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Engine Swaps



  • laffennnlaffennn Posts: 1
    would it be alot work to switch a golf 1.8 engine with a vr6? i got a very cheap donor vr6 golf with engine and all intact, just need a new frame as most of the original vr6 car is damaged at the rear.
    to make the question more simple, is there a guide somewhere about swapping engines in general or from 1 golf to another?

    all help is greatly apprecciated
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    what kind of car?

  • schwhackschwhack Posts: 2
    its a cavalier,ive already got it swapped.had to change the trans,axles,shifter,shifter cable,engine bay harness and the ecu.
  • maverickjmaverickj Posts: 16
    Yeah, I have seen couple of 240SX with 350 Engine Mods in them at car show. It's a lot of work but turns out great.
  • darts1darts1 Posts: 1
    i have a 87 bronco11 with 2.9 v6 what engine interchanges with it without changein the aoto tranny plz e mail me at thanks
  • I recently had some as***** who broke into my garage and stoled my carb,dist,intake and all the chrome off my engine. I had this engine built for me and I do not remember what cam it has and I would like to mach everything up. So I would like to know is there any way I can tell what cam it is without pulling it out . I would appreciate any input
    Thank you
  • dtbirddtbird Posts: 3
    I posted this same question on a different board in this forum, then I saw the title "engine swap" & thought I should post it here.
    Anyway my question is, would it be possible to put a fuel injected 5.0 from an '86 Grand Marquis (actually I put this motor in & the guy I bought it from said it was out of a T-Bird or a Mustang) and put that motor in a '86 T-Bird with a throttle body injected 3.8?
    What do ya think????
  • cliff85jcliff85j Posts: 7
    I have a 2000 honda passport with a 3.2L V6 that has some maintenance problems. I also have a 91 Chevy pickup with a 4.3L V6 and am thinking puting the 4.3L inth the Honda. I was wondering if anyone knows how hard it will be to match the engine the the transmission, computer, wiring etc. Both vehicle are manual trans. Or am I better off looking for another Isuzu engine? I know Isuzu makes a 4.3L V6. The Honda passport was manufactured by Isuzu for honda.
  • if you have any questions your more then welcome to e mail me at ive got a 350 in my 92 rodeo. simple swap.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Please don't ask for or offer to give "personal" help via email. We all benefit when a problem is discussed on the open forum. Thanks.
  • errorerror Posts: 1
    How can I find out if an engine from a 1998 Ford Ranger 3.0 V6 with Auto Transmission fit into a 1993 Ford Ranger with 2.3L I-4 with 5sp trans.
  • junebug13junebug13 Posts: 1
    i am putting engine out of 1994 3.2 into 1997 3.2 body can any body tell me if the
    wireing harnace will work one has the coil packs no each plugs and the other has coilpacks on top of engine what kind of problems am i faceing .

    please help jc
  • I was told that an 02 Kia Sedona engine would fit in 03 Kia Sorento. It would require me to switch out the exhaust manifold. Is there any other install issues that I need to know about before I attempt this job. Such as motor mounts, sensors etc.
  • jliotjliot Posts: 1

    Don't know if this is the right place for info, but here goes:
    I have a 4.2 l (I-6) Envoy motor that I will be fitting into a 1/2T GMC pick-up. The problem I have run into is that the Envoy 6 cyl motor has a unique 8 bolt pattern to connect the flex plate to the flywheel. Normally, this would be no problem except I want to put in a standard transmission. I want/need some transmission speed sensors to keep the computer happy and I really want a transmission whose case will closely bolt up to the 4.2 motor. I have narrowed it down to an Aisin 5 speed from a Canyon or Colorado. Hopefully, the flywheel will interchange and the trans case will bolt up. I know that this transmission is a bit light on the torque requirements, but I am a fairly modest driver.
    Can any of you offer me any help on this project? I am committed to do this, so please don't give me any "can't be done" replies. Thanks for your help.

  • injectinject Posts: 1
    I need any and all help with my ranger V8 conversion.I have a 96 ford ranger im trying to put a 97 Explorer
    302 in it.Im running into clearace issues putting the engine in.I bought different motor mounts for a mustang cov.
    I also have the double sump oil pan off a mustang.Im using the mountaineer tranny with transfer case.
    I origanally wanted to use the transfer case that I took off but it uses 5 bolts to bolt to the tranny.
    so i had to use the mountaineer transfer case that is four wheel drive all the time :(.Im still not having sucsess
    matching the engine with the motor mounts i bought.Any feedback is appreciated
  • Can a 4A-GZE engine from a corolla fit into at 91 toyota tercel?
  • mpm55mpm55 Posts: 2
    i have a 1988 trooper and I wanted to swap the 2.6 v4 for something more powerful, perhaps a 3.2 V6. i wwas wondering what would mate with the current transmission it already has in it. would putting a3.2 require ALOT of remodeling of the engine mounting brakets and what not? any ideas? thoughts appriciated, thank you.
  • I always assumed that replacing an inline-4 with a V6 would be harder to swap than just another inline-4.

    I feel for you since my inline-4 trooper is dog slow also. I'm thinking about an engine rebuild and new carburetor to pep it up.
  • l0stl0st Posts: 2
    I have a '01 gmc jimmy I want to know if a 4.2l I6 will fit. Will I have to buy a new computer for it? Is it the same wiring from a trailblazer/envoy? Will I have to do big modifications for it?
  • l0stl0st Posts: 2
    The 4.2l is from my buddy's trailblazer, it can rear end and the insurance claim it's salvage but the engine is good with 55k
  • I am building a 72 nova in which I am planning on installing a 5.7 litre vortec out of a 97 silverado. I have the entire truck, so I plan on using the 460le transmission and the computer. Any suggestions on making this as painless as possible?
  • i have a 1993 Cherokee with a auto in it with the 4.0 high output 6. i also have a 1990 Cherokee with a auto and the 4.0 inline 6. but not the high output its got the old computer in it. what i want to know is i want to put the motor from the 93 into the 90 will the computer harness from the 93 plug into the firewall and work in the 90 Cherokee? so basically i need to know can i put a motor and computer from a 93 into 90 jeep and just plug and play?
  • As the title says, I'm thinking about putting a new motor in an older chassis. I'm sure custom motor mounts would have to be made, right? Does anyone make new mounts to weld on?

    And what about the trans? I'm assuming the bell housing's are different.

    Anyone got any nuggets of wisdom for me?

  • Really? No help here? Didn't get any love on my Dodge van problems either. With as huge as this site is, there's gotta be some knowledgable folks on here that don't mind helping out...

  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Try asking over in Edmunds Answers. It gets a different crowd.
  • cool. thanks, steve.
  • It really wouldn't be worth the motor swap if you want a single overhead cam motor realistically an integra isn't the car to look to. They had an entirely dohc engine line-up and it would really be kind of pointless to do the modifications to drop in a sohc engine from a civic or something similar. The stock nonvtec hp or an integra is more than any vtec sohc motor they make, honestly if you want a solid chassis for racing look into a 90-96 civic hatchback. the 90-93 versions or ef chassis are very light, easily modded and almost any d-series sohc motor is a direct drop in. I've seen them as high as 11 second cars on a sohc vtec motor due to the weight of the car.
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