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2007 BMW X5



  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,416
    Not really... My wife's car has the bluetooth, but she rarely uses it, as it runs down the battery on her phone so quickly..

    Try asking here: Bluetooth Technology

    If no luck there, try here: Bluetooth and the 3-Series

    Even though that one is 3-series specific, they might be able to give you some BMW-related tips.

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  • While shopping for a new 2007 X-5, a pre-owned salesperson got my ear about the earlier models, '04-'06. He was tauting how much better they were.

    Any opinions on the older ('06) model vs the newer '07 X-5?

    Thank you
  • anon3anon3 Posts: 147
    A BMW used car sales person was promoting used X5 vehicles? There's a surprise.

    The old X5 was a nice vehicle (I had 4 of them). But I would not choose one over the new X5 unless I was looking for a bargain basement price. These forums have hundreds of posts on the improvements in the new X5 over the old model. It would be worth a look at the older posts if you're considering a purchase.
  • I have a 2007 bmw x5, and the last two weeks here in the Seattle area, we've been hit with snow storm after snow storm and not its icy. I've had a few instances, where I am going up a hill and then i start spinning and cant get up! Then, I was going down a hill, but had stopped and started slidding. I am just not sure why I am slipping, is it the tires (19")all seasson OR My driving?
    If i am going down a hill and slip i usually just downship and that works. But going up hill I dont think that works??
    If you have any helpful tips or experience with this please let me know. I was just hoping a 75k car would do better on snow/ice. thanks!
  • Hello,
    I've lived in Colorado my whole life. I have owned a '94 318I, 95 318TI, '02 325XI and currently own a '03 X5 and a 2008 535XI Wagon. I have always put snow tires on all my Bimmers for winter and they are fantastic in the snow. Even my 318I and Ti, which were rear-wheel drive only went very well in the snow. DO NOT be fooled by "All Season" tires for winter/snow/ice driving. They are not good in these cold and freezing conditions. I buy combo wheels &snow tires for winters on both cars. This makes it very easy to swap out and in the end you are not out any extra money as you are not running either sets all year round. It's simply the initial cost.
    VERY IMPORTANT...Also, get into your X5 Owners Manual and read about the DSC and DTC traction settings. There are certain instances where you will need to turn these functions OFF in slippery/low traction conditions. Your manual and/or your dealer will also know.
    More importantly on the snow tires they help you to STOP faster/better in the snow. Stopping and turning is GREATLY enhanced with these style tires in the snow. I have run Blizzaks and Michelin Alpins and have had great luck with them both. Worth every penny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Good luck,
  • jeffaljeffal Posts: 28

    The price of the car has nothing to do with how well it performs in snow/ice. The tires you have on the car are the most important thing. All-season tires can only do so much in snow/ice. Switch to a good set of winter tires and you'll instantly see a difference in how the car behaves.
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 11,586
    So my Dad and his 2 (1.5 year old) Great Danes are driving to work in their 2007 X5 3.0si on a snowy, slushy morning here in the suburbs of New York City. The LOW COOLANT warning comes on. My Dad pulls over to change direction and head to WIDE WORLD OF CARS BMW where he got the truck from. He pulls over and the warning goes away. 10 minutes later while driving on the Tappan Zee Bridge, he gets another warning that says LOW COOLANT, ENGINE IS OVERHEATING, PLEASE DRIVE AT MODERATE SPEEDS. Well since he was going 30 mph (due to the inclement weather), he figured he could get across the bridge, pull over, and call roadside assistance. Slowly the car started slowing itself down, bucking, and then STOPPED! It stopped in the middle of the bridge.

    The first truck from the New York State Thruway Authority comes out and says he's going to push my Dad to the other side of the bridge. Well, the car won't turn on and the transmission won't shift into neutral. Next comes the tow truck. No good. Then they call the flatbed in... they can't figure out how to get the X5 into Neutral!

