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Suzuki Grand Vitara 2006 through 2008



  • So what are the official changes? I won't be happy until i see that the glass on the rear door can open, or that the engine is now 3.0l and has about 220hp or we get the diesel.

    -Cj :) :confuse:
  • Did suzuki confirm it anywhere? Id be nice if the top could be removed. Kinda like a jeep wrangler but better looking. I think some people only buy wranglers to have a convertible and an SUV insted of having two different cars.


    -Cj :confuse:
  • I just looked at a 2007 Grand Vitara and the only difference that I could see was that the fuel computer now gives average MPG.

    Still has rear drum brakes. Still has a single rear door. In fact, the 2007 looked identical to my 2006 in every way. Same 17-inch rims, same interior.

    I did, however spy the new SX4 sedan. Looks really nice. Imagine a car with a "locking" 4x4 system (2WD, AUTO (AWD High) and LOCK (AWD Lock), just like the GV. Suzuki will be entering the new SX4 sedan into the next world rally championship to compete against Citron, Subaru, and Mitsubishi. Right now the car has a 2.0 liter engine from the Areo, but the rally version will have a turbocharged/ intercooled 2.0 liter. This engine already provides torque of 65kg.m at 3,000rpm and 320bhp at 4,000-5,000 rpm. :surprise:

    You can see a pic of it here:

    Regards, Vitara4me...
  • "he 05 GTO had a great engine and a crappy 4speed auto, the same with the 06 impala ss! "

    I got a '06 GTO with the six speed. A sports car with an auto is like driving a motorcycle with training wheels!

    "The 1.9 that was in the jetta did stop but thats only because vw is finishing up its 2.0l and 2.4l diesel"

    Emissions killed the 1.9 TDI. It was replaced with the PD, which was already on the way out. To meet epa, they had to crank up the egr on the TDI's which, combined with poor quality US fuel, lead to widespread clogging of intake manifolds.
    I also own a VW Jetta Wagon TDI 5 sp. I have a electonic gizmo that allows the disconection of the egr without triggering my CEL, so I have a squeeky clean intake. I also have a Vr6 clutch. Wett chip and Bosio injectors. It should have around 135hp and 250lbs of tq. Even though it is very fast, it still gets good mpg (46mpg last fill up).
  • My 06 Grand Vitara X Sport at 13,000 mile is still running like a king with no problems. had a minor vibration, which was taken care of with a balancing of the wheels, did everyone who is having that vibration try that?? Averaging about 22.3 MPG using Mobil1 full synthetic oil.
  • Yes, again, Suzuki seldom "rushes" in new improvements to a newly intro'ed model. By the way, it will ALWAYS have drum brakes at the rear. Why?, it's a Suzuki, and it's built to a price so to speak.

    There are several SX-4's on the lot here in the northwoods too, and even more Grand Vitara's. Re: the SX-4, too bad it's actually a bit shorter than the covered wagon look Aerio which it replaces. But then it's been said it's intended to compete with the Honda Fit, and the Mazda mini mini van.

    Actually it's one up on the GV in the driveline department, as it can, as you point out, operate in 2wd only to maximize mileage. As to all those GV's on the lot here, it's about time to start looking for deep discounts on '06's, if one is so inclined, Should be some real deals out there soon.

    On expanding wall foam, a bit of a history lesson here from the Suzuki love/angst files: Unbeknownst to all buyers of the then brand new to the market 4 door Sidekick, back in 1991, it's rustproofing treatment consited of a light mist of primer applied over particularly poor quality steel, with a thin frosting of not so durable paint on top. Consequence being, today, Rusty comes by his nickname quite honestly, if that's the right word to use?

    Love/angst. I just hope the list of quirks that seem to come as standard equipment with a new Suzuki vehicle purchase, gets pared down to where it should be, somewhere closer towards Toyota or Honda territory. If those other motorcycle guys "in the hood" can do the deed there Suzuki, why not you guys? But back to wall foam. I've actually "injected" it in many places in the lower bodywork, not in an attempt at noise reduction per se, but rather as a last dich attempt to exclude some of the water comming in through Rusty's rusted rocker panels, etc. Along with "it", Bondo, and with carpets removed, silicone sealant applied on the interior side of pinhole sized rust holes in that area, well he's a real multi media artwork, for sure! But then again he's looking quite spruced up these days following a good brush painting recently with white Rustoleum primer, a good match for his original "Superior White" paint job! Let's see, maybe if I keep him long enough, Suzuki will pay me to take it off the street....? Ya, I'm in the market.... Drove the bud's Vitara recently deeper in the north woods here, and still have to wonder why pay more for a basic bush vehicle since Suzuki it's self doesn't even make one anymore? Decisions, decisions...

