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Ford Explorer Mercury Mountaineer 2006 and newer



  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    This post is completely speculative. Although GM confirmed that they are dropping body-on-frame mid-size SUVs, Ford never stated this. Just the opposite, Ford will likely continue to offer a body on frame Explorer because while the market is shrinking for this type of vehicle. The number of vehicle choice will shrink also.

    Body-on-frame is necessary for good tow ratings.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Not trying to pick a fight here, mschmal - if you're an insider who knows more than the engineer I know at Ford who told me this, I defer and apologize. I'm actually happy to hear you say that.

    Admitted, things may have been reversed by ARM since he took over, like the Panther car demise, the Taurus demise, perhaps he saved the Explorer also.
  • adgrantadgrant Posts: 13
    Not picking an argument, genuinely curious. Is it the attachment of the tow hitch? I alway thought the engine was the main determining factor.

    BTW My father used to two a largish Gulfstream style trailer (slept 5 people) around Europe behind a 2.5 liter RWD car.
  • kc459dlkc459dl Posts: 2
    I bought an 05 Mountaineer about 4 months ago, when I first bought it the EGR Valve had to be replaced and since then it shift really hard and quick, but not all the time. It comes and goes, and it seems to be the worse after sitting in the hot muggy weather all day and if it is below a half a tank. May just be coincidences. Any suggestion would be grateful. Also, I did not get the owners manual with the vehicle and after my brother changed the oil, we did not know how to reset the oil sensor, again, an help wwould be gratfeul. Thanks
  • You may register on as owner and download electronic copy manual

    To Reset Merc Oil life.....

    Use Reset button on Right of Steering wheel

    System check
    engine oil life remaining is 5 percent or less. When oil life left is between
    5% and 0%, the CHANGE OIL SOON message will be displayed. When oil
    life left reaches 0%, the OIL CHANGE REQUIRED message will be
    An oil change is required whenever indicated by the message center.
    To reset the oil monitoring system to 100% after each oil change
    [approximately 8,000 km (5,000 miles) or 180 days] perform the
    1. Press the SETUP control to
    access the System Check function.
    2. Press and release the RESET
    control to display “OIL LIFE XX%
    3. Press and hold the RESET
    control for 2 seconds to display “IF
    4. Press and hold the RESET
    control to display OIL LIFE SET TO
    100%. Your oil life is now reset.
    To reset the oil monitoring system to your personalized oil life %:
    1. Press the SETUP control to
    access the System Check function.
    2. Press and release the RESET
    control to display “OIL LIFE XX%
    3. Press and hold the RESET
    control for 2 seconds to display “IF
    4. Release the RESET control
    momentarily, then press RESET and
    SETUP controls at the same time to
    activate a service mode which will
    display OIL LIFE XX% RESET TO
    5. Press RESET until you find your personalized OIL LIFE XX%.
    6. With your personalized OIL LIFE XX% displayed, press SETUP to
    continue the system check.
  • kc459dlkc459dl Posts: 2
    thank you I will give that a try this afternoon. Any suggestions on the hard shifting?
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    If it's an 05, it has the 5 speed transmission. It sounds like it could stand a reflash. Those rough shifts are usually intermittant, but often a reprogramming will correct them. I'd try that first. You don't want to know what I suggest second....
  • Just a little info on the Mountaineer's performance in sand. We spent a week in St. Augustine Florida which has approximately 5+ miles of beach available for driving. 4WD is recommended but I did see many cars that were able to drive on the beach in limited locations. The sand was hard packed in some locations but could instantly change to very soft fluffy sand (which many cars found out in a hurry). The Mountaineer seemed to perform flawlessly in any and all soft sand situations we encountered. It was driven in both the "locked" mode and in the normal AWD mode. I was unable to distinguish any differences between the two. If the vehicle began to slow in the soft stuff, slight pressure on the gas got it right back up to speed. Gradual stops and starts were also made with no difficulties. I'm a firm believer that driving in sand is as much the driver as it is the vehicle in most cases. I'm not saying I'd cross the Sahara with no worries but for general beach driving, the Mountaineer feels more than capable. In fact, it fills you with just enough confidence to probably get you in trouble. ;)
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Likewise, I've driven several of the Mountaineers we have owned in mud and snow, up and down steep mountain inclines in the same road conditions, and found the AWD system about the best there is. Conversely, I've been stuck in my Escalade AWD on snow, where I could not get up the hills in it. I'm a big fan of the traction system in the Mountaineer.
  • baggs32baggs32 Posts: 3,229
    We just returned from the OBX today and here are the stats for our '06 Explorer XLT V6 4WD.

