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2013 and Earlier - Audi S4 Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • mi7mi7 Posts: 31
    I would recommend Circle Audi in long beach. They were pretty easy to work with and gave me a solid discount on a 2013 s4.
  • rs2014rs2014 Posts: 1
    Hi Everyone,

    I'm considering a 2013 manual S4 with MSRP $48,640 (including destination fee). The dealer is offering 6% off MSRP, and has added $240 for some city DAG fee, $195 for preparation & inspection, $75 doc fee, & $535 tax fees (separate from vehicle tax).

    Firstly, is 6% off MSRP for a 2013 at this time of the year a good deal? Also, can all these fees be negotiated? I am under the impression that the $895 destination charge is fixed.

    Thanks for your advice in advance.
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 10,137
    I like my S4 (2013).

    6% is the supplier pricing, which is what I paid. It's a good deal.

    The other fees?

    $195 for inspecting and preparation? I'd like to know what they're inspecting and preparing. Final inspection is done at the factory before it's delivered. Dealer gets paid by Audi to do any final preparations. So, sounds like they're double dipping there.

    Destination is fixed (and covers the above).

    I don't know what DAG stands for. So, can't comment on that fee.

    $535 tax fee (different from tax)? WOW....unless I'm missing something, I've never heard of a fee to charge you tax.

    So, 6% off MSRP. Good price there.

    But, add in what I consider questionable fees $535 + $240 + $195 = $970.

    I'd tell the dealer to subtract all of that or I'd walk. If they won't, then I'd go to another dealer.
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