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Lexus RX 450h Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • nycom99nycom99 Posts: 1
    Thanks for this post! Great information! I just had a quote from them on the same vehicle for $41.9k (plus destination fees)! Did your $39.9k include destination and ad fees? Was there an advertised special that weekend?

    Edmunds says there is a $6k manufacturer to dealer incentive again this month. At a sales price of over $42k (when including destination fees), Sheehy stands to make over $9k on the deal they quoted me (I found dealer cost to be a little over $39k on While I know dealers need to make a profit, making ~20 - 25% is too much!

    Lindsay told me they no longer had 2008 models. I have contacted, but have not heard back from Pohanka.
  • varx400hvarx400h Posts: 3
    39,900 included destination and adv. The only things it did not include were taxes, title, tags, and $100processing. Total out the door was 41,2something. Perhaps since we bought on Memorial Day, and it was the end of the month. Keep dealing...good luck!
  • joshiajayjoshiajay Posts: 1
    Any chance you could scan your bill of sale? (with your personal info blacked out of course) I'm going to try and negotiate with a couple of dealers here in Chicago and it would be great to show someone got this price from a real dealer.
  • cphdncphdn Posts: 2
    Can anyone help me discern what a good price would be for an 06 400h with AWD and about 40k miles? Looking around, seems like most CPO cars go between 29-32k sticker. I am in Northern California - anyone have an opinion on what a good deal is here? I am not in a rush but would like to be able seize a good deal if one presents itself. Thanks!
  • jomabu1jomabu1 Posts: 37
    I'm looking for the same! I tried to get a CPO for $27.5 but they wouldn't bite. Within 75 miles of my home there are 91 400hs listed on Autotrader. If I had that info prior to arriving at the dealership, that might have helped. I've seen non CPOs for $24g to $27.5. With so many on the market it will probably only be a short time before I get my price. What colors are you looking at?
  • cphdncphdn Posts: 2
    looking at darker colors, not too picky. in general with the 2010 hybrids coming out, I think time is on our side. just silly for them to sit on all this inventory and on top of that try to bone me on my trade in.
  • cmolony1cmolony1 Posts: 2
    Car_man, I looked at an 06 400h CPO w/ Nav today, it only has 15k miles on it and it's in great condition. Comes w/ 3yr 100,000 mile warranty. They quoted me $34,950 before taxes, etc. Is this a good deal? The low mileage and excellent condition I think make this an attractive car, but I was hoping they would come down on the price a bit more from the orig. $35,900.
    The salesman insisted that they don't get too many hybrids and they don't stick around long. I am in New Orleans.

  • mikey38mikey38 Posts: 141
    Don't fall for it. It's pure profit for the dealership and no benefit for you.
  • I know demand for the RX 450h is high and that coupled with short supply does not make for the best of leasing conditions -- from the customer's perspective. Still, I was quoted .00295 MF, which at more than 7 percent seems really high. (The 57% residual seems fine on a 36 month/15k annual). On $52,500 MSRP, the dealer's coming off $1,500, so there's that, but that still leaves the monthly at north of $820.

    Any indications on if LFS support may change in the short term for the 450h? Or it just is what it is? :cry:
  • Car man - what's the money factor for a returning lexus owner/lessor?
    Also what are the residual factors for 15K and 20K/36 months?
  • 3 weeks ago my 2006 400h was totaled. A Ford compact traveling at a high speed ran the red light and hit my right side back tire then spun around and hit the right front tire. My 400 was moved over 1 lane and the estimate was $20,000 plus to repair. I knew the car would never be the same.
    Neither my passenger or I suffered any injuries which says a lot for the 400h,
    The other good news is that I took delivery of my new 2110 RX 450h last Thursday. The insurance settlement was more than fair. I wanted the GPS package, but the car came with several extras. Paid $1,000 under MSRP plus the all weather floor mats were thrown in.
    As much as I loved my 400h, the 2010 is a much better car. I have mastered about 25% of the bells and whistles and adding to my knowledge bank each day.
  • Hi, We bought a new 2010 AWD 450H yesterday. Very happy with it so far.
    got 2.5k < MSRP in South Bay area (CA)

    I had quick question about card key. The manual says there should be a card key along with 2 electronic keys, but dealer tells me there are no card keys for 450Hs. Anyone knows what;s the deal here?

  • :shades: Was not offered a card key, nor did I ask. Did not know about it until I read my owners manual. I have to keep slapping my right hand when I reach for the key to turn off the car.
  • Hi
    3 month study, 9 dealers searching, 3.9k < msrp NY area.
    finally I got it. I still love rx450h. driving 1 day.
  • I am considering special ordering a RX450h. When I proposed a price that I would be willing to pay - the dealer's response was that the invoice wasn't really what they paid for the vehicle and that between the add expense and the floor planning interest expense - their cost was actually about 1000 more than invoice. To me - for a special order car - the floor planning cost to the dealer should be nil because they are not carrying the car in their inventory for sale. Perhaps they do get charged it up front - but I would expect that to be kicked back to the dealer after the sale is done.

