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Lexus RX 450h Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Im looking at one that has 51k miles 2wd loaded up and the dealer is asking 36k
  • When pricing the RX450 I get frustrated with all the add ons. Wondering which package would cover more advance safety features (such as collision avoidance, advance braking, lane departure) and navigation? That would be it. Is that one package or just individual add ons? Sucker for luxe interior options but not essential. Next question with end of year approaching what would be a good price (invoice or less) for a 2013 rx450 with those options?
  • Looks dead here. Was hoping to get some sense of pricing against invoice for 2014 450h.

    Also, 36 month residual and money factor for 15k/year lease. Their current program looks awful. With options the MSRP was just under $55,000 and the TMV was $51,400.

    Would need a strong MF and residual to make this a good buy BUT Highlander at $47k isn't a bargain.

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