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1992 Lincoln Town Car - thermal blower lock out switch leaking coolant

renelemrenelem Member Posts: 2
edited September 2016 in Lincoln
Does anyone know where I could get a replacement thermal blower lock out switch (TBL)? This is a vacuum/electrical switch which keeps the blower from running in heater mode until the coolant is warm enough.

I have my town car up for sale and I drive it periodically to be sure everything is ok. Today, I started it and got out to get something from the trunk. I found a huge puddle of engine coolant coming out from under the engine area. Turned it off, looked for a leaking hose, nada.

Got the wife to start it while I watched. The thermal blower lock out switch (TBL) was gushing fluid out around the original factory compressed hose fittings. These are like those for hydraulic hoses so just reclamping them won't work.

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