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Suzuki Grand Vitara 2006 through 2008



  • jdaleyjdaley Posts: 7
    I have a 07 GV 4WD 5spd.It will be 2yrs this Oct I have had it and I have gone through 3 sets of tires it almost seems they can't line it up or it won't stay lined up.I heard some have come from the factory not lined up and that the 2006 specs are wrong so watch out.It is very hard to get Suzuki customer service to help you out,I replaced to headlights under warranty and a foglight the first week I had it.I don't like the paint quality you look at the wrong way and it chips.I do however like the looks of it.In short I should have shopped around a little more and maybe spent a little more.I guess the saying goes "You get what you pay for"
  • Greetings from The Lone Ranger. Been missing my Sidekick(s). Pleased to be able again to defer here to you re: your experience with your auto 2.7. About the new ones, I can only add: TD one, but try the new four and see how you think it compares with the 2.7.
    In retrospect, I think the manual box '08 2.7 JA we just drove MIGHT have performed better post an initial break in period. However, not so with the 2.4 four, even with its auto box as the best compliment I can pay it here, (you're welcome Suzuki), would be: think Honda. Ya, our two prior new Accords way back when, benefited from a "loosening up", (slightly), in their first year, but both also felt absolutely great right off the showroom floor. That's my same initial impression of this new Suzuki four. On the rear discs, again try 'em. One tester noted they got into a panic situation out on the road, and he lauded the rear disc's goodness. I'd concur. Pads and rotor wear though, yes it's a valid concern, but... Again I'm a little disappointed they didn't choose to offer a base one with the rear drums and basic O/R gear for '09, (a Vitara Classic), to empty the rear drums parts bins.
    I agree not much of this new content has much to do with the economic sense of jumping ship into an '09, if you have a prior gen "New GV" sorted out. You are all also now learning about trade in values of 'em too, I know. Sure interesting to note your own melted insulation report though.
    As she drove manual trannie VW's in winter while dodging Moose west of Jasper Alberta when we lived there, (we spent last week on vacation back up there, and the Columbia Icefield continues to melt..), despite her recognizing ALL the goodness of the new four cylinder, sound insulation and all, it's the wife who says she Could go for an '08 2.7, while I don't think I could. For me it comes back to that Accord analogy re: this sweet new free revving econo engine, and yes, as someone who once had a 911-S in the garage, all the rest of the icing now on the cake which becomes evident out on the open road....
    On the diesel, scuttlebutt seems to indicate though they have tweaked it yet a bit more for '09, there may still be concern re: market acceptance of its NVH characteristics in North America. It ain't cheap either, but equipped as you've called it, it would give a Rubicon Trail Jeep a run for it's money.
    Good on ya re: Blunden Island and Vargas hike. Ought to do Ahous Bay in spring when whales are stopping by on migration to feed. We soloed out west of Blunden to circumnavigate the Cleland Island Sea Bird Sanctuary last time there. Felt like Captain Vancouver, but we were in a cork. White knuckles on the paddles there too! Friends have done the Brooks Peninsula which seems the "Holy Grail" [to me] on the west coast of Vancouver Island. Not for canoes though, or [our] sea kayak. Too risky....
  • budman3budman3 Posts: 187
    Sort of funny how we were all tickled pink when the new GV came out and now just after a couple years, the complaints start to roll in.
    This is exactly what Suzuki needs to see if they will survive.
    I also had alignment problems and had 3 alignments done. At 16k miles, I started the worn tire complaint and Suzuki said it was normal. I sent them the bill and they finally denied the claim. There have been numerous tire wear complaints.
    The interior plastic is cheap. You can find better quality replacement carpet at walmart.
    Battery failed just out of it's warranty time. They wanted it towed to the shop to diagnose it and see if they would cover it. It was cheaper and much easier to replace it myself and not get stuck with a tow bill and the running around. I already had a taste of Suzuki's customer service.
  • jdaleyjdaley Posts: 7
    HI Allie yes I had the same problem at 19000 km and my 2 back tires were wore to the point as to not pass inspection.I asked the dealer to look into this and they said it was a maintenance problem that made me slightly mad.So I tried Suzuki customer service to no avail.I basically got the allignment done and passed the bill to the dealer and said fight it out with Suzuki.I'm not the 2006 specs are not correct and I have a 2007 purchased in Oct 06 my second set of tires wear again I think my GV is cursed all I do is hwy driving now I have 70000 km on it and just put my third set of tires on thats over 900.00 bucks in tires in less than a year and no help from the dealer or the Manufacturer.Needless to say I'm quite dissapointed with the GV and Suzuki in general.
  • budman3budman3 Posts: 187
    (Bud, you there?),
    I'm always here! I knew you would be able to type more than me. You had me beat on the 911, we had the 944. Great car for the money but it devalued quicker than the Zuke.
    I noticed you always leaning towards the Honda. We have 2 Hondas and now the Acura. Can't go wrong there.
    I was trying to look(not very hard) for 2009 GV pricing. I was trying to compare the price of a 2009 GV luxury awd to a leftover 2008 Acura MDX base model. There is only about $6,000 differance and if you are patient, that number will become lower. Yes, that may be alot of money but the long term will be much more rewarding.
    Whale sharks? Canoes and kayaks? I don't think so!
  • Just banged out the prev. post and saw yours, so while I'm here, Welcome. Universal truth #1: It is absolutely essential to find a first rate experienced Suzuki mechanic at a dealership, (not necessarily your own), closest to where you live. During the odd rough patch with two of my prior Zuke SUV's, I've driven a few hundred miles to use a Suzuki guy I was well acquainted with. He was one of the most gifted mechanics I've ever known. He worked at a couple of different Suzuki dealerships. They do exist. Even seemed to find improving service here locally in the more recent past. Maybe start by contacting the largest dealership in your state/province, and get a referral from the service manager? I know, that's no absolute guarantee, but hopefully it might work for you. OR try this or another blog for a reference?
    Re: tires, no one seems to like your OEM's. Nokian tires wear like iron, (that's my snow tire brand), and I'm sure their other models would too. Ditto Toyo brand tires which are used by some friends on their Vitara. Periodic alignments, even paid for by ones self, are a whole lot cheaper than some other alternatives. My independent alignment shop here offers a one year follow up check, with no additional cost if no adjustments are required. Only $100.00 plus a bit here for the four wheel alignment.

