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Lexus RX 450h Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • btblueskybtbluesky Posts: 4
    I got the exact same config for 46000 pre tax,license. I feel like maybe 46k + get all the cargo mats, and roof racks, and it's a decent price. I just finish my first tank, 425 miles, 14.5 gallons. Not bad. Mine's 2WD. if its 4WD, it'd a hot deal.
  • mbl1211mbl1211 Posts: 2
    Thanks for the info. What state/city/dealer? Did you get the mats and racks for $46,000? The $46,199 quote I got was for a 2wd.

    Thanks again
  • joncar1joncar1 Posts: 7
    I just purchased a FWD RX450h for $45,2XX from an SF Bay Area dealer. I had 3 dealers that would meet the price and one refused. The MSRP was $51957.00, which seems to be the standard configuration of this model around here.
  • btblueskybtbluesky Posts: 4
    That sounds pretty good. got it 46000. should be around that price.
  • lairlair Posts: 3
    Can you email me the dealers that met your $45,2xx price and any contact names. I think I am going this route.

  • joncar1joncar1 Posts: 7
    I tried your email address, but it bounced. You can email me at
  • rlflrlfl Posts: 2
    Could you please kindly email me the dealers that you got $45,2xx deal and any contact names?

  • rcraftrcraft Posts: 16
    I bought mine in September of '09 ... Car sticker was $54,410. I traded in a 2006 RX400h with 85,000 miles on it. Got $22K for the trade and $4K off the sticker. No other dealer I could find was willing to discount the RX45h at all. I got a fair deal on a great car (mine is a 4wd) ... but not as good as the deals I'm reading about here. Of course, I paid the price of getting one immediately after they came out ... as they become more widely available, the price always drops. When I bought my car, it was the only one they had. The reason that I got it and the deal I got was that it was my 4th Lexus from this dealership and they know I'll continue to buy cars from them ... providing the deals are fair.
  • seshuseshu Posts: 2
    Dealer is offering me $50K + Tax + Registration fee + Admin cost for 2010 RX 450h AWD. It includes the comfort + premium package + rear view entertainment etc. MSRP $57K. Is this a good deal? Thanks

  • seshuseshu Posts: 2
    I bought it for $50K + $400+ (tax, registration ..) + MA sales tax. MSRP was $57K.
  • Can you email me the dealers that met your $45,2xx price and any contact names. Thanks.

  • mdpomdpo Posts: 2
    Same here I am in the market for RX450h, if anyone can email me the $45,4XX price and contact details of any person here in souther california it would be very much appreciated.

    thank you
  • I am in the market for 2010 RX450H and one of the dealer has quoted the price of 46,300 with FWD, Premium, Comfort, Navigation, parking assist, Alloy wheels etc with options totalling to $8,300. The MSRP is $51900. The only problem is that the vehicle has 700 miles on it driven by owner's least that is what I am being told...Is this a good deal ? is this even a new car ?
  • After months and months and months of shopping for a new SUV, I finally bought the RX450h. I looked at every SUV on the market. And I do mean every single one. Some we drove three, four and five times over. To the point where I had to go to different dealerships for the same car because I was embarrassed with how many test drives I took. That doesn't include the countless magazine articles, blogs, owners I spoke with, etc. I could spend pages talking about all the ones I considered (and I have the stacks of papers to prove it!), but in a nutshell here's the reasons I went with the RX and didn't go with the competition:

    1. 450h = Lexus reliability (we hate spending time at the shop, causing one or both of us to miss work and such a hassle to rearrange schedules), really liked the new exterior design, interior layout was very nice, rich leather, ample space, velvety ride, ultra quiet, expecially the hybrid version along with 30 mpg gas mileage, remote touch navigation is better than the others I tried, and just an overall upscale feel inside and out. It would have been nice to have a 3rd row option to use in a pinch and ports shouldn't be so hard to get to in the arm rest, but otherwise this car fit the bill in every way. IMO, it's perfect for a family who needs an all-purpose luxury car to commute to work, run daily errands, take the kids to school, take the family on a 1,000-mile road trip for the weekend, and then show up to a black-tie dinner.

    2. Acura MDX/RDX - great reliability. However, while the handling was a touch better than the RX, the ride is not nearly as refined, there's more noticeable road noise, and the transmission is not as smooth. I didn't like the "bagel slicer" front grill and the controls were a bit too busy looking. This was tied as our 3rd place car.

