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Ford Escape Hybrid Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • vdepuyvdepuy Posts: 8
    I'm in about the same boat - ordered June 3rd and no build date yet, etc. in spite of multiple attempts at prodding salesperson.
    Yesterday I finally told her that I am to the point of needing a new vehicle, whether or not it's an FEH (convertibles are not conducive to rear-facing car seats) and that I never expected it to be 4 months and no end in sight.
    She said if she couldn't get me a build date by the end of next week, she'd give me back my $500 deposit.

    My dealer is in VA; I tried suggesting they could get one from Longmont Ford in Colorado (that another poster said had 3 on the lot), she said they couldn't swap unless they had an FEH to swap for one of the other dealer's FEHs.
    But overall, it sounds like having a customer order a FEH and then cancel is a way for the dealer to get FEHs on the lot that they might not normally have been able to get as soon, so I wouldn't think they'd give you static about getting the deposit back.
  • From what I understand, there is an issue at the Escape plant suspending some/all of the Escape production. Please see the Escape hybrid subforum at for more information.
  • I too ordered my Black FEH LTD on May 31st from a "small" dealer on Long Island, NY (since my original "large" dealer closed his doors). On that Saturday, he said that I was the last one to get an assigned vehicle from his allocation. I got the Vin # two weeks ago and it will be built next week.

    He told me to expect delivery late Oct to early Nov. the day that I gave him the deposit and he was spot on, knowing what happened last year to his customers on the 2008 FEH orders so my patience paid off.
    There is a dealer in St. James on Long Island, NY that has 3 of them.

    Good luck
  • I'm looking at a 2005 FEH from a dealer on eBay.

    I have no idea what to ask the dealer about the electrical system/battery as to its fitness.

    Does anyone know of an online buying guide that provides details on how to check an FEH out?

    I'm hoping I don't have to sift through 1000s of forum posts to get an education on buying an FEH.

    If not, what details should I ask the dealer to provide? For example, is there some indicator which identifies when the battery pack might need replacing? There is 104K on the odometer. Anyone driven an FEH farther? When did "things" start failing?

  • dewooddewood Posts: 2
    I ordered from a Huntington, Long Island dealership on the May 19th. The FEH LTD should arrive very soon. It was supposed to be built on the 13th of Oct. but I have not confirmed that. Seems that if you live on Long Island Ford makes you wait five months.
  • pal44pal44 Posts: 6
    Got my 2009 Escape on Wednesday. How fun. Courtesy Ford was awesome to work with. It took 10 weeks and two days to get it. My dealer picked it up at the rail head as I had to go out of town the next day. Love, love, love my car. The most frustrating part was that it sat in Des Moines 3 1/2 weeks after it was completed. There should be a faster way to get a vehicle after it is made. Good luck to all of you who are waiting for your vehicle, may it be shorter than mine. :shades:
  • I have been looking at the 2009 FEH and have been told by one dealer 6 weeks and another dealer 6 months to receive. Sounds like the 6 months is more accurate. Neither will come down a single penny off of sticker price. Are people paying sticker price? Thanks.
  • pal44pal44 Posts: 6
    There really isn't any wiggle room on sticker price but there is room to negotiate the dealer fees. Good luck. You might have to shop around on that. :confuse:
  • Just wondering what are people being told for the reason it is taking 6 months for a escape hybrid to arrive once ordered? I was told at a dealership that Ford looses $500.00 for every hybrid. Therefore, they are not going to produce more quicker.
  • vdepuyvdepuy Posts: 8
    I haven't really been getting a reason... salesperson told me once that there was a delay re: batteries and the 09s weren't being shipped yet (back in June), I emailed the friend who I'm getting X-plan pricing through, he'd been at the plant the previous week and knew they were shipping. So I told salesperson that, and asked her to check her sources... maybe that's why she quit giving me reasons :)

    That said, we're all paying in the 30K range for the FEH. If Ford was really losing $500 per vehicle, there is no reason they wouldn't raise the price $500. We'd all still be buying it; that's not enough to adversely affect their sales (especially since some dealers are asking 1500-3000 above sticker!). I'd chalk that comment up to Salesperson BS.

