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Mercedes-Benz CLK (2006 and newer)

hey what do you think that the CLK 2006 will have of a difference.I haven't heard anything just yet I was hoping if someone knew.


  • bigbwbbigbwb Posts: 12
    At the Milwaukee auto show, the MB rep told me the '06 CLK will offer the new 3.5 V6 along with the 7 speed auto trans. Pricing should remain very similar to the current model also.
  • ajb723ajb723 Posts: 55
    Any idea when the 2006 CLK will be introduced?
  • bigbwbbigbwb Posts: 12
    Actually, my Mom just ordered the 06 CLK (was the 1st on the list) at a dealer in the Milwaukee, WI area. The dealer gave her a window of any time between September thru January.
  • dbs8dbs8 Posts: 13
    Does anyone know if the CLK Cabrio will change to 350 at the same time as the coupe?
  • stroudmanstroudman Posts: 192
    Yes, every car in the line that was running a 320 drivetrain will become a 350 drivetrain.
  • bmwcccbmwccc Posts: 234
    Hi everyone, I am new to the Mercedes forum. I am currently in the market for a new car and am considering the 2006 bmw 330i fully loaded. My hesitation currently is that the sport seats are not very comfortable but I would still have to have the sport package.

    My brother has a mercedes and told me about the 2006 clk coming out with a 3.5 v6. Does anyone have an idea of the hp and torque? The current 3.2 version seems anemic compared to the other German 3.2's offered by audi, bmw etc.

    Are there any other good forums to get on to learn about the 2006 clk, i can't find any info on edmunds, mercedes usa site etc.

    Any feedback would be appreciated.

  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    The 2005 CLK350 will have the same 268hp and 258lb-ft of torque as the E/SLK 350 models. Not sure when it will go on sale. Sometime between June-Aug I'd say.

    Try these forums:

    merc1, "Mercedes-Benz CL- and CLK-Class" #183, 30 Apr 2005 2:16 pm

    Clicky here

    and this is the official info:

    Clicky here

  • iancariancar Posts: 31
    The official site has the new 2006 version picture posted already. A subtle changes range from interior trims, grills, electronic, to engine update. l_home/home/products/passengercars/clk-class/clkclasscabriolet.html
  • rich67rich67 Posts: 5
    Hi: Drove the 330i on a test track for an hour or so a few weeks ago. Was really disappointed in the tight uncomfortable cabin and performance. Got back in my 2004 Acura TL and marveled at what Honda can offer for a little over 30k..with all options and 270 hp.... go drive one before you decide.
  • lovemyclklovemyclk Posts: 351
    I imagine you may not be in the majority w.r.t. your comments... you don't sell Acura's, do you? ;-)
  • gte864fgte864f Posts: 2
    Well, I've been waiting and waiting for someone to post some info about the CLK2006 but no one has. Well I went and got the information myself. Anyway, here is what I was able to uncover. If anyone has any other infomation please feel free to add it.

    MY2006 CLK-Class Face-lift
    Key Product Features
    Prodcut Enhancements - CLK350
    3.5L V6 engine with 268 horsepower and 258 lb-ft of torque
    25% more horsepower and 13% more lb-ft of torque than the outgoing 3.2L engine
    7-speed driver adaptive transmission
    All-new 17" 5-splite spoke staggered width wheels
    More aggressive front apron with larger intakes

    Product Enhancements- CLK 500
    AMG chrome-tipped dual exhaust
    More sporty interior featuring: Black Ash wood trim, single-tone seats and sportier instrument cluster
    The standard interior for MY05 with Burl Walnut wood trim will remain as a no-cost option

    Product Enhancements-ALL Models
    Striking new front grille
    Re-designed high brilliance tall lamps and brake lamps
    Bi-Xenon headlamps with Active Curve Illumination- New ooptional equipment
    Electronic Trunk closer- New optional equipment

    Changes to Opotional Equipment
    To ease dealer trades, stand alone options have been reduced by 5 from model year 2005 to 2006 and more value added options packages have been created.

