Cayenne S E-Hybrid Lease question

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Hello all,

Trying to get a lease deal done but since I'm new into the Lease world, therefore; I need some advice from the experts.
Current lease deal I'm looking and searching is the offer that says
Cayenne S E-Hybrid

$879 Per Month
39 Months
10,000 Miles Per Year
$0 Due at Signing
$0 Security Deposit
Sign & Drive
Includes First Payment
Includes Pre-Paid Maintenance

MSRP $89,030. Residual $48,996

But actually I'm interested in a different model which is $94,000.00 and asking them to lower the price (not sure it's realistic to take off $5000 from the sticker price since it's a lease deal) so it would match this same current offer.

Can anyone advice me if I'm planning it right or do I need to plan something different.
Also can anyone tell me if Money Factor would be included in the payment.



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    Sorry, but we don't have any Porsche lease information.

    Of course, that advertised offer doesn't include tax or title/license/dealer fees. Your actual price could be substantially higher (because it's an advertisement, not an actual offer, with lots of fine print).

    Whatever the price turns out to be, you should be able to lease a more expensive unit for a comparable increase in payment. So, $5K more in MSRP should be about $50/mo. more, all things being equal.

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