    - 6 People (4 adults, 2 small children in car seats)

    - Luggage for all 6 people and gear for kids all loaded in the cargo area (half of it anyway) and on a hitch mounted carrying rack.

    - Tires inflated to 38psi (35 is the mfr recommendation)

    - A/C the whole way and CC most of the way

    - Sat in traffic for about an hour on the way down (Labor Day weekend)

    - 515 miles each way, averaged 22.8 mpg on the highway

    - Total trip was 1237 miles, averaged 21.1 mpg for the whole trip.

    I was very pleasantly surprised with those numbers as our Escape, that the Explorer replaced, could only get a bit over 23 mpg on the highway at best. Has anyone else seen numbers like that?
  • My dealer has been working with the flywheel clutch or something like that . It allows the engine and the transmission to communicate. This can be adjusted and if it doesn't stay adjusted it can be replaced. When mine was adjusted the car ran like a dream for 2 weeks...then it went back to it's old habits. They have replaced the clutch thing recently but after three weeks they still haven't given the vehicle back to me yet....still test driving it.This clutch adjustment seemed to really help.
  • gldnbr2gldnbr2 Posts: 16
    I was wondering if anyone who has experienced the rough shift between 2nd and 1st gears, has had their vehicle fixed without the problem ever coming back? My 2006 Mountaineer V8 started acting up before 8500 miles and now I have 22,000 miles, and Ford has yet to come up with a permanent fix. They have downloaded several "fixes" that work for a few weeks, but the problem comes back. The transmission computer has been replaced, but that also lasted for about 2 weeks. The shift is so harsh, I feel like I have been hit from behind! I've been informed by Ford that a new download will be available sometime later in October or early November. The Ford representative said a replacement for the vehicle is out of the question, but they will give me an extended warranty. That will not help, because it is a leased vehicle and my lease ends at the same time when the warranty ends. Thanks a lot clueless Ford representative. When will Ford admit they have a bad 6 speed transmission? Any ideas or comments?
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    You should seek legal advice.

  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    I think you can be glad you leased it, as opposed to buying it. Couple approaches you can take.

    1.) You can just stick it out for what I think might be another year for you, dump it and move quickly to some other manufacturer.

    2.) Assuming that the lease is with Ford/Lincoln/Mercury, you can attempt to work with the dealer to let you out of the existing lease and replace it with another Ford product. I personally wouldn't buy another equivalent model (unless you're convinced you just picked up a lemon), but could shift to another model.

