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Land Rover LR3 Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • Sounds good. Especially for a 2 Year Lease. I have noticed 2 years leases are pretty expenive.

    Our 2005 Lexus 330 is about to go back.

    We are looking at the Lexus GX 470, but we did look at the LR3 back in January and really liked it, but didnt want to pay what the dealer was offering.

    We would like to get an 07 LR3 HSE with 18K miles a year and be under or around $600 for 36 months. Do you think this will be possible?
  • We would like to get an 07 LR3 HSE with 18K miles a year and be under or around $600 for 36 months. Do you think this will be possible?

    No not a chance. You might be able to get a LR3 SE without Nav for that price without putting a ton of money down but that is it.

    You do realize the HSE LR3 is over 55,000 dollars right? A 55,000 dollar car doesn't lease for 600 bucks a month for 18,000 miles a year without a ton of money down.

    I sold an ex-service loaner LR3 SE with nav last week. I think the lease on tha tone is about as close as you will get.

    With property and sales tax the lease was a little over 700 dollars a month for 15,000 miles a year and 2,500 dollars down.
  • wanting to purchase a preowned offered 2005 black on black lr3 se model w/ cold climate package but only the 5 passenger @29488. New to this.... Is this a good deal with 21500K for miles?
  • offer 1: HSE with Luxury pack MSRp 56K dealer quoted 48K
    offer 2; SE with Teck Pack, fully loaded, MSRP: 54K Dealer quoted 43?
    without further talk with the dealer, Which one to take?
  • Hi everyone,

    I contacted the local dealer for a price on a lease for a LR3. They gave me the "standard" offer now, which is on a 2008 LR3 SE, $4000 down, $599 plus tax a month, 36 months and 10,500 miles per year.

    I assuming they are going off the MSRP of this truck? Are all of these terms negotiable, or are they set by the Land Rover Finance group? I'm fine with the lease length and miles, but would certainly like to get into the lease with as little money out of pocket, or bring down the monthly payment a little.

  • kbusamkbusam Posts: 1
    Which dealer did you get this offer with?
  • I'm interested in an 2008 LR3 HSE fully loaded. The dealership is quoting me $54,979 on a $58,750 MSRP.
    Is this a good deal?
  • 2 of the local dealers here were offering loaners for $10K off MSRP, but that was at the end of last year, so they might have up'd it a little bit to try and get rid of them by EOY. FWIW....
  • Is $9k off MSRP a good deal for a service loaner? I live in Mass, looking at an 08' HSE w/Lux Pkg/Sirius w/4k miles. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

  • The Atlanta Dealerships claim that the "Landrover Way" is not to negotiate and they claim that everyone pays MSRP. In reading some of the posts here, its unclear to me. I would like to buy a brand new 08 LR3. My company participates in the X-Plan. I spoke with a local dealer and they said that X-plan will typically bring the price down to between $1,400 and $1,800 off of MSRP depending on the X-Plan type- A, Z, or X. That doesn’t seem like a tremendous amount to me and my first thought was well if I could negotiate the price, I could probably do better. My questions are – 1) Do dealers negotiate on price for new vehicles? 2) If so, is the X-Plan really a benefit or just smoke and mirrors? Thanks.
  • pfolkpfolk Posts: 70
    I don't think you are likely to see much flexibility on price unless you are at model year end and they are clearing out demonstrators or less desireable vehicles. We have seen some additional promotions to take off $1,500 or so if you buy from available dealer inventory. If you are like me and you want a specific option package and color that aren't sitting on the lot, get out your checkbook.

    I purchased two LR vehicles from the United Auto Group dealerships here in the Phoenix area. UAG throws in a small customer loyalty bonus that ranges from $500 to $1,000, and I think I got them to throw in the load area mat on my last LR3, which is a few bucks more. Otherwise, I don't try to drive a hard bargain as I want dealer support if I have a problem. So far so good.