    Don't despair before you've found that mechanic...
  • God, I'm still here, I've got to get a life....
    There's no question bud, yr. MDX is in a class by its self. More power to ya, enjoy that great road warrior! I completely agree with your choice vs. a luxo GV, even with its new six. But there, you've gone and done it again, giving me yet another excuse to cue my old 45 on the turntable, to [non-permissible content removed] yet again about having no base O/R GV available at the other end of the spectrum for we unrepentant hard core Suzuki fans. See what you've done...
    Ya, we're wild and woolly here. Have had detached feet washing up in runners on ocean beaches out there earlier this year. Seriously, xostnot can confirm this. Puts ya right off your feed! One solo ocean kayaker went missing off Vancouver Island's "Brooks Peninsula" a year or more ago. Have wondered if he contributed to this unfortunate phenomenon. Crikey!
  • Have to withdraw my comment that might suggest I think its reasonable to compare buying a '09 six cylinder GV vs. an Acura MDX. Got to say bud, your wholly excellent choice there really just suggests [more] why a Suzuki never was what you NEEDED. A six grand difference can buy a lot of gas though!, but that means nothing if... Should "we" move up to one too? Well, nice as they'd be, I know where xostnot is taking his, (ROUGHLY), and you'd likely void your MDX's warranty if you wanted to follow [us]. But you don't NEED to go that far "out there", while we will continue [to]. That's always been the difference between us here... I know you know that.
    Now that Suzuki has helped me reconfirm I'm a four cylinder"Vitara" guy through and though, I wouldn't use up a dealers petrol to td an '09 six. So I'll leave more references about 'em to others, (preferably you new owners?). But as good as the six is reported to be so far, its interesting to note one opinion by a tester who didn't seem to think it was overwhelmingly better than the new four. Again that says a whole lot about the four. TWO balance shafts, actually.
    But also on the new six, have to say I have no idea why a fully loaded top of the line '09, (leather, etc.), requires inclusion of the low range gears set, vs. just the all wheel drive system. Can't get over my vision of 'em towed proudly, all shined up behind a Winnie, en route down bud's way, or to Florida for the winter. If that's an accurate assessment, is that the potential GV demographic DEMANDING or much less dreaming about wanting a low range gear set? NOPE. So there's your/our answer Suzuki, "wrench" 'em out of luxury liner, and install them into a manual 5 speed four cylinder Vitara. You're welcome again....
  • budman3budman3 Posts: 187
    Ha ha, no fair withdrawing!
    I think we both need to get a life. Actually I'm sitting home injured so it won't be long before I'm away from the pc.
    The GV was what we needed and worked for us at the time. Couldn't see the daughter driving back and forth from school and using the MDX as the community kid hauler.
    Yes, $6,000 buys a couple tanks of gas these days but look at all the upgrades you get with the MDX.
    Suzuki couldn't even put a power drivers seat in the LUXURY! :cry:
    A V6 with 300hp and the same mpg as the measly GV.
    Resale value.
    I know, I could go on but you know what I'm talking about.
    Funny, One review on the MDX wondered why an AWD system didn't come with LOW range. OMG, I thought nrwdsmn was writing the review. ;) .....but it was a short one :P
  • xostnotxostnot Posts: 232
    I recall people finding problems right from the start with the new GV. Probably not as many as one would expect from an all-new design, but they were there. The tire wear issue showed up right away.

