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Chevrolet Monte Carlo 2006 and Newer



  • charts2charts2 Posts: 618
    I believe the Monte Carlo is doomed. For 2007 only 2 engines will be available. 3.5 & 5.3 V8. Watch for the next generation Monte to be called the Impala SS in 2009. Sales of the current Montes are falling rapidly.
  • chevygirlchevygirl Posts: 18
    Hey all! Just bought my new Monte last week- 2006 LS, black on black! Fun to drive, handles well, hauls on the highway, room for 5, plug in your ipod... it is the nicest car I have ever been in! I paid $100 over invoice, got the GM extended warranty to 75,000 miles at S plan pricing, got $500 trade in assistance, even got 4.9% financing... If you are thinking about this car, I would recommend checking it out! I love mine!
  • blacktieblacktie Posts: 1
    Turbo it, add an intercooler, exhaust cutouts and larger injectors. Now, its a "Grand Monte Carlo" much like the Buick GN's of old. I've done it and it'll eat Mustangs, Vipers and Corvettes. :cry: Don't believe me? ~ Check out a Pontiac GP 4 Door set up this way doing a 1/4 mi in [11.47 sec. @ 116.12 MPH] at my site: :P
    '89 BEASTSTANG's CARCRAZY">link title
    Here's my 'Monte: :shades:
  • observer22observer22 Posts: 41
    Two years ago Edmunds did not have an active Monte discussion. I test drove the base 04 Monte and found it to be a comfortable cruiser with fairly ugly styling and a lousy engine with problems (3.4).
    That 04 Monte Carlo had a dash with some styling cues from the classic 70-72 Montes. It also had seats (base version) that seemed the equal of Volvo's (I did test drive a Volvo during the same period). Chevy borrowed Toyota technology for a frame immediately behind the dash. And copied Hyundai in making the rear side panel one piece. Don't forget those great crash test scores.
    Now all of the good stuff (except for the dash styling) is mated with much better front end styling and a more reliable, more modern engine. The 06 Monte Carlo should have been the 2000 version.
  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    Well, of course Monte Carlo sales are falling. You can't expect a stale design to continue selling. I would've likely traded my '02 for an '06 but I didn't want the "same" car. I ended up with the Impala SS but already miss my Monte Carlos "B" pillar that didn't direct air into my ear while driving with the windows down. I also miss the sportier seats in my old Monte Carlo. Monte Carlos will sell again if they would only restyle it. As for the Camaro taking over the coupe slot, there is room for both if both are great cars. I like Camaros but would choose the Monte Carlo for higher comfort levels. Chevy used to be able to sell multiple lines of cars. Toyota does it today. As long as they all are quality built and have their distinct place in the lineup, the sales will follow.
  • ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 1,221
    Hey, blacktie, why don't you put some of those photos up on your CarSpace page?


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  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    A national personal finance magazine is looking to interview consumers who own a car which has cylinder deactivation technology and is happy/unhappy with the fuel mileage it receives. Please send an e-mail to no later than Monday, July 3, 2006 by 2:00 PM PST/5:00 EST containing your daytime contact information and what car you own.


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  • sacstate1sacstate1 Posts: 189
    Why would I want to spend my hard earned money on a rental car? Same with the Impala and other GM clones. When GM starts selling to individuals and not corporate rental fleets I might be interested in GM again.

    Front drive, muscle car (SS)? Get real. That turn signal is the same design I had on my '82 Z28 when I was in High School.
  • These cars look better now than they did B4 from some angles. The problem is that its the same car in side and out with a new radio and some new engines. It should have been redesigned like many here say.

    Its sad that GM is gonna retire yet another great name. Good thing the Camaro is comming back.

    The values of these things are also gonna drop if they stop production.
  • uplanderguyuplanderguy Kent, OHPosts: 9,654
    There are a couple things I wish GM would do/would have done with the current Monte:

    1) Put some chrome trim inside the taillights a la Nissan Altima...would spruce up the rear.

    2) I cannot understand how starting with either the '04 or '05 model (can't recall which), they took the bodyside molding off, and it's not even an option! Makes the car look bloated, not to mention susceptible to parking lot dings! If I bought a new one, I'd have the dealer body shop install the moldings from the earlier car and charge me for it!