    May you all still also remain [mostly] loyal Suzuki fans some 15 years hence too, but sans anything close to similar horror stories with the new GV. No, the lack of body work integrity nighmare is history, but.... But, I'm going to require a hell of a well finessed sales job before I buy my next Suzuki 4wd. Yes, again IT COULD WELL BE a GV, but likely only if it's eventually offered with a more economical engine, plus low range and the 5 speed manual, and skid plates, (just like they used to make 'em actually). In the meantime, the accounts re: your "issues" while the new GV is in it's "teething period" are most interesting.

    Thanks again. Nwdsmn.
  • "Yes, again IT COULD WELL BE a GV, but likely only if it's eventually offered with a more economical engine, plus low range and the 5 speed manual, and skid plates, (just like they used to make 'em actually"

    I normally don't do this but in this case why don't you look at a Cr-v? Skid plates are standard. 4wd and 5speed manual are low cost options too.

    -Cj :)
  • xostnotxostnot Posts: 232
    Well, you just can't get a low range transfer case on a CRV.

    Good to hear from you again, norwoodsman. I understand the Canadian '07 GV's allow you to specify the low range on some of the cheaper models, AND with the manual transmission. So there's two objections taken care of.

    The aftermarket is now supplying a 2" lift kit. I would expect aftermarket skid plates within a year. So that leaves the engine selection. It would make sense that if the current GV continues to sell well, for Suzuki to offer an off-road version. This current GV has nothing about it to prevent it from being set up to be a competent off-roader. In fact, it wouldn't take much.

    (Btw, we canoed to Ahous Bay this summer, but visiting Blunden was too great a stretch for our party and time available.)
  • Thanks the input from here "in the hood", (Beautiful British Columbia), xostnot, and to you, our Floridian bud autoboy16. Yes, I'm quite keen on the swoopy new CRV, (but for the front grille treatment), which is due to be unwrapped for the public at the end of this month. It would be a wonderful all weather ROAD vehicle. But those thoughtful, (more so than Suzuki), skid plates for the route in to the cottage, wouldn't be enough to help it traverse many of the roads xostnot and yrs. truly, tend to want to traverse here in the Great White North, ab16. But for God's sake, why didn't this guy trade up soonerfrom a '91 Sidekick?, y'all may be askin'?

    1st: the orig. ALL NEW Grand Vitara:, (when was that, '99?), driving dynamics wise, it felt [to me] first and formost like you were piloting around a heavy engine with that V6 up front there in a chassis not all that much different from the Sidekick. As to the Vitara, first there was the looks, plus it actually was less fun to drive [again, to me] vs. the Sidekick. Further, as a considerable disappointment neither the Sidekick successor Grand Vitara or the Vitara model offered any real substantial improvement in space or load carrying capacity vs. Rusty the trusty Sidekick.

    So it was only when the XL-7 debuted in '01, that I initially felt Suzuki had finally got it right, and built the rig I'd been waiting for, right up until I TD'd one. Yes, it had the additional cargo capacity/space I wanted, but it also had that almost wholly useless third row seat, (standard eqpt. to market it to soccer moms?), the combo of which didn't fold flat, "it" wasan't removable,plus this " "GREAT FEATURE" even included added benefit [NOT!] of one ending up with EVEN LESS second row legroom than in my Sidekick, for God's sake! But what was the real deal [non] clincher?, "IT SUCKED" (petrol) in a most alarmingly viceral of fashions, with the loud pedal to the floor as that standard slush box sought to Ouija board [game] it's way into somehow finding the right gear, just for you! PLUEEZZZEE, JEEZZZE LOUIZZZE! not for me at this price, I was literally forced to conclude.

    But then came our ALL NEW GV, finally! But then came the news it wasan't, really, down there under the hood...
    Lordie, oh Lordie, wherefore art thou?, I thought as I gazed out the window to, thankfully at least see Rusty still somehow holding together. And let me interject here, that's the Love part of the love/angst relationship. Mechanically the engine and trannie in particular, will not die....