    I have trouble comprehending how Suzuki handled the tire wear problem. Most GV's don't have it. Some people are going through tires like lettuce, while others are getting 60,000km from the oem tires. So surely any company that designs and creates cars could figure out the difference between the ones that do and the ones that don't. Surely. (Thankfully, ours does not have this problem.)

    I hasten to add that I also cannot comprehend how only REAR tires wear out when the GV's maintenance schedule includes tire rotation. Tire rotation spreads wear over the whole set. I have never succeeded in getting anyone with the tire wear problem to tell me if they rotated their tires. And even if they did, it doesn't make sense that only the rear tires wore out. Unless it was a tire problem, but then I assume people didn't replace their worn sets with oem tires.

    I'm starting to suspect that since Suzuki seems unable to fix this problem most of the time it's reported, that they've chosen to stonewall to conceal a bigger problem. I suspect some of the GV's are built "crooked". Unless I'm mistaken, it should not be impossible to properly align any car. Especially ones that have never been crashed. So are some GV's built more crooked than cars that have been crashed? Too many to afford doing a recall? I have heard there were some buybacks (used GV buyers beware), but no universal correction. What exactly did they do to the back axle setup for '09?

    North America is a small market for the GV's. Has anyone heard of this problem outside the US and Canada?

    As for the resale value, you know you get squat for a trade-in of any model. With the manufacturers hurting and dumping new cars on the market, I think used vehicle prices have also dropped a lot in the last year or so.

    If advertised prices for used cars are any guide, GV's are not particularly bad. Foresters and Escapes seem to be worse relative to original price. CRV's and Rav4's seem to do better, factoring in that they cost more to begin with. But their premium for a quality reputation is only $1000-2000.

    Yes, the rat fur carpet is a disgrace. But I hear it's like that in many vehicles now. Saves weight.

