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Ford Taurus X Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • selooseloo Posts: 606
    Wholesale Prices Continue to Rise in March
    In March, wholesale used vehicle prices (on a mix, mileage, and seasonally adjusted basis) increased 0.6% from the previous month. The Manheim Used Vehicle Value Index now stands at 106.1, which represents a year-over-year decline of 1.5%.

    About the same as before, a recently purchased used TX from the auction is not a good deal!

    Talked to someone in the business concerning TX sales, Ford is not really focused on this car, it is more interested in selling F-150s, thus they are not giving dealers much in the way of factory to dealer money to clear the lots. Dealers would like to clear them because they show up as having the highest number of days on the dealer's lot (a large number of dealers have 2-3 still on their lots). Bottom line this model is dead and Ford has more important priorities! As soon as Ford puts more incentives at this car, dealers will move them fast.

    Good Luck
  • HI, looking @ newTx. limited sticker $$33,200. dealer offer, is $27,500. i live in Maine rb. listed as $3,500. how can i get a better deal?
  • Is offering $23,500 before rebates for a new 2008 TX with an MSRP of $37k ridiculous?
  • selooseloo Posts: 606
    Taurus X

    795 2,261 -64.8% Only sold 795 units in April!

    3,982 9,758 -59.2%

    After driving the Veracruz, CX9 and Acadia, the Taurus X appears to be out-of-date and boring.

    It is not a bad car, I would have bought a slightly used Ltd for about $15K, but I missed that opportunity (Nov/Dec). Before I would purchase a new one, it would have to be the bargain of a lifetime! T

    Good Luck!
  • danallandanallan Posts: 32
    I love my boring 2007 Freestyle......21 mpg city, over 28 mpg highway, 6 passenger....tons of room.....great ride....I'll re-state...."best car I have ever owned and I've owned a few......"

    I'm over 53k mileage now......runs just like new

    IMHO, Ford's biggest mistake in not promoting this vehicle....
  • bobw3bobw3 Posts: 2,992
    My '05 FS FWD has over 70K miles and also runs like new. I've never reached 28MPG, but it's usually around 20mpg around town and in the mid-20s for highway driving. The Flex is basically a TaurusX/Freestyle with different sheet metal so now they actaully are promoting it under a new name again.

    The CX-9 is a sportier version and it's a good CUV. The Acadia is bigger. I've parked my FS beside an Acadia and you can really tell the difference. I think what the FS/TaurusX/Flex have going for them is that they're really a cross between a car and SUV, while something like an Acadia or Veracruz are just to much SUV for me. Ford has done a better job compromising betweern car and SUV.

    One thing I wish for on the Freestyle/TaurusX and on the new Flex is better cargo space inside through redesigning the 2nd and 3rd row of seats. It's a flat and long cargo floor but not very tall. If they could design the 2nd row to fold forward and down several inches that would really help. When you fold the 3rd row, the 3rd row folded "platform" actually has to go up several inches to line up with the folded 2nd row, and there's a lot of wasted space under that platform.

    But that's just picky stuff. I paid $23K for my '05 Freestyle in Feb'05 with the Ford family plan, so that shows how great the deals are right now.

    It's good to wait, but anyone who wanted to buy and hasn't already has missed the boat on the best deals.
  • selooseloo Posts: 606
    May marked the fifth consecutive monthly increase in wholesale used vehicle prices on a mix, mileage, and seasonally adjusted basis. The Manheim Used Vehicle Value Index now stands at 109.1, which resulted in the first year-over-gain in pricing since October, 2007.

    Used TXs are way too much!

    The best values are in new cars, but not the TX. I give Ford credit, they are letting this car just fade away without a whimper and without huge incentives, well as least not yet. I am glad that I did not buy this car, not because it is a bad car, it is not, but because I need something that can pull a boat.

    Good Luck!
  • We just bought a new 2008 SEL with convenience package, MSRP is $30,020. We paid $22,638.70. That includes $4500 in rebates, $500 for a trade in and tax. $3500 of the rebate is a Ford rebate and $1000 rebate is for trading in a Chrysler vehicle. This was at Medved Ford in Castle Rock, Colorado. Now there is only 16 new ones left in the state. The dealers in my area have one or two at the most on the lot, some have none at all. I've been waiting over a year for the right deal, it seemed if I was going to buy a new one, it's now or never.
  • joes11joes11 Posts: 8
    I am in maryland and I have only been able to find one new Taurus X with a dealer. Does anyone know of a way to locate dealers or other new Taurus X's. I am looking for an awd and possibly limited but would be fine with SEL.

  • ronsmith38ronsmith38 Posts: 228
    Try this link.

    Then click on "New inventory" for selected dealers.
  • joes11joes11 Posts: 8
    I just got a quote on a taurus X eddie bauer awd for 28,500 + tax tags and freight. I counter offered for 28k otd and the guy seemed to get really upset and said no one can sell it at that price and the best he can sell that car for is $32,900 otd. Mind you it has an MSRP of 35k.

    what do you all think??

  • jsedlockjsedlock Posts: 5

    Just got a 2008 TX Limited. Traded in an 07 Freestyle. Liked the FS so much we wanted to get a new TX before they were all gone. However, I had to get the chrome wheels and my wife just hates them. I have 300 miles on the car. Anyone interested in purchasing? Anyone have an idea where i can get the standard 18 inch painted wheels? Any help appreciated.
  • joes11joes11 Posts: 8
    what is everyone getting mpg wise on their taurus x awd. I am getting a pretty bad 13.5 mpg around town just running five minute errands back and forth. Is this common?
  • larryqwlarryqw Posts: 52
    I have a Taurus X Limited FWD. I can get mileage anywhere from 0 MPG (idling) to 29 MPG going 60 MPH on a flat freeway.

    Five minute errands are the worst for gas usage. I find my mileage drops tremendously when the engine is cold. It almost pays to drive faster when you first start to get it warmer quicker (but no high RPMs when cold for longer life).

    Taking my kids to school and errands around town is the worst. Lots of idling, the engine is cold, lots of starts and stops. In a week at home doing nothing but kid shuttle I got under 15 MPG one week. So what you say makes sense. This type of driving is where Hybrids excel.

    In my work commute, which is 70% freeway, I get ~23 MPG average. Last week I started on the highway and had 27.1 MPG indicated after 40 miles. But then I hit the residential area, and with lights, stops, and starts, the average MPG quickly dropped down to my usual 23 MPG.

    On some occasions, like vacation trips when I'm just doing freeway and being very careful, I can get over 26 MPG, but that's rare.
  • joes11joes11 Posts: 8
    Ok, That makes sense. The 5 minute errand guzzles the fuel. I just bought the car and the mpg was the biggest drawback for me. but it seems the mpg is the same as most mini-vans so....what are you gonna do? i just drove a 30 minute trip 70% highway and i ended up back in my driveway with an average of 23mpg...which is pretty good. But all last week with no freeway it was definitely down around 13-14mpg. I guess i didn't pay attention to what i got on my old subaru as much.

    thanks for the reply!
  • Do you any update on wholesale prices for Oct-Nov for Taurus X?
    I am looking into purchasing 2009 Ltd and would appreciate average wholesale prices for this model. This would help me to negotiate reasonable retail price.

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