    At this point he called me and I was on my way to work (I work for my Dad) in my 2001 Honda Prelude Type SH. He tells me the whole story and asks if I can come and get him. Him yes, but there is no way 2 Great Danes are fitting in my Prelude. So I turn around and get my wife's X3 (good thing nyccarguy jr. has no school today hence mrs. nyccarguy has no work). I cross the bridge and make my way back toward the tollbooth.

    They yanked the truck onto the flatbed. Getting the truck into neutral was a ridiculous process. I read in the owner's manual to take the mat out of the cupholders, twist a cap off, then get a tool from the back (by the spare tire) to release the transmission.

    I load up my Dad and the dogs into my wife's X3 and send them on their way. They unload me off one flat bed and put me on another. I go with the tow truck driver to WIDE WORLD OF CARS BMW.

    Turns out my Dad drove over a piece of wood that got lodged into his radiator. A few other things under the truck were damamged. SO far we are talking about $3300 in parts alone and they aren't done pulling the truck apart.

    WIDE WORLD OF CARS service department stepped up big time for us. Our regualr service advisor wasn't in today, but I was taken care of and they even gave me a loaner (328i Coupe w/ X drive). I can't say enough good things about how well I was treated.

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  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    All I can say is "Wow!" Nice story.

    tidester, host
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  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 11,586
    So the radiator, condensor, lower front bumper, and some other juicy parts have to be replaced on my Dad's '07 X5 to the tune of around $5000.

    I can't believe the insurance company. Our service advisor sent them pictures and a detailed estimate that included parts and labor for both the service department and the body shop. For whatever reason the body shop labor is less expensive than the labor in the service department. The insurance company called the service advisor and said they want the body shop to do all the work on the car! Is that unbelievable?! :mad: The service advisor explained to the adjuster that the body shop doesn't do mechanical work and the body guys aren't trained by BMW to make mechanical repairs. SHEESH! ANything for them (insurance) to save a few bucks :mad:

    2001 Prelude Type SH, 2015 Infiniti Q40 AWD, 2017 Honda Pilot Touring AWD

  • I have an 07 X5 and just recently, I went to go start it on a Monday morning (after not driving it for only one day) and it wouldn't start. Had the car jump started and two weeks later the same thing happened. I took it into BMW for service and after two days I got it back - allegedly fixed. NOT SO! After driving it yesterday morning to the store, I went to start it just two hours later and the battery was dead again! Is anyone else having this problem? I will be getting another jump tomorrow and, AGAIN, taking into service.
  • I'm having constant dead battery problems on my X5. I've been to the dealer several times, one time replaced the battery completely (under warranty). Still no positive results and it's still dying.

    It's to the point that if I don't drive it for a couple of days I'm planning to have to jump start it. I can't see how I'll buy another BMW again.
  • My '07 X5 is the 2nd BMW I've owned. I had an '04 330ci with 41K miles which I traded in for the X5. I've had it for a year this month. I'd say that it's been in the shop at least half a dozen times, if not more. The current problem is my engine light came on. The Techs said that there was a problem with the 'Vanos' system.. something I never heard of until I Googled it. If you own a BMW, you have a Vanos system too. So, this was Monday. Thursday the system was put back together after having it torn apart. According to my Service Advisor.. the Fault code hasn't cleared. A software download/upgrade didn't resolve it, nor did another task performed on it. It is now Friday after 5. My Service Advisor says they've exhausted their efforts, and have to contact BMW Support on Monday. I'm driving this piece of crap Nissan Rogue which I shouldn't be too tough on, it currently runs better than my car. THIS might be reason why I'll never buy another Bimmer.. more to come.. :mad: :lemon:
  • My X5 was not driven for 3 weeks because I was out of town & the battery was dead when I came Dec it was weak after I was gone for one service dept here in Yakima said I should have on a trickle charger whatever that husbands Range Rover's battery did not die after 2 weeks...what is up with this?
  • I've had many BMW's. You are not experiencing something out of the ordinary for a BMW. BMW's, and many other late model luxury type cars, continue to operate a lot of electronics (alarm, motion detectors, some ventilation, etc) even when the car is turned off. A week is not uncommon before the battery is run down, maybe not dead, but rundown (especially in cold/winter climates.) Can't speak for the Range Rover. A trickle charger can be purchased from BMW or from Bavarian Autosport and some simply plug into an AC outlet and into the car's cigarette lighter. About $50