    I think the other impediment to price shopping is that you usually can't play off one dealer against another unless you're willing to go outside your area. UAG owns both LR dealerships in Phoenix, and I'm not going to go out of town to save a few bucks.
  • After much research, i finally pulled the trigger on a 2008 LR3 HSE fully loaded. My final purchase was $54,979 on a $58,750 MSRP. I did all the negotiating via email or on the phone. I got a little nervous towards the end because their was only one HSE with the heavy duty package left in Southern CA. Every dealership was trying to get me into a SE. The buying experience at LR Mission Viejo was great! I'm enjoying the LR3 around town, but I ready to get it dirty up in Mammoth next weekend!
  • havebluehaveblue Posts: 7
    I'm in Northern Virginia and I'm looking to lease an HSE w/ the Lux package. Anyone know what the money factor / residuals are looking like? I'm looking at doing a 12k/yr for 24 to 36 months.

    If I can get them to take $55k or $2k off would I be getting a great deal or just so-so?

    Any idea what dealer incentives they have going on? doesn't show any but both dealers have mentioned that there is some "lease cash" out there.

    I'm waiting on initial lease quotes from two dealers. No one is being terribly responsive.
  • monisanmonisan Posts: 1
    Has tech and cold climate packages.

    Total monthly = $600
    Total out of pocket = $2500

    We're in Bloomfield, NJ.

    Good deal???
  • Did you go to Prestige Land Rover???? If not go! Ask for Mani and he will get the best deal for you!!
  • Just bought a "Executive Demo" from Chicago-land LR dealer with 5k miles. The MSRP sticker was $57,950, paid $41k, took about 3 minutes of negotation so I probably left a little money on the table as well for the dealer. The lease factors were horrible (30% residual and 9% interest rate for 36 months), so just bought it outright.
  • in same boat right now, looking at '08 LR3 HSE sticker at $61k, demo w/ 11k mls...working down to $45k offer to me....any good? you happy with vehicle?
  • I just drove the 2008 LR3 HSE. Nice vehicle but not the right vehicle for me. Salesman told me there is currently an $8000 incentive on the 2008 LR3s. Should be some great deals out there. Just FYI. I was at Paul Miller LR in Paramus, NJ. Good luck.
  • We got a 2005 SE for $21k before all the other fees at Hornburg on Sunset. At the time we bought, they offered to match any lower price on a comparable car at another dealer, so shopping around was a good deal. It was certified pre-owned, so came with a 75k mile warranty, and the truck itself was in immaculate condition. The carfax also came back clean, and the service at Hornburg was spot on with what one would expect from a high-end dealership.

    With the recent high price of gas, residual values of SUV's has tanked, so going pre-owned a year or two would save you a lot of money on the bottom line, and you'll still get a generally good vehicle.
  • All,

    My 2002 Range Rover was going out of warranty and a lease on another car was expiring so I need two cars at once.

    Maybe I could have even done better going out of state (I am in FL) but what LR did was unbelievable on the 2008 BRAND NEW LR3s:

    2008HSE Java Black with Satellite radio and full (three row plus cargo) heavy duty LR rubber mats:

    Sticker: $55,600
    Bought: $39,500

    2008 SE Gray with bi-xenons and satellite radio and full rubber mats as above

    Sticker: $50,800
    Bought $34,500

    These are less than 4Runner prices!

    Even better, my dealers were honest and told me to buy my land rover assured exclusionary extended warranty (including tire road hazard coverage) out-of-state because there was a $1K rebate that Florida dealers could not honor.

    So, contacted a Colo. dealer and got the 7year/100K max warranty for each car, with the $1K rebate, and the dealer even gave an additional $400 off for each warranty (total, $3,600 each). Still not cheap but way off retail prices for these warranties.

    I bought before Dec 31 but I think there are still deals like this, if you can still find any 2008s.

    Also, the 2008s included the first six factory services for free and the 2009s do not.

    What amazing deals, unheard of for LR (I have been a LR owner since 1995 and never seen anything like it).

    Even got the 1.9% 60 month financing on one of them!

    LandRoverGuy, Florida
  • were these prices "out the door?"

    also, did you buy them in FLA? What is the best state to purchase in?

    I want a used 2008 LR3 and have found 30 within 50 miles of me but they all seem priced around $36k? any thoughts on what I should be paying?
  • These were selling prices. Tax, tag, title separate.