    So here we are. Hope you're "right there xostnot about low range and 5 speeds on "lesser models! But I wonder what they'd call it?, since "sport" moniker is currently taken by an auto trannie only equipped model seemingly designed for the tuner crowd? How about the Northwoodsman, (or Northwoodsperson to be politically correct)? I like it.

    ps: Nice to hear you were out to sea there off Vancouver Island. My bud with his fleet of 4wd's including the Vitara, just completed a multi year sea kayaking circumnavigation of the isle, with the Bamfield to Victoria harbor segment. The kayaker lost at sea off the Brooks Penninsula this summer was known to him. Sad story there. Yes, always better to be safe than sorry out there, for sure.

    Regards, Nwdsmn.
  • I agree with you on the CR-vs grille. Its horrible. Do you have any comments on the 07 XL-7? Did they finally get it right? It seems to have the right engine, interior options, tranny, cargo room, and usable 3rd row of seats. Sounds good on paper but i guess we'll have to wait until unveiling day...


    To me leg room seems fine. Leg support (thigh support from seat bottoms) seems short and cushioning on the back seems just... odd. Not sc430, tt, beetle odd. Just to upright, kinda like sc430.

    -Cj :P
  • Stand alone, wow, what a move forward for Suzuki to intro a new vehicle like the '07 XL-7! Assuming that is, one thinks producing a knock off version of any GM vehicle, today, (think Chev Equinox), is really the best thing to do. But of couse it had to have been penned well before Suzuki and GM's divorce went thru, right? So, a marriage made in heaven, that produced this trendy clone? I wouldn't buy stock in the company based on any such assumptions.

    Further, now we've got this new expensive [non] off road capable rig there alongside it's loaded to the leather gills new GV sibling with it's low profile tires designed for the bush, and thanks to where all those new product development dollars went, we're left with no basic tough economical 4wd model available in Suzuki's lineup anymore. I guess I'm the only one out here who just quite get it....

    The SX4 could become Suzuki's bread and butter rig. Looks like alot of fun. Just like the new GV, lots of folks should buy one long before it's reliability, (or the reliability of Suzuki's in general), is known [to them]. But if I was in the market for such a vehicle, I'd be clearly tempted myself. Just wish it had a bit longer chassis giving it some cargo room back there behind the back seat.

    Good luck dodging the hurricanes this season. Four inches of snow on local mtns. last night. Deer down low on a fave backroad today.

    Regards, nwdsmn.
  • And further, not wishing to appear perpetually grumpy, just dug very deep into cyberspace to find a Japan auto news source suggesting Suzuki is "mulling over" the idea of offering a hybrid engined version of the new GV by 2010.

    To xostnot: what was your source re: the low range and manual trannie being offered on "lesser" '07 GV's? Just would like to see it out there for myself. Thanks. Further, good comments there about after market mods to make it more of a well equipped off road vehicle. But why should "we" have to do this, vs. being able to spec one out on an order form? To say nothing of why you should have to retro fit sound deadening materials in the floor and wheel well areas..... Love/angst.

  • xostnotxostnot Posts: 232
    Well, the sound deadening would make it more expensive, heavier and so worse on gas if the factory did it, which would push it farther from the chosen market niche. But they could at least have so treated the JLX-L, instead of some of the silly things they put on it.

    Over at the '07 GV's have been discussed. One fellow has ordered or taken delivery of a JX or JLX with 5-spd and low range. I looked at the Canadian specs somewhere, which verified the claims. However, the specs seemed incomplete, since only three colors were offered at the time I checked.

    You COULD get a Jimny if you wanted one badly enough. It might not be much trouble to get one, since there's a fellow in Vancouver making his living importing things like Nissan Skylines and diesel 4Runners (which are called something else, but I can't recall the name at the moment). Probably you'd have to settle for right-hand drive, but thanks to this guy, right-hand drives are becoming more common sights in Vancouver. If you aren't aware of the Jimny, it's a small, rugged 4x4 made by Suzuki, and sold in many parts of the world other than here.
  • You know a hybrid just may work. The only prom is sill the engine tuning. It should be better tuned. The power bonus from the electric engine may be what the GV needs. Straight from the VUE.


    The diesel engine more than makes up for this and has the added benefit of more torque and greater highway mileage. The diesel is what suzuki needs. A v6 diesel is great. It can be used in the GV and the Xl-7!!! A 4cyl diesel is also good but the v6 will balance the MPG/ Power/ and Effiency thing. It will work good on ULSD.

