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Toyota Avalon vs Chysler 300/300C



  • parks1parks1 Posts: 5
    As a point of information, according to Toyota, the 2005 Avalon does just fine on
    regular gas. The engine may suffer a loss of about 10 hp. The electronics adjusts
    for the lower octane so there is no ping. I can tell you from first hand experience
    you will not miss the 10 hp. This car has plenty of power.
  • I think I'm pretty qualified to address this topic. In May of '05 I bought a 2005 300C Hemi. Trust me it's the real thing. I live in up state Michigan and thought I was going to have to trade it in, because it was so bad in the snow. Not once you got going but terrible off the start. Nokian Hokkapolita tires fixed that. It was a real eye catcher, especially after I had the windows tinted and put a stainless wire mesh Bentley grill on it. It handled well, and was very nice inside. Two weeks ago I traded it in on a 2005 Avalon XLS after much research! REASON?!?!? Gas mileage. I'm a believer gas could still go to $3 a gallon and I need the mileage which will equate to 150 to 200 miles PER tank full! Went on a 500 mile trip this past weekend and got 26.5 combined and 32 on the freeway. The Avalon is already doing it's job. It is a poor man's Lexus. Extremely nice inside and the JBL sound system is even better than the Boston Aucustics I had in the Hemi. The trunk is fractionally smaller but lays out better. The sunroof in the Avalon is smaller, and the rear seats don't fold down, but do recline 10 degrees. It is bullet proof construction and 280 h.p while not a Hemi still has some pull! A bit more of an old man's drive, but will be more affordable to drive for sure. You can't go wrong with either car, it will just depend on what is important to you! Brawn vs. brains. Enjoy the ride, they're both awesome.
  • smithedsmithed Posts: 444
    Great post. These two came high on our list, too. Went with the 300C. Enjoy the XLS. Front drive makes more sense for Michigan. Here in South Carolina, we don't worry about snow or ice much. However, I do drive to western PA around Christmas time. That causes me some concern with the Continentals on the C. My Intrepid has been good in snow with regular M+S tires. Of course, western PA is not upstate Michigan, either. I see you had snow even in May of this year. Yikes!!! You sure didn't keep the 300 C long.
  • steve290steve290 Posts: 25
    I am considering a Avalon LTD or a 300C AWD. I live in Boston and cannot have a RWD vehicle because of snow thus am interested in AWD. I drive 40,000 miles a year, almost all highway and am concerned about gas mileage for the 300C. My question is, what was your highway mileage with the 300C? Does the cylinder shutdown work to significantly improve mileage? The Avalon appears to be an excellent car in every way, but its looks do nothing for me. Although it is a big car, it appears small? Am I crazy? I love the 300C, but can expect more mechanical problems than with the Toyota. The 300C highway mileage will sway my decision. The 300C also requires mid-range, about $.10 a gallon more in MA and I would expect the AWD to get worse mileage than the RWD version. Does anyone know the difference?
  • My 300c with the de activation got about 21 to 23 on the highway. The Avalon is getting as high as 33mpg. The AWD Hemi is even worse (I did not have AWD) as it adds weight to the car. The Avalon will get 10mpg more than an AWD Hemi. I have been running my Avalon on regular, not mid or premium and it has been just fine. Gas just went to 279.9 her in Petoskey Michigan and it's definitely going to $3.00 or even higher. I think if I have done the math correctly, if you go 40K a year you'll get about 180 miles per tank full more with the Avalon. That will equate to about 6 gallons of gas at $3 will be $18 per tank full. Over the year you'll save a bundle on gas. The Avalon will also be more reliable for sure. The Avalon is spacious and lays out better than the Hemi did. The trunk is fractionally smaller but configured better. The back seat is larger and the seats recline. BUT it's not a Hemi with 390 ft of torque. If you want to cover those 40,000 miles quickly but expensively, buy the Chrylser. If you want to do it affordably and in utter class with reliability, get the Avalon. The ONLY reason I bought the Toyota was for better mileage. It is a heck of a car. The Avalon is growing on me, as well as my kids. The stereo is better, and I thought the Boston Aucustics was the end all. either way, you'll be happy I assure you. Enjoy the ride!
  • yxuyxu Posts: 3
    Which one is quieter, more comfortable and fun to drive? I average less than 10K and mostly local cummute to work. MPG is not that important to me.

