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Ford Mustang (2005) vs. 2005 Pontiac GTO



  • gdumas1gdumas1 Posts: 3
    I think the problem with the new gen. GTO is the name. I know many people share my view. Yes, the new generation GTO performs. In fact it out performs the SI197 mustang, but I think if the named something else besides GTO, it may still be around today.
  • I just purchased an 05 GTO with 2400 miles, i am wanting to do some mods to it. I would like to see if anyone might be able to give me some heads up. I have thought about flowmaster exaust, cpu upgrades, nitrous, ect. any help will be greatly appreciated.
  • eliaselias Posts: 2,120
    golden holden, i understand these cars are very mod-able.
    probably you should visit ls2gto web site for the most modern mod info .
  • fmfwfmfw Posts: 1
    I have wanted to do the same & have learned a couple of things. #1; Hypertech does NOT offer a programmer for the GTO because, according to them & confirmed by Pontiac, the heads are different than other 6.0's, & some {unknown which ones} are loose. At the top of the pistons travel, the rings are not properly supporting the piston, & the piston can jam. This happens @ high rpm & results in catastrophic engine failure. One local added nitrous & blew his engine before the first bottle was empty. I have also seen many modified GTO's that make big power & are as reliable as stock, just be sure to do your homework. Call Lingenfelter in Decatur, Indiana. Their reputation for reliable, durable power is sterling. & no, I do not work with or for them, but that is where my GTO will go for any mods beyond the K&N intake coming soon. Good luck & remember, Mustangs look best from the rearview mirror!
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