    -Cj :P
  • Thanks for the info. Have seen the Jimny, but it appears to be Samurai sized, which is pretty small. Would probably spring for an '03-'04 XL-7 five seater instead, sans the diesel materializing in a new GV. Re: a hybrid, 2010 is hardly a lightening fast response in the direction of improved fuel economy, is it.... I'd expect SOMETHING else before then, like a bit more fuel efficient and powerful new V-6 before we see a hybrid, if at all. But again a diesel would be a superb match for a well O/R equipped GV.

    Yes, maybe we need to custom build our vehicles? Seriously, my friend with the '00 Vitara is looking to upgrade engines in his cult classic VW Syncro Vanagon Camper. Seems for about $10,000.00!, a top line VW expert offering the service can fit a VW TDI diesel in there. Requires a bit of different gearing in the trannie too. Incredible mileage, long life, just a bit slower on the highway. The same source can even put a Subaru boxer engine in. It's supposed to be quick!

    That brings to mind another vehicle niche that's certainly vacant today. Seems someone could clean up by making a VW Camper [like/sized] vehicle. Why not? They were great fun. Instead even the smallest van based rig has a gas hog engine, etc. Theres another vehicle I'd like to have... Suzuki, how about a smaller passenger van with a camper version? Seem to recall they made a show concept van a while back...

  • steverstever Posts: 52,571
    Apparently this is a rebadged Suzuki Super Carry:

    image (link)

    Don't recall a concept one. Check out the Global Auto Index link from the Inside Line page; if you do a search there for Bodies > Microbus you'll stumble across some fun rigs.
  • Just to see what a stock GV can do I took my new 06 GV with 5000 miles on it on a pretty good off-road trail this weekend. It would be rated light to moderate as far as obstackles concerned but it was pretty steep so low range is a must or you won't make it up or you'll make it up with a burned clutch or tranny. Main issue was clearance of course. A little lift (2" already available), a little bigger off-road tires and some skid plating and it'll do a lot more! I only bent the thin shield that's over the cross-member bolts when I was distracted by the better half complaining that I will damage something... :confuse:

    Took some pics mostly of the trail but of course they don't do it justice. Check them out here.
  • Replying to #724 and #711
    I have the 2006 GV with Premium package; 4WD and the 5sp AT. I currently have 10K miles on it after six months. Anyway, original had all four tires rebalanced, rotated and a four wheel alignment (I was told that it was out-of-alignment). I went back to my Suzuki dealer this past Friday (09/22/2006). I explained that I was still experiencing the vibration (rumble) between 40-55mph under moderate to heavy acceleration; such as merging onto a highway. I had the dealer call American Suzuki explaining my reoccurring problem with the vibration/rumble, requesting them to check any TSB's or complaints. Later that afternoon I called my dealer back to see if they heard any word back from Suzuki. They recommended that the front drive-shaft be replaced. The part is currently on order and hopefully it will be shipped to my dealer within two weeks. As a side note, overall I am satisfied with my 2006 GV Zuki. I paid $18,900 for my vehicle after rebates and dealer discounts (tax, tags and DMV fees not included). My GV is averaging between 21.9 and 22.3 mpg. (For those who are looking for both speed/acceleration and MPG, try the Hayabusa 1300). I'll have an update within a month regarding the vibration. Regards, Dave M.
  • Has anyone checked this out? The inspection and as-necessary adjustment of the valve lash (shimming) is apparently a reqired regular maintenance job that can run as high as $1300 reportedly. Every 23K miles. For the life of the vehicle... What's up with that?!? :mad:
  • I hope that you are joking on the shim issue. I have not seen shimmed valves since the old Volvo and Japanese motorcycle days. I have purchased "shim kits" in the past for my Volvo 240 Turbo, and I can tell you from experience that adjusting valves with shims is a royal pain in the asphalt. I have yet to pop the valve covers from my 2.7 and take a look. I'm too busy driving it! I really hope that Suzuki is not using shims in this day and age.

    I was told by Suzuki of America (Orange County, California), that Suzuki engineers in Japan are studying the vibration issue and are working on a solution. Is this a true statement or just another dealer blowing smoke up my....? I don't know. We will see.

    It would be nice that the vibration is something as simple as a re-designed front driveshaft.