    I'm about to do another round with the dealer: peeling clearcoat on one rim, transmission interlock recall, and I'll add the squeaking brakes matter. I'll hold off on another round for the remote keyfob reprogramming, and also not bother banging my head against their brick wall regarding the baggy leather in the front seats.

    Sorry, I have only one canoe and it's not for sale. Bought in nearly-new condition for 50% of new price, used extensively for 7 years, and retains 80% of what we paid for it. This year we discovered that on top of the GV, as long as the canoe is level to the ground, and we're sitting in the GV, it scrapes under the BC Ferries 7' overheight surcharge of $30. Bonus.
  • jdaleyjdaley Posts: 7
    Has anyone had door speaker just stop working for no reason? I don't listen to my music loud at all.
  • budman3budman3 Posts: 187
    Had the subwoofer replaced under the driver's seat.
    The door speakers are really cheap. I just took out my good ones and replaced the original ones since I'm trading mine in.
  • Lots of action here lately and interesting readings. Suzuki should come with new improvements more often ;-)

    I read times to times about tires wear problem, but not often and I'm also a member of a french forum for the NGV where most of them are from France and Belgium, some from Canada. Very very few a them did get this problem, all of them fixed by an aligment. Mine didn't have it, and I can say that I'm pleased, with all my previous cars and 4x4s, I always had winter tires from December to mid April, and a regular set for the rest of the year, I was used to go through a set of winter tires after 4 winters and similarly the regular set was lasting 4 years. It will be my 4th winter with the GV and if the winter set wears as the previous winters I think that I will be able to go through even a 5th winter with them. Regarding the EOM Yokos I will be able to use them for a forth year but I don't think they will do a 5th one.

    My first Suk, a 89 Sidekick had that squeaking breaks problem, but not my NGV.

    Funny, I like that rat fur carpet, it's my first car having that, and I find that it is a lot easier to clean ( remove sand with vacuum, remove dog's hair and cleaning the salt deposits after winter time).

    Here on the east side in Quebec, Suzuki is a fairly popular brand, there is a lot of dealers, there is 15 in an area of 60 km around me ( so it's easy to find good mechanics and good service) but I have nothing to report yet, outside the regular maintenance, it went in for the recall about the auto transmission interlock, took them about 5 minutes to fix. And their resale value here is just as the average of the other brands, not better nor worst. But anyway, if it still holds its own like it did up to now I won't trade it and keep it for a long time, or give it to one of my daughter that will start driving in 4 years.
  • Very informative, as always. Everything I'm reading here seems to reinforce my long standing opinion that Suzuki needs to re intro one GV model in base form, with the basic goodies. Clearly the more do dads they've got, the more likelihood of Murphy's Law coming into effect. But maybe the WHY of why we don't have one so equipped "over here" anymore, is more [our] fault than Suzuki's? "We have seen the enemy, and he is us...?" Remember, it just had to be a six under the hood, and, and, and.... Think any of us will live long enough here to, say, re-develop the physical prowess necessary to hand crank a window?, manually adjust the rear view mirrors?, turn a door lock or ignition key, use a tire pressure gauge to check 'em, or way out there, maybe even learn to shift a stick......?

    Despite their dismal reliability record of a few years back, take a look at VW today, particularly at their city Golf and Jetta models. What?, they are two generations back, but offer all that basic [but updated] Germanic goodness, kind of harking back to "old" Beetle" days when they famously and SO SUCCESSFULLY remained unchanged, for how long? Suzuki may well have reached a point now with these '09's where they can afford to do the same, (pending future reliability data). Actually, I don't think any mfgr today can afford NOT to look back at what they once did best, and try to re emulate those past successes by including a similar econo oriented model in their lineup. Honoring ones ROOTS is never a bad idea.

