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Fuel Systems -- Maintenance & Repair



  • mindopnrmindopnr Posts: 1
    Daewoo Nubira. I'm replacing the fuel filter. Hoping maybe it's just clogged, but if I need to replace the fuel pump. What is the easiest way. Please Help.
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,918
    Are you sure you need a new fuel pump? Some electrical/ignition issues can appear to be fuel related.

    Not familiar with the Nubira but you may need to access the fuel tank from the trunk.
  • adr1725adr1725 Posts: 2
    Does anyone know what is the correct fuel pressure on a 2002 S80?
    Thanks :sick:
  • *
    Will a 2002 Fuel pump & front (fuel tank) strap fit in my 2003
    GMC Sonoma S-15 Pick-up truck with a 4.3 Liter engine?
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,609
    The book I have shows a different part # for the 2 pumps, so I, these are expensive !!

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  • 136 thousand miles, found out fuel filter has never been replaced. Will that cause rough idle, poor acceleration, but runs perfect at high speeds, 55 mph plus, slight smell of gas at cold start, can someone please tell me fuel filter symptoms?
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,609
    It's probably not your problem but you should change it out anyway before it clogs up completely.

    I'd suggest pulling some codes on the car and see if they might lead you to a better diagnosis.

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  • Were no codes, had all plugs changed, and 4 ignition coils on just one bank. REPLACED FUEL FILTER, RUNS LIKE BRAND NEW NOW, THAT YOU SO MUCH
  • I own a 2000 chevy cavalier 2.2, manual transmission. At 1st it ran smooth when I bought it used (naturally). 4 months later it began misfiring when I shifted at a reasonable low rpm (2000rpm then it would be around 1400 rpm when in the next gear) and would miss fire all the way up to the next shift until I hit 5th gear. In addition, if I maintained a constant velocity, ever so subtle missfires could be felt. I replaced the spark plugs for kicks and giggles and that solved nothing, the oil is full to boot. After going to the junk yard and making a makeshift fuel pressure test, I had around 45 psi. Put a junkyard regulator on it, got 46 psi, car didn't run better. Next I changed the coil pack with a junkyard coil pack. It may be noted the coil pack I took out was fouled on line #1, and replaced the spark plug wires for good measure. Everything started looking good as the problems were solved, now, not even 1 day later though. The car no longer idles at 1000 rpm, but just above 900 rpm, and will struggle in idle and the needle with go between 800 and 900 rpm. In addition, When shifting, it doesn't feel like a misfire, but more so like it is losing power when I try to accelerate, but will stop when I reach high rpm's, unlike my previous misfires that would make the car buck no matter how high the rpm got. I beg for some light on my situation to any who can provide.
  • I replaced fuel filter, that solved the problem
  • I took out the fuel filter and blew it out with the air hose, It was not dirty.
  • following tips are very useful for car maintenance
    1) keep your vehicle clean
    2)change oil
    3) keep your tire inflated
    4)drive with in a speed limit
    5)check battery regularly
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