    Bill P. from OH
  • I'm not sure what u have heard about the 06 monte SS, but it will eat up a new mustang GT. I traded in my 02 SS on the 06 and have had the pleasure of beating lots of mustangs, suped up GTP's, nitrous civics and hemi chargers. The RWD drive have traction issues off the line and i can take 3 lengths on them and usually hold it. I beat a beautiful black hemi charger last night, not by 3 lengths but a length none the less, nothing like seeing a losers headlights in your rear view. WHATEVER you have heard about not being in the same ball park is pure BS, this thing pulls so hard it is hard to explain, it hauls [non-permissible content removed], believe me, i have made some people very sad after they revved thier motors at me. Just because you read numbers in a magazine doesn't mean squat, GM did an awesome on this 5.3 V-8, nice rumble, revs like a frikkin f-1. As far as i'm concerned the Mustang GT is totally overrated.
  • so the ss monte will beat the R/T and the GT? I have drove the 06 ss and was impressed with its aggressiveness. so do you feel it would be a better buy than the SRT-8 R/T AND GT?? :confuse:
  • I've recently read that Chevy will again lose the Monte Carlo line! What's up with this? Sales down? Can't sell em? I don't think they're trying hard hard enough! Every other model (well all most every other one) has massive incentives! Thousands off better rebates Etc, Etc, Etc. but every time I've tried to purchase a Monte they are higher priced than most people are willing to pay. I've owned 4 of the 6 generations, and have loved each one more than the next. My newest is a 2006 SS. I'll tell you all that this the hottest thing I've ever owned! It'll do 0-60 in less than 5 sec and without the traction control I'd burn the tires right off the beast! The MC I traded for it was a 2004 Supercharged SS. It had a good top end but it doesn't even compare to this 06! Now I've read where Nascar/GM is going to an Impala SS. Don't get me wrong I "Like" the Impala but I and so do alot of others "Love" the Monte Carlo! I hope it won't come to that again but.... I guess we'll see huh? Hey not everyone in this country is married with 2.5 kids! Two doors vs 4 I'll take the two!
  • I bought a used 06 Monte Carlo with the 3.9L about three months ago. At first I really liked but I have started to notice creaking and cracking noises coming from the dash and the door panels. I have taken it into the dealership and they have basically told me that this is the way the car is made. Just wandering if anybody else has experienced these same things. My wife seems to think that it is because I am crazy, but I still here it and it is driving me crazy. Any suggestion or comments?
  • I noticed that the seats in the non-SS Montes are not as comfortable in the slightly redesigned 2006 and newer Montes as the seats in the 2000-2005s. The 2000-2005 base and mid level Montes had seats that rivaled Volvos for comfort.
    The good news for you is that the 3.9 is a much better engine than the troubled and dated 3.4 the Monte had from 2000-2005.

    Be very specific about the noises that are driving you crazy. If you don't know where it is coming from or are not 100% sure, then tell them when and at what speed the sound occurs.

    Example: once I owned a hatchback that had an intermittent squeak. I would insist to the dealer it was a problem with the hatchback's rear upswinging "door". The squeak was actually in the rear seat mechanism that held it upright on one side.