    3. Audi Q series - really nice handling, but that's about where it ended. Reliability was a major issue for us, and although Audi's record in that department has improved somewhat over the past few years, it's not reached Lexus reliability. Interior was not quite to the level of the Lexus. This was tied for our 2nd place car.

    4. BMW X series = on par with Audi in terms of handling, but road noise was pretty loud and interior was not even close to the other brands. Ride was on the harsh side. 3rd row option was nice though. Reliability is better than Audi and MB, but still not a Lexus or Acura. We liked the exterior design, but overall, it was never really in the running.

    5. Cadillac Escalade/SRX - we test drove the Escalade once, and once was enough to know it wasn't what we wanted. Way too big, bulky, and pretty gaudy all around. The SRX was better, but we weren't at all impressed with the quality of the interior, the fit and finish, or the ride comfort. The exterior was a bit edgy as compared to the others, and we liked it.

    6. Infiniti Fx/Qx - As with the escalade, the Qx was just too bulky for us, but it drove a lot smaller than the Caddy. As for the Fx, the design didn't really do anything for us, although we liked the interior and the ride quality. This was tied for our 3rd place with the Acura.

    7. Land Rover - different, but that was about it. Reliability? 'nuff said.

    8. Mercedes GL and GLK -- We really liked both of these. Alot. The GL's exterior is really striking, has an aggressive stance, although the interior could be nicer. Navigation needs to be improved big time. The M B Tex a.k.a. pleather, also was a turn off at this price point. But, unlike the other larger SUVs, this one drove really small for its size. This was our 2nd place car, and we probably would have bought it but for reliability history for the GL (not good, to say the least), and the poor gas mileage. If both of these improve in the next five years, we're getting this car. As for the GLK, if we went with MB, we would have gotten the GL over the GLK.

    9. Porsche Cayenne -- test drove it once, was not impressed with the ride quality, then came back again in a month and confirmed it was not for us. Bouncy ride (better not put any hot coffee in those cup holders), jerky accelleration, just overall not a comfortable ride. I couldn't imaging taking it on a road trip of any significant duration.

    10. Volvo XC series - a few years ago these would be high on my list. Since then, every other car on my list has equaled Volvo in the one category that Volvo used to be the leader in - safety. Who feels unsafe in any of the cars above? Once you get past the safety advantage, there wasn't much the XCs offered that wasn't surpassed by the other cars. Plus, the reliability has dropped off over the last few years.

    11. Other cars never in the running -- Hummer, Lincoln, Hyundai.
  • Can u pl give some names and the dealer? Thanks
  • I was able to pick up a '10 RX 450h for $44,527. List price was $51,957 and invoice was $47,262. This seems to be the optimal time to buy if you want to pick your color combo, etc- there are about 90 '10 450h's left in California at this point (apparently normal inventory is around 300 for CA), since the '11's have started to come into the dealerships. I found that different Northern California dealerships were willing to do different prices. Almost everyone was able to do $1,500 under invoice. Most dealerships were willing to do $2,000 under invoice, or $45,262 at this point. One dealership was willing to do $2,500 below invoice (Stevens Creek Lexus). The fleet / Internet manager, Joe, was a great guy and spent a lot of time with me. I would recommend working with Stevens Creek Lexus if you're in the Bay Area- they are the 3rd largest Lexus dealer in CA and Joe was very professional / helpful / friendly. The price he was willing to sell to me was $2,500 below invoice but the car had some add-on's such as paint chip sealant and a cargo net so the price was about $500 higher than the base model. I didn't end up buying from him because they didn't have the color combo I was looking for at this point. He will dealer trade to find the right car but the color combo I was looking for- sapphire black with black interior- was not available in Northern Cal for trade. Ultimately I called around and found the car both at Sacramento Lexus and Concord Lexus. Sacramento Lexus was only willing to do $1,500 below invoice so I passed on that. Concord actually offered me the best price at about $2,700 below invoice, and they have the color combo we wanted. The General Manager is Ben Gullo and he was extremely friendly / professional. Our salesman was Chris and he was also exceptionally good- they got us in and out quickly and Chris was enthusiastic and very knowledgeable- a great experience overall. If you want a '10, I recommend you go now unless you're not at all particular about the configuration of the vehicle you end up with- I was told by several dealers that they expect the inventory to be largely depleted by the end of Oct. Oh, by the way, Joe at Stevens Creek mentioned that they will offer $2,500 over invoice on the '11's now- I guess that would be somewhere in the $48,900 range. Good luck to you all.
  • mdpomdpo Posts: 2
    Got my RX450h for $48,500OTD with the color combination I wanted. Would have gotten it lesser however it is not the color combination that I want.