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  • yagit1yagit1 Posts: 11
    yes i do have the same problem since day one...i have a 2002 x-5 and that has been my problem ever since i bought it 7 years ago... i moved to new york and worsen my problem since i don't have an outlet to plug my trickle-charger, my battery is a year old and my car went dead 3 times since the beginning of the year...last wednesday morning, i started my car and kept it running for 30 minutes, drove it for 5 minutes that night and the folllowing day, the battery was dead...have been to 2 bmw service depts but they cannot address the root of the the only solution if im going away for vacation is to disconnect the battery which of course is quite a task since the battery is located underneath the spare tire...please let me know if anyone can find a solution to this problem...thanks...
  • Story of my life for the past 3 yrs! When the car was only 1/2 months old, I had in towed in b/c it was dead. Over the past 3 yrs it has been in over 8 times for a "high battery" drain warning or b/c the battery was completly dead. I have been blamed for the problem being told either I drive "short miles and do not let the battery charge" or that I left the lights on when they are set to turn on and off by themself. Some of my other favorite "theories" by BMW is that it's the alarm system, the battery is bad, the vehicle "wakes up" way too many times while turned off.

    I have told them while turned off in the garage, you can hear the car's computer running (humming) the interior lights turn on and off and sometimes the alarm goes off so much at work I have to disarm it all together.

    Hands down if I was aware the FL lemon law only covers you within the 1st 24 months I would have not had a problem getting a new car/refund. Now I have a lawyer and they will not work with me what so ever. They won't even offer an exteded warranty to cover this vehicle once it hits 4 yrs old and the factory warranty runs out. WHich I can probably guarantee will still have problems. In that case I will have car payments and the expense of paying for service out of pocket. So as I speak the vehicle is in for service b/c the a/c stopped working for the 2nd time now. In my opnion, BMW should stand by their vehicle rather than focusing on their bottom line. Clearly, I am not the only person with the problem. Why can't the countless local techs and the "regional engineer" from BMW fix my car?????
  • dfrescadfresca Posts: 3
    I think I am lucky....or at least lucky for now. After BMW replaced my battery (I think a second time) I have not seen the high battery drain warning and have had no instances where the battery died anymore. I am not concinved it will not come back though!
  • Local BMW says they're back-ordered, probably pretty expensive. Are there any reliable trailer hitches, safe to use for this car?
  • Please note that I own a 2007 BMW X5 4.8I. Last week I noticed that when I park the rear of the car is lowered on one side. When I do unlock the car with my remote and open the door on the driver's side the rear goes up again slowly. The X5 only have 30,000 miles. If anyone is experiencing that problem knows the solution, please tell me.
  • I own a 2007 BMW X5 4.8I and I am having some suspension blues. The vehicle has only 30,000 miles, but whenever I park when I return the back is lowered on the left side(driver's side) When I do unlock the door and open it the back goes back up. I hate to see my vehicle one one side when it is parked. It looks like s--t. Can someone tell me if they have the same problem and the solution.
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 11,586
    Could be a problem with the self leveling rear suspension - take it in to your dealer to have it checked out. an '07 with 30K should still be under warranty. Let us know what happens.

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  • Have a 2008x5 and the battery dies every day. Have changed the battery and the same thing still keeps happening. Need to know if it requires reprogramming?
  • I have a 2006 530i, and I'm having a similar problem. First, you get the high-battery drained msg; then battery goes dead a day or two later. That was two months ago and no one here (Jamaica) has been able to resolve the problem. now the battery dies after 4hrs. The most recent diagnosis is that I need a light module-which I have ordered overseas.
    I have even observed the left headlights and tail lamps illuminated on the car after parking it and returning later. The light switch was in the off position.
    Believe me this has been a constant headache, not to mention the embarrassment that comes with all this madness.
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