    Standard equipment offerings have been re-evaluated with a focus on supporting the sporty positioning of the CLK while being mindful of competitor product offerings. The following equipment is now optional:
    Auto-dimming mirrors-(CLK350)
    Garage Door Operner- (CLK350)
    Rear Side Airbags- (CLK350 & CLK500)
    Premium Sound- (CLK350 & CLK500)
    Heated Windshield Washer Reservoir- (CLK350 & CLK500)

    I hope this helps somebody!!!
  • mkcabmkcab Posts: 3
    With the increase in hp for the 350 cabriolet, is the 500 really that much better? I also understand that this might be the last year for that 500 engine, that it will be beefed up in 2007. I currently drive a '99 CLK 320 Cab and I'm ready for an upgrade to allow more power, handling, navigation, iPod control. I've also read differing opinions of Comand Nav system. Can it be that much worse than a portable Garvin?
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    ..the CLK cabriolet doesn't have anything that remotely represents a sport package with a sprot tuned suspension, short throw 6 speed manual and other handling enhancements.

    I am getting dangerously close to spending $90k to $100k for a new 911 or 911s Cabriolet because it is the only sports car that gives me the option of a mini rear seat for my daughters. For whatever reason, the M3 just feels too much like a sedan.

    On the other hand, it's probably unrealistic to think that Mercedes will ever make "sport" a priority. After testing the $55k SLK against the $32k S2000 and $62k Boxster S, it comes in a distant last place as far as driving dynamics, albeit an improvement over the previous generation.
  • ajb723ajb723 Posts: 55
    I'm now 3 months into my 2005 CLK320 and overall I'm pleased. I couldn't wait for the 350 to appear. Yes, it could use a little more punch and it doesn't handle like a sports car. But it is smooth, comfortable, and has enough speed for my needs. Have no complaints at all about the Nav system which is quite easy to use.
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    the CLK cabriolet doesn't have anything that remotely represents a sport package with a sprot tuned suspension, short throw 6 speed manual and other handling enhancements.

    Well they did add a sport suspension option for 2006, but that manual tranny didn't make it.... ;)

  • I just purchased a 06 CLK 350...Beautiful damn car. Very comfortab;e and lots of power. 267 horses and 283 ftlbs of torque. Don't make a mistake on the Beamer...well worth what you pay for the Benz...
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    You got a few extra horses and a little more torque..... ;) Actually its 268hp and 258lb-ft of torque. Unless MB is using the SAE method and got some extra torque and lost one horse?

  • Anyone have any opinions on the Mercedes-Benz CLK350 Coupe? I plan on purchasing one, but wanted some info first.
  • mkcabmkcab Posts: 3
    I took delivery of a CLK350 Cab about 3 weeks ago and it's great. Even though I'm in the 1000m breakin period and have been driving in Comfort mode it has great reserves of power and it hugs the canyon roads (much better than my '99 CLK Cab). I've driven it hard in Sport Mode and can't wait until I hit 1000m.
    It looks sharp both inside and out. It's Cadet Blue/Ash loaded with Keyless Go, Premium Stereo (just OK), Active Ventilated Seats (subtle, but effective), Lighting Package.
    Since the Cab is heavier than the Coupe I think you'll get better performance. I was considering the 500 but I wanted better fuel efficiency and a more nimble car.
    Good luck with your decision
  • I test drove the 350 on Saturday, and I was impressed at the great styling and comfort, but I found out that my insurance would nearly double from my Jeep. I'm thinking that I might just buy a brand new Wrangler and save the extra money. thanks though
  • bwitchdbwitchd Posts: 2
    I'm going to be a 1st time Mercedes owner. I ordered the CLK 350 Cabrio in Storm Red Metallic. The color has delayed availability. Anyone have any idea as to when the color will be available?
  • jpouchetjpouchet Posts: 38
    If you haven't dropped the big coin on the Porsche and you still want plenty of room for four then give the Audi S4 Cabriolet some consideration.

    Recent comparison tests have picked the S4 as the class winner well ahead of BMW, Mercedes, etc.

    Dollar for dollar it is the category leader in performance and comfort. Styling is pretty sharp too.

    No - I do not work for nor sell Audis. I did buy an A4 after going through much the same search as you. I tried to buy a Mercedes but could not handle the price tag for the poor performance, which includes less than stellar fuel economy and of late less than excellent build quality either. The BMW was just boring and you see a young kid driving one on every street corner.
  • ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 1,222
    Congats, bwitchd! Since the folks in the Mercedes-Benz CLK-Class: Prices Paid & Buying Experience discussion are in the midst of researching deals for this vehicle, they might have the answer to your question about color availability.