    Are either one of these fees real? Is the dealer justified in asking for these over and above the invoice price?
  • hi,
    what's the name of the dealership? I talked to Lexus of Edison, and the sale person said he will not go lower than MSRP for the 450h, since it's high in demand :(
  • Hi. I am now trying to negotiate the price on my ordered cerellian blue 450h. Seems there is not much room for negotiations but I hope to get about 4000 off a Msrp of 53000. Is this realistic? I am still planning on shopping around however. I am going to the dealer who is ordering for me to conduct my negotiations today. I will let you know how it goes. I live in the New york area.
  • jimnjjimnj Posts: 6
    Looking for a decent price on 450H in North Jersey. I also want to trade in my Jeep 2005 Grand Cherokee Limited which they are giving me about 13,600 for. Best price has been 36,000 out the door. I was hoping for better - anybody with good experiences in NJ? If I can't get it down I am going to get the 2010 Highlander Hybird when it comes out.
  • hi Jimnj,
    is the 36k is before or after the trade also what are the options do you have (nav,RES,etc) pkg?
    I'm assuming it's after the trade in (which means the 450h is ~ 49K). if it have the RES (rear entertainment system) pkg then it's a good deal. Let me know the dealer name (if you don't mind :)
  • jjc204jjc204 Posts: 1
    Please do tell the dealership name or location. I know you spent a lot of time and effort to research, but I would like to know which dealer gave you the best deal. Obviously I am quoting all the metro NY dealers like brooklyn, queens, ny, but if you got the deal from one of the long island dealers or one upstate or wherever, please let me know. I can even let the dealership know you recommended them. I may even custom-order one, but want to give the business to a dealer that someone else has had a good experience with.

    Thank you very much.
  • -3.9k + all weather cargo mat.
    edison they talked about 500 discount.
    englewood -1k.
    manhatan 0
    bayridge -2k
    queens n/a
    edison may be -.5k if you are nice.

    it was long trip to get oakhurst r c
    they offer me the -3.9k
    the dealer is kind of agressive for the sale.
    when i get the dealer, I got the it took may be 30min.
    cause no finance.

    all of these quote is for the same car
    rx450 w/nav same spec. same msrp.

    sorry my answer is late cause i was waxing my car outside. still i love it
  • bashinbashin Posts: 26
    I am in the market for the '10 RX 450H AWD and didn't know if people had the MF and residuals for 12k/36mo and a ballpark purchase price inlcuding navi and/or RSES.

  • So, after visiting 3 dealers in new york( queens, rockville center, and Massapequa) and in that order, I finally was able to get 4000 + off MSRP. MSRP was 52700. I think this happened because I had them trying to beat the previous dealer. My experience at Massapequa was great. Sales guy really thorough. Explained all the features of the car to me before negotiating. He even took me for another test drive even though I told him I had already had one. My advise is to shop around to at least 3 dealers, They will try to beat the one before. I was told that There would not be plenty room for negotiating but I think overall because I shopped around, I was able to do ok. RX 450h with navigation package.
  • jimnjjimnj Posts: 6
    the deal was after trade and no navigation and no rear entertainment so I guess not a good deal. It was at Little Falls, NJ Lexus dealer. I am still looking as I really want the 450h. Keep posting final prices.
  • I got $4500 off MSRP of $53210 in San Francisco Bay Area. There are more than half a dozen Lexus dealerships within a 50 mile radius, and I called each one in order from north to south and kept ratcheting up my discount. They all claimed no negotiation, but I found that $2500 off MSRP was not a problem - every single one would meet $2500 off if you sound serious on the phone. I had multiple offers at $3000 off, one at $3500 off, and finally closed at $4500 off. Never had to enter a dealership or meet a salesman - car was delivered to my home the same day I began my negotiation.

    Negotiate hard. These are NOT "rare" vehicles if you are content with the standard $53k MSRP spec vehicle that is shipping to most dealerships (that package has nav, luxury package, etc, but not rear seat entertainment, variable suspension, or radar speed control, which was a huge loss for me, but not worth $4500).
  • zhuddzhudd Posts: 2
    that sounds like a great deal! I'm also in bay area and shopping for Rx450H, can you tell me which dealer offered you that price? You might just save me LOTs of phone calls! Thanks!
  • Great price and negotiation! :shades: I did not have the same luck pricing in the south Bay Area, so would also love to know the dealership info..
  • I too cannot locate a 450h with the Luxury package - all dealers telling me that it does not come standard and that I would have to order it special. Even contacted an Auto Broker, who is able to save me an extra $800-$1,000 more than the best deal I could find, so long as it is on the standard package. I have found only one 450h with the Luxury package and it was only there supposedly because someone had ordered it and changed their mind... I began negotiating a deal and about the time I agreed to the deal, they had sold it to another couple who was apparently negotiating at the same time in a different cubicle. Cannot find ANY with the Pre-Collision system. I've search Northen California, Bay area and all the way down to Southern California. No Luck. Would love any insight you might have!
  • Hey looking to lease the rx450h . Didnt see any other thread dedicated to leasing an rx450h on this site, so i figured this was the closest. I'm looking to lease this car for a 48month period with 15k miles a year. Does anyone know what the residual and money factor would be for this ?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,665
    Just go ahead and post in the regular RX350 Lease Question discussion..

    As long as you note that it's the RX450h, then Car_man will give you the correct numbers..



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