    I bought at Land Rover Fort Lauderdale and Land Rover North Dade, these are in south Florida.

    The Colorado dealer I got the warranties from said he had new 2008 LR3s at similar or maybe even higher discounts (but I prefer a good relationship with a dealer close by). I think it was Land Rover Flatirons.

    These were over 2 months ago, though, so I don't know what is available. It is true that, on Auto Trader, I did see used 2008s priced higher than what I paid, but if there are no new ones left then you are stuck.

    Good luck!

  • enya07enya07 Posts: 3

    My LR3 lease is up in May. It doesn't look like any good lease rates on the horizon, so am looking to purchase my next LR3. I have started my search early as I want to take advantage of the low prices on the '08 LR3 demo's. "Red Tag" prices are around $36k, but one dealer told me that they are working with every client on price. I have asked them to come in at $30k for a '08 LR3 SE demo w/ cold climate and blue tooth (MSRP of around $51k).

    Two questions to the forum:
    1) is it realistic to expect a dealer to go down to $30k?
    2) should I be in a hurry to buy or will the current inventory of '08's not deplete until May (and increase my negotiating leverage)?
  • I posted above on what I got on brand new 2008s (not demos). You should get less for demos. I was offered them at $1,500 less than new (so, yes, $30 K might be do-able if you find a desperate dealer). Everything is running low as far as I know because people are waking up to the great deals. Even in December, I found very few LR3s around the country. Wait until May at your own risk.

    BE CAREFUL ON THE DEMOS, though. These vehicles are already in-service for warranty purposes. On the two demos my dealer could locate, mileage was low (around 5-6K) but one year of the warranty had expired. This is a huge issue given the cost and, sometimes, frequency of repairs. If you plan to buy and trade in a couple of years, no problem. If you keep for a long time like I do (I warrantied mine for 7/100K), or if you private sell to maximize your value, then this is a real issue and, to me, more than worth it to pay more for brand new and have the full warranty.

    Good hunting!
  • Just bought a 2008 LR3 with Bluetooth and Cold Climate Package for $37.5k new in the SF Bay Area. I felt I might have saved a bit more but it was a long day as they attempted to take a trade in on my 99 Discovery Series II (70k miles) at $2k to make up the margin.

    In the end I separated the deals (kept the Series II for now) and didn't budge on price. They had 3 new LR3s on the lot and I got the gray/black exterior/interior colors I sought.

    So far I am happy on the car (at $14k below MSRP) and hope to drive it for the next 10 years like my last one. Now I need to find some of the aftermarket accessories at a better price.
  • kennyyukennyyu Posts: 16
    lookin to buy new lr3 se for $36-37 thousand range which would mean about $15000 off msrp.......any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.
  • i'm in the same boat. i have seen some new 2008 lr3s listed at 36000 so I think you can do better.. maybe low 30s
  • kennyyukennyyu Posts: 16
    really? mind telling me which dealer and when did you see this lr3? $36-37 is what i hope to pay for this new lr3. your info will be greatly appreciated. i'm in charleston sc area...maybe we should band together and get 2 lr3s for greater leverage.
  • shmulershmuler Posts: 8
    One week ago I got a 2008 LR3 SE with all options (technology package, sirius and telephone integration, cold climate package, bi-xenon head lights). The car was a demo with 3,300 miles has the full warrantly as if new and includes dealer service I think every 7,500 miles. Final price was $33k. I think that this is a great deal and an easy as can be transaction. It was listed for $34k and I offered $33k maybe I could have squeezed out another couple hundred bucks but I had been looking for a few weeks and was getting tired of the game. Love the car and will keep our fingers crossed on LR issues that everyone mentions. At this price much cheaper than a lease, should be worth about $16-$18k after 3 years and 36k miles.
  • well i finally pulled the trigger. disappointed that they wouldnt move on their price but i got a brand new lr3 with cold climate, sat/bluetooth, and lighting package for 35.9K i balked at the price for 3 days and they wouldnt move and couldnt find a better deal in the area. dealer was in northern nj.
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