    On wants and needs. Obviously I've never meant to appear to be denegrating anyone's decision to buy a high end auto GV with a low range. Hey, that 4cyl low range auto with the in dash six disc player, and, (well, the list is endless...), would be peachy keen if you can get by the, what?, at least a four or five grand additional tarrif to load the boat to get that O/R capable one. But...
    But seems [most of us] will be looking for every way possible to save as much long green as we can, every time we open our wallets sometime after the end of this week? In that vein, to me the very latest new "technology", (in the automotive field), ought to also include a healthy dose of paying of homage to that old largely forgotten principal of KISS, (keep it simple, stupid). SIMPLY the best [other] thing Suzuki could do now would be to reintro a 4cyl Vitara "Classic?", equipped like they ALL once were over here. Their BASIC "bread and butter model" for tomorrow's demanding econo wise recreationalist(s)?" Well guess what, that's exactly the well defined niche they once filled, and it was what Suzuki did best... OK they are a good value now, (even loaded to the gunnels), but a de-contented one sans a good amount of the fluff, would be the best value amongst 'em, if one was available here, that is....
  • budman3budman3 Posts: 187
    "As for the resale value, you know you get squat for a trade-in of any model. With the manufacturers hurting and dumping new cars on the market, I think used vehicle prices have also dropped a lot in the last year or so."

    I agree, xostnot. Although you would think a compact suv would retain a little more value especially with todays fuel prices. Good thing i don't own a Hummer. :sick:
    I looked up the GV on and the retail for ours comes in at $15,065. I don't believe anyone pays retail anymore. I look at the private party value and that comes in at $12,175. We got a trade in price of $11,500 and with tax savings, that totals $12,402. I felt that to be very fair since the dealer also gave us $8550 off msrp for the MDX and free delivery 6 hours away. :)
    The dealer in Las Vegas was wondering why I was so mad when their deal came in over $13,000 more than the deal we got in San Diego.
    LOL, rat fur! I was wondering who was spinning that cage under the hood.
  • On Quebec, and the virtues [once] of Suzuki's devotion to minimalism....
    You are WAY fortunate there. 267 listings for used ones now on AutoTrader's site, vs. 116 or so here. ALL models are well represented, from pristine "inflatable toys", (the old Vitara which would be just fine chiefly for O/R use), to even low mileage '08 GV's with low range, at the same price being asked now for new JA's, (sans low range), on clear out... Here, (note), virtually none on our BC site, are manual 5 speeds. What, they never made any, or all have been recycled? No, they are being kept forever, as up until now for '09 Suzuki gave us, (some of us anyway), no overwhelmingly compelling reason to replace, in particular, our earlier four cylinder models. Applying a little deductive reasoning there, that indicates there is considerable pent up demand for this new four, but in what variety of model configuration(s)...?

    On minimalism, re: jettisoning fluff, of course I'm not referring to ALL the excellent new safety features. Rather it's the each and every other sort of non essential item on the manifest of these current "cargo ships of std. equipment accessory excess".

    The Chinese are coming, the Chinese are coming! You better believe they will be doing minimalism [yes, to excess] when say a Sidekick clone arrives on our shores here at some point, and at a price point which no Suzuki could [then] touch. But to look forward proactively towards "fending them off", again it's impossible to see how ANY mfgr. could be doing either themselves or their client base a disservice by offering de contented econ models in their lineup. "Ones" which still possess all the core essentials which define [historically] their own unique niche(s) in the marketplace. For a Suzuki SUV, don't think I need to repeat here again what those core virtues [once] were. Sure, still keep the luxo boat derivatives for those so inclined, but again, ASAP, build one honoring your roots too, perhaps like one config'ed as some of us have suggested here.
    ps My JA tester had a pronounced burning smell at the rear when we parked it. Didn't but maybe should have mentioned this to the dealer. No such problem with the new four cylinder. The brake shoe issue? No way to say.
  • STILL nothing on 'em on the US or Canadian Suzuki sites yet, but just saw a print ad in a Cdn. auto mag I subscribe to. Full page, uses an image also appearing in the online brochure(s) posted for some time now in Aus. and N.Z. Maybe the online promo delay [here] is for inclusion of North American specific ad content.

