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Hey guys,

I'm brand new to the blog but after reading some of the rear A/C issues I had to join in. I purchased a 2007 Acadia back on December 31, 2015 after looking for several months trying to find a good vehicle that would occupy a family of 5 with kids ranging from 16, 12, & 5. So, I finally found a one owner, very well taken care of, matter of fact it looks like a new car inside and out. When I purchased the car it had 102,000 miles and it now has 110,000 miles. So, after taking about a four hour trip about a week ago, we woke up the next morning to a vehicle that was blowing hot air when the A/C was on. We took it to a local garage and they charged the air and everything seemed ok, it worked for a day and the hot air returned. The local garage tracked down the dye leak and low and behold they found a hefty leak in the rear auxiliary line. The mechanic showed me the issue and the faulty design that led to the issue. Looks like a power steering line had rubbed a hole in the rear A/C line. Now, the local garage encouraged me to call the GMC dealer in our area (Elizabethtown, KY) in which I did, and now I'm looking at a bill somewhere between $1,200-1,300 dollars because of a bad design. I realize this hasn't been a recall but we have a friend with a 2011 Traverse that has the same exact issue. Surely GMC has to be aware of this issue and I would be more than happy to show them the old part that's being removed at the GM dealer this coming Friday after I swallow a huge bill. My wife and 3 kids absolutely love this car, but this may be the last GMC that I ever buy. By the way, I also had to replace an airbag sensor in the passenger's seat which cost me another $1,400 dollars at the GM dealer back in March. I'm afraid to ask what's next!!!
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