    The dealership should recognize that in #1 you are walking and will never be back, which means no future revenue....ever. The advantage to them with #2, is that they have the ability to salvage the relationship with you, and lock you in to another 3 year lease with hopefully a much better vehicle. Assuming that vehicle is okay, then there is a reasonable chance they might even get another one.
  • gldnbr2gldnbr2 Posts: 16
    Your advice is accurate. The dealer has been awesome in working with me on this problem. I know they have their hands tied when it comes to fixing the problem. Ford will not admit that there is a problem with many of their vehicles with this same problem. They only send downloads to temporarily fix it. The dealership has stated they stand behind me and will do whatever it takes to fix or replace the vehicle in the next month if the "new fix" does not work. It is Ford that I am upset with. They talk big about standing behind their quality product, but when it comes down to it, they will not do a thing if the lemon law is not followed to exact expectations. There is a lot more to this, but the bottom line is I'm very dissatisfied with Ford and this particular vehicle, and you are right when you say I'm lucky to have leased it, and I will be out of it in another year one way or another.
  • panzerpanzer Posts: 125
    I'm following this one. My 2006 V8 Explorer has somewhat inconsistent shifting, the 1-2 is sometimes a little abrupt, and the 2-1 downshift after a highway run is sometimes quite rough. I had the same problem with my previous 2004 VW Touareg with the 6 speed Aisin tranny. When the lockup unlocked when slowing down after a highway run, it would sometimes shake my world. The Explorer upshifts better if I accelerate moderately instead of slowly. The problem is that moderate acceleration in a V8 Explorer is pretty strong and not appropriate in many traffic situations. Mine was reflashed about 5,000 miles ago, and I think it's regressed some. They also did something to the engine management system that makes the car cough and sputter for a few seconds after I put it in drive, first thing in the morning. Clears up after about 100 feet. That was after I complained that it cold idled at 2500 rpm. Kinda wierd. I'll bring it up next oil change.
  • sacmtnrsacmtnr Posts: 15
    My 2007 Mountaineer still has some of these issues. Rough shift from 1-2 and 2-1 downshift is sometimes abrupt when slowing in a parking lot for example. I did have it reflashed at 5k (for the 2nd time) and it was somewhat better for a week or two, then back to it's old ways. I returned it to the dealer again and was told that Ford would not authorize any further repairs. Found this rediculious since the mechanic and service manager both had said it should shift better than it does. Then the mechanic told me that he had talked to a factory rep that told him if it shifted fine after the flash and then got worse it was my fault. WTF!! He said that it learns driving patterns and if both my wife and I both drive it that we have different patterns and we were confusing it. At this point I rolled up my pants and told the mechanic that if he was going to start throwing that much s..t around I didn't want to get my pants dirty. I then asked the manager if Ford's official position was that the rough shift was my fault. He refused to comment. 10k service next week, we may try again.

    As a side note, earlier posts say that replacing the valve body will correct this problem. When I asked about that I was told that all 6 speeds made after July of 06 (mine included) already had the new valve body so other than reflash there was nothing left to do.

    I plan on keeping the vehicle for a while so I'm hoping this issue doesn't get worse. Although if it got worse I suppose they would eventually have to do something. I just hoping that the 6 speed doesn't turn out to be a hibitual piece of crap.

    Last note, aside from all the above whining, I love this vehicle and enjoy it every time I get in it. Just didn't expect a 35k plus vehicle to not shift smoothly.
  • I have posted before about my concern over the intermittent harsh and abrubt downshifting of my 2006 Mountaineer. I have had to take the issue to the Better Business Bureau Auto Line. I would like to ask if others are still having the same problem with the transmission. Have any been fixed permanently? If so, could you let me know by responding to this post? I want to be sure both parties involved in this dispute, see that the rough transmission downshifting is not a single incident, but one that involves other Mountaineer's or Explorer's.
  • I found this on several other Mountaineer forums. Apparently Ford will be comming out with yet another update in mid-November. Let's all hope this one actually does something.

    "Special Service Messages

    20005 2006-2007 Explorer/Mountaineer/Explorer Sport Trac -- various transmission shift quality symptoms - 6R60 Trans - temporary, do not attempt to repair

    Some 2006-2007 Explorer 4DR/Mountaineers and 2007 Explorer Sport Trac vehicles equipped with 6R60 transmissions may exhibit various transmission performance issues. When compared to other transmission, some of the shift characteristics are different that previous models due to the 100% synchronous design of the 6R60. Customer concerns that exceed shift characteristics of like equipped vehicles which may include transmission engagement delay when shifting between P-D, N-D, and R-D, Delayed/Hesitation on 1-2 shift, 2-1 and/or 3-2 decel step in shifts. Hoot noise during cold 1st gear launches from transmission pump. TSB-07-13-08 has been deactivated in PTS. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO REPAIR VEHICLES WITH THESE CONDITIONS. ENGINEERING WILL BE RELEASING A NEW TSB APPROXIMATELY MID-NOVEMBER.
  • sacmtnr - you beat me to it. I was just about to post this info. After 8 months and about 10K miles, our '07 V-8 Explorer suddenly started downshifting (roughly) when slowing to a stop. We just brought it in last week and got the same info - TSB to be released in a few weeks.

