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Suzuki Grand Vitara 2006 through 2008



  • I need to purchase new tires for my 06, 2WD Luxury package. I have the factory wheel well, fender flares and want to go up to a 235/65/17 tire. What is your opinion? Will it fit on the wheels? Do you think it will rub? Am I better off with the stock size? Also, what tires do you recomend for an All-Season Radial...something quiet.
  • budman3budman3 Posts: 187
    Let a tire dealer try one on and see if it would have any problems.
    You should be able to put on any of these size tires that won't affect your speedometer and will still maintain the same height as the original, they're called "plus 0" sizes.
  • bj9996bj9996 Posts: 7
    I ever tried having a brand new 265/65/17 tire mounted to the wheel and installed to the front. Having the vehicle stationary, we tested for clearances. We discovered that the tire isn't rubbing any of the wheel well and fender flares, even upon turning the steering fully left and right. However not too sure if it would rub them while moving due the 265/65 tire is much bigger in overall diameter. The original tire (225/65)is having a diameter of 28.5157" while the 265/75 tire will be having a diameter of 30.5629". Additionally as per the tire size calculator, courtesy of Mark Medina -, there will be a variance of about 7% on the speedo reading.

  • bj9996bj9996 Posts: 7
    Budman, as per the tire calculators....there will be a small variance in speedo/actual speed reading with the tire sizes you had suggested. If using 235/65, the actual speed will be about 1.7% higher, 245/60 1.5% higher, 245/65 1.3% higher and 255/60 1.6% higher....than the speedo readings.

    Pls refer to for a much better set of calculators for tires etc.

    Best Regards
  • xostnotxostnot Posts: 232
    You may also run out of clearance as the tires move up into the wheelwells as you go over bumps, or just because of the normal flexing in the suspension/steering system. I's hard to duplicate those forces without going for a drive.

    As for me, I want to be able to mount chains, and larger tires would prevent doing this, and so actually decrease the GV's capabilities in some circumstances.
  • Does anyone have any opinions on the Mazda Tribute? How does it compare? The prices and gas mileage seem similar but I haven't actually gone to test one out yet. I've looked into the Saturns, Kias, Hyundais, Jeeps and Toyotas but always come back to the GV in terms of price, warranty, gas mileage and safety (family man).

    I've currently got a quote at the local dealership here in Texas for a 2006 xSport 4WD. MSRP 23,294, minus 1,000 dealer incentive, minus 1,000 manufacturer rebate, and minus 3,000 for financing through Suzuki (I know, high interest rate but I'll just refinance later). So I'm looking at $18,294 plus ttl. Sound good?
  • budman3budman3 Posts: 187
    Sounds too good. I couldn't find all the rebates you have but if I'm not mistaken the manufacturer rebate is excluded if you use the special financing. I couldn't find the $3000 rebate on the financing either. Also make sure that you can refinance later. Sometimes they have a minimum amount of payments that you must make.
    Glad that you came back to the GV. I'm surprised that you like the gas mileage. That seems to be the thorn in the lion's paw.
    If you can get all those rebates, that's an awesome deal, I'm jealous.
  • Well, this is what the car salesman told me when we visited last week... and I made him write it all down on paper. He's promising me 5,000 off of MSRP! He keeps trying to sell me a luxury (says he has tons of em) but I'm just not interested in leather seats or 17 inch rims.

    When you compare the gas mileage to the other small SUVs and keep with the V6, then the gas mileage is really not that much different amongst them. Besides, from what I've read, you really can't believe the mileage numbers that they stick on the side of the door anyway. I'll probably be picking up a pearl white GV xSport 4WD about mid month. Unless, ofcourse, something else catches my eye. Like the Mazda Tribute.
  • xostnotxostnot Posts: 232
    The mileage issue was thoroughly explored on It turns out that not only are epa mileage ratings supplied by the manufacturers, but sometimes they're determined by a calculation, rather than testing acutal vehicles. Supposedly the epa spot checks about 15% just to keep the makers honest.

    I strongly suspect there's something wonky about the epa rating for the new GV. You have to make some allowance for it being in 4wd all the time, which costs gas but presumably provides a safety benefit. My experiences and investigations indicate the GV gets as good mileage as the new Rav4 V6, despite the Rav's much higher mileage rating.