    Kind regards, Vitara4me....
  • The more I hear about it the more confusing it gets. I guess we'll see when we get there. One dealer told me it's a 2.4 hr flat rate labor no matter what, another dealer said if there is no valve noise they won't even bother with the inspection and that it won't woid warranty.

    Regarding the vibration I have one that I feel is related to engine resonance amplification at around 2800 RPM. I can put it in park and very slowly rev the engine up gradually and can hear a strong sympatetic resonance start around 2800 RPM up to around 3200 RPM. Right around 70-75 MPH. I get rid of it by going faster.. :)
  • Well my Grand Vitara's on a overnight stay at the dealership. Problem with the ABS. Friday night I had the slam on the brakes and everything locked up. There I was going sideways down the road. No idiot lights or anything to let me know there was a problem. Dealer found a code had to call Suzuki to find out what it was. Something about steering control sensor has no power. They think with that the computer would turn off the ABS too. Now they have to trace everything down and figure out if that's the problem or not. So I have my fingers crossed. It has 10700 miles on it. I've had it almost a year now this is the first problem so it could be worst I guess.
  • Thanks for taking the time to post those pics. Sounds like an outing similar ot one of "ours" with my 1st shiny new Zuke. Yes, that's the way God intended 'em to be used!

    To XOSTNOT, yes have seen the updated 2007 Suzuki Canada website, and the welcome news about changes to the model lineup. Here our base model is the full time four wheel drive one with no low range. Now finally though, next up the ladder is one available with the manual 5 speed, and the low range feature! With all that standard content, at just about exactly the same price as an auto trannie equipped base
    [non] low range model, well there's certainly alot less to [non-permissible content removed] about, but for the crying need for new options under the hood, and how long term reliability plays out.

    Today's local rag happened to feature a test of the new XL 7. To paraphrase one line, "there was nothing wrong with the Equinox that one couldn't fix". Hence, "a fixed Equinox". Of chief interst to usn's?, was info on the engine. The piece described how the base Equinox came with a 185hp Overhead Valve engine, vs. the XL's 3.6 DOHC mill. One, yes, (thanks again dclark2), which was reported [in the article] to have been well massaged by Suzuki Japan prior to putting it into the XL7quinox. Most astutely the author also indicated: "However, all that won't necessarily matter, as opposed to the buying public's reception of the idea of dropping that much coin for a Suzuki", (my words, again). It will be MOST iInteresting to see how that all plays out. Couldn't do worse for them than the oldie though. Saw a stat the other day that indicated average lot life, (how long it sat before being sold), was 245 days for the prior generation XL-7.

    What does some of this have to do with the new GV? It's under the hood. It seems that the new 3.6 liter XL 7 engine may represent a "fix" vs. what the General drops in there, (vs. "his own" V-6), in the Equinox? Sight unseen, Suzuki is probably due that accolade here.. So, dclark2's info on a 3.2 liter mill being developed in Japan, again seems to offer great promise, if it was put into say an 08' GV. Seems that time frame ought to be about right? Further, if they'd look at bringing in the Diesel to Canada on a trial marketing basis, ASAP, well then there would be very little to get crabby about.

    Last point of interest here re: the XL 7 article, was a reference to disappointment re: interior materials not being of Honda/Toyota calibre. I'd expand on that general theme to again say if Suzuki is serious about moving WELL upmarket, that's the single most important factor they need to be looking at today, approaching Honda/Toyota in over all quality. Hey, guess what they all live there in the same hood, drink the same beer, etc., right? So...... So that issue will ultimately decide their future here in North America, I do believe. Ya just can't have it both ways. Build relatively Inexpensive, (A REAL VALUE!), but perhaps sometimes "quirky" vehicles, or, build them more like Toyota or Honda does.....

    Stayin' tuned in, and best of luck with some of those hopefully ATYPICAL problems out there... FOUR WHEEL LOCK ABS? Lordie....

