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Dodge Ram MEGA CAB



  • As a employee with cummins fuel system. Cummins controls the standards for EPA. As of now there is no other manufacture can keep up with cummins fuel system. they are developing an V-8 with better fuel mpg. The V-6 out works any Ford or chevy light truck diesel and better mpg.
  • My brother in-law had major problems with his ford, the flex hose kept blowing off and oil everywhere. That seemed to me was alot of backpress from a restricted exhaust. never again drive a ford here.
  • Not sure what you have done to yours I have 06 mega cab with Hemi got 14.5 on the trip home from the dealer, 250 mile trip combo hwy and city. Local mileage is around 13 since I added 50 series flowmaster and duals with CIA and now get 17.5 on open road,
    satisfied with mine dont want the diesel
  • I just bought the 2007 Mega w/ Hemi and I am interested in what specific mods you made, products you bought, to improve the mpg of your truck.

    Thanks for your reply!
  • I have not completed all the mods that I intend to do but I put 31/2 inch dual exhaust cat back flowmaster 50 series muffler, one pipe in and 2 out both come out behind the rear wheels at an angle with stainless tips
    Volant CAI installed. I intend to use a throttle body spacer and programmer but waiting until I reach 12,000 miles on the vehicle before adding, just to see what it would be, My mechanic told me that the truck wont run to full performance until it reached the 12000 mile mark.
  • Thanks for your reply.

    Did you in fact see an increase in gas mileage when you added the CAI and exhaust system? If so, did you see a differance in the city mpg, highway or both?
  • If you work for Cummins it seems you'd know it's not a V-6. It's an in line 6.

    Do not buy the Mega Cab is you live in a climate where it gets very hot, such as down south. Florida, Texas, Socal, GA, etc.

    The AC is very undersized. They used the same AC for the mega cab as was used in smaller cabs.

    Dodge has admitted to a lot of complaints about this, but has yet to fix it.

    I otherwise love the truck, but living in S. Fla it is just intolerable 4 or 5 months out of the year.
  • not me...replied to wrong thread sorry
  • AMEN brother! If you live in a warm to hot climate - DO NOT PURCHASE A DODGE MEGA CAB! I cannot say this enough!!! You will be so pissed off if you do. Dodge knows that it's a problem but won't fix it. If you have 80 degree weather then your probably ok and can get by but if you live where I do and it's 95, 100, 105 and sometimes can get to 110 in July and August then your flat out SCREWED! Even when the dealer fixed the broken recirculating door to A/C housing, it still did not produce sufficient air volume to the front or back vents. Not to mention the warm air coming through the vents. I drove the truck for 30 minutes and it still was not cold when I got home from work. As I said, I don't live at the beach but I live where alot of people live and that's in hot climate in the summer! If I use the A/C in the morning, late evening or when it's in the 80's then it's ok - But people use their A/C when it really gets hot not when it's cool or cold! Please somebody come up with a fix for the Dodge Mega Cab A/C since the Dodge engineers can't!
  • If anybody totally disagrees with the above posted message then you must have been blessed with nothing short of a miracle and I need to talk to you.


  • Dont totally disagree but I live at the beach in eastern NC and yes, it does not have the air flow that the Durango (mine) has but after about 10 -15 minutes it will run you out of the truck. Try driving with the reat window down about 3 inches for a few minutes to clear the cab then make sure the ac is set to recirculate, that uses the inside air and recools it if you leave it to normal and try to cool it on an above 90 day it wont do it (most cars and trucks wont either) I am pleased with the MEGA and have upped mine to around 398hp and am totally pleased.
  • I have tried lowering the windows for a little bit and even have opened the sun roof to help eliminate the extreme hot air inside although, this still will not get the air cold enough or keep the air cold inside the Mega Cab in hot summer weather. It also will not do the job even if I keep the recirculating fan on continuously. I have owned alot of cars, trucks and SUV's but never ever have I been so displeased with the "mega Cab A/C". Like I've said before, if you live in a cooler climates it's probably ok - but absolutely terrible in warm to hot climates. I thought that A/C was to be used in hot weather not cold weather. I'm glad to see that your pleased with it in your cool climate by the beach but when I purchased my truck they didn't make me sign a discloser stating that I had to live near a beach. Sorry if this comes over a little strong but if you lived where alot of people do live - I believe you would have an entire different outlook on the "plagued Mega Cab A/C. If you do alot of searching on the internet you will find countless owners that have this same problem and Dodge will not fix it! They just say "IT'S NORMAL". This is there way of saying it will cost too much to fix the nationwide problem.
  • I have a 2008 Mega Cab 4x4 with the 5.7 Hemi. My question is where can I find the axle ratio info and can I pull a 8000 lb empty weight 5th wheel with this truck. It is equiped with the towing package from Dodge. Any info would be greatly appretiated.

  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,926
    If you're looking for the axle type, ratio, and size, there should be a label affixed to the inside of the glove compartment door. If you are looking for the axle load weight, that should be on a label found on the door pillar.

  • For towing a 5th wheel with a shortbed you'll likely need to get an extension kit for the trailer. "Popup" makes one that seems to be pretty popular. Check out their site to see what I mean. (Just search 'popup 5th wheel extension'). The problem you'll run into is that when you make a sharp turn with most 5th wheel or gooseneck trailers the corner of the trailer likes to crush your rear window. Not such a problem if you never turn, however if you plan on going in anything other than a straight line, you'll probably need one of these adapters. Also, If you try to get around this by mounting the hitch too far back in the bed, you'll affect your truck's ability to steer, another unfortunate problem with the shorty bed. Aaaah, these mega cabs are full of issues, but I still love mine!!!
  • zone4zone4 Posts: 46
    What year is your dodge truck? Has this problem been fixed on the 2009 mega cab or crew cab that you know of?
  • I have the 6.7L Cummins with all the emmisions crap on it. When the warranty runs out I want to take this stuff off (don't tell uncle Sam). Right now I have 40K miles on the odometer and I'm getting 14-16 mpg. I want to get 20-26mpg like the old 5.9 Cummins. Anyone know how I can improve my mpg right now???
  • I have a 2007.5 Mega cab 6.7L and live in Dam Hot, Texas. I don't seem to have the problem you are experiencing. I always keep a blue-point thermometer stuck in the front center vent, just something I've always done. The air coming out is a cool 36-38 degrees with decent flow and it cools relatively quick. Note: I also have a mild "legal" tint job. Is it possible something has been sucked up the intake on the passenger side? I had an 04' Ram dually 4 door and had no problems until a piece of cellophane got sucked into the return and was blocking flow over the ac coil which caused it to freeze up lowering flow even more. I would have to turn ac off and leave fan on for 15-20 minutes before it would thaw and start flowing again. Hope you find the problem/fix as no ac definitely sux.
  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,926
    Some early build Mega Cabs had a problem with insufficient cooling capacity, and I think the fix was to increase the evaporator size as well as some internal design changes.

  • I currently own a 2007 Dodge Mega Cab 1500 4x4 with the 5.7 Hemi w/ 3.73 rear end. I live in the HOT South Texas area and I haven't had one problem with my truck since I purchased it brand new in December of 2006. As a matter of fact once I get it paid for next year I will be looking into a 2010/11 RAM 2500 mega cab 4x4 with the 390 HP 5.7 HEMI.

    The mega cab has spoiled me with all the cab room. I installed a gooseneck hitch 3 months after I purchased the truck. I do have the 9" Pop-Up gooseneck extension and it works perfectly! I don't have to worry if the hitch will hit my tool box when I'm turning or going over a dip in the road.
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