    Besides, the cost of the extra gas is less than the interest on the difference in what they cost.
  • budman3budman3 Posts: 187
    OK, don't correct me on some minor calculations or misconceptions.
    This might be a little off subject, but everyone has been wanting a diesel version of the GV. I think it would be a great option. Most of my buddies have been switching to diesel in their trucks for performance and mileage.
    The Jeep Liberty diesel sold "beyond expectations" but had to be discontinued because it couldn't meet stringent NOx standards.
    Now the Jeep Grand Cherokee is being sold with a Mercedes diesel that can obviously tow more than the GV and is also a full size suv, but the EPA mileage is only 19/23. I already get that but can't tow as much. Kudos to those few that can beat the EPA estimates.
    I didn't price it out and I'm not a Jeep enthusiast. What am I missing? Why would you spend the extra money for that minor fuel mileage savings? If the GV was diesel, could it still tow anything or more? Is everyone looking for that small diesel with great mileage?
    Where is norwoodsmn when you need him?
    Vitara4me, where are you? I looked on the carspace forum.
    Vegas was good, wife had a good birthday$$$$
  • bm000092bm000092 Posts: 70
    I agree, what would the diesel give more ? Towing a greather weight would be dangerous given the length of the GV. I just did over 2000km towing my pop-up tent trailer, and I was very pleased with the actual V6 of the GV, that's enough for me. Also doing that trip seems to have finally broken in the engine. This past weekend I did 378km (236miles)without the trailer 90% highway, on the highway I was on the cruise control at 115kmph (72mph), and it took 30liters (7.5 US gal. or 6.67 IMP gal.), make the maths, it giving 7.94l/100km or 31.47 miles per US gal or 35.38 miles per IMP gal. I'm more than pleased and this is a lot more than the EPA.
  • norwoodsmnnorwoodsmn Posts: 168
    [ALL] see the Suzuki UK site for a look at what we don't seem to deserve to have over here. Their figures for the Renault sourced Grand Vitara ddsi 1.9 are:

    MPG, (Imperial)
    city: 30.1
    highway 42.2
    combined average
    test cycle 36.7

    ft/lb 221.3 @ 2,000rpm

    Wow, must of had the proverbial "Mutha" of all tailwinds to get 31.47usmpg! On the Jeep Liberty Diesel's demise, yes, it's reported to have sold well. All the more disappointing, (to Jeep folks I'd imagine), therefore that it's not because they COULDN'T design a replacement mill capable of running on the pending new cleaner diesel, rather, it's that "they" simply decided NOT TO DO SO.

    Just who are they? Yes, Daimler Chrysler corp, those "Merc" guys again. Seen those trendy ads on your tube or flat panel lately? There's their German exec. touting one hi tec feature after another re: his literally all over the map fleet, while at the same time he won't authorize the expenditures necessary for production of a new enviro friendly diesel successor engine for the Liberty... Takes more than a bit of zing out of those glitzy ads for me.....

    So its score: would be green, (Jeep Libetry in this instance), consumers zero, while "they", (the marketing types for yet another mfgr.), hold onto all the cards/beans REGARDLESS, here in this "priorities challenged" North American marketplace......

    If you add up this and that factor[s], I have to pose the question, could it be some mfgr's are actually choosing to move FARTHER AWAY from responding to their SUV customer's real time real world concerns?, while instead choosing to first and foremost follow the dictates of their corporate bean counters? Sure seems so "over here". So just what will it take for some of them to realize we expect our own mfgrs of choice to step up to the plate NOW with more green vehicles?

    Even though every day there is more awareness that we all oughta do whatever we can to conserve energy and keep as much co2 out of the atmosphere as possible, (notice what a hot summer it's been, again?), again look at DB's clear [marketing strategy?] statement re: the Liberty diesel, and Suzuki's, through it's sin of omission when it has an economical clean diesel engine in service "abroad" right now. Sure, it would have to be certified for import and perhaps modified for sale here in certain ways?, but why not at least make the announcement NOW S U Z U K I that you're looking into doing so?

    No, diesel engines won't save our collective butts all by themselves, but for an interim period they seem one of the best bets. I have a niece who runs a bio diesel new beetle. Good on her, but net net, growing fuel consumes more energy than is produced. So lets slow our petrochemical dependance as far as possible while we look to bridge the gap towards future transpo energy sources, S U Z U K I.

    Yes, all that torque produced by the Suzuki ddsi engine should be able to pull stumps, let alone a trailer, in clean-green fashion.

    Over there in merry olde England, (xostnot), they get 'em in true, (Superior White), as well as our Pearl white, that nice Cats Eye Blue, (prior Zukes), and yes, forest, (Grove), green.