  • guestguest Posts: 770
    Thought I would update everyone on my little ABS problem. Got the Zuki back from the dealer Tuesday evening. It ended up being 2 wires came off the connector for the steering control module. So when it lost power the computer shut everything ESP, ABS and Traction control off so I had nothin. Stuff like that happens the problem I have with it is no lights nothing to give me any warning. But all is good now they fixed the wires and made sure all the sensors were working. So hopefully no more fun rides. lol
  • I talk to my service advisor about this when I picked my Grand Vitara up Tuesday night. He told me that it has to be done for the warranty. If there is a problem down the road Suzuki can use the fact that you didn't do it to turn down the claim on the power train warranty. I ask him how much it was going to cost. He told me a minimuim of 10(count them 10) labor hours plus parts if they need adjusted. So figure at least a grand.
  • xostnotxostnot Posts: 232
    This has been more thoroughly, but not conclusively explored on I'm not expecting it to cost that much, but it seems no one's GV has yet reached the point where that service is needed. If it turns out to be REALLY costly, I'm certainly not going to give Suzuki the satisfaction of doing the job. I'll get it done elsewhere.

    I buy a new vehicle expecting to have less hassle and expense maintaining it than our old ones have, then find it has to go to the shop more often, and the maintenance threatens to cost just as much. Wonderful.

    Oh well, if the stability control or side air bags ever save my life, it will have been well worth it.
  • I got this written confirmation from Suzuki Canada, and I'm keeping it in case the dealer wants to charge me more than this, as mentionned below its a 2.4 hours job of around 200.00 $CND. Notice that they specify inspection and adjustment, not just inspection.

    -----Message d'origine-----
    De : Customer Service []
    Envoyé : Wednesday, September 27, 2006 2:04 PM
    À : Michel Bouchard
    Objet : RE: RE : Michel Bouchard - Automobile Sales & Services

    Mr. Bouchard,

    Manufacturer flat rate time to perform a valve lash inspection and adjustment is 2.4 hours. The cost will vary depending on the dealership labour rate but on average in the Canadian market the labour cost will be approximately $175.00.

    Valve Lash Inspection is recommended at 35,000 km increments for Canadian Driving Conditions. Other recommended services at this interval are oil & filter change and air filter inspection/replacement as necessary. So in most cases, again depending on the local market, the labour cost for this scheduled maintenance is probably in or around the $200.00 mark with additional charges for oil, filter, and air filter if necessary.

    It should be noted, that contrary to your statement “it's probably the last engine left in the automotive world that requires that” is actually not the case. For instance, many of the most popular vehicles on the market today, including 2006 Toyota RAV4 as well as several other Toyota models, are equipped with a similar valve train configuration for performance and durability benefits.

    Thank you for this opportunity to respond to this inquiry.

    Customer Relations
    Relations à la clientèle
    (905) 889-2677 ext. 2254

    Also based on their statement about that many other manufacturers are using similar valvetrain (mechanical instead of hydraulic), I did an extensive search and in fact most of them (I won't list all the models for all the manufacturers, there is too many) are leaving the hydraulic lifters so used in the 80's/90's for mechanical ones. As an example just take Toyota:

    Engines with shims over the bucket tappets style :


    Engines with shims under the bucket tappets:


    Engines that use selective thickness lifters

    2AZ-FE (RAV4)

    It is not a complete list, but just see how many variations they have, looks like the engineers cannot decide on the configuration: hydraulic lifters, bucket lifter with shims over the lifters, with shims under the lifters, selective fit lifters, and they also have a number of permutations depending in which part of the world the product is sold.
  • Well, I was just looking at the new Mazda 3 with the 2.3L 4 and guess what? Mechanical lifters... I definitely wouldn't call that engine old-school though... Oh, by the way, same for the new CX-7. Same engine.

    But they're not calling for lash check till 75000 miles for whatever reason.
  • Update... well I had the front drive-shaft replaced by the dealer this past Friday, (10/06/06) and guess what, I’m still experiencing the same problem with the vibration (rumble/shudder). I called American Suzuki Customer Assistance Center again. Asked if they had any other documented cases with the same issue? No. None. (It's funny how information is not communicated back to the Suzuki in a timely manner. But cases are posted readily on the internet). I called the service department at my dealer this morning and explained that the problem is still present. Once again, I'll be stopping in one day this week. The service department at the dealership has been working with technical support on their end. Has anyone with this problem, been corrected? The only good news is that my new CD player is ejecting the CD's. Later, Dave. :mad: :cry: :confuse:
  • xostnotxostnot Posts: 232
    We have reached 10,000km (6,200mi) on our GV, and it has an increasingly noticable droning noise at 1500rpm. Obviously it doesn't spend much time at 1500rpm, but we'll see if this keeps getting worse. I wouldn't call it a rumble or shudder, though.
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