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2008 Saturn Vue (Opel Antera)



  • michaellnomichaellno Posts: 4,300
    And what's with the pathetic fuel ratings for the V6 AWD?

    Have no idea ... our 2008 VUE XR AWD has returned 19-20 in normal driving and almost 24 MPG on a 1000 mile highway trip.

    Yes, the tank is small in size -- we're lucky to get 275 miles to a tank of gas, but every time we've filled it, it's only taken 12-13 gallons.
  • Yes fuel economy is in line with the class. If you will notice the ridiculous Rav 4 fuel economy numbers Toyota put forward have been revised this year somewhere near reality. They used to claim the thing would get over 30mpg which was an outright lie.

    They now claim its numbers to be 19/26. Which is still overinflated.

    My folks have a Lexus Es350 which has the same motor in it and in what I consider normal driving, 4 lane roads with the occassional traffic light the thing doesnt even hit 20mpg.

    A Vue 3.6l would be very close to the Rav 4 3.5l in overal mpg.
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