    I'm in Philadelphia area. How the RWD handles 6-8 inch snow?

  • in2locksin2locks Posts: 13
    Brian where did you get the tires and what size did you get?
  • The tires are Nokian Hakkapolita (SP) because they are 18 inches they actually call them for an SUV They are All-Season radials 235/55/18 Very good in 8 inches of snow. The Continentals weren't good in a half inch!!!

    The Hemi is quicker, largely due to 390 lb ft of torque. Some places have said the Hemi can do 5.3 0-60 Most people claim around 6 flat. The Avalon was clocked at 6 flat to about 6.6. The Hemi is quicker any way I slice it. If your looking for pure "fun", get the Hemi. But if you don't mind being a couple of clicks slower and still get great mileage, the Avalon.

    Enjoy the ride!
  • abeabe Posts: 19
    im not a big fan of the 300c. ive owned one for over a year. but, if you can stay at 55-60mph, you can get upper 20s low 30s mpg. ive been able to get almost 600 miles on a full tank of gas
  • gdp1gdp1 Posts: 1
    The 2006 Avalon Limited is being offered to fleets to combat the Chrysler 300 Touring AWD model being offered by them. This must be the reason for the delivery delay to dealers. Personally, I am trying to decide between the two, but leaning towards the Avalon. I have concern with the rear visibility on the 300 and the lower gas mileage, but I do like the look. Can someone comment on the visibility issue? Also, do you think the Avalon with stability control will handle nearly as well as the AWD 300 in the snow?
  • Oops am I bad. Thought those darn Nokian's were 55's and they actually are 60, so 235/60/18 and they worked really well.

    As for traction control vs. AWD. You'll get better traction with the AWD system than traction control. Kinda comparing apples to oranges here. Rear visibility is poor in the Avalon and REALLY poor in the Hemi. I can't believe the guy in post #42 that said he can get 600 miles a tank on the Hemi. I got about 335 to 375 at best! But we all drive different. If you go the a 300, get the Hemi, if you want a still very quick car, with nicer interior and far superior gas mileage it's the Avalon all the way.
  • abeabe Posts: 19
    remember, i was only doing 55, by myself with the windows up. gas mileage drops down to mid 20s when im playing in the 80s and 90s. the visiblity takes some getting used to. not so much the rear but the sides
  • abeabe Posts: 19
    and it was all highway by the way. in the city, this car is horrible. i might get 300 miles in the city
  • hraohrao Posts: 78 thinks 300 is better

    Cons: Not as much fun to drive as a Chrysler 300, stability control can only be had on top-rung models.
  • kevm14kevm14 Posts: 423
    Yeah and they tested against the 300 Touring, which has the 3.5L V6.
  • alan_salan_s Posts: 362
    The 300 may win the awards now, but the Avalon will still be running like new long after the 300's are dead hulking shadows at the roadside, mortally wounded by shredded transmissions and short-circuited burned out electronics...
    I know, I've owned Chryslers before and I WAS at the side of the road... :lemon:
  • avasteravaster Posts: 20
    As far as looks it's the Avalon. The 300 looks like a theme car. It's more like a novelty look. The Avalon is more well defined. The 300 is tank like and you see them everywhere. I have 5175 miles on mine and have seen 7 other Avalons although it seems to be more of them lately.
  • 5539655396 Posts: 529
    "I have 5175 miles on mine and have seen 7 other Avalons although it seems to be more of them lately."

    My wife has an 03 and we didn't see many either - until we went to Green Valley AZ. Old farts had em everywhere. ;-)
  • smithedsmithed Posts: 444
    "As far as looks it's the Avalon. The 300 looks like a theme car. It's more like a novelty look. The Avalon is more well defined. The 300 is tank like and you see them everywhere. I have 5175 miles on mine and have seen 7 other Avalons although it seems to be more of them lately."

    You should enjoy the Avalon. I see plenty of them around here. Neither the Avalon nor the 300 is an exclusive car, both mass produced. I have a 300C, love it. Great looks (always a matter of opinion), fun to drive, smooth, powerful. You didn't go wrong with the Toyota though. That was our other choice when we bought the C 2 years ago. :shades:
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