    Navigate to the Global Suzuki site and click on the GV. State of the art promo effort(s), including "the movie". (No, it's not the Indy Jones adventure treatment). We even get to see a picture of the chief Engineer for these new ones. Nice touch, Suzuki. Cick on the Development box in the GV "special site", and feel the justifiable pride "the family" can have on the occasion of the birth of these new arrivals. Looks like the last of the rear drum brakes go into the three door which is available elsewhere.

    Further, (as an aside), the "super car", (Kizashi), will also now evidently offer a 2.4 4 cyl, as well. Seems not surprisingly it will be more mainstream than the concept show car models might have indicated. Recall at first it was to have a 3.8L six. But it's smart to get " a lot of mileage" out of the new 2.4L. It's a fine engine!

    No new '09 GV owners out there yet...?

  • jdaleyjdaley Posts: 7
    I have an 07 4wd 5spd.Now all of a sudden I am getting a slight creak or huge or squeak from the front end.It is even more so when I stop and the front dives a bit or when one tire is unlevel and the other not level.I thought I read something about this but can not find it, any help would be appreciate thanks and keep up the great posts they have helpful and informative.
  • xostnotxostnot Posts: 232
    From a few posts ago:

    "I'm about to do another round with the dealer: peeling clearcoat on one rim, transmission interlock recall, and I'll add the squeaking brakes matter. I'll hold off on another round for the remote keyfob reprogramming, and also not bother banging my head against their brick wall regarding the baggy leather in the front seats."

    Had the transmission interlock recall done with no problems.

    The dealer's diagnosis of the squealing brakes was that the rotors and drums are out of round and need turning. When I asked him how this could cause the squealing, he offered no explanation. Likely because it's nonsense. On the way home from the dealership, the brakes were squealing. In addition, I have not detected any pulsing or lurching from the brakes. I suppose theoretically they could never be perfect, but I note their perfectionistic approach to the brakes (fixable at my expense) to their tolerance for warped mirrors, baggy seat leather etc. (fixable under warranty).

    As for the corroding rim, the service manager said he'd check with Suzuki Canada and call me back.

    While I was at the dealership, I looked under a 2008 V6, and did not see any additional heat shielding under the driver's footwell.

    They have an '09 4-cyl on the lot. When the '06 came out, it was a month or two until the web site updated from the '05's.

    Three days later and no call from the dealership regarding the corroding rim. I called them and left a message to be called back. No call.

    So this GV is my first new car. I had the silly impression that a warranty would be honoured. Is it typical for buyers of Suzukis and other makes that you so commonly get a runaround and have your intelligence insulted, when you try to have manufacturing defects rectified? Is this a problem with Suzuki in particular to the extent that I should choose never to buy another vehicle from them, or do all the makers do this?
  • xostnotxostnot Posts: 232
    This has come up on another Suzuki discussion site. It's probably related to the front swaybar, but could be the front struts or subframe. The situations you described tend to involve the swaybar.
  • "Ah feel yr. pain". Have to say again to me the gold standard is Honda. One one new Accord I went in for routine service as was told a slight noise was detected at one cam shaft bearing. I never heard a thing, and of course they replaced it under warranty. But that was many years back, though I'd assume they still PROACTIVELY work under the hoods of 'em both on their and YOUR behalf.

    The new product coming into Suzuki dealerships now and over the next couple of years, should come with concurrent major steps forward in what happens in the dealership's service bays. ONLY then can one be reasonably assured to find one of those "proactive mechanics" all ready in place, who is able to discern and rectify problems EARLY within the warranty period. I've usually always insist the top Suzuki wrench at my dealership, works on one of mine. On problems, of course you've got to have an excellent relationship with a first rate dealership so they can effectively help out to go to bat for you too. My apologies for perhaps stating the obvious here. Prob is for too many Zuke owners, those factors may not be in place. THAT HAS TO CHANGE, and I'm positive Suzuki knows this!