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  • rohardrohard Posts: 1
    Took Delivery Saturday (2006 CLK 350), back to the service bay Wednesday, they are going to have to put a new top on. Problem around the rear window. When the window goes to the 90 degree position for the boot to lift, it apparently stretched both the fabric and the rubber weather seal to much, and ripped it on both sides. Any one else had this problem?
    (MBUSA and the dealer could not have been more helpful. They have given me three options to chose from. I have no complaints, only complements to date, just do not want to keep a car that has endemic problems, since I currently have options available.)
  • I purchased the 2006 CLK 500 convertible about a month ago. This is my first experience with this car (other than drooling over it for a long time) so I do not have much to compare to. With that understood I can field questions.

    Bottom line is that I love this car! There are only 4 areas that concern me at all (or would redesign if I were MB):
    1. There is only one cup holder and it is located on the passenger area next to the glove.
    2. There is a wind guard that is provided in the trunk. To utilize you must get it out of the case and install and uninstall every time you have back-seat passengers.
    3. The DVD navigation does not seem to play DVD movies. (Have not tried it personally - little scared). It seems dangerous, but with kids it would be a nice to have. Seems a little silly to bring a portable when the screen and function is already installed.
    4. The important one - the dealership recommended that I NOT purchase the phone package as the technology is about three years behind and they have a lot of problems with it. So now what? They recommended blue tooth integration. I have looked into this and been told by everyone thus far that they can install it, but it will not work with the current car features (accessible on audio/visual screen, broadcast thru stereo, utilize car microphone and steering wheel accessibility). This is quite a waste. If anyone has a solution I would love a recommendation! Until then, I think that I will purchase an external blue tooth adapter and wait.

    Other than that, this car is the love of my life! I opted for the 500 series based purely on huge difference in power. That was a great choice I soon discovered since all of the features that I would have added came standard (like chrome trim).

    DVD Navigation: I can see where this feature is a nice to have and then the novelty wears off. I, however, have kids traveling all over the place (always a new area) and as long as I continue to go place that I have not been this will continue to be a great feature.

    Keyless Go: Was not planning to get this at first, but it was on the car that matched the description of what I wanted, so I kept it. GREAT FEATURE. I love this! I keep the key in my purse, it tells me if I leave my purse in the car and I never have to search the purse for the key. The nice thing is that it does not scratch up the dashboard with the other keys on the key chain.

    Anything else that I can answer, let me know. And if anyone has a phone recommendation please share....
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    Thanks for the suggestion. However, even though the Audi S4 and BMW M3 will beat the 911 Cab hands down for rear seat room and comfort, they are not sports cars - and that's what I keep returning to. The lighter RWD M3 comes closer to the "feel" I am looking for, but the 4,000 lb AWD S4 is hardly a "nimble" sports car or roadster. I might be more inclined to replace my current sedan with a new M5 or even 550i 6-speed than augment it with a two ton convertible coupe.

    I sense I am going to end up with a Boxster S and accept that it's not a family car, but the 911 Cab S is still in the running.
  • Hello luvthsryd
    Thanks for the post. I do have one question. Can you see the DVD Navigation system during the day? I've heard of a lot of people saying that the Nav system is hard to use. Please let me know your feelings on the easy of use of the Nav. System.
  • I am looking at a 2003 or 2004 CLK 500. Can anyone give me their gas mileage stats since I know it has the Guzzler tax added. Know of any significant problems, complaints, etc? I have a Cadillac STS and its a great car (99) and average over 20 mpg and repairs have been minimal. Thanks for your input.
  • This may or may not help. I have a 2004 CLK 320 Cab - which thus far has been trouble free. Around town (combined highway/city) - I get about 23/24 MPG. Strictly highway driving is about 30 MPG.
  • tom26tom26 Posts: 1
    I recently purchased a very low milage 04 CLK500 for my wife. We get 18 mpg in town and 24 hwy. This is supposed to improve as it breaks in. No problems have surfaced, the car has 2,200 miles on it now. The only thing that bugs me is some odd sounds at start up and idle that come from the engine compartment. I'm told there normal. The car performs better than I expected. We have a Brabus exhaust system that my wife loves, she can feel it, not hear it (her words). It sounds great when she drives away and looks good. I did some research before purchasing and was warned of many things that go wrong with Mercedes vehicles. So far I've got no regrets.
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