    Thank you very much for this forum and everyone that contributed and gave me an idea of price range.

    This is one of the dealership in SOCAL.
  • Is that OTD pricing including taxes, licenses, and fees? Sounds like a great deal if it does. If it doesn't though, it seems pretty standard for low 50k's OTD in so cal.
  • jh87jh87 Posts: 13
    Thanks for the info provided here. I am able to pick up a 2010 Rx450h, with $3000 off invoice.
  • 3000 off msrp or dealer invoice? what was your final price (and equipped options) and the dealer name/city?
  • jh87jh87 Posts: 13
    MSRP $53985, invoice $ 48669, sold price $45669. Options are really not important. I always negotiate directly how much above or below invoice first. I did that with my 2010 Mercedes GL450 too, check my other posts. By the way, the dealer is longo Lexus in southern California. They have two more 2010 Rx450h left.
  • wow that's a great price! Is $45669 OTD including tax/license?
  • sbctsbct Posts: 1
    From CT drove to MA Herb Chambers. Got a good deal I think on 2010 RX450h with nav, comfort pkg, premium pkg, xenon lights with afs, cargo pkg, tow prep pkg and more...
    Got $9160 below sticker price. The drive was worth it I guess. $44500 + tax.
  • Hi folks -

    We are torn between two cars - an Acura MDX with Tech and Nav or the RX450H. I am trying to see if we are at our best price or do I still have room get a better price. It's looking like we can get either vehicle for the same price - except the MDX will be a 2011 and the RX450H will be a 2010

    We are looking at the RX450H with a 3 year, 35 month lease - 12k a year. Premium, Comfort, Navigation, parking assist.

    The only money due at signing will be the 1st month's payment of $600. The monthly rate is $600 total - including taxes in Los Angeles.

    Your thoughts? any more room to get a better deal?

    Thanks for your help
  • Just thought I would post a number for those searching for a price on the RX 450h..I just purchased one in SoCal the last day of Nov....Had to wait until that day to get dealer to sell it to me at the price I wanted....I went to 5 other dealerships and ended up with this one.

    2010 450H with Comfort and Premium packages, nav, and parking assist and chrome rims. Lease/Sell price was 43,500. Payment is $630 including tax, lic, and all fees...The only out of pocket was $300.00, for 3 years, 12k a year.

    Hope it helps someone and I hope I did well
  • zoranzoran Posts: 69
    Any info on2011 leases?
  • dmbfloridadmbflorida Posts: 38
    I bought a 2008, new, hybrid Mazda Tribute fully loaded SUV for my grand-daughter. We have two Lexus 400h 2006 cars and I used to own a 2004 Prius. The hybrid Mazda is the same as the Escape hybrid but the interior in the Mazda is superior to the Escape and the Mariner. I bought the Mazda in California in a limited inventory program in 2008. I agree with some of the comments about the A/C and other functions in the Mazda Tribute (Escape) is a cheaper car than the Lexus but this price reflects some lower quality features.
    I dearly loved my Prius but changed to the Lexus 400h because the Lexus is significantly more comfortable, roomier, and safer. To me, it is worth the extra money.
  • djeungdjeung Posts: 1
    I'm considering a purchase of a 2006 rx400h with all the bells and whistles (nav, rear DVD, backup camera, etc...) it has 83,000 miles and the dealer is asking $22,000 for it.

    Since I'm unfamiliar with this particular model, let alone a hybrid, I'm hoping members can share their opinions of value and pricing. Also, what sorts of major expenses can I expect in the next few years, assuming an annual mileage of 20,000?

    I've looked on other sites to find out what the service intervals are, but wasn't able to see any major service needs. Have there been any TSBs that I should be aware of?
  • lagvoidlagvoid Posts: 5
    Wow, that's an amazing price!

    Question: Is it possible to obtain similar deals on models the dealer has to order? I assume you got such a great deal because it was in their existing inventory. I wouldn't mind paying a little bit more if I got exactly what I wanted through ordering my specific vehicle.
  • sometimes, prices can be negotiated lower at the end of a monthly cycle in inventory.
    some of my relatives have used carmax for other cars...perhaps the Lexus could be lower this way? I use State Farm ins.... for cars and other Lexus 2006 400h ins just went up compared to a Mazda 2008 hybrid Tribute.
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