    I remain green with envy in the norwoods....
  • norwoodsmnnorwoodsmn Posts: 168
    PS: Perhaps I'm being a bit too critical of "the Jeep company", as besides just the Liberty, here they [even] sell the Mercedees micro smart car with a diesel engine [only]. On the upcomming Cherokee with it's new clean fuel diesel, kudos there as first and foremost, it emits 20% fewer harmful emissions than the rigs petrol engine counterpart.

    But really, we're talking apples and oranges here, (pretty different configs vis a vis the euro Grand Vitara Diesel and the big chunky born in the USA Cherokee), if there is an attempt to compare the two? Obviously not applicable there re: the euro DDsi Grand Vitara's mileage figures, though again, like the Cherokee diesel, the GV euro diesel emits far fewer harmful emissions than what's produced by the standard, (for England), two liter Grand Vitara engine.

    Sure, the stuff stinks, but the salient point(s) seem to be that diesel emissions from a state of the art turbo diesel, (again, the Renault sourced one in the euro GV is considered to be "one of them"), stinks far less in terms of emissions output vs. the petrol engines. Then there's the torque, or grunt factor, particularly at lower revs with a diesel. Just made for a Suzuki Grand Vitara for true "Sport" conditions? You bet.

    Then, I have to wonder a bit if it's the price point factor that could present Suzuki with some probs "over here". Again, they have to pay for, (amortize), the development costs for that elaborate hi tec driveline system in the new GV. Add in a sophisticated turbo diesel option, and again we're up into full boat load prices. Still a heck of a value considering, but.....

    But wondering/wandering farther afield, wonder if actually we may end up seeing the next compact economical, maybe diesel engined, true off road capable COMPACT SUV, coming to us from somewhere else, like say China? Think about it. Headline: Asian mfgr. of rugged compact fuel efficient 4 wd vehicles, to import vehicles to Canada/North America. Why not? As Suzuki goes upmarket after Gen X, (or whomever?), some innovative new mfgr. from Asia steps in to fill the vacant niche. I'd buy one.

    Bio diesel would be great but for, (for clairfication), the cost of production. But the emissions are virtually nill. And, how could we devote enough land to grow that much fuel? Not for to long into the future..... But some can use MacDonalds french fry oil. There ya go, eh?

  • dclark2dclark2 Posts: 91
    Why do diesel? There are a LOT of reasons!
    The epa estimates don't tell the whole story. All diesels get close in the city to what they get on the highway. In my Jetta the worst mpg I got was 36mp and it took driving 100+ mph in the desert with the a/c on to do that!
    Performance! Diesels are better suited for US driving conditions than a gasser. Peak power occurs in only couple of thousand rpm's, low enough to really shoot you through the lights and onto the freeway.
    Quietnes! It may sound crazy, but it is true. They might be slightly noisier in theity, but out on the open road, that low rpm engine makes for less noise and vibration (a good reason why MB likes them). My jetta feels very relaxed on road trips.
    Owner ship costs! Diesels don't require tuneups or O2 sensors. For that matter, they are still usually exempt from smog inspections.They are cheaper to maintain, plus they last longer than gas motors.
    They run on diesel! They can even run on vegetable oil. But, understand this- if there ever was a major energy crisis, the govt will give priority to diesel/ kerosene production. That is beause out trucking/rail/ air travel industries rely on that and w/o them, they shut down and so does the economy.Owning a diesel could be the best thing in the world in that situation. Actually, I think it is now!
  • budman3budman3 Posts: 187
    Dclark, don't get me wrong. I agree with what you're saying, well, most of it.
    Is your Jetta rated for any towing or is it just a commuter? I know I'm comparing to a Jeep Grand Cherokee that can tow 7400#, but it only gets 19/23. It really didn't get a good review. The power comes on so soon, that it goes thru all gears before getting up to speed. It also complained of the vibration. This is obviously an entirely different setup compared to a commuter version. I was just trying to create conversation in my original post.
    I think your Jetta would be perfect for todays driving and don't understand why more companies don't go in that direction.
    I would love to have a diesel in my truck but I don't drive it enough to pay for the extra cost of the drivetrain and fuel. It would only be for the power part of it. The larger trucks just don't get the mileage that everyone claims. Dodge may be the only one to claim getting in the low 20mpg on the highway, on a good day.
    I think this may pertain to larger diesels, but they normally require extra filters and oil for maintenance.
    Most of todays gassers don't require any tuneups for 100k miles.
    I think the diesel engine will outlast the car it's put in. I doubt too many people will drive their cars for 200k miles. I like that new car smell.
    My neighbor has one of those old Dodge Cummins diesels. :cry: It makes my windows rattle. Diesels sure have come a long way.
    I also feel we should all be able to do 100 mph in the desert. If I see your Jetta fly by me, I'll try and draft you to add a few mpgs.
  • dclark2dclark2 Posts: 91
    I have no idea what my Jetta can tow. Frankly, I wouldn't want to tow anything in any car, outside of my '96 Impala SS.
    Yes, many cars "claim" to be able to go "Up" to 100K miles, but things like spark plugs don't hold up that long. The car will still run, but performance can suffer (been there, did it, done after doing service to my sisters car).
    My best friend got a Dodge truck. i tried to talk him into getting the diesel, but he cited the same reasons you did. Now, he regrets it. Gaser engine winds out high when towing,and the thing gets single digit mpg when towing, about 14 around the town.
    Diesel may cost more, but you'll get it back around depreciation.Here's something interesting- people who own diesel trucks report very little hit in mpg when towing.
    Oh, my car uses one ordinary oil filter and the oil change interval is 10K miles. Every other change, I put in a new fuel filter.In addition, no valves have to be adjusted (hydro valves). In the course of 100K miles, my Jetta will end up costing less to service than the Honda CRV that it replaced.
    I would never buy anything from Jeep. GM has a fine diesel that is made by Isuzu.
  • budman3budman3 Posts: 187
    Good points, Dclark. I was just curious about your Jettas motor. If they put it into a GV, would it be a high mpg suv and still tow?
    I would seriously consider the GV in diesel form, but it would have to get the same mpg that you claim.
    My friend just got rid of his Ford diesel and replaced it with GM. Couldn't fix his trans. 2 more friends lost injectors and turbos on their Fords.
  • vitara4me:

    I just got my 06 Vitara back from doing a service at 7500 kms (sorry, Canadian eh, just under 5K miles) and told them about the vibration, at around 55 / 60 MPH ... it doesn't feel like the wheels, I'd bet on the drivetrain myself, and perhaps that's just how GV's are ... but the service guy said he didn't notice anything. I also asked him about the severe detonation (uphills when hot ... and I use mid range octane fuel) ... and you guessed it, the service guy didn't notice it either. Another issue that I and others who have driven my GV have found, is when it downshifts going up a hill, and the hill flattens out but there is still a slight grade (barely perceptable to the eye, but the GV computer senses it load/throttle/torque) it keeps it in the lower gear and the engine screams ... and the rest of my family is wondering when I'm going to shift to the higher gear ... and I remind them that it's an automatic !! So I have to let off on the accelerator, it shifts up, then back on the gas! No floor melting issues yet, but thx for the heads up.

    Despite these inital hiccups, this GV is the coolest vehicle I've owned next to my 67 Mustang (the latter of which turned more heads).

    Appreciate anyone's directon on this, as my experience with the dealer mechanic was anticlimatic.
  • dclark2dclark2 Posts: 91
    I doubt that any GV with a diesel motor would get the same mpg as my jetta. For starters, the jetta is more aerodynamic and ways less than a GV.
    I would think around 30mpg would be more like it for a GV with a diesel.
    Also, don't discount the power difference. People asked me whether it is worth it performance wise, to "suffer" with a diesel. They must think that I am driving some gutless dump truck! In fact, a coworker bought a jetta wagon 2.0 gasser ( I have a wagon diesel) and I asked her why she didn't get the tdi. She said she didn't want something that was gutless. I asked her if she tried driving one. She said"no, I didn't want to settle for a diesel". See the problem here? For that matter, the diesel version of the Mercedes E sedan is FASTER than the gasser version! Oh, I have a eurochip, larger injectors and a lightened vr6 flywheel with a vr6 clutch (to handle the torque). I haven't timed my car, but if I floor it while doing 20 mph, the driving wheels will lose traction and the esp system will be activated. Woo hoo! I would love to have a high power GV diesel.
    Check out the VW Toureg TDI. With ten cyclinders, it does get "only 25mpg" on teh highway. However, it has 303hp and almost 600 lbs(!) of tq. When VW/Porsche jointly held a test drive/conference on their new SUV, Porsche was a little miffed than the longest line was not for test rides in a 469hp but for the VW Toureg TDI. That was said to be the funnest ride of the bunch.
    Driving a diesel feels like having a big, low revving v-8.
    Ford power strokes are legendary for being junk. GM and Dodge both have good diesel trucks, but then again, they are huge trucks. I did see a jeep liberty diesel taxi cab in vegas last month though.
  • I just replaced the stock Yokohama's Geolanders(225/65/17) with 235/65/17 Bridgestone Duelers H/L Alenza on my 2006 GV Luxury with 21K miles. The tires are slightly larger but fit no problem. I think they look better as well These tires are much, much, more quieter than the Yoko's. Rating of 600 A A. Highly recommend them!
  • budman3budman3 Posts: 187
    Wow, 21k miles! That's great. Give us some info on your long term road test. Any problems? Likes/dislikes? Would you buy another one?
  • Overall I am happy with it. Engine could have more power and be quieter and more efficient. I would much rather have the RAV-4. I also think the brakes are horrible. My constntly squeak. I have taken it into the shop 3 times. They keep telling me this is normal. Also, the mechanic at the Suzuki dealership cross-threaded 2 studs on my back wheels. They had to back-order them. It's been a month later and I still haven't seen them. All in All Ok