    This is our 5th Mountaineer/Explorer and the last 3 have had some form of transmission issue. And exactly why we have leased and not purchased. A real shame too - this last model was possibly going to be a 'keeper' - the best by far over any of the others we have had to date. Let's hope the TSB is more than just a temporary fix for a reoccuring problem.
  • Thank you both for that important information. I was wondering what other Mountaineer forums have discussed this transmission problem? I would like to collect all the information I can find in order to help my case when it comes to arbritration with myself, the BBB Auto Line and Ford Motor Company. I've had enough of this transmission problem. Thanks again for the information and I look forward to anything else anyone can provide.
  • I am experiencing this very same problem on my 2006 ford Explorer Limited. Dealer says check back in Mid Novenber. Otherwise great car-love to drive this high powered and heavy SUV.
  • Thank you for the reply...every bit of information concerning this problem is very helpful.
  • I have had my 2007 Ford Explorer V8 in the shop 6 times for the abrupt shifting. They have reprogrammed a few times and replaced the megatronic controller (computer that controls the shifting). Just yesterday I had the new programming (the one they promised mid November) done (it just came out this week). So far, so good. It shifts a lot smoother, but I am not ready to "sign off" on this until I have a few weeks of smooth shifting.
  • I hope the new programming works on your Explorer. I've had the computer replaced as well and several new programs done over the past year, only to have the problem come back after a few hundred miles. That is the reason I'm working with the Better Business Bureau Auto Line. I'd rather have an arbitration hearing conducted in order to address this annoying issue. Maybe the more people who take Ford to this level, they will get more serious in attempting to find a permanent solution, not just a temporary fix.
  • The new programming worked great for a few days (the smoothest the car has ever been) and now it is back to the same old abrupt shifting problem,
  • Wow...just what I thought might happen. I am sure glad I did not take mine in for the latest "fix". Your post confirms my reason to take this to arbitration with the Better Business Bureau. I am so frustrated with Ford and their denial that this new transmission has a serious problem. They still claim that this abrubt shifting is the way it is suppose to work! I have to take a day from work and drive into a major city during rush hour to attend this arbitration, but now I am sure I am doing the right thing. Thanks so much for your reply. I hope more people with this problem will step forward. Good luck with your Explorer.
  • Are any of you having problems with acceleration from a rolling stop? For example, you yield to traffic on a highway, letting a car pass, and then apply the throttle to accelerate from the ramp, only to have very little acceleration (as if the vehicle were stuck in a high gear and refuses to down-shift)?
  • Yes, I have 100% of what you just stated. There are times when the gas pedal is all the way to the floor and the car is barely moving. I have Ford Escorts and Toyota Prius' pass me up.
  • I spoke with my cousin this weekend. He is a parts manager at a MD Ford dealer. I asked him what the status is on the rough shift issues with the 6 speeds. He told me that his dealership has been unable to provide permant resolutions to the rough shift issues. This includes the new (early November) programing update put out by Ford. He said that Ford is putting very little money into R&D right now and is "cash poor" and will make every effort to NOT have to issue any type of recall on these transmissions. They are still going to try and resolve the issue with further programing. I guess if the first 4 times it doesn't work you might as well try 4 more. After all, the customers time is worthless so what does it matter how much you have to waste with repeated trips to the dealer.
    My Mountaineer's shifting seems to be somewhat better. Although I'm not positive it's better. I may just be getting use to it now. I have not done the recent November update. Not going to make a special trip to the dealer for it. I'll just wait until the next oil change. Who knows, there may be 3 newer ones by then.
    Repeating an earlier statement, other than the rough shift, I love this vehicle. Everything else about it is great and with 12k miles, all is still very sound and well.
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