    Anyone buying the evidently now discontinued Montes should bargain hard and be patient. Resale will be awful, perhaps almost at lowly Saab levels.
  • charts2charts2 Posts: 618
    Chevrolet announced March 1/07 Monte Carlo will cease production at the end of this years model run, probably June. GM is gearing up for more advertising of the Impala models.
  • I like the overall design and function of the new Monte Carlo. The sales are dropping on the Monte because they have no sales group particularly. Kids who want the speed and hoursepower think they are out of the movies, and go out and buy their little 100 hp civics and little rice burners like everyone else. It is a large 2 door car, with a V8 (well v6 if you don't have the SS) The Monte has a select market type. People like me who like it and respect the HP have kids and can be won over by the Impala due to having 4 doors. It is just a hard market out there for a large sized, 2 door V8 car. Alot harder than a 2 door gas sipper, or a 2 door small coverible coupe with 200 HP, or even a high powered 4 door sedan. Think of the Solara, or other like style cars....they have sales issue too, and Toyota pretty much owns the market right now for car sales. GM for the first time in a long time reported a profit, so if the best selling car in America (yes I hate to say it, but it is true) Toyota can't sell a large 2-door sedan, how can our beloved Chevrolet do it....I think they (short of small mods we would all like to see) Have designed the Monte in the best profitable way possible....."hey guys...we aren't selling these....what can we do to make our fellow Americans buy it?.........throw a big [non-permissible content removed] engine in it as an option...yeah that will do it" Hey it turned my head....haha
  • yes i have a 07 model we bought about 5 month's ago we did'nt notice the paint comming off until about a month after we bought it the dealer wicth is royal oak's of paducah,ky said that we have gotten something on the paint but there is no way and they will not fix it there is a noise in the steering and the door's are rattling the stereo wont turn up right when you turn it down then it get's louder i dont think the car drive's as good as the other 5 monte carlo's i have owned.
  • :mad: & :sick: I bought an 06 SS and I have had nothing but problems with it. I have replaced the dash twice and it is now coming apart again. The power steering pump is going out. There are creaking and cracking noises coming from up under my car. The back end had to be repainted, the tire sensors are constantly going off. I have never had this many problems with a vehical and Chevy will not do anything about it but give me the run around. I did not pay $32,000 for a car to end up in a rental all the time. So I know what you are going through.
  • :mad: & :sick: I bought an 06 SS and I have had nothing but problems with it. I have replaced the dash twice and it is now coming apart again. The power steering pump is going out. There are creaking and cracking noises coming from up under my car. The back end had to be repainted, the tire sensors are constantly going off. I have never had this many problems with a vehical and Chevy will not do anything about it but give me the run around. I did not pay $32,000 for a car to end up in a rental all the time. I have test drove other 06 SS and the dashes in them were also lifting up. BE CAREFUL ABOUT BUYING AN 06 SS
  • I recently purchased a 2007 Monte Carlo and was dissappointed to find the Chevy emblem on the airbag/horn cover was dented. Apparently the entire airbag has to be replaced to correct this visual defect. I researched and found other Chevy's have this same problem. The dealer claims because it is not recalled that it can't be fixed under the warranty. Has anyone else had this problem? Does anyone have any creative ideas on a way to cover that center emblem? I think Chevy could make a simple stick on replacement cover. I hope to hear some feedback.
  • I own a 2006 Chevy SS Monte Carlo with DOD (Displacement On Demand) I am very satisfied with the performance and the gas milage.
  • I own a 06 SS Monte Carlo and have already tamed a few Mustang GT's. The horsepower is great and the fuel economy isn't bad either, I average 20 mpg city and 30 mpg highway, no I' m not joking, if you drive conservatively this kind of gas milage is acheivable.
  • Just picked up a used 06 SS, very nice, 24k on question for anyon out there, it has rally stripes were these production form the there a way to tell or not
  • Completely frustrated with my 06 Super Sport. It has 40k on it and at 15k the power steering went out, front bumper had to be repainted and now at 40k my power steering is on the #@*% list once again. 4 thousand miles out of warranty and I can not believe from what I have read on here that GM has not issued a recall on these vehicles. I went to their website to research recalls and the corvettes and silverados all have recalls on the steering issues. Has anyone else had a repeat of the steering going out? PLEASE REPLY!!!!!! Common sense tells me that a ma jority of these vehicles have all the same componenets as far as PAINT, POWER STEERING HOSES, PUMPS, STEREOS................. With the history I am really hoping that GM fixes my car at no expense to me because my husband wants a Vette!!!
  • Curious to know how you like your car, I have had a few problems with mine. Steering issues and paint replacement and the tire monitor system sucks.
  • liken it, main computer has ben replaced and the tire monitor freaks once in a while, otherwise good, no isues, nice car, wont ever get rid of it
  • Hey there all,

    No issues with the 06 ss I have, tire monitor freaks once in a while otherwise solid. Looking for production numbers on em, heard they are WAY LOW, 07"s also. Can anyone help.
  • I bought an ' 06 new. So far, so good. Your question about the rally stripes may have been answered for you already. The ' 06 did'nt have that option available, but the ' 07 did. Your car, although, may have had that update added as I've been thinking about doing the same to my SS. A dealership bodyshop would be able to tell if it's a GM update. Hope that helps.
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