    On a happy note, I don't actually have a build date/VIN yet, but salesperson says I'm in the system to get built (finally! ordered June 3rd). Also mentioned that it shows up as that dealership having a FEH in stock (mine) and got a call from someone looking for one... who had ordered at another dealership and been promised 6 week delivery time. (insert eye roll). So.. maybe by the end of the year. Now, if anyone in the NC area is looking for a good deal on a convertible...
  • Here are the official tracking dates for my 2009 Ford Escape Hybrid Limited, 4WD, White Suede, with Navigation System (60N) and Side Step Bars (187).

    Order Receipt Date: 4/21/2008
    Serialize Date: 8/14/2008
    Segment Date: 8/14/2008
    Sequence Date: 8/28/2008
    Blend Date: 9/4/2008
    Produced Date: 9/10/2008
    Gate Release Date: 9/15/2008
    Ship Date: 9/15/2008
    Arrival Date: 10/20/2008
    Sold Date: 10/21/2008

    Keep in mind that serializing of 2009 FEH/FEHL's did not begin until 5/15/2008, even if ordered as soon as the ordering window opened back on 4/17/2008. Actual production began on 6/23/2008, so be careful how you calculate "how much time does to take from ...".
  • Just wanted to let everyone know that Southern California is full of 09 FEHs. I just purchased one for the invoice price!! Maybe the Sou Cal economy is working to our advantage. I had ordered an 09 FEH limited w/ NAV on August 1st (just in time for the price increase) in the Washington DC area. Twelve weeks later I still had no VIN number. I could tell that I wasn't going to make the all important date of December 31st in order to get the big tax credit. I started searching on the Ford web site with various zip codes all across the country. As everyone knows, there aren't a boatload of these FEHs on dealers lots. That is, until I started putting in Southern California zip codes. It turns out they are loaded with them. I found my exact model - 09 FEH 2WD limited w/ Nav in White Suede, no steps at a number of dealers. Fortunately I had a business trip to Sou Cal. I ended up going with Sunrise Ford in North Hollywood since they had four of my exact model on the lot. Even with $1495 shipping to the east coast, I figure I am still ahead by $2000 with the 2008 tax credit! For those of you still hoping to get something in 2008, try searching the Ford website's "search dealer inventory" with the following zip codes... 91343 (53 on the lot tonight), 91601, 91761, 92335, 92109, 92782. Be sure you set the vehicle to the 2009 Escape Hybrid as it seems to default to the 2008... even though there are none of these left.
  • Hi,

    I have the opportunity to buy a used FEH in excellent condition (leather, navigation) for $13500.

    Seems like great price but there are 106000 miles on it. It's from a salvage title...just a lot of miles.

    is this too many miles to make sense to buy this vehicle? Thanks in advance for your input!

    Rick Lupert
  • Waiting for production date..ordered 2009 EHL on 8 July 08 but don,t expect to get it 'til after the 1st of the year (if I dont cancel) was told by salesman that anyone ordering one now would have to get a 2010...what a way to run a business.After reading messages posted I' m really getting discouraged..someone tell me they are worth waiting for....
  • The 09 is well worth the wait - I ordered in May and didn't take deliver until a few weeks ago, however in my short few weeks of ownership I have to say this is by far the best vehicle I've ever owned. I have the AWD version and pulling 30 mpg's in a AWD SUV is awesome. Even with gas prices going down, its great to see the extra miles I can get out of a tank.
  • It took me exactly six months from the day I ordered to the day I took delivery of my fully loaded AWD 2009 FEHL (April 21 - Oct 21). It has been the best vehicle I've ever driven (all 700 miles of it). I've been averaging about 28 mpg in mostly city driving. Based upon what I've read in this an other forums, I expect the mileage to drop a little during the colder months and pick up again when the weather warms up again in the Spring. I'm still getting used to talking to my vehicle via Sync, but I'm getting the hang of it. Being my first large vehicle (I have a hard time saying the word "truck" for some reason), I really appreciate the backup sensors, which I am happy to report can be turned off when backing up out of my side of the two-car garage to avoid the beeping noise that occurs as soon as I put the car into reverse. I'm just glad there's an easy way to turn the sensors on/off quickly for those of us with two individual garage doors.
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 11,930
    being from the northeast, i am in total shock as to how many 09 FEH's are for sale at the dealers in the zip codes you posted(so cal).
    there are literally none for sale around here.
    it's not because nobody wants to buy one, the supply just is not here.
    2017 Ford Fusion SE 2014 Ford F-150 FX4
  • After about 2 months of ownership of my FEH, I ran into a bug with the Sync system this past weekend. I also found a fix. So, I thought I'd post it here to hopefully make others' lives easier.

