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Lexus RX 450h Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • rankyranky Posts: 2
    Can you tell us what dealer you end up with,as we are looking for the same deal...
  • Are you looking to do the deal before Jan1st?
  • ok

    So what are your requirements?


    miles per year?

  • 2008 FWD R400h with Premium Plus, Nav, Tow/Wood/Htd Seats, etc - basically everything except Levinson. MSRP 49,491, cap cost 40,802

    $1,100 cap cost reduction, $1,980 drive-off including first month and registration


    $506/m plus sales tax

    47% Res, .00035 MF
  • I just found out the above incentive starting tomorrow on 400h at Edmunds...

    Does nav really come with a cassette player?!
  • $6000??? damn, I leased mine one week too early :( I got almost 3000 under invoice, but it looks like waiting a week might have yielded another 2-3K off even that.
  • It looks like the $6000 may apply to more than just the RXs. I've also been pricing slightly used ESs with Levinson/Luxury on Edmonds and found a bunch yesterday AM@ $29,999. Last night, all of them were increased to @ $34-$35.

    Am I misreading the price increase?

    Does this make sense?
  • Ares1XAres1X Posts: 3
    Dealer down in melbourne, FL has 3 2008 left. All area full loaded and list at 49,600. They quoted my rock bottom of 44,500. I was hoping to do better - arent we all ! anyways, is this a good deal for a car that is a year old? how much more will it depreciate when I drove off the lot?

  • I wouldn't even touch them - let them eat cake at that price, especially with the 6K incentive. 400h's are getting harder to come by, and I'd probably not buy one unless I got most of the 6K under invoice, given the depreciation hit you will suffer - the 2010s are only 4-6 months away from delivery, possibly sooner. I think Lexus wants all the 400h's sold and off the lots along with most of the 350s, as the 2010 350 is due around March.

    Go to and plug in zip codes for Ft Lauderdale, San Jose CA, Los Angeles CA (where I got mine) and New York City - see which overstock dealer has the best price - you definitely won't find a good price in Melbourne or anywhere else where one dealer services a geo area with limited stock. Be prepared to shop and buy from out of state if you want the right car, the right color and the right price.
  • Ares1XAres1X Posts: 3
    thank you.
    I have no problem traveling for a good deal just didnt know where to look. I'll go check it out right now...thx !!!
  • New to this forum, one quick question. I am thinking to buy a 2009 400h. Given the $6,000 from Lexus to dealers, what is the reasonable price I should offer? $6,000 below invoice price? or higher? Thanks a lot
  • There is no 2009 400h - the model is still sold as a 2008. A fairly dumb move by Lexus, since Toyota continued their unchanged Prius from 2008, but at least called it a 2009 model to keep the resale and residual values up. Lexus decided to sell a 2008 well into 2009, which means your "new" car is going to take big value drop the moment the ink dries on your sales agreement.

    I can only speculate that Lexus decided not to ship the model as a 2009 because they stopped production before the 2009 calendar year, but they should have looked at the valuation picture from the consumer's point of view and started shipping the model as a 2009 back in late summer, even for a limited production run.

    That being said, check the pricing information for your zip code to see how dealers are applying the cash - you should be able to take the invoice price and chop off at least 5k. You may need to be more price flexible as the retail supply dwindles and your color/option selection becomes harder to find.
  • After a shipping delay, my new 400h just arrived. I want to share my great buying experience with the Lexus of Cerritos (Southern CA) fleet sales team - they offered a great price (no haggling needed), underpriced the competition, found me the car, did most of the work over the phone, and had everything ready for me to sign when I got to the dealer - no shenanigans.

    Sometimes buying a car remotely can be a hassle, but these folks were top-notch, and although I expected a surprise along the way, nothing came up.

    If anyone is still finding a tough time getting a good deal, especially in the Southeast or Texas, give these folks a shot.
  • Could you please share more info regarding your purchase, such as price and option? Thanks.
  • sorry, I had it listed upthread...but it was a December to Remember deal, which is no longer available as a good lease, and you should get a better selling price now than I did with the heftier factory rebate.

    MSRP was 49,4k
    Selling Price (cap cost before 1k DP) was 40,8k
    MF was 0.00035 (December to Remember)
    Residual was 47%
    Monthly Pymt before sales tax - 506
    Total Drive Off was under 2k including 1k DP, license, first month, no dealer fees

    As I noted in the R400h lease thread, I re-ran the numbers using the 0.00285 MF, the 46% residual and chopped almost another 3K off the selling price of the car because of the better factory money, but the payment went up by almost 80/mo due to the horrible money factor and worse residual being offered now.