  • There is a service/ tech order out right now in regards to squeaky rear brakes. Seems that the brake shoes are the culprits. The dealer will replace your rear shoes for free under warranty. The original rear shoes are just slightly too wide for the drum, and at times will make a hellish squeal when braking.

    Regards, Vitara4me....maybe.......I'm still thinking about it.
  • marnixmarnix Posts: 3
    Just joined the club. Brought home our 06 2WD Luxury, white, last night. After 3 weeks of shopping and finally settling on the Grand Vitara, we're pleased. Also glad to find this group. Only put 150 miles on it so far (trip from dealership) but look forward to may happy years with it. :)
  • budman3budman3 Posts: 187
    marnix, welcome to the GV Club. :shades:
    If you visit Las Vegas, most of us will probably meet there one day.
    What were some of the deciding factors for purchasing a GV? What others did you compare it to?

    I'm bringing mine in for the rear brake squeal today. Thanks Vitara4me. :D
  • I called 4 Suzuki Dealerships in my area. Not one of them new about that Service Bulletin. After searching the internet for it, they all agreed it was correct. Not one of the 4 dealers had the brake pads in stock. They all had to order them. What a joke. I hope they will get more parts into the stream.
  • marnixmarnix Posts: 3
    Thanks for the welcome. Vegas may be in my future but I'm thinking of flying. :D

    Actually the car hunt began with the Mazda6 Sport Wagon (my wife would be the primary driver of this next car). Problem was, there were only 3 in all of North Texas, we never even saw one in person, but while at the Mazda dealer we checked out the Tribute. Not bad but when we added the options we liked, it got pricey fast.

    Then came the Mitsubishi Outlander (remember she was thinking wagon), it felt really small. Dismissed it right away after driving it.

    The %10 off Saturn was selling there Vue's for had us looking there for a while, but again, when we added the options we wanted, the price took off.

    We began looking at a used Chevy Equinox (wifey liked the styling) but pretty much the same story, unless we went with basic model, it got out of range. That particular dealer happened to sell Suzuki's. When we realized the bargain these things were, we began looking at them seriously. Wife loves the luxury of ours - leather, sunroof, etc. As I said, we had to drive to get he color and price we wanted, but couldn't be happier.

    When we added it all up - styling, luxury, price, warranty - it became a no brainer. That and the savings on gas. :shades:
  • budman3budman3 Posts: 187
    I had my 16 year old daughter bring the car in for the brake squeal after school. They tried selling her 2(yep, two) oil changes and a tire rotations, then they would inspect the brakes and clean them.
    When my daughter called, thoroughly confused, I talked to the service manager. Turns out they never heard of the problem and did find the TSB.
    I told them I know Vitara4me and they said,
    Yes, Mr.Budman, we will take care of it right away. :D
  • Well, the wife and I went and got ours a couple of weeks ago. '06 GV 4WD Luxury - white. We've really been enjoying it so far. It really sticks to the ground. I love the sure-footed feel of it. My wife enjoys driving it too. And you can't beat the price. We bought ours for 20k plus ttl. And, they tinted the front windows for us for free. Needless to say, we're pretty happy with our purchase. The salesman said he would make that deal all day. Just interested in moving cars. So, if anyone is interested, I'm in North Texas.
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