2004 GLS).
    As the moderator has already stated, this isn't the "Hyundai fan club."

    My point here is simple: in Hyundai's quest for global expansion, they have forgotten the sole reason consumers purchase their autombiles: price. That certainly was the case for me, where I purchased the 2004 Elantra for 11K, where it's competitors wanted $15K+ for relatively the same thing (that same price differential is no longer present). However, after experiencing continual build quality issues, subpar service experiences, and the realitization of an awful resale value as a trade in, I believe that this "irrational exuberance" over Hyundai's recent "turnaround" is a bit overstated on this board. Hence, my reason for posting: to give potential consumers another opinion.

    Take a look at the Honda Fit or VW Rabbit, it has many if not all of those features standard.
  • kingsalmonkingsalmon Posts: 97
    Here's my problem with you Germancarfan1. I don't understand why you're spending so much of your time and energy bashing Hyundai and their reputation.

    I have owned VW and have been very dissatisfied with that car(Jetta). Should I go wasting my time bashing VW in their Jetta board?

    I could go there and bash their quality and reliability. Yes Hyundai's are climbing up in price somewhat. However, so are all the Japanese and European cars. With the discounts and incentives, Hyundai is still relatively among the least expensive brands.

    I saw the Accent 3 door and I thought it was the sharpest hatchback out there(among Yaris, Fit, Rio, and Aveo). It looks looks well balanced and sporty.

    Hyundai is experiencing some success right now and I believe that it is due to their good products. You don't need to worry about Hyundai's business strategy. If their sales are suffering, it is up to them to lower or higher their prices. I don't think it is necessary for them to do anything right now as they're doing okay.

    This isn't Hyundai fan club, but it also isn't Hyundai hater's club. I think I thoroughly know where you stand when it comes to Hyundai's. Let's move on.

    I think the Accent will be another reliable Hyundai. Based on their last couple of product offerings, I don't think you'll go wrong with the Accent. I have yet to test drive the 3 door so I can't give a review. Sorry.
  • joe97joe97 Posts: 2,248
    As Backy stated earlier the advantages, Honda Fit base starts at 14,400 (with destination & handling charge), while range-topper Fit Sports starts at 16,520 (w D&H). The Golf doesn't compete with Accent directly but it starts around 15K as well, while Accent starts under 11K.

    The Hyundai "turnaround" is not an overstatement on this board, it's a fact. Go check around the industry and find out for yourself. Consumers purchase Hyundai cars not just on price, which they do undercut competitions; there are a lot of reasons why consumers purchase Hyundai cars but it doesn't matter (it's not like you care anyway - everything from Hyundai is a POS to you anyway). If your perception was true, then Hyundai certainly would not be the #6 largest automaker in the world - which is a pretty amazing feat considering where they were just ten years ago. Certainly I am sure they made quite a bit of quality/reliable cars to acheive such status.

    Since you keep divert to VW somehow, personally I lost confidence in them. I lost count how many trips I was in the service center, every local dealer in the area I tried - the same. Not only people there were rude and arrogant, they never fixed the problem completely. When one looked resolved, something else unexpectedly popped up. Now, especially after hearing horror VW stories of my friends, and in my opinion, overpriced models I want to get into, I am not sure if I would ever go back to VW anytime soon.
  • I can only speak to my personal experience and my personal tastes but here is my take on the Accent and on the competition.

    In the next 6 months to a year, I will be seriously looking for a new car, not because I have any problems now with my '02 Accent or forsee having any problems in the near future but because I just feel like having a new car again. Irrational? Probably. Waste of money? Probably. But people are irrational and waste money all the time.

    My main criteria for a car is size, driving position, exterior looks, and to a much lesser extent performance and gas mileage. I appreciate safety features but they don't really come into my mind when I'm considering a car.

    My price range is upwards of $30K so quite a few cars are within my reach but I tend to look near the very bottom of the spectrum, not because I'm cheap but because those cars are the one's that genuinely excite me. On my short list of cars to look at are the Mazda 3, Accent hatchback, Scion tC, Mazda mx5, Toyota Yaris and Honda Fit.

    Of those I've not driven any of them but I've ridden with my wife on test drives in a Mazda 3 and an Accent sedan. I've sat inside the Yaris and the Fit and have a general idea of how the Yaris probably drives due to the fact that my wife has a Scion xA. The Fit for me is ruled out mainly because of dealer markup. Although the Sport is supposed to start in the $15s, I've seen ones locally for between $19-$20K (not exaggerating). The Yaris, also turns me off in the fact that once I spec one out the way I'd want it, it is almost $16k. Also, if my wife's xA is an indication, the Yaris has a ton of cabin noise at freeway speeds.

    That leaves the tC, the Mazda 3, Mazda mx5 and the Accent hatch. The 3 is an amazing car that is worth the higher price compared to the others, no doubt in my mind about that and the tC definitely has a hip persona and probably has the performance edge, discounting the mx5 which is definitely the most fun to drive but loses big time on practicality and the fact that I live in WA and it rains at least 3 days a week; so where does that leave the Accent? That leaves the Accent as a competitively priced, optioned to the teeth, attractive hatchback with great gas mileage and a great driving position. Seems like its still a tough choice in my mind.

    But as I have already stated, my opinions are wholely my own and should be taken as such.

    *edit* I just wanted to add, I know it sounds strange that I said I can afford up to $30K but then complained about cars being $16-20K; even though I can afford them I don't want o feel like I'm getting ripped off. I just didn't want to cause any confusion with that apparent contridiction. *edit*
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