    If you can finance the car instead of leasing it, you should be able to get the same car I did for about 37 and change.

    My car is a 2WD R400h with leather, Nav, wood, tow prep, heated seats, and graphite wheels
  • I'm wondering if anyone else had the following extra captialized costs in 400 h lease?
    Acquistion fee = $700 (is this mandatory/optional)
    L & M fee = $493.80
    MV Sales/Use Tax Reimbusement = $78.47
  • 700 acquisition fee is mandatory - you can offset it via a downpayment if you don't want to finance it.

    Not sure what the L+M fee is, but if it's license and title, then it would depend on your state - again, you can pay that upfront in cash and not finance it. MV sales/use sounds like a state tax or something - have your dealership finance man explain all these numbers.
  • has anyone tried 1 pay lease or multiple security deposit(s) option.
    It seems to be about $2,500 less lease payment, with 1 pay lease for 3 yr lease term.

    I'm not sure if there are any disadvantage(s) with this 1 pay lease option from Lexus.

    Also, any input/feedback with multiple security deposit(s), is very much appreciated.
  • briegelbriegel Posts: 139
    I have used the multiple security deposits option, as have several others on this forum. It is a good way to reduce the money factor and therefore the monthly payment. You use your available cash as an investment that gives a return in the range of 15% plus based upon the difference in the monthly payment. The money is returned to you at the end of the lease. The monthly payment is not reduced as much as it would be if you used the cash as a down payment, but you eliminate the risk of loss in the case of the car being totaled.
  • I greatly appreciate your feedback.

    how much will the MF be reduced with the multiple security deposits option?
  • briegelbriegel Posts: 139
    When I did this four years ago the MF was reduced by .0001 per MSD. As interest rates dropped that became .00008. Recently a poster stated his reduction was .00001, but that didn't seem right. The dealer or his finance guy should be able to tell you the current correct reduction amount.
  • However the offer price last several days I got from Putnam Lexus and Stevens Creek Lexus ( both are bay areas dealers) are all around invoice price with no intention to negotiate. I am confused that they dont' even take into account the $6000 manufactuer to dealer cash at all. Anybody last one or two weeks got any quote on 2008 400h?
  • Two questions:

    1) how is their inventory? With 4-6 months remaining before the '10 hybrids show up, they might be down to a few cars and decided to play cute with the remaining inventory thinking they can pump some extra profit out of them, especially if someone put a bug in their ear that gas prices might be going up (which they're not)

    2) do they know that you know about the factory cash? Did you confront them about it?
  • rca2rca2 Posts: 2
    We bought a new 2008 400h at Stevens Creek and were able to negotiate a significant discount. $41837 for a vehicle with MSRP $52371. Hope this helps. Good luck with your search.
  • Just bought new 2008 RX 400h AWD fully loaded, but no Levinson audio. MSRP $50,995, negotiated down to $39,845, out of the door price $41,100.
    Great sales experience, even waived the processing fee.
    This is the second car I have bought from this dealership, quality operation.
  • twm01twm01 Posts: 12
    Can you provide more details on your deal (options, $ breakdown, etc.)... Thanks!
  • twm01twm01 Posts: 12
    Can you also give your deal details?

  • jofam1jofam1 Posts: 21
    "We bought a new 2008 400h at Stevens Creek and were able to negotiate a significant discount. $41837 for a vehicle with MSRP $52371. Hope this helps. Good luck with your search"[rca2]

    So it seems that a brand new 2008 400h (AWD?)(with navigation/Mark Levinson and Premium Plus) can be bought for around $42,000.
    I have also seen some deealers posting ads for comparably equipped 2006 models at $30,000 and 2007 models at $37,000 (all less than 30,000 miles). Assuming the used/CPOs can be bought for $2,000 less than the asking price (or can the prices be bargained down further?), which is a good value?

    2008 at $42,000
    2007 at $7,000 - $8,000 less (less than 30,000 miles)
    2006 at $13,000 -$14,000 less (also less than 30,000 miles)

    BTW, any significant changes between 2006, 2007 and 2008 models?

    Thank you for your input.
  • Thanks to this forum I was made aware of the $6000 incentive, so I want to share my own experience and hopefully will help someone.

    We negotiated a deal of ~$6700 off invoice price, plus about $200 worth of accessories, from a san francisco bay area dealership.
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