    The Problem:
    The LCD display will show that a song is playing (in my case, from an USB Hard Drive). However, there is no sound. You can see the song title, artist, etc., and see the song time incrementing, but there is no sound. You can turn the volume to the max, and still hear nothing.

    Possible Solutions that Didn't Work:
    - Cycle radio power
    - Turn the car off and then back on
    - Master Reset of Sync system
    - Restoring Factory Defaults of Sync system
    - Trying a USB Flash drive

    Solution that Did Work:
    - Removing Fuse #3 (15A Sync Module fuse) and putting it back in. (It wasn't even bad ... still good).

    This was a solution I found on the Ford Sync forum on Blue Oval Forums. Apparently its a known problem and that's pretty much what Ford tech support recommends you do (or a dealership does).

    As an embedded systems hardware engineer, it surprises me that this is the solution and that the other stuff didn't work. There must be some battery backup of the Sync module from the 12V car battery that removing the fuse takes away and allows a hard system reset.

    But whatever ... easy fix! I hate for something to show up so early on, but if its that easy to fix, I'll put up with it.

    And pulling this fuse is only for the Sync module, so your programmed FM/AM/SAT stations are still available - they're not erased. But your USB media will come up again as a new device.
  • I have been considering this car for about a year now. Can anyone tell me how they like their car? What type of mileage are you getting? What are the quirks, problems or what do you like? Was it worth the wait? Thanks for the information.

  • After 800 miles (one month) of driving my 2009 FEHL, I have no complaints. My mpg is around 28, in mostly suburban driving.

    Learning to trust my voice and the redundant controls on the steering column to operate SYNC was one of my biggest challenges, but I've overcome the need to look at the Navigation screen and push any symbolic buttons on that screen, something I'm sure other drivers are glad to hear. I've learned to just say "USB" once I plug my USB thumb drive in the slot and then "Play All" to play whatever mp3's are on it.

    I've pretended to set up long range trips using the Dest button and even figured out how to put intermediate destinations into a previous trip.

    My wife and I have taken one short (40 miles each way) trip to a place we had never been before and were pleased with the turn information, both visual and voice, that was provided. It pays to set up the trip a few days ahead of time, making good use of the Address Book to save destinations, even ones you only plan to use once. You can always prune them out of the Address book later on.

    Using the bluetooth phone feature took a little getting used too, but I've figured that out, to the extent my particular cell phone can use it. Alas, the Nextel i870 can't use all the features I would like (Sync 1.1 doesn't recognize the phone's address book), but for answering calls hands-free, it works just fine.
  • I got my FEH 09 in July, I have almost 7000 miles on it now. I LOVE this car (k), I am averaging 31.5 mpg. I live in the mtns. so I have to use the gas on the hillls, but it has been great, and well designed. I like the way it handles, I saw a deer in the road, and I felt so much control, when I had to slam on the brakes, it was pretty nice.

    I am having a problem with the volume on the SAT, it announces the name of the station but I get no sound. I have called sirius and they said I need to contract the dealer, that the car is receiving the signal fine. I guess I will try to get it in. Does anyone know about this? I wondered if a fuse would help. Thanks for the help.
  • It has arrived!! Last Monday (11-24-08) my dealer called and said my FEH had arrived. (I was still waiting for him to call with the vin#!!) We pickied it up the next day. We really love driving this car!
  • I was made the following offer:

    Sky blue '08 Ford escape hybrid with 6000 (six k) miles. Leather, Limited package (heated seats/mirriors, mp3 etc)

    Price 24K (tax would be another 2400 in my state).