    On the rotors, had an excellent heart to heart with a Suzuki service guy some time back who indicated MOST mfgrs use lesser quality metal to make them today. For instance we live at the top of a long hill, and it's not un common for Sube owners (who ride their brakes) to have warped rotor problems, [he said]. As "compensation?" Suzuki has offered two for one rotor deals for the last few years now it seems, with their bi annual service coupon special(s). So it's almost more like they are now considered consumables, (throw away items), vs. paying to have them turned? Note I did have my rotors on the little Zuke wagon replaced under warranty here, just before it expired. Torquing the wheels. Seems you can't fully depend on everyone, (your tire shop, or..) to get 'em done right. I always check post any service involving removal and replacement of the tires, with my own torque wrench once back home. Over tightening them can lead to warped rotors too.

    We've all been justifiably putting some pressure on Suzuki here for some time. This service/warranty service matter is another one deserving more of the same. How prevalent are these misses with other mfgrs today?, I don't know...

  • xostnotxostnot Posts: 232
    In the drive for lighter weight, rotors (and probably drums) are now so thin that they can only be turned once. In the "old days", the parts could be machined several times. This also means the parts are thinner now, and so would overheat and warp more easily.

    I'm wondering if Suzuki tracks whether buyers paid full MSRP, and/or whether they do all their servicing at the dealership. This could pop up when the service manager enters our VIN in their computer system, and could translate into how responsive they are to warranty requests. It's easier to understand that, than assume either they randomly treat some customers with indifferenece, or frustrate all their customers. Unless all brands do this, it will cost them eventually. Like the not-so-Big 3.
  • Right. Saved my orig. [wagon] rotors, and will have them turned before I rotate out my present ones, (for same). SLIGHT out of round symptoms showing up now on the replacements. LONG wear out of the replacements to date though, which again I at least partially credit to my home torque wrench checks of lug nut "tightness".

    One thing they do track [of course] is if all service intervals have been faithfully performed. No surprise there during the warranty period, but even post, that data can help one appeal for assistance if there is some sort of extraordinary part failure outside the warranty period. Much to Suzuki's credit, got them to step up to help in such a situation re: one of our Zukes. However, as a freshman to the process during my early years of Sidekick ownership, they stuck me for a BIG one near warranty expiration time, which in hindsight I should have taken to arbitration, (and likely would have WON). But I was so disgusted at the time, that... Tongue in cheek I've sometimes proposed a Halloween horror story feature here, and I've got a few that would drain the blood from Count Dracula.... But no doubt you could dredge up some fright night specials even for Honda's, depending upon dealership deficiencies.

    The J.D. Power, Consumer Reports data, etc. should be taken into consideration by all of us before we buy new NOW, as with escalating costs of vehicle ownership, we MUST demand increasing reliability as part of "the deal". That's why in our week to week "what are we going to do here, and when?", back and forth about our next SUV, we have yet to rule out the base '09 Forester vs. the new base 4cyl GV, since neither offers a low range, (if we figure we can make that sacrifice).

    What Suzuki needs to do asap, is, (when they feel they are ABLE TO
    that is), is to come forward to proclaim any advances which they have actually made or are now making in GV reliability. Even for the '08's. Any such "hard data" based facts would help [you/me/all of us] to be better able to decide what to do next. If they've "got it" and if it's favorable, that could further help to move more of those '08's off the lots?

