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Chrysler PT Cruiser



  • I need some of my decals replaced.... had some body work done on my car .. ooops... and as a result I need some of my flame decals replaced... Where can I can them? I dont need the whole set, is it possible to buy what I need, or do I have to buy the whole set?
  • I would start by looking at Google and then Ebay.

    Good luck
  • My wife and I are thinking about purchasing a used PT Cruiser. We twice had a PT Cruiser as a rental, one seemed great but the other seemed well worn. I've seen some used PT's in the $6,000 range with 50K plus. I've read the history and wonder if this is a smart buy or if I'd be better off with a Toyota Matrix or Mazda 3. My wife loves the styling and I think it is OK, we are looking for something to complement or leased 2009 Maxima and it would be nice to have something that would make trips to Home Depot easier. Thoughts?
  • My PT Cruiser is good... the only thing that is a problem is those damn chrome rims... I switched mine. Other than that, it's good on gas - mine is a 2002 - as you pobably know, the newer models are even better on gas. They are also convenient due to the extra space inside. Mine also has the roof rack which is very handy. The car is a good value for you dollar, I'd get another one.
    Good luck.
  • jpfjpf Posts: 496
    I bought a 2007 PT Cruiser convertible in May 2009. I really like the car; paid about $14,000 and the car only had 5,500 miles. The gas mileage could be better (approx. 24 MPG for mixed driving). The only concern I would have is that the car is low to the ground. If you live in a snow belt area this could be a problem. Good luck.
  • 2001 Pt Cruiser it's below zero out, battery was dead, let it sit for a few days before replacing, car turns over but won't start, anyone have this problem, or any ideas on how or why it won't start?
  • barsenderbarsender Posts: 1
    i just got my pt cruiser, they changed the motor and they could not get it to wants to start but will not i changed the coil pack,new i had to get a new lower intake new plugs checked the code ,checked the timing belt poured gas in carb but still just tries to but will not start can any one help Ronnie
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    A reporter wants to talk with folks who own/ed a PT Cruiser and/or have a strong opinion about the car. Please email by Friday, July 9, 2010 with your thoughts about its heyday and/or its demise.

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  • Hey All,

    My 05 PT ( 2.4L Turbo, 82,358 miles ) is not running well. It will lose speed/power at high speeds. I ran the above codes over at a shop. Can anybody point me to where I can find what the codes mean? Thanks. :confuse:
  • kronykrony Posts: 110
    Sometimes google searches work, or else try an Autozone or O-Reilly Auto Parts Store.
  • drejdrej Posts: 119
    edited January 2011
    Greetings, our 01 PT cruiser is runningextremely hot. This is odd as its is winter now (About 20 F here int he Cleveland Area) I have checked oil and coolant regularly. Recently the coolant has needed fill in the eservoir as it seems to always need some and the last fill it seemed empty but we've kept up on it. Is there some typical problem with these 2.4 L motors?
  • jpfjpf Posts: 496
    If you're adding coolant and the engine's temperature is rising; my first guess would be a blown head gasket. You need to get the car checked out immediately. You don't want coolant mixing with oil. As for the Chrysler 2.4L, it's been a fairly reliable engine. Good luck.
  • My PT Cruiser's warning lights started blinking rapidly and my speedometer started going up and down. I rapidly lost speed from 40 to 0 and just managed to get off the road.

    For anyone who is also experiencing this dangerous problem please go to to report it. Numerous people have already, but the more people who do the more likelihood that a recall will be put on the issue and we won't get the run around from Chrysler anymore. They will have to research the issue and fix this life threatening problem.
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