    --Almost did it. I like the idea that i can sleep in this car in a camp ground with the fold down seats, and id like to explore the US in the next year or 2. May be the perfect car for it bc of gas and sleeping. Would have added aftermark gps...1300 ish installed.
    --I was thinking with the way things are hybrids will go down in value (esp used ones) along with everythign else.
    --24k is alot for a used car (to me anyway, its relative)...
    --I dont know they guy and though the milage could have been rolled back etc)
    --Was an out of state purchase and it made me nervous. (500 miles one way for me to get a test drive/inspection)

    Please let me know what you all think. Smart? Dumb? I know the price wasnt extremly high or extremely low...
  • My thoughts:
    1) I think the actual Limited package is new for the 09s. Not to say you couldn't have all the same options on the 08s.
    2) My 09 Limited arrives next week (hopefully) - even with Xplan pricing, it'll be a bit over 28K. I think 1 year older for 4+K cheaper and not having a 6 month wait would not be a bad thing. I think I've seen asking prices for 08s that were closer to new prices for 09s. Have also seen dealers adding a 'market adjustment' of $1500 to new FEH prices, for that matter.
    3) The 09s have more horsepower and perhaps some minor other changes... decide if you think those are worth waiting for.
    4) for aftermarket GPS, I'd consider something cheaper , personally.

    Good luck!
  • Back in mid November I was getting my F-150 serviced. Though my truck was only 8 years old and in mint condition, I coveted a hybrid. In the trip to pick up my truck I noticed for the first time the local Santa Cruz dealer was advertising the hybrids at a price lower than MSRP. They had 6 FEHs on hand + several MEHs, the most I have seen at the dealer. The salesman offered a test ride and I was smitten. For fun, I asked what they would give me for my truck and it was right in line with a trade-in price. Came back 3 times for test drives, finally they just gave me the keys and let me go out on my own. I tested the market by asking for quotes from an internet site and the only dealer to respond with an actual quote was the local one. Bottom line, fair price for trade-in and $2,000 off MSRP. I love my new wheels and I really like how the dealer handled the transaction, professional, friendly and honest. What a concept.
  • Gave up on the FEH, After 5 months of waiting for a VIN # I gave up and cancelled..Told the salesperson that if it ever came in sell it to someone else..I think he could have cared less..
  • stevedebistevedebi LAPosts: 4,098
    "I think the actual Limited package is new for the 09s. Not to say you couldn't have all the same options on the 08s. "

    The 2008s had the "Luxury package", I have in on my 08...
  • vdepuyvdepuy Posts: 8
    My FEH (limited) came in... dealership (Bowditch Ford, Norfolk VA) called on 2Jan to say that it had arrived, and that the price went up $1300. And that they couldn't do anything about the price increase (although a contract lawyer did verify that price quote + deposit = implicit contract, and in some states, you can get 3 times the amount of dispute plus lawyer fees).
    We went up on 3Jan, they insisted that price protection was not applicable to hybrids, and they wouldn't honor the original price. After various communication with Ford customer service, and with my deepest thanks to the gentleman on blueovalforums who posted a copy of the Ford email to dealers saying that all orders placed before August 1st were price protected, the dealership agreed to give it to us at the correct (lower) price. So we drove back up on the 10th (7 hours round trip each time) and got my hybrid... which I ordered June 3rd. Loving it!!!
    Also, the salesperson said that all vehicle allocation is based on the number of vehicles of that model & option package... so if your dealership only sold 3 FEH's last year, they can only get 3 FEH's from Ford this year, unless someone releases an allocation they don't want.
  • Thank you ever so much for your post about the Ford letter.

    I ordered a FEH in May and when I picked it up in September, I was told that only Lincolns had price protection. Reluctantly, I paid the new higher price.

    After reading your post, I printed out the Ford letter you cited at blueovalforums and took it to the salesman on Monday. Today I received a check from the dealership for the difference. He said the dealership had not seen the letter.

    So for all of you out there that placed a firm retail (even x-plan) order before August 1, 2008, you should get a copy of the letter.

    Thanks again to vedpuy.
  • Wondering where real-world prices are now -- what are you folks seeing offered by dealers, offered by you, and agreed to?

    (Looking mostly at Sport non-leather + moonroof, invoice somewhere around $28K)

    We're in WA, and I don't see a ton of FEH's on dealer-lots, but I've just started looking.
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