    Reliability is really quite good for the two old(er) Zukes we have here now, post their initial "teething" periods.
  • budman3budman3 Posts: 187
    xostnot, I know there is a TSB on the rear brake squeal. Unfortunately I threw out ALL my service invoices when we so happily saw the ol GV drive away from our house. The one good thing about our hometown dealer was that they would look up all technical service bulletins or recalls before performing any work. Not bad since we didn't even purchase the GV from this dealer.
    I highly doubt any warped rotor or drum would cause the squeal. A squeal or squeak is actually a high pitched vibration. It is cured by chamfering the edges of front pads or rear shoes.
    The problem you are having, as I was told, was the rear shoes being too large for the drum.
    It is very annoying to have manufacturers fight you when you have a legitimate complaint. Isn't that why they call it a bumper to bumper warranty?
  • budman3budman3 Posts: 187
    "Have to say again to me the gold standard is Honda"

    You are a smart man, nrwdsmn! 3 Hondas in our family and I now have much more leisure time on my hands. :shades:

    "Seems you can't fully depend on everyone, (your tire shop, or..) to get 'em done right"

    So true! And yet so sad. I check everything. Amazing how many loose lugs I've found.
    I had tires replaced on the RV and you would think you could just drive it home and not worry especially when you're paying over $2,200. Found the tire pressure to be 20psi off between the 6 tires. Doesn't anyone care anymore?
    OK, so I went off topic again. Just agreeing with you.
    AND we love the new Acura! ;)
    First couple tanks of gas and 19.8mpg city and 20.1 hwy. Not bad for 300hp. Of course, I haven't driven it much so those numbers will drastically change soon.
  • Suzuki Canada has updated their site with the new 2009 models. There is a lot of errors on that new site, lots of missing or wrong information. The layout of the new site is really poor. :(
  • Saw that in the "build one" part, guess it only comes with a primer coat, as you can't tell "it" what color you want. Oh well, give them some time.... I like the new tv ads though. "We'll do whatever it takes to...." We'll see about that sometime in late December, (I forecast).... Think they are missing the boat now on clearing out the '08's, by not offering reduced financing rates ALONG WITH the $5,000.00 or so price cut. As to getting more new '09's in, I just talked to a volume dealer some distance away who said [they] wouldn't bring more of them in until they'd sold off their '08's. I can understand that on one level, but If that held true here, we might not see any more '09's till spring! Step up to the plate Suzuki by combining price and financing deals. Near the end of it's model run now, a base '09, (ya, that's AN '09), Mazda 3 sport is now selling for thousands less before the spring debut of the new '10, AND you get a good financing rate too. Wake up little Suzy, wake up little Suzy...

    Recently tested the base '09 Forester. EXCELLENT car like cornering feel thanks to that low center of mass. However: 5 speed manual too "rubbery" lacking the much tough(er) feel of a Suzuki '08 manual. Unfortunate dash treatment, and the grey interior is very dull, but the black is nice. NOTE: the engine is noise(ier) than the new '09 four cylinder GV, but it's know for that, for whatever that's worth? Not broken in, it ran out of breath on a freeway hill in 5th, but the auto four cylinder GV did not on the same hill! Clearly the auto box would be the trannie to go with in this much more car like Sube. Tough(er) though it is for '09, you can feel it wouldn't stand up as well to the same sort of demanding recreational usage which Suzuki's can. The "expedition class" winner?, no surprise, it's advantage Suzuki.

    Still need to find a base '09 JA GV [somewhere] to test. Yes, even drove a used auto '02 XL-7. That 2.7 engine does wear well, which also is no surprise to me as all Suzuki engines seem to. Haven't ruled it out as a stop gap move. But may default to the old principal that 4:30pm on the last business day in December,
    is THE best time/day of the year to buy a car....

    Still no new '09 owners out there?
  • For what it worths, there is a 4 day review of the 09 I4 on Canadian Driver
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Looks like the moral is to avoid the 4 cylinder and get the six (or develop better driving habits than the reviewer).

    I was browsing cars over the weekend and went to the web page of the local Suzuki dealer to check out the SX4 Sport. There was a drop down menu for the Grvtr. It took me a